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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#2793 5 years ago

One thing I like about this game so far versus WOZ is that there is fewer lights on the playfield.

WOZ is really gorgeous but I can't make heads or tails of what is going on due to there being, like, 200 lights all flashing or changing colours all the time. It's beautiful to look at but it's information overload.

This playfield is much simpler, and looks to be simple, clear lamp callouts.

I expect great things from this game.

#3115 5 years ago

Foof, $200 for a plastic head?

Too rich for my blood.

3 weeks later
#3404 5 years ago

Why are you guys shitting all over this game? The changes so far all look pretty good.

Plus, it's actually going to get built, unlike *some*...

#3456 5 years ago
Quoted from mattsmith:

I think TH will be a modders paradise.

WOZ doesn't seem a very popular game for modders.

3 months later
#4674 4 years ago

Yeah, saw the Hobbit at the Ohio show and agree with meSz - the RadCals look bad because they're so glossy, they magnify the fact that they're just stickers and show every single imperfection in their application. Maybe production games will have them mechanically applied to avoid that? I dunno, I just really didn't like it and it certainly didn't look like $400 worth of art.

And he's right about that overlay - there were tons of spots where it sticks and others where it lifts. Honestly, mylar would be better in the high traffic spots.

On a positive note, the sound is amazing - Smaug's voice just rumbles through you. Also the graphics are much, much better than WoZ. For a wide body it plays really fast. Game play, I'll refrain from commenting because it is very, very incomplete.

So, the RadCals are a big miss in my opinion.

#4677 4 years ago

I'd have liked to see the regular artwork to compare. Why can't they do what they did on WoZ again? Those cabinets are amazing.

3 weeks later
#5189 4 years ago

I'm told a newer machine with much updated software will be at Allentown. Looking forward to seeing the updates versus Ohio.

#5269 4 years ago

For the people bagging on the devs for taking a long time, keep in mind that they not only have to write pinball software, they also have to design and implement all the video components as well.

I'd say that increases the difficulty by a factor of ten at least. Getting it in 18 months when WMS took a full year to do a much more simplistic DMD game seems pretty reasonable to me.

#5377 4 years ago

Perhaps PACMAN is bitter over losing his money on Predator, which he lists in his gameroom, and is taking it out on Hobbit.

#5419 4 years ago

Hey guys, you're missing a big clue - both Ted and Keith have *posted in this thread*. They're clearly listening, and responding.

Maybe you should cut the professional pinball developers some slack? They might have an idea of what they're doing.

#5447 4 years ago

Thanks to you asshats constantly harping on them, there will be ZERO discussion of Pat's game. No pre-order, no info, nothing until it's ready for production.

So, yeah, awesome work guys!

#5484 4 years ago

I dunno, if you guys are happy with the zero info model, great.

Personally I like hearing about development progress, but then I also understand the process and don't expect it to be perfect or finished during the process.

#5586 4 years ago

Really? Photos of parts? And you're not on the preorder list?

Okay, dude. You're totally *not* a troll... sure...

1 week later
#5808 4 years ago

I couldn't get to play as Jack was doing something to it with the play field out, but I like it way better without the playfield overlay and the regular side art.

Hopefully I can play it tomorrow.

#5908 4 years ago

I only got to play one game since the lines were crazy, but the "regular" artwork is 1000x better than the super shiny "RadCalz" that were on the one in Ohio. Also the playfield looks way, way better without that shield on it. It played a lot better and faster I found.

The software has improved in leaps and bounds. Ball interaction with the popup trolls is pretty great. Lightshows are amazing. I even got multiball! Once it's finished I think it's going to be killer.

One thing I noticed is that there were a few issues - one, balls would get caught on top of the drop targets and no amount of shaking would get it loose. Also, the VUK would get weak. The latter could be fixed by increasing coil strength after a failed upkick - perhaps that will be in the finished code.

All in all very nice, visible progress. I really have to thank Jack for letting the unwashed masses this level of access to a work in progress. Back in the 90s, WMS would *never* allow pinheads to see any of this stuff, let alone interact with the public in any way. I wish more people would appreciate the pain in the ass the devs put up with. The only reason they do it is because they're real pinball fans too.

