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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#2230 5 years ago

Is it possible that the production model (with the new art, etc.) was being worked on before the prototype was even revealed? Everyone assumes Jack is making these changes due to the response from the unveiling. Maybe the proposed changes were already being made in the prototype 2.0 version. (for lack of a better name)

I'm not suggesting the prototype was a ruse, but maybe Jack has kept his cards closer to the vest than we realize. At least I hope that is the case.

#2233 5 years ago

Excellent video. After watching, two things come to mind:

1. Peter Jackson may be turning into George Lucas, rejecting good ideas for his own which aren't always the best or most popular.

2. The Hobbit is going to be a really fun pin to play.

#2245 5 years ago

Played WOZ the first time today at the Houston Expo. The layout, the art, and the light show blew me away. It really strengthens my trust in Jack that TH will be amazing.

1 week later
#2259 5 years ago

Nice catch. I believe you are correct.

#2270 5 years ago

Aurich, I liked the red armor you did in your SE mock up. Would be curious to see it in that red with red buttons.

#2345 5 years ago

Wow. New playfield look awesome.

#2349 5 years ago

I like red Smaug better.

#2351 5 years ago


#2353 5 years ago

One more. Sorry, should have put them all together.

#2363 5 years ago

#2471 5 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

The colors are great, I love how vibrant it looks now. its the giant dragon pic I have an issue with. It's redundant.

I like Smaug on the playfield, but agree with it being redundant with the SE side art. I may switch to the LE to have the cabinet be focused on the characters. Mine will sit where both side arts will be visible. I'll get the best of both worlds.

#2500 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Well here's the thing about the "giant dragon" - Both versions have Smaug in the center, so you can easily say the old version is redundant as well. The dragon's there no matter what. The first version was dull, boring and lifeless...mountain, small dragon, sky. The new version has vibrancy, energy, personality. It sells the tone and grand nature of this adversary.

I love the new playfield with the "giant dragon". The side art is too similar to the playfield for me. I'm thinking LE cabinet with new playfield should represent all characters nicely.

#2532 5 years ago
Quoted from RoyF:

So is it correct that the new Smaug does not rotate to "disappear" into the mountain?

I think since its the treasure room, I prefer Smaug being revealed out of a pile of gold than behind a mountain door.

#2551 5 years ago

Does it look like the ball could roll down the pile of gold back to the playfield?

#2572 5 years ago

Don't know if this pic of the LCD "Book" has been posted.

#2574 5 years ago
Quoted from RealityCheck:

Jesus. Its all the same fanboys on a different day.

Same haters on a different day.

#2705 5 years ago

Anyone know what this is that I circled in red and what it will do?

#2712 5 years ago

Looks fun. This finished product will be a blast to play. I like the pages turning on the LCD book.

#2715 5 years ago
Quoted from Santeh:

I agree and thought it was neat that the pages were giving out instructions to the player as this seems like a unique way to guide someone (like a callout). However, without seeing the machine in person I am concerned that my old eyes will not be able to read what the book is saying, especially while playing. Yet I like what I saw in the video!

Don't worry about those old eyes. If it's hard to read, it won't take long for someone to figure a way to fit a bigger screen in it.

#2716 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNavidad:

I believe it's a ball save.

Any idea how that would work?

#2846 5 years ago

With the first prototype reveal, TH not received well. Now prototype 2.0 is revealed. It is received much better, but still seems some areas not finished.

Many seemed to assume that prototype 1.0 was close to the finished product and that Jack wouldn't be able to fix things. Now with 2.0, some still have the same reservations.

Maybe Jack is feeding us prototypes that have been around for months. May not be the way a lot of us would have revealed the product, but Jack does things his way. If so, he must be pretty damn confident that the final product will be loved.

#2895 5 years ago

I'm pre-ordered and I'm not worried. I believe the finished product will be visually stunning and a fun pin to play. As far as Smaug, if it talks and spins, that's good enough for me. I do think he is missing the chin bone and sharper features. Adding those would help overcome any lack of ball spitting IMO.

images.jpg untitled.png
#2910 5 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

And when i ask myself, what is the most fun shot in this game. I cant find any. There is not one killer shot which is really satisfying.
Plus, left and right side have on about the same shots.

Hit up down up down left right left right B A start

When you do, you're gonna see some serious sh*t.

