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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#285 5 years ago

What do you think of Texas Pinball Festival ... ?

#390 5 years ago

Guys, what do all these nonsense animations have to do with the Hobbit info??

#393 5 years ago

Good info! But get me a bit confused...

Quoted from TaTa:

I traded an CQ "like" AFM for one of the first 10 to be produced...#15. I paid him the premium for this so I don't have to deal with all these headaches that many have seen buying WOZ anticipating that all the build issues were resolved during its production.

How did you think JJP will get ahead of child-disease problem in the very early stages of production -> your nr 15... Do you want them to produce the cabinet in line, hold it to put in one of the last prduced PF's?

#395 5 years ago

Yes funny, but we went that far off topic I could even see the road anymore....

Stupid dutchies

#422 5 years ago

Possibility of re-entering the playfield as in 007's GoldenEye after bump-hitting a target??
- That would be awesome!!

#440 5 years ago

The longer the wait, the sweeter the taste... Don't mind waiting for it to arrive, as long as JJP is able to up the ante in relation to WOZ.

Ordered mine not long ago and did manage to get a low number. Very pleased with that.

And finally, Jack is committed by contract to deliver those machines corresponding the release of Hobbit 3. Why wouldn't he be able to deliver majority of the machines by the end of Dec, if they have already a flippin' whitewood?!?
It's still 9 months to go guys! I wouldn't be surprised!

A little (but important) detail: the distributer told me that ALL his hobbit orders (low to high numbers) will be delivered at the same time... That would not fit a situation where JJP will start making machines just from the moment the Hobbit comes out!
- Just my thought...

#451 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Quite the opposite is my experience.

Yes your right... It's just from which point of view you're looking... If you KNOW upfront your getting something incredibly awesome but you have to wait for it vs. fake promises by not making dead-lines and postponed deliveries.

#461 5 years ago
Quoted from ozno:

Hobbit is far along I hear.
Cabinet and computer are the same as WOZ
Art is almost done
White wood is done
Toys are done, but waiting on Smaug
Software core code is there, but the rest is probably really early
I'm guessing that if Smaug gets finished and produced with no hiccups, they'll meet their date
This game is going to be insane!!!

That's nice to hear... but do hope you have a 'good' source!

Btw... hope Weta takes care of figurine making! They are awesome...

I don't say I'm very fond of Weta's Smaug statue, but if you put with some imagination the round ballwire together with roundness of the Smaug figurine you could get an idea of how Smaug could get implemented -> Ball going underneath its wings and wakes the dragon.... ?

Figure Hobbit Unexpected Journey WETA Smaug 2012 Bronze a.jpg

#508 5 years ago
Quoted from S37VEN:

Jack requires prepayment

For some folks JJP's pre-payment plan is pure evil. But I'd like to have the sky cleared by now on that part. Because very recently I ordered my own THLE machine (Yes, one of those last 40 Dannunz was talking about...) (and hell yeah managed to get a low number (rumors are it's below #50...) ) and my distributer allows me to "self fill in the payments, as long as the machine is paid in full before delivery"!
- I did make a reasonable DP and seem to be able to pay the rest as I prefer...

That situation makes me wonder if anybody has got confirmed JJP really OBLIGATES pre-orders to rigidly follow the payment schedule or holds it more like a guideline?

Btw... I got some confirmed info -> Shipping will begin in November or December.
- That makes development is nicely on schedule

#510 5 years ago
Quoted from TaTa:

I traded for the #15 spot some time back. It is supposed to be one of the first 10 produced so I'm really stoked for the holidays. The gentleman I traded it for paid a premium for the # and production spot.

Hmm... Why does this gentleman pay a premium to get so closed at pole position..... and give up?

Quoted from TaTa:

I wouldn't believed it if it weren't from my best friend.

Even it's not my best friend, I do believe him. From own experience so far Jack and his team seem very nice, friendly and helpfull people. I have no contradicting evidence they won't do the upmost to deliver as promised, so me too can't wait to get Bilbo Baggins knocking on my door...

#543 5 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

yeah, and Stern is not innovating at all; in fact they are putting less and less on the pf, and maintaining the practice of releasing games with basic/incomplete code, if ST is any indication. They are just taking advantage of the noob 'collectors' who pay ridiculous premiums for cheap accessorizing. And they are on a production schedule to crank out the next licensed game on time, not trying to move pinball forward. All well and good, but I'll still give an innovative new pinball platform/company/system some slack for their first effort. And it looks like the Hobbit is even revamping a lot of stuff learned from the WOZ design/production.

