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Hobbit Update

By B9

7 years ago

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#374 7 years ago
Quoted from kapper:

There will be plenty of games available in HUO condition for less than current prices and you get to skip the stress of a pre-order and you get to TRY THE GAME!
I hope this game is great and a better experience for all!

Available HUO - yes, but cheaper than today, wrong! As soon as last THLEs are sold, price will be increased to 8.5k with regulars available for $7.5km. This should help distributors sell their inventory of THLEs while building interest for regulars.

The one benefit to ordering and paying up front -- price savings between then and when it is available at your favorite dealer.

3 weeks later
#818 7 years ago

Any news to report on the Hobbit update?????

Darn, I guess another day has passed with no info.

1 week later
#980 7 years ago
Quoted from sillyoldelf:

It would be cool if they cut some flame type inserts into playfield that lit up when you hit smaug to give the impression of fire burning down the playfield.

Wow that is a cool idea! Two rows of flame inserts arching towards the flippers that are software controlled to create effect of fire burning on the pavement like in drag racing when they light them up!

#986 7 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

That would be reallly cool and has lots of potential Maybe not in the budget, but nothing wrong with dreaming.....
» YouTube video
1:29 till 1:43 don't think that dragon will fitt
» YouTube video

The walking dragon is really nice.

2 weeks later
#1004 6 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

You are correct and here is a screen shot to prove it:

$_57.JPG 157 KB

^^ Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli has played it and he likes it. Ahhhhhh!

#1078 6 years ago

Reading books is becoming a lost art.

4 weeks later
#1306 6 years ago

It's gonna be the best Flag Day weekend ever!

3 months later
#1817 6 years ago
Quoted from pinball_customs:

LMAO! I love that video..
» YouTube video

Me too. That is good comedy, right there my friend!

1 week later
#2156 6 years ago

Don't know if this is new or not, but I spot a button on center of lockdown bar that I didn't remember seeing previously.

1 month later
#2944 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You Must Not Touch The Dragon™.

Best advice ... always avoid the dragon.

#2983 6 years ago

Sorry to see you go Santech, but realize not everyone has the stomach for a prepaid game. That's right, this is not a mature pinball company that has been operating for decades, but rather one whose first game is primarily made, and whose working to finalize their second game (probably requiring three idle months at the factory). If you are not prepared for some pitfalls along the way, then don't prepay.

Best advice is always to wait until the game comes out and has complete software, THEN decide. It will cost more more but you will KNOW what you are getting. The rest of us that are along for the ride, eagerly watch its development loudly cheering the wins and critiquing the losses. Good luck with your future searches.

#2987 6 years ago
Quoted from Santeh:

I really hope the game is a home run and not just for the pinball community but for JJP as well!

I am hoping for a grand slam.

2 weeks later
#3303 6 years ago

Nicely polished, very high end looking. Maybe something Disney himself would have been proud to own (and Disney Inc might also have loved). Hopefully some vids from CT Pin Party will surface soon.

Could improve with any of these small tweaks - better lockdown bar button, metalize the axes, paint column sculpts, change book frame, create side panel art, add special ball (ceramic or such) and we can call it complete. Shipping by Christmas! ...a tad optimistic I know. But it would be great to have a complete one by July 4th.

Yes, really digging this one.

1 week later
#3493 6 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Three words: Moving drop targets. Far more interesting.

??? hhhmmmmmmhhh ???

..... where have they being moved ??????

#3498 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

but Jack saying no more changes and with all the other cards on the table I do not see that happening.

Quoted from beelzeboob:

Three words: Moving drop targets. Far more interesting.

and don't forget moving the targets

#3500 6 years ago
Quoted from Zebulon-74:

image.jpg 61 KB

That looks like mirror polished brass, you sure this is what is being offered? I like it, but think finish clashes with metal on pf. LE is the way I'd go....but maybe replace that cute red Smaug with the red/gold version.

1 week later
#3626 6 years ago
Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

Did you notice the young boy mesmerized with the LCD display? He spent 90% of his time watching it vs. the game play. To me, that really demonstrates how dated the DMD's are, and will be. LCD > DMD > EM reels

I'm afraid that kid could care less about playing pinball and was watching the video because there was nothing better to do after his dad dragged him down to look at one. It looks fantastic to me and especially fun during multiball. Hopefully there are numerous MB modes to play.

#3644 6 years ago

Wondering why professional pics were not made available prior to deadline. Hoping deadline gets extended a few weeks beyond that point, but have no reason to believe it will be., and still have the same unfilled information needs.

I want to see HD pics demonstrating side by side comparison of standard versus thick decals for both the LE & SE and to watch a video of decals being removed, prior to making a decision. The reason for a video is to judge the level of effort required to swap art and know whether to expect original art to be damaged during removal. Without that info, I'll choose the status quo and stay pat with the LE.

In my best Cuba Gooding Jr voice, "Show me the Hobbit"! ... ,"Show me the Hobbit"!!