#2973 5 years ago

I was disappointed JJP didn't bring TH to the Houston Expo. Like you, locally is the only place I would get to see it before receiving it. However, I am quite encouraged by what was posted from IAAPA. I can't wait to get mine.

#2989 5 years ago

Hate to see a few people drop out, but hopefully that moves me up the list to get mine sooner.

#3048 5 years ago

I will be shocked if this game isn't awesome when it is finished. The key word here is "finished". I'll keep expectation in check until then.

#3103 5 years ago

Jack just sent pics of new Smaug gold toy! Looks awesome!

#3106 5 years ago

Also stated that pre-orders have until Dec 31 to decide between LE and SE.

#3114 5 years ago

This is another sign that Jack and his team will be sure to make TH incredible to look at and fun to play.

#3189 5 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

A claw, tail or something else to give the impression that the rest of the dragon is in the pinball machine somewhere would be nice. While the head is greatly improved and is now only in need of teeth, just the head isn't doing it for me yet.

The assumption is that Jack is showing us real time changes on everything. I think some things are real time, but not everything. I believe Jack is holding back stuff to wow us at the final production reveal.

#3202 5 years ago

The Mod makers can't wait to get a hold of TH. There will be some really cool toppers.

#3220 5 years ago

Yes. $8000 LE / $9000 SE I believe.

#3222 5 years ago

Glad I pre-ordered.

#3224 5 years ago

Mine likes the LE side art better. I'm trying to change her mind.

#3228 5 years ago

Per email from Jen-

As a reminder, customers who currently have a Hobbit™ LE on order have until December 31st to decide if they would like to switch to a Smaug™ Gold. An LE can only be switched to an SE if a minimum of $4000 has been received from the customer or from the customer's distributor by 12/31/14. After this date, no new orders for Smaug™ Gold will be accepted.

2 weeks later
#3328 5 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I drove 100 miles today just to decide on the Hobbit LE instead of the SE.

Mind saying what made you choose the LE? I'm on the fence about the SE but not close enough to see in person.

#3377 5 years ago

Beelzeboob, so did you decide to go with the LE over the SE?

#3394 5 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

I agree the talking Smaug following your ball can and will be cool, but why wouldn't you want to see more of him to give the illusion of a complete dragon if it can be done without blocking the view or interfering with anything else.... baffling.

Surely someone will figure a way to remove the dwarf mountain plastics and make a dragon body instead. Too many smart guys on here not to come up with something.

#3396 5 years ago

KC, I like it like it is, but you know someone will try something. It's the Pinsider way.

What I wouldn't mind seeing is decals of the dwarf mine behind Smaug and decals of the river scene behind the barrels on the backboard.

#3401 5 years ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

I've gone back and forth on this too. Right now I'm in for Smaug but the LE Armor looks nice....but the Smaug on the sides looks cool.

I can't decide either. I will make the final decision when they release the photos from the photo shoot.

#3417 5 years ago
Quoted from zr11990:

Im more of a Twilight Zone guy than a AFM guy. I also think I am just not that interested in pinball anymore. $7500 is a lot of cash for me if I am not batshit crazy over every aspect of a game.

Don't sweat it. You can come over and try mine when they ship.

#3437 5 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Now that the Hobbit movie is official out are there other things which can now be revealed which were unable to be revealed previously?


#3439 5 years ago

Pinister, maybe that is why they did the shoot. Those of us that are not as fortunate to have seen and played it first hand like you are hanging on these threads hungry for TH news. Plus I'm anxious to make the final decision between LE and SE.

#3514 5 years ago
Quoted from BdB:

Still not trading in my LOTR for it

Me neither.... I'm putting TH next to it.

#3565 5 years ago

Wow. That video is awesome. The finished product will rock. Now I just have to make the final decision of LE or SE.

#3609 5 years ago

I think I've decided to go with the LE. I like seeing more characters than just Smaug. Plus, I was going to go with the red Smaug toy anyway. Without seeing the extra attract mode, I just can't let that push me to the SE.

I don't really understand why Jack is being so secretive with the current customers who are trying to decide which version to get. I find it a little frustrating.

#3613 5 years ago

Thanks PinNin

#3628 5 years ago

Look around the 1:35 mark of the video. Smaug head lights up during the multiball and lights give the illusion of spitting fire. As cool as that is, the finished product should be amazing.

