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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#2459 5 years ago

Wow, looks so much better. With Smaug now on the playfield in a much better form I'm not sure which version to get. I want a red Smaug head no matter which but I think I might prefer the bronze armor and the LE side art just to have everything represented better.

1 week later
#3143 5 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

I'm going to argue with you indefinitely on here till you say ST is the best and Im blue in the face.

Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

People who don't like STLE hate pinball.

I just sold my pro. Pretty game but I could not get into the ruleset at all. Every mode was the same thing over and over again. People like different things though so to each there own.

Love the new SE smaug, can't wait to see it with teeth.

1 month later
#3897 5 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I do read the Stern threads. All they get is "where is the spinner?" and "when will the code be finished?" and "how many bash toys will Stern put out?" And then the thread is over. Nowhere near the ball busting JJP takes.

I would disagree with this. WWE got absolutely trashed when announced. After people saw the LE some have warmed to it. Look at the pile of threads about incomplete code and people claiming to not buy another NIB stern ever again. The JJP threads seem to stay alive longer because JJP interacts on the forum and responds. That's not a bad thing but it leads to back and forths mainly with people that are just trying to stir the pot which causes the threads to explode with drama and nonsense.

It's the same people always hating so I don't think anyone really pays attention anymore anyway.

2 months later
#4946 5 years ago

The Hobbit was setup a little flat at TPF but still played very nicely. I thought the artwork looked amazing and overall I was really happy with were the game was at. I think it's going to end up being a really solid game. I did not care for how the play field protector looked and I did not like the super high gloss decals. But both of those things are optional add ons so for once I get to keep some money.

I agree that it would benefit the companies to set the games up perfect. I thought The Hobbit played well enough to get a good impression and opinion on the game though. MMr was setup nice and AMH was setup nice. Both played more like a game at my house and Spooky definately benefited from how well AMH played and was recieved.

Overall I'm excited about The Hobbit based on 2 plays at TPF.

3 months later
#6858 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Ill ask this (again) here since the other Hobbit update thread is not a real one apparently.
"Would like to know how long those back glasses set back delivery time frames."
Has there been any machines assembled besides the few prototypes?

I somehow doubt that back glass issues are delaying production. They could have everything built with fully playing games in lines waiting for the back glass replacements to arrive if that was the case.

I still think the game has a chance to be really good if it ever makes it to production. I however, have been over it for a long time and am very happy I got out of my preorder spot long ago.

#6881 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

That made absolutely no sense. You also obviously have no sense of humor.
And btw Star Trek sucks
» YouTube video

Stop trying to have a sense of humor. This site is only for very serious pinball things that we must all constantly fight about.

#7009 4 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

Jack didn't post here!! Someone once again, took his conversation meant for a whole different audience and threw it up here to feed the trolls. Besides, he does have a dog in the hunt, JPOP is/was a peer. His conversation on the matter was as a peer to JPOP, on his OWN forum and was sympathetic to the trials and tribulations of a pinball maker's startup and how those challenges can easily be too much for someone without all their ducks in a row and is challenging at best for those that do.

You don't post anything on the internet without full understanding that it may end up used elsewhere and it is not protected. It might have been his own forum but he does not own the internet and there is no way to stop sharing of content.

Jack seems like a nice enough guy. He just needs to not post on forums period as his words are like vinegar to most people. Have someone that already works for him with good PR skills handle it. A good rule is to never comment on competing businesses in your field. If he wanted to say something it should have been "It's an unfortunate situation and I feel bad for everyone involved. JJP is working hard to get The Hobbit out and looking forward to game #3 soon. Thanks for all of your continued support"

1 month later
#7598 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

No...I'm not. If you were right, it would be higher up in the ratings. Just the music makes me want to stick forks in my eyeballs.
I really think Tron lovers get sucked in by all the pretty blinking lights. Sweet looking machine, but it's a drain monster. Really annoying, and not very much fun.

No, we get sucked in by an exciting game experience from a really well designed game that is the complete package. It plays fast, furious, and still has great flow and combo shot options. The modes are challenging but all within site of completion at all times. One really good ball can get you really close to portal. People love tron because it's simple to understand but really hard to master. Portal is always just outside your grasp. It has short ball times but it's far from a drain monster.

#7603 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

So...the music sucks, though. Right?

It's not music that I listen to otherwise but it fits the theme and I enjoy it while playing.

#7604 4 years ago

double post

#7609 4 years ago
Quoted from JeffA:

Please update thread title to "Tron Thoughts".

I think we all wish there was something to talk about hobbit wise

#7650 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Oh, it's a consensus, all right. WOZ ranks above both versions of Tron in the top 100.

Strange so the top 100 ratings are correct? But yet you do not have MM as your top game?

I own WOZ and like it. I don't feel the need to bash other games to justify owning it though.

Quoted from CaptainNavidad:

Strong "words." Way to defend your argument with an emoji. Why not mix in an "lol" with a dash of "omg" and deal Boob a mortal blow? When I look back over the vista of years and consider history's celebrated rhetorical virtuosos, I think of Homer. I think of Shakespeare. I think of Vonnegut. I think of RobT. Keep up the scintillating posts, big fella'.
(p.s. - Tron is a top 50 pin at best, and the lighted ramps on the LE are tantamount to putting perfume on a pig. And the art package? I'd prefer if it was designed by Jackson Pollock.)

I don't put much stock into someone that has TOTAN rated as a 10. A nice looking and good game, but come on.