3 weeks later
#4062 6 years ago

JJP Team may be busy digging out from Blizzardgate 2015. Agree it is time for an update though.

So Jack what's going on at JJP ??? When will we see the latest Hobbit? What is still outstanding? How's the code coming? Do you have a target start date for manufacturing? When might we see some ship and get to watch you cartwheel? There, that should summarize most of our questions.

2 weeks later
#4354 6 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

From what I can put together, there are 35 hexes representing modes. There could be 10 modes specific to each of the 3 films. The backglass already says "Shoot character or spell race to qualify modes". So these modes could be started by completing the drop targets (for Elf, Dwarf & Men), or there could be modes specific to hitting the Gandalf & Bilbo ramps, or the Radaghast scoop when lit.
Then there's the 3 goal modes already written on the playfield (Into the Fire, Barrel Escape & Battle of the Five Armies), and I imagine those are specific multiball modes, similar to LOTR. That leaves 2 hexes for Final Wizard modes, equaling 35.
Then there's the popups with the 4 beast hurry-up shots, Gollum ring mode, collecting the dwarfs, the key shot, obtaining sting, finding the arkenstone, the windlance, killing Smaug, defeating Azog, etc. etc. With so much content from these films, there's going to be a huge amount unique scenarios to cover it all. The more modes the better, and the best man in programming is on the job.
Of course I'm probably completely wrong about all of it. Care to enlighten us Keith? I think there are many of us who find the code potential the most exciting thing about this pin

Wow, love your interpretation of the cryptic clues. Hope it turns out as suggested.

2 weeks later
#4450 6 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

The game is done so the only update left is shipping date.

That's funny because I can think of quite a few things I'd like to see. Pics of the final game, confirmation of when JJP expects to start manufacturing and delivery status of parts would be a great start.

#4453 6 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

Who says you have not seen pics of the final game. Delivery status of parts don't you think JJP has better thing to do.

Hope not, haven't seen any teeth in Smaug yet. That is easiest thing to point out but there are other areas that were or have already been changed. Estimate of what % complete the rules and graphics are would probably interest a few buyers.

And no, I don't think JJP has a more important a task than to keep their customers informed on the progress made towards completing a $8k product, announced a long time ago and paid for over 2013 and 2014. JJP has 20+ employees so surely (Shirley) someone can be assigned the task of spending a few hours to compile an update for us, without slowing the ship. Sheesh, this isn't Predator which is pretty much being run by one guy. One problem JJP faces is one caused by the general state of the pinball industry - delays, missed deadlines, lies and lack of credible info by so many offenders, that people want to see proof of progress and not just someone claiming things are fine. As such, Jack is looked to for setting a new standard and to perform better than the average manufacturer. IMHO another major update is needed and am certain it would prove a welcome sight by many.

4 weeks later
#4891 6 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

Lol scroll through the pics above. More game less chick ; )

Thumbs down on this one, my friend.

#4991 6 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

The last non rumor I heard was "The Hobbit is due to start production before the end of the year" pinball news nov 2014

Well, then your're saying they have 9 months to get it out, right???

1 week later
#5297 6 years ago

Starting to shape up as a must-have pin. Still a ways to go on coding but the look, sound, animations and feel should attract a whole new crowd that might never have given pinball a chance before. And enough depth and fun to challenge the most ardent enthusiast. Is JJP still hoping to start production by end of May?

To me the speed issue will resolve itself with higher pitch and multiballs. That what I hope Keith is envisioning anyways. Choosing to start one of many multiballs as you journey towards Smaug, should present a pretty good challenge.

2 weeks later
#5850 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinstym:

Shot this 5 minute video Friday at Allentown. I had my video set to Ultra Hi-def

Thanks, best looking vid taken to date. Looked best on 720p on my laptop, very clean and crisp. Higher settings resulted in frequent tears and focusing on a constantly blinking insert looked like lots of tiny leds.

2 weeks later
#6146 5 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Sorry, but that's complete horseshit. That's like taking a crap in the middle of your own living room and then complaining about the smell.

2 weeks later
#6414 5 years ago

Mmm lasers. ..

1 week later
#6482 5 years ago

That settles it then! The game is gonna be great. Crowd chants, "Bring on THLE and TH .....Bring on THLE and TH .....Bring on THLE and TH .....". Alright already, when are we going to start seeing these games?

#6542 5 years ago

Agreed. And Keith ... ........ if you are reading this, in regards to TH .....>

#1 Can you allow a kill video option? So If player hits either flipper twice during a video playback or attract mode, video would terminate, points would be awarded and everything immediately reverts back into game state. The key thing here being - no lag time to return to ball in play.

#2 - Being a nostalgic, I miss not having a buy-in button on any game since .... 1996? Consider this a request for the buy-in option functionality to be built into the existing start button. So if you are feeding it quarters, another is ball added. Also, keep track of buy-in scores.