Well spoken...

#681 5 years ago

Next Tuesday is the release of the "Desolation of Smaug" DVD/Blu-Ray... Is there a nice update to be expected next by then?

#781 5 years ago

Hoping for some news now the Hobbit is released on disk.... Anyone?

#819 5 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Darn, I guess another day has passed with no info.

Indeed... but you ARE one day closer of actual playing this machine!

#835 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

And the ones that buy blind, without even seeing any art, your getting their money regardless, they are a no brainer.

This statement is rather short sighted -> If buyers do not like what they see along the way (which they pickup by updates through threads for example) they just back out with full refund. No risk at all other than supporting the project. And ofcourse you want to know how things are going on! Even more -> maybe you haven't noticed but in the Hobbit all three movies will be incorporated. Meaning from "There and Back Again" Jack probably may not reveal a lot (read: nothing) until worldwide release. There will be more then enough surprise left all the way to the end.

On the other hand... If you do not want to loose any of the surprise just don't click any thread regarding "The Hobbit" and/or "JJP", instead of moaning what everybody else should or shouldn't do....

#890 5 years ago
Quoted from cumulonimbus:

Are those the WOZ pop bumper trees in the upper right corner?

Yepz... hope they don't make it in the final version!

How about the scoring? Isn't it a bit lame to have such a low scoring increments?

#946 5 years ago

Sounds cool, but would not fit in the assembly as showed in the whitewood...

#953 5 years ago

Smaug is still a big mystery of how it will get implemented in the game. I got to think how great it would be if Smaug could really speak and interact with the player. Like it can talk and move it's head. Follow ball movements for example.

Of-course with the deep voice loudly over the speaker -> "I feel you... I smell you... Don't be shy... STEP INTO THE LIGHT!"

- Just a thought

3 weeks later
#1000 5 years ago

Nice to hear JJP has overcome most of the company startup difficulties and can mainly focus on producing machines.

After reading several news items I got to think there won't get a regular version of the Hobbit to be made. It has never been announced or mentioned so far. Although I did see it [unofficially] announced at a distributer, but was removed not long ago.
Plus the knowledge Pat is already building a whitewood, it can be presumed Jack will start building game #3 right after all THLE's are being build.

- Could it be that the Hobbit license is restricted to 'just' those 1500 LE's?

#1006 5 years ago

We are a week away from next payment date, although you would expect a change in the payment schedule since the release of the 3rd movie is postponed to dec '14.

Anyway... can we expect an update next week?

- Robotic Smaug

#1045 5 years ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

If you look at the playfield art, you will notice that as you move up the playfield, the "art" goes dark blue, as in solid dark blue. That is contrary to what I have seen on pins in the past, and makes me think that there is some reason that the art was toned down so as to not compete or conflict with "art" above the playfield. If I was going to design a pin with attention-getting details/toys/features mounted on the playfield, the last thing I would do is create a playfield below them with a lot of busy artwork.

Thoughts anyone?

Dark blue contrasts high gloss gold very nice... !

#1057 5 years ago

Lockdownbar top button would be a bad idea... Jack mentioned clearly multiple button action on each side of the cabinet.

How about the control of that left side diverter angle near the kickout lane?
- Would it be an idea to have a radio knob like adjuster to set the angle, followed by a dual flip action to launch the ball manually.

#1075 5 years ago

Back on topic please...

#1105 5 years ago

Anyone some insights why Joe and JJP seperated?

#1175 5 years ago

Guys.. the glass is half full!

It's a good thing Joe CAN leave the project right now. As Jack stated in a response on Joe's departure; his work is done. You could translate that into the hobbit is developed to a certain point that the designer can relinquish the design, and let the rest of the team finish it off.
I'm sure the actual status is way more ahead than Jack showed us so far. That flippin' whitewood could be an early one, and Jack mentioned before they were building Mark III a couple of weeks ago.

Happily Joe is in close proximity of Jack in case his attention is needed!

Pat is even more close (to help out on certain issues) but as Jack mentioned, he's working primarily on his own project. No involvement to there to be expected.