#7664 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Sorry you're so sensitive about it, buddy. It's just my opinion. I thought that was what a forum was for. I didn't realize it was only for WOZ haters and Tron lovers.
I'll spend the rest of my day trying to defend WOZ on about 100 other JJP-bashing threads...where apparently it's okay to do the exact thing you're criticizing me for.
And I'm not bashing Tron. Love the theme, hate the game...and especially the music. Sorry that I'm not down with guys in stupid helmets putting out pseudo techno Euro-trash music. As a musician, it makes my head hurt.
There's a game for every person, and a million different opinions on each game. You're not going to change mine, nor should you attack people for having opinions who differ from yours. And goes for a few other people on here...

I don't agree with any of the WOZ bashing for the most part. If people do not like the game play I completely understand. I'm also not sensitive about this at all, it's called not agreeing. I would not have even replied if you had not posted the below, pretty much telling us that we are to stupid to be able to determine if we like the game or not because of pretty lights. The ironic part of that post to me is that seems to be the number one complaint that I hear from people that don't like WOZ. "Pretty lights, drain monster, annoying music, not that fun to play". My opinion is that WOZ is a ground breaking game and I enjoy playing it for numerous reasons. For everyone, probably not though.

You also have not been attacked in anyway. You used the rankings to make a point. You however do not really agree with the rankings based on how you rank games (neither do I) so I don't see how your point is valid. We just disagree on tron, it's not personal

Quoted from beelzeboob:

No...I'm not. If you were right, it would be higher up in the ratings. Just the music makes me want to stick forks in my eyeballs.
I really think Tron lovers get sucked in by all the pretty blinking lights. Sweet looking machine, but it's a drain monster. Really annoying, and not very much fun.

#7669 4 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

i'd be pretty happy if Jack released a rule set for the hobbit or a map or a gameplay video... or something..

Exactly, give us something so we can stop rambling on about tron.

#7677 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

You can't think of it this way. More games available = MORE customers. You can't assume every potential JJP buyer wants a Hobbit. Do Stern's multiple titles available at any given time cannibalize sales? No, they bring in more customers as there are more choices - they keep revenue coming in and the factory churning. A pinball company needs multiple titles on the line to be a successful manufacturing company.

I agree. If they show JJP #3 at expo and some people like it enough to skip TH it's just as likely that they would have jumped ship for the next stern instead. If it's nearly complete they should show it as people that love it will start planning on saving the cash to pay for it in 6-12 months (or 3 years ) when it starts shipping. JJP will be a lot more viable if they can run WOZ, TH and the JJP #3. If both games are awesome I'll buy both. There's starting to be some competition in the market so JJP needs to make a statement and show that they are moving from a startup to a real player. If both games are awesome people will buy both instead of a competitors game.

1 week later
#7833 4 years ago

I still have hopes that this will be a good game but it has lost all of it's thunder. It's so late at this point most people have stopped caring about it. JJP talked a big talk about all of the issues being worked out for the second game and how much smoother it will go. For whatever reason this has not happened at all. Now they will be lucky to get any games out in 2015. They could be in real trouble if there open house does not show games on the line as stern is going to announce there next game around the same time and it's very likely to crush TH if the rumors I've heard are correct.

#7840 4 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

Why would you ever take your perception of anyone's treatment of the site and community personally? It's childish.

Why exactly did you come to a Hobbit Update thread and announce your game is now shipping?

His game isn't shipping, nor does he have a game. I believe he is just doing some contract work on Alien as he has provided some really nice alternate translites for several games that came up a little short in the art department. I think it was a good move by heighway and really smart on their part.

Jack has numerous times mocked pinside, it doesn't bother me and nor am I offended by it. I don't think it's a smart business decision though. You certainly do not see Gary doing that with stern.

#8108 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Nope. Hence the mess, people are just shooting the shit, there is literally nothing new to discuss.
I think if people liked the movies better there would at least be discussion about cool scenes and dialogue that might make the game. Problem is the movies were sadly mediocre given what they could have been. I tuned in the other day, was on HBO and I just started watching it from the beginning (seen all three in the theater). I literally got bored half way through the barrel scene and changed the channel. Just so long and drawn out.

You mean you do not believe that a fat dwarf can turn into a barrel wielding half ninja half circular saw?

#8111 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

The movies have nothing to do with how good this pinball machine will be. The Shadow stunk, but it's an awesome machine.

I sort of disagree. TS does not have constant video clips playing of a bad movie and with an alternate translate most people would hardly know it was based on the movies and not the comics. TH however will be playing movie clips and is covered with art based on the movie.

I didn't mind the movies, they were far from great but I've seen a lot worse. But people that really disliked the movies are going to have a hard time loving TH pinball machine.

2 weeks later
#8469 4 years ago

It's a shame they are not setting up a second line but I guess financially it just didn't make sense. My distro talked to Jack last week and Jack also told him that they were planning to use a second shift to get TH out quickly. Hopefully by Nov them can start pumping out 50+ a week.

#8474 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Has JJP suggested recently that they'll be starting production in November?

I think they have given up suggesting any start time at this point. A few more weeks used to be the common reply but that started 10 months ago I'm not sure JJP even knows when they will be able to start, parts seem to be coming in though so it has to be getting closer.

#8503 4 years ago

Got to admit, that game is looking pretty awesome.

3 months later
#9110 4 years ago

First production Hobbit is pictured on facebook. Looks like a row of regular LE's.

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