This thread may now return to its regular scheduled programming.

#6595 5 years ago

Never read game features description before, basic but good story line.

2 weeks later
#7125 5 years ago

video ... video ... video .... (in hd and not shaky please)

#7151 5 years ago
Quoted from hillbilly:

Jack is going to have to ramp up production to get the hobbit out to customers while preparing to launch his 3rd pin.

Whoa, you got ahead of yourself. This should have read ... Jack is going to have to ramp up production to get the extra WOZ out to customers while preparing to launch his 2nd pin - TH. His 3rd pin is being designed and is reportedly very far along.

1 month later
#7942 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNavidad:

From what I understand, there will be at least one Hobbit, one WOZ and pins that were donated from Automated for the event.

Wish they'd setup an overhead camera, put Hobbit on 3 balls and broadcast live. I want to see some Hobbit footage.

#7984 5 years ago
Quoted from cal50:

Was there only one ( 1 ) Hob set up to play on 2 -balls per game ?
If so that is a red flag IMHO.

Let me understand your American football rules logic. When the referee pulls a red flag, it is a penalty, no? So are you suggesting 5 yards and loss of down?

2 months later
#8898 5 years ago
Quoted from bonanza:

Oh I'm in too. Or I am willing to be adopted for Christmas.

New topic needed -> Wanted - Pinside Angels. Stand up and proudly declare you have space to host a needy Pinsider for the Holidays. Families are needed to host cash pooor, money strapped Pinsiders who don't otherwise have any place to play. Sign up to be an Angel or be added to list of the Needy.

#8948 5 years ago

Anybody else wondering where that ladder goes? Can't get image out of my head.... For what dastardly purpose would there be a 20 foot ladder set up but no worker in sight? I'll bet it is not properly secured in the soft sand either. No wonder pic was flagged as unsafe.

#8953 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

I pre-ordered 8 pins, 8 I tells ya. Never again!
My success rate on these to date (1 of 8 received, 3 of 8 court cases, 4 of 8 nearly there, honest) has been somewhat less high than I would have liked. On the plus side, Nemo (with gold plating!) should be completed by end-Nov, and I may get it by Xmas, assuming islamic bandits don't get to it first I also got into collecting jukeboxes while waiting for these pins, which has been fun. One of these jukes was used in a West End show recently in which Ben Whishaw (who plays Q) was stripped down to his underpants and got tied to it, but I digress. That's Ben for you.
More seriously, making new pins is a slow and painful business. I certainly wouldn't contemplate such an endeavour.
Yep, I'm drunk in the jacuzzi again. Soz.

At least you side stepped BBB, Alice in Wonderland and Vonnie D's Gremlins. Had you been sucked into those you would have had 2 pins at home, 5 of 11 in litigation, 4 of 11 nearly here. That might have entitled you to a booby prize. (and no ... boobies are not what you could have won). Here's to hoping for some Hobbits soon. hobbit.gif

1 month later
#9111 5 years ago

Very excited seeing the pic of these cabinets during assembly and with one having a playfield installed. Are these the engineering samples?


1 week later
2 weeks later
#9330 5 years ago

^^^ Wow - a real update and some choice info to share. Wont be long for TH to start flowing into Pinsiders homes. JJP is on the verge of lighting this puppy up. Anybody else ready to get this party started?

1 month later
3 weeks later
#9580 5 years ago

From what is being said about software/av/audio so far ... structure is in place, sounds and videos are done but are maybe only half in. Rules for modes, Smaug mb and general things are in, so count rules at 50%. Integration of videos and audio to modes is outstanding and gameplay looks extrememly fun. Those saying pf is open and bare were discounting the level of interaction from the 4 popups. Those things are always poking their heads up. What is really neat though is that they bounce enough and absorb the shock such that they don't
usually result in a drain, despite being so close to the flippers. Once the main movie modes are added along with missing mb's, this will no longer still be your grandmother's pinball machine. It should be fun stacking modes and features and there will be plenty to shoot for. Game already has some shots that require good aim, like the closest elf and man drop target and right orbit. I might go so far as to proclaim TH as evolutionary, once complete, it's already like a pinball machine on steroids. TH seems to invite you along for an adventure and then puts you in the middle. Maybe the journey to learn the hobbit is the reward ... I hope so.

6 months later
2 weeks later
#10014 4 years ago
Quoted from TouchingEvil:

Im thinking of buying a hobbit pinball and is the third movie on it now with a update ?
Last i checked it was not on it and slot of people wanted the last battle in to the game ?

Battle of five armies is added in v 1.9. Update process is painless.

1 month later
#10041 4 years ago

With stories of pumping out Dialed In April, is JJP expecting to have preordered THLE's shipped by then too? With 14 work weeks remaining and production rate of 50 per, another 700 TH's might be made in that time period. I would guess they might have 1000 THLE'S left to build. Doesn't look like will get there because TH has at least four models.

Any real numbers out there?

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