#3641 5 years ago
Quoted from B9:

Couldn't you have the best of both worlds and get the SE and buy the LE super thick replaceable artwork ?

I considered this. Just seems like more money and trouble than it's worth. Plus with time, someone will probably make it possible to put the extra attract mode on the LE.

#3658 5 years ago

There is a ton of potential in this game, and it already looks awesome. Just wait until its completed. On the video posted on this thread, watching the Smaug head light up and the LEDS making it look like he's spitting fire down the playfield was really cool. That's when I realized there are some many facets to this diamond we haven't seen yet.

1 week later
#3664 5 years ago

Look forward to seeing more of the code on TH. Despite the higher prices of the newest games, it's a good time to be in pinball.

#3669 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I hope to set those exact three games next to each other in about 6 months...except ECWOZ green and Stainless trim MMr. They look great!

That's a nice lineup.

#3671 5 years ago

Today is the opening day over there. The video said Jack was going to have the code the next day. If the video was shot yesterday, then hopefully the new code was put in today and someone will post a video.

#3687 5 years ago

When does the last movie go to DVD? Is Jack having to delay release of the game until then? I assume the studio is not going to let him release the game with footage from the last movie until the DVD is released.

#3706 5 years ago

I'm excited too. I think there is more to see, but I think Jack has shown us almost everything he will until its ready to ship. Just my gut feeling.

#3709 5 years ago
Quoted from Sidekick74:

Plus, I think the barrels should fricken spin around & around.

Actually, that may be the first mod for TH.

#3769 5 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

I like it. Just not there.
They could have had a potentially nice scenic area around there (with the orcs up on the cliffs firing down on the dwarfs that are bouncing around in the barrels. IMHO the LCD would be much better served located in the apron, there appears to enough room for it so why not?

Because I like mods, I can see moving the LCD to the apron and doing something with decals, barrels, and Orcs in that area.

#3855 5 years ago

Coke vs Pepsi, Chevy vs Ford, Stern vs JJP.....

Passion from fans on both sides. The fact that there are 2 companies creating such passion can be good for pinball. However, it can get old listening to the arguments and bashing over who is best.

#3866 5 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I think you hit on a key difference in the Hobbit that hasn't been discussed much but in my opinion will make it's gameplay very unique. Namely, the stand-up targets (and openings in the Smaug area) behind the individually controlled drops.
This will allow them to make roving openings where the drop targets act as blockers in addition to roving drop targets that you want to hit. This will probably play a key part in giving variety to the more than 30 modes.
I think the mechanical action of the drops is going to be very cool visually and very fun to play.

Not to mention using the kickback and upper flipper to hit the opening in Smaug's scales (stand open target behind open drop target) to kill Smaug. At least that is what I am assuming you will do. Sounds like fun to me.

3 weeks later
#4216 4 years ago

This just shows that the final polished product with great code will be the awesome game everyone expected.

#4298 4 years ago

I don't think we will see the final production model until they start shipping.

#4306 4 years ago

I counted 35 hexagons in the grid. I never noticed the shadow of the mode symbol in each hexagon. Pretty cool. However, in 10 years I've never made it to Valinor on LOTR, so I may never make it through 35 modes on TH.

2 weeks later
#4447 4 years ago

That western theme is cool.

#4461 4 years ago

I'm going to hold my breath until I get an update.

#4515 4 years ago

Playing my LOTR tonight, I was thinking how glad I am it was made. I love the theme, the rules, etc. I remember when I ordered it 11 years ago. It seemed like it took forever for the box to arrive. And even longer to put it together for that first ball.

All of this reminded me that all of the debate about lies and missed deadlines will mean nothing to me when I've had TH in my gameroom for a week, a month, a year. This doesn't mean I approve of deceit, but I expected delays with TH after the WOZ problems. Plus I focus on the long term of having a fun game for years to come.

2 weeks later
#4614 4 years ago

People seemed to be so impressed that they were too busy enjoying it to take many pics or videos. Hopefully more will come out after Ohio.

#4634 4 years ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Hobbit "Five armies" DVD out March 24th. Hrmmmmm.......

On Pinball Stars Facebook page there is a video showing the playfield book displaying scenes from the third movie. If they've had the third movie footage, hopefully the shipping date won't be too much longer.