So, be pleased and stop moaning!

#1188 5 years ago

Was hoping to see a newsletter one of these days because the 15th of May payment date was due. But it seems a new payment schedule has come to live -> 15th of 6/7/8

#1213 5 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I originally thought that the interactive map may be an LCD on the apron but I'm thinking its more likely that the map will be printed on the apron and then LED lights will be placed across various points representing a players location in Middle Earth that corresponds to the rules. Maybe the far right location on the apron is the Shire and all the way to the right is the Lonely Mountain with a bunch of points in between.

I'm in on the same thought... Even hope they will sculp a mountain-like miniature landscape in on top of the apron, as the map depicts...

Quoted from hank527:

Ted Estes and Balcer have both left JJP. Smaug was not designed and not implemented as per the rumor.

I heard a rumor JJP showed a flippin' whitewood, which probably was an early version. And they are probably more ahead than they showed the public according to some whispering voices.

Joe seem to have left* and Jack responded like "his work is done". The rumor goes on like the engineering and programming department can continue working on the Hobbit as planned. I even heard something like "The hobbit is ahead of schedule".

Clearly they haven't designed and thought out Smaug yet at this stage of development. Probably because it's the most striking character of them all and a large piece of the upper left PF area will be solely build AROUND Smaug... The rumor can't be incorrect since there has never spoken a word or asked a question about the implementation of Smaug up till now. Could it be they totally forgot about it

Quoted from hank527:

I question whether the Hobbit will be done by November with all of these departures.

The right question would be How many machines JJP can ship out when The Hobbit 3 movie releases in theater?

*) Me as an Architect can tell that the designers work is 95% in the early stages up untill the final design goes into engineering process. After that it's more a matter of monitoring. Then it's obviously not really cost efficient to keep the designer in the payroll in full... Just my 8 cents.

3 weeks later
#1288 5 years ago

Rather interesting to see where the adjustable scoop the ball directs after kicker launch....

According to the tales the Dragon can only be killed by that single shot with the dragon-arrow bla bla.. Anyway hitting the targets on the right side makes no sense. But after seeing the ball gets directed to that upper right flipper, would indicate you have ONE opportunity to hit Smaug just right to defeat him.

So the ball is hold by the outlane pin, hit left button to launch ball and perfectly time your right flipper shot right after to hit Smaug on that 'certain' spot. Right?


#1339 5 years ago

Made an integration with the playfield drawing and the released art. Looks promising


3 months later
#1493 5 years ago
Quoted from zr11990:

The Hobbit= TH

TH = Too Heavy

#1770 5 years ago

May I give the reminder Jack mentioned not long ago to "start building several machines in September to test and play the hell out of those" in order to get all problems solved.

- Just wondering how that plan has evolved by now...?

#1777 5 years ago

Any news on The Hobbit from Jacks visit @ Freddy's in Germany?

#1785 5 years ago

Can someone confirm what production rate (pieces a week) there is to be expected on the Hobbit?

#1904 5 years ago

And the good news is.... Less than 20 days till expo!

#2070 5 years ago

May I remind everyone that Jack already has changed his pre-order/info release system on JJP#3 !

INFO RELEASE: The only thing which has been announced so far is the fact Pat is working for/with JJP now. No theme has been released and or other information. Jack has mentioned before that "Pat's game was not far behind of the Hobbit". That would indicate there is (lots of) info to release, but Jack just keeps info under the hood...

The same goes for the pre-payment plan. It seems he has changed the way of pre-ordering too. Due to the fact Pat is going strong (a whitewood has been mentioned) means Jack COULD have opened pre-orders already, but he just didn't. And for good reason; If Pat's game is as good as some of us hope it is, it could "eat" some of the Hobbit sales. So, no JJP#3 info is to be expected a reasonable amount of time after the release of the Hobbit.

1 week later
#2114 5 years ago

May I remind everyone it's even less then 10 days until Expo ...

#2116 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I keeps getting more confusing.......what 'standard features' will The Hobbit have....how many version will there be?
Info on the sites of distributors has not much consistency. There even will be a standard version?

From what I collected from internet sources the LE will have:
- No topper
- Wooden apron with map
- Cabinet and backbox decals
- Invisiglass
- Shaker
- Powdercoated legs and siderails
Kind of weird we have to wait till the expo for any confirmations....

