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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#867 5 years ago

The Jersey Jack Whack Pack. Protectors of the realm and defenders against negativity till their warranty is up.

1 month later
#1103 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Whoa!! If true, then this is some major news.
Can anyone confirm/deny?

I can confirm.


#1126 5 years ago


Five stage

1. Denial and Isolation Done

2. Anger Done

3. Bargaining Happing now

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

#1168 5 years ago

Something tells me something went down. If he left of good terms he would of had a statement about leaving and thank Hack for opportunity. Maybe even saying he looks foward to us playing the game. We got nothing. People say the games done are foolish. Just a few weeks back we got a whitewood vid that looked so far from done. If I don't see something in the next week I'm out.

6 months later
#2703 5 years ago

The artwork is a 1000 times better than before. The led is great but the rim around the led is too thick. The dragons head looks to be just floating there. Fix those two things and the machine is very solid.

4 months later
#5015 4 years ago

Jack said in another thread here that it would be a complete failure if he had not gotten the game out by the end of March. Said it after the changes.

2 weeks later
#5550 4 years ago

You can't slander a company and have them win in court. If you are getting threats from a company spokes person telling you to watch you speech, you might one to check if your state has any cyber bullying laws. Call your state attorney general and file a complaint. If the company has issue with something someone says. Sue. Have them not show up and the judge ridicule you for wasting his time and pissing away a lot of your money. lol

4 months later
#7795 4 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

What the heck does

What does your drunken talent have to do with a Hobbit update??

Well it could be an indication as to why Jack has to ban his own supporters from his Hobbit forum.

#7832 4 years ago

I bought a bugatti and it was 6 months late and they credited me back $$, got hand written letter, and ton of phone calls letting me know what was going on. Never once did someone say to cancel. Ordered a WOZ and after the third delay (that no one called to inform me)I called and got the anwser you all get. If you don't like it you can cancel but if you latter decide to buy the price will be higher. I canceled and picked the game up before most here and got the game for the same price. Jack lies and I hope everyone knows that by now. What gets me is how much s#!t some of you take to maybe save a buck. Your beholden to him for a couple of bills. Don't tell me any other bs. If preordered a vacuum and a vacuum company did it to you, you would be livid. Your stuck stuck with him and you secretly hope things change with an investment. "Money has never fixed lies but just created more."

#7890 4 years ago
Quoted from pindome:

cite="#2638759">Nope. And I'm unlikely to ever buy any JJP honestly, for one simple reason: they're too expensive. Someone just started that "what's your max?" thread about buying pinballs, and I said the most I've ever spent is $7200 (METLE), and I hope to never top that. I'd maybe consider it if I could get one for $7500 shipped, I could push my price point a little, but that's already stretching it, and I think the standards are at least $8k now right? And shipping on top of that? Not 100% sure.
Full Throttle LE is over $9,000 US Dollars plus shipping.
I purchased Hobbit Smaug LE for $7,500 including shipping.
In my opinion Hobbit appears to better bang for the buck. Bonus having my preorder money with Jack and not in the market saved me some coin. : ((
Aurich, Jack does say some things that can rub us Pinsiders the wrong way but the guy is passionate about pinball! So I take some bad with a lot of the good. I like the fact he is on here on giving his opinion Good, Bad or Ugly. Hobbit updates have been few and far between, so what the hell are these guys gonna talk about if Jack doesn't come on and stir things up from time to time. : ))

Why do people say that he is passionate about pinball? He saw a growing market and jumped in to make cash. That is all I see. He wasn't a member here until he had something to sell. What gives people this idea? There is a lady that has bagged my groceries for over 20 years. I said "wow you've been here so long now you must love it. Wish I could find people that stay like you." She replied she hated it but it was close to her house and gave her money to go shopping for herself every two weeks. The only thing I have seen from him personally is he is passionate about talking. A 2 min. phone call is like 20+ mins.

#7976 4 years ago

Jack does this stuff all the time. Trolls the people who give him money and when they finally had enough he becomes the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. The photo from the Q&A looks more like a cult meeting than a Q&A session.

#8167 4 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

I was at the Jersey Jack facility this past weekend during the open house and had a look over everything first hand while having lots of questions answered. I was already certain Jack was the real deal, I've been following his work for quite awhile and even more so since the Hobbit prototype first started making rounds. However, after this past weekend, I am even more confident that production on the Hobbit is right around the corner and I would be willing to wager that a delivery will happen before the end of the year. Lawlor's game will be announced prior to March 2016 with Hobbit well underway.
Anyone still doubting still should at least take into consideration the fact that there is only one production line right now at the factory. Wizard of Oz backorders have finally been produced, and there are finally a few extras on hand that can be purchased right now and delivered to your door instantly. Now that there's a few WOZ in stock, what's next? Get a bit of a cushion there so they have plenty to fill the estimated WOZ demand for the next year or so and then they can think about retooling all of the workstations... It's not just switching parts out. Wire diagrams. Installation charts, color coding, part numbers, parts in stock, the flow charts, install diagrams, getting everyone up to speed, doing a test one or two, hammering out the bugs in the production line and finally getting a few out the door.
Also remember that they just got that significant investment in capital. Although the current facility is making use of what appears to be about 80% of their space, I do think they could easily fit a second line in there without changing locations. I still think the Hobbit will be built on the WOZ line though, because changing that over may be quicker than building a new line.. Then again, the overall time saved in just building a brand new line specifically for the Hobbit instead of switching from WOZ to Hobbit and back to WOZ or over to Lawlor's might be worth the investment and time it takes to just build that line first.
TDLR: All food for thought. The Hobbit is coming. Jack isn't going anywhere. I'd be willing to wager but I won't because I'm sure I'm right.


#8253 4 years ago

I don't think Jacks sales numbers are ridiculous at all. His facebook page is nearing 30,000 and if he sells a game to 10% of them. It would come out to 3,000. Totally doable.

7 months later
#9710 3 years ago

Had to lower the volume down a lot. It goes from music you would hear on the shitter at a fancy restaurant too kill your mother every 10 seconds. Causing me and others unwanted anxiety. Even my 5 year old threw a fit during gameplay and doesn't even care whats happening on any pin I own. Hope they tone it down. I like to zone out when I play and the way the music is constantly grinding at some point I would be the star of one of those strange rage quit youtube videos.lol

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