#4721 4 years ago
Quoted from lodgingdolphin:

Here is a video of a game I played on The Hobbit at the Ohio Pinball Show. The right slingshot wasn't functioning.
» YouTube video

Finally a great video! I can't wait to get this game. After seeing all of the excitement from MMr's being unboxed, I can only imagine how good it will feel to open TH.

#4745 4 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

Sorry folks I still think Pre Pay and LE games that means Stern to are for suckers

Pre-pay is going to disappear. LE games on the other hand will be around as long as they are profitable.

#4771 4 years ago

When I play that first ball on my TH, I won't care about missed deadlines. Even right now I have so many irons in the fire I'm not in a rush. I'm excited, but distracted by life.

#4776 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinister:

Well I don't have a Pin yet. TH will be my very first and all I have to play is a Ms. Pac-Man machine with a 60 game iCade board. So if anyone would like to donate a pin to me, working or not, I am sure that would keep me real busy until Jack delivers to my door step.

Make your way to Houston and you can play LOTR and WCS94 as much as you want.

#4797 4 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

Tell me where!

Eagle Springs!

#4853 4 years ago
Quoted from Rick432:

16 new posts and NONE of them actually regarding updates on The Hobbit.
Now 17. Sorry.

Hopefully this time tomorrow we'll have more reviews, pics, and videos.

1 week later
#4989 4 years ago

Pinball passion is crazy. Lots of negativity over WOZ, TH, MMR, TBL being built, when will they ship, etc. Then people start receiving them. Then lots of joy and the naysayers more on to the next game.

I suspect TH will be the same way. As soon as pic of unboxing start appearing, all of the negative people will move on and all the pre-order folks will be loving there game.

#4996 4 years ago

Then it will be time to hang out at the JJP #3 thread.

#5013 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Must admit I am surprised how late this game is. July 2014 originally, then Dec 2014 and now? Yes, worth waiting longer for a better game but from a long term business perspective, delayed products are worrisome.

JJP had to get pre-ordering to make it happen, so they had to announce the game at concept. Impossible to predict completion date like that, especially when dealing with third parties (licensors).

When I put braces on a kid, I give a date for completion of the case. What usually make my prediction too short is the third parties (the kid and the parents). The kids knocks off my hardware. The parents won't bring the kid in routinely. Some things are out of my control. When I tell them a completion date, it always is assuming all goes normal.

Hopefully JJP won't have to go pre-order any longer, which will end all of this strife over completion dates.

#5041 4 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

I am curious to see how a preorder based company fares on their next title after quoting ETA's years off base on possibly 2 games in a row while other companies closed with preorder money likely gone forever still stinging collectors.

I expect that JJP will abandon the pre-order model as soon as financially possible.

#5127 4 years ago

Thanks for the video. That got me excited. Beel, I think having it at home with code complete will make all of the difference in the world.

#5166 4 years ago

I have little doubt that the game will be great TO ME. But I'll be happy to admit it if I play it and think it's not. And it doesn't bother me if others are worried or flat out don't like it. I don't like TZ or Tron or Funhouse or MET, even though so many go on and on about how great they are.

I'm getting the LE version and putting it next to my heavily modded LOTR. Should look awesome together.

#5182 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

So it should be the better pin. We will see.

I don't see it as which is better. I think they will compliment each other and go side by side well. I look forward to having a party and seeing which gets more play and attention from non-pinheads.

#5187 4 years ago

Can't wait to see what Keith does with that.

#5423 4 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

My comment was in response to Stern bashing in a Hobbit thread. If you want to piss and moan about negativity go callout people who try to build up JJP by putting down Stern

Stern can hold its own without your help. Your crying in a JJP thread has no affect other than to make you look like troll, or weak, or both.

#5467 4 years ago
Quoted from sj1000:

I am compiling a list of all individuals or businesses who have placed a deposit on the Hobbit or any JJP game. We should be releasing an important Jersey Jack Pinball related website, that will help you, on through major social org (ie; twitter, facebook, etc.). The e-mail is jersey1007@cox.net. Since this is not an attack on JJP. We would like to see them succeed but do believe they have a serious money issue. We think we have the solution.

Wow. Feel free to take your troll goods and move on to the next bridge...... Why is it trolls can't grasp common grammar?