The Hobbit LE.jpg 42 KB

The Hobbit standard.jpg 40 KB

Probably some distributors making some setups up by themselves... As far as I know so far the standard version hasn't been announced officially.

#2170 5 years ago

Can someone please call Jack to send us an non-blurry version of this picture....

#2196 5 years ago
Quoted from seeker939:

Sorry to disappoint but it will go to Germany.

To whom in Germany?

4 weeks later
#2212 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

ยป YouTube video

Did anyone else see the pin too?!?

1 week later
#2257 5 years ago

That very much looks like a Smaug Edition...

1 month later
#3795 5 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

The drop target banks in hobbit are new technology.

How the heck is that "new technology"?? explain how they are so different than for example the target banks from a twenty years old IJ...

#3797 5 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Smog will have teeth and will interact with the ball.

So far Smaug has no teeth ... But that could still change before April.

But the 2nd point should be your concern -> initially Smaug "would interact with the ball multiple ways". In the end Smaug interacts with the ball in ZERO ways!! It just flaps it's jaw from time to time.

#3798 5 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Each drop target is individually controllable up and down. Never been done before.

IJ has also a single controllable drop down target near the captive ball. Repeating that about 30 times is not new technology. Am I wrong?

#3964 5 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

But now it's about dvd release dates?

Is such thing confirmed?

#3966 5 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

They were never contractually obligated, that was just assumed by pinsiders.

That's not true... I have heard Jack mentioning the contract thing several times!

#3996 5 years ago
Quoted from ls1chris:

yup me too.
any idea what the two magnets under the ramps would be used for? up at the top of the pf under the ramps seems an unusual place to put magnets.

How about stop a loop run and drop the ball in the bumper area or subway....

#4032 4 years ago

The complete "Bag End area / toy" seems vaporized... Correct?

#4075 4 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I asked about TH and was told they are shooting for production to begin towards the end of March. They said they would make 4-5 in early March and then begin full production a few weeks later. They are capable of making 10-12 pins a day right now.

A first that sounds like music to our ears, but after the thought that it came from the JJP camp it turned quite quickly into: "Hmm... it's to be seen how much of such a promise still stands by the time it's the end of March...".

#4101 4 years ago

The attention on the barrels is completely overruled by the floating book, which does not seem to match there artwork-wise. The lcd could have made the promised 'interactive apron'!

I wondered also why the not so elegant VUK wireform isn't covered by a pillar decoration piece...

#4190 4 years ago

Smaug looks great! Greenish pillars too! Can't wait to see the final version of the machine.

1 week later
#4423 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-Pat:

This would be great to see! The lack of updates on pat's game makes me feel like they may be lining up some "home-run" level news after the hobbit.

Plus don't forget you don't the anticipation of your future product to cannibalize the sales of your current product. The Hobbit has dug a deep hole in JJP's wallet and Jack wants to maximize current sales for sure. Keeping the doors of the kitchen closed to line up to home run level after the hobbit is the latter IMO.

1 week later
#4438 4 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Should start shipping in April

Any real confirmation on that?

#4469 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

It is all in the name. Prototype, pre production model.......Let's just hope that the game will ship soon. The other discussions are getting old.

Are you in for a bet pinballrulez? I have a strong feeling I will have my TBL earlier than you your TH...

#4513 4 years ago

Unfortunately Jack "promised" a lot more along the way regarding the hobbit besides contractual obligated start delivery dates. These weren't met too...

2 months later
#6115 4 years ago

Just put your spot in the marketplace since there are definitely peeps who are willing to take over your spot for the pre-order price.

#6137 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Sad. Good leaders usually take responsibility at the top for failures like this and PRIVATELY address things like firing people.... We've heard the blame game on suppliers before though...

There's some classic Jack! . HIS observations are similar to someone who's simply been a distributor for a living thinking they can suddenly become a manufacturer..... People in glass houses....

The old JJP Maxim:
"We can either keep our promises OR you can have a Quality game. You can't get both. Choose!"

Glad I went off board... The more I read the less I like Jacks attitude!

#6297 4 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

And so it begins
Looking forward to getting this pin! I do like the look of the back glass, and the attract mode 3D style scrolling looks very cool.

And we all saw: "Thank you Jean-Paul!!"

- He did an awesome job on The Hobbit!

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