#5913 4 years ago
Quoted from Zebulon-74:

The "regular" artwork still have a glossy type surface right???
I was planning to put a layer of UV resistant wax on them...

More of a matte finish, but really nice - high quality, high res artwork.

#5976 4 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

My fear with TH is that the rollovers will do the same: make the ball 'hop' or otherwise change paths enough to foil what would have been a successful ramp shot.

I found that they were positioned in a way that they didn't impede ramp shots because the ball speed was high enough to compensate.

3 weeks later
#6299 4 years ago

The protector is total overkill for home use.

#6321 4 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

If it's the one that was on the game in Ohio, you'd be better off without it. Dirt will easily get under it and grind into the playfield through all the switch holes, etc. It's not glued to the playfield.

Also it makes the playfield look bad - kind of cloudy on the one I played. Reminded me of an Italian grandmother's furniture covers.

Cliffy's I could see being generally helpful.

2 weeks later
#6440 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinbally_1968:

I really hope Hobbit will show some major improvements in this aspect as well!

Frankly, the most amazing thing about the Hobbit is the sound. I was BLOWN AWAY by it. Just amazing.

#6446 4 years ago

Once you hear Smaug speak you will be amazed.

3 weeks later
#6937 4 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

I just wish that people were more respectful of each other, and of the people who make these incredible machines. Sadly, JPOP has lost that respect through his colossal failures... But I think we could cut Jack a LITTLE slack.

As the person who first posted his comments, I thought I'd wade in here and say I agree with you. In retrospect I wasn't really helping the situation.

But, in this particular instance, the money involved, and Popaduik's perceived indifference, has emotions flying high and you can't expect people to be rational in that situation.

Just a caveat.

#7000 4 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

How about, "Hey Jack, that part was off base"??, or "Jack, you made some good points, but I think you totally missed the point with..."

I'm not saying you're wrong here, but look at it from the perspective of someone who just lost $27,000 - a significant amount of money to pretty much everyone including a millionaire - reading what Jack wrote. They're out that money, Popaduik hasn't apologized or done anything at all but be obtuse. Their emotions are running high already, and expecting them to be rational while their emotions are running hot is unreasonable.

This isn't something you can just have a rational discussion about - the money involved clouds all that. Honestly, thinking about it, the "Limited Edition" false rarity situation in pinball has had a negative effect on the whole hobby, because it brings out the worst in collectors. I mean, look what happened when Spooky waded into the LE market - even they got some serious heat! Then add pre-pay failures, stir in some us-vs-them opinions and you have Pinside these days.

At this point the horse is out of the barn and everyone knows how much money there is in LEs and other special editions, so there's no going back. I do think your wish would be nice but that isn't the world we live in now.

#7003 4 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

These trolls have no dog in the hunt, if you are not buying the games, why are you here?

I'm pretty sure Jack isn't a Zidware customer either, so by your logic, what is he doing commenting on it?

I can see the other side of the argument that Jack was just commenting on a sad situation, seeing Popaduik as a broken man and feeling bad for him and his family. But Popaduik made his own bed and this is the price of laying in it, and seeing that the largest thread in Pinside history is about Popaduik failing, maybe commenting on it at all isn't in anyone's best interests. I know I feel bad being involved now.

And, as the CEO of the 2nd largest pinball manufacturer, Jack needs to understand his words carry significant weight in the collector community. And, as someone who's had his fair share of negative comments on the Zidware situation, I'm at the polar opposite end on JJP and the Hobbit - I'm very confident Hobbit is going to be rolling off the line soon enough based on what evidence I've seen.

I look forward to seeing it at my friend's homes - the same friends who bought WoZ when it was just a dream, and lost five figures on the dream of Popaduik.

1 month later
#7800 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I was quoting this post from fantasy goat

And I was quoting someone on another board, who may have gotten it from the JJP forums, but I don't know because attribution was missing.

#7803 4 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Sorry about all the headaches goat

My posting it caused a rift with someone I highly respect, so I have regrets. But like others have said, if it wasn't me it would be someone - you can't keep things on the internet private.

#7820 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Did you get kicked off the JJP forums as well?

I'm not on the JJP forums.

3 weeks later
#8522 4 years ago

For those who'd like to see it inline. Quite a big difference from the dog's breakfast that is GoT. JJP is really making Stern look bad.


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