#5473 4 years ago
Quoted from sj1000:

I am compiling a list of all individuals or businesses who have placed a deposit on the Hobbit or any JJP game. We should be releasing an important Jersey Jack Pinball related website, that will help you, on through major social org (ie; twitter, facebook, etc.). The e-mail is jersey1007@cox.net. Since this is not an attack on JJP. We would like to see them succeed but do believe they have a serious money issue. We think we have the solution.

Before you come on here and bring this fluff, donate to Pinside. If you want to help me with my money, donate and keep my favorite site alive.

2 weeks later
#5951 4 years ago

Mod makers will have a lot of opportunities. I can't wait to see what the creative mod guys come up with. Just look at the drawings for the Bag End topper. That's really cool.

2 weeks later
#6239 4 years ago

Jack said production will start in weeks, not months

#6285 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Don't feel bad. With all the delays, I'm second guessing my purchase.

That AC/DC should keep you occupied for a while.

1 week later
#6373 4 years ago

Having LOTR, I'm looking forward to having them side by side.

#6400 4 years ago

Great seminar. Makes waiting easier....... and harder.

3 weeks later
#6688 4 years ago

I'll help you out Beelzeboob.......

DaveB, how many Hobbits can you fit in that thing?

1 month later
#7503 4 years ago

I don't know if that will speed up delivery of TH, but there should not be any question that about it being made.

1 week later
#7585 4 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

That TRON game sure turned out to be a snoozer.....

I think Tron is a snoozer. Loved the movie,and really tried to like the game. Just wasn't for me. Of course I'm in the minority.

2 weeks later
#7990 4 years ago

I'm patiently waiting for TH, but man, Jack really missed a great opportunity to drum up some excitement.

#8144 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

You may be alone there, but i also enjoyed The Hobbit movies a lot.

I really liked the movies as well. I've watched them multiple times. I can't wait to see the footage on TH. I like what I like, whether anyone else does or not.

#8279 4 years ago

Being someone that tried watching GOT and didn't care for it, I won't be changing my mind. TH all the way for me.

1 week later
#8623 4 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

I hope he can mod some proper background scenery for the pops.
I still say keep that dwarf in the second barrel and move that LCD to the apron.... (yeah, yeah... not going to happen...)

It may happen on a few games.

1 month later
#8870 4 years ago

As a pre-orderer, if my pre-order helps get a machine like TH made, I'm happy. I hope this hobby keeps growing. I want Stern, JJP, heighway, Spooky, etc to keep the games coming. It's good for all of us who love this hobby.

1 month later
#9001 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Call it a philosophical difference, but Ive just never been a "end justifies the means" guy. To me, ethics matters.... more than the total weight of a pinball machine, the number of toys on the PF or the flash of the lcd show.
So I can appreciate the innovation of Woz and (soon) TH and yet still separate that from my opinion of Jack and his misleading and shady approach to running a company....

This comes off as a holier-than-thou, passive aggressive rant. Having pro-ordered and not canceling does not make any of us unethical, or less ethical than you.

You obviously don't like Jack. We get it. Instead of hanging around on this thread and trying to convince us to dislike Jack too, move on to a non-JJP thread.

#9005 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

You misunderstood my point, or perhaps I made it unclear:
I'm in no way suggesting anyone who ordered from Jack is unethical! Rather many that do are more tolerant of HIS questionable ethics and are willing to overlook them in exchange for what's he's produced.
I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything- everyone here is a grown-up and can make their own judgements. I was merely trying to explain why some tolerate Jacks obvious rocky relationship with the truth.
Btw, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. I could draw close parallels with some that support politicians, or movie stars or sports personalities (or comedians!) becuase of their "work" while ignoring their personal failings, or in this case, "what they did/said to get there."
I'm genuinely interested in the final TH product... And even moreso with the upcoming PL title. If they are fun to play, I will happily support them POST-shipping and/or in the secondary market.

Ok, I understand that.

#9007 4 years ago
Quoted from cal50:

A) You get nothing for your money for a couple years waiting with the hopes of the finished product being worth the wait.
B) A Stern game can actually be purchased and played.
Some people like waiting (A), some like playing pinball (B).

I like A and B. Waiting is fine because while waiting I bought an IJ and have been playing and modding it like crazy.

2 weeks later
#9191 4 years ago

I am not in the first few 100, but when I get mine I'll be happy to have local Pinsiders come check it out.

#9199 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Do you know when about you should be expecting yours?

I'll be happy if it is by the end of summer. If it's sooner then all the better. I'll be sure and post when I get word.

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