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Hobbit Update

By B9

5 years ago

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#6567 4 years ago

Since Woz have has an audio jack at the front, has anyone recorded the soudn coming out of The Hobbit for they gameplay video?
I am all about sound, but all the videos i have seen are at the expo, so the sound is downed out.

2 weeks later
#7056 4 years ago

What time is Jacks talk? How many hours from now?

5 months later
#8985 3 years ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

It's pretty close to the Stern NIB LE prices.

And has invisi glass
A better sound system (sterns sub in LEs is so basic and weak)
And and LCD with colour (plus 400 if you want one in your stern 2 years from now from a 3rd party company)
And a shaker motor
And headphone jack at front
And a knocker!
And a free topper (woz, but not hobbit)

The Hobbit is bloody expensive. But in Australia the JJP distributor is selling them for about $500 less then the Stern distro sells NIB LEs... So thats my justification for spending all my $$$

#8987 3 years ago

I think the only reason its cheaper is because the first batch is fully paid for a year or so ago.
Since then the USD is 15% or so more powerful not against the AUD.
Sterns go up every game to reflect that. TWD LE was 10,500 here I think when it came out. GOT LE is 12,350.....Premium is $10,650...

#9025 3 years ago

Removed 10mins ago with 2 votes. What was it!

#9028 3 years ago

Well Jack said it was 85% complete about a month ago

there are 31 mode
3 mini wizads
3 wizards
and 1 super wizard mode i think
A lot to code

I am guessing it will be close to complete with an insane amount of updates to tighten the code to come.

#9056 3 years ago

Is JJP back to work yet or still on break?

#9075 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNavidad:

From all the updates we've seen (cabinets, red Smaugs, etc.), my sense is that the LEs will be built before the SEs. Any thoughts?
Either way, I'm getting pumped for what looks to be an epic pin!

Considering the ones that will ship first are to show off/tests units then it would have to be the LE considering they haven't sold all of them. SE are all allocated I think.

During production I'm guessing they can swap from 1 to another pretty quick since there isn't a massive difference.

#9087 3 years ago
Quoted from xbloodgreenx:

I posted this on the other thread, but probably more eyes here.
Just before Xmas I put in a pre-order for the LE on the JJP website. Jen emailed me right away and said that based on current timetables I would be looking to get my game around May/June, but that could change...
I don't mind the wait right now, but I can always get my deposit back if I choose, and I don't have to pay the rest until my particular game is ready to ship.

I re-watched one of the expo talks last night.
Jack said back in July that they had sold about 1500 units.
Don't think they can make 1500 pins + all orders since then and deliver it all in 5 months.

#9091 3 years ago

I think the wait starts getting hard when others get it way before you. See the MMr thread.

1 week later
#9178 3 years ago

I just pray to the pinball gods that software is complete when it ships.
All modes, music, callouts etc.

#9239 3 years ago
Quoted from mattenno:

If I put my order in now, how long will it take to get my game?

Asked every week. No one knows. Better estimates once they start shipping and we can see how many they can pump out. JJP estimating around 4 months from now but seems impossible for them to make that many within that time period considering Jake said he had orders for 1500 units about 6 months ago..

Only thing that makes it a little asier waiting for it is knowing Keith is coding it. (also the sound package is also really exciting)

1 month later
#9379 3 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

I remember saying that I hoped they took advantage (in some way) of the u-turn effect a FT-like ramp can produce. Looks like they really did. Having to worry about it whipping the ball right back at you when you make a clean shot = pretty awesome.
I'm still waiting to see one set up with a steeper pitch... I mean just to see it at this point. Every vid I've seen has it set at that slow lazy tabletop angle.
Pretty impressive ad for the game.

This video is probably the steepest

#9386 3 years ago

So has anyone got their hobbit shipped yet for home use? Or is it just dealers and people that own barcades?

#9392 3 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Oh, forgot to mention that my son hit the mystery shot and the reward was an instant Smaug multi ball.

Did he have any balls locked already or was it all from nothing?

Edit : mirror blades look good! Nothing sexier than its own reflection

#9398 3 years ago

See subway in pic


#9434 3 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

The Twitch stream of a Hobbit about 2 hours ago said otherwise (compared to a lot of the reports). It looked like it was playing very quickly, and the slingshots looked absolutely nuclear ... pf was raked at a considerable angle by the look of it too. It really did look VERY fast.


#9508 3 years ago

I don't get it. No one has said 'the weak flippers are awesome'
So why is JJP shipping machines with the default flipper strength so low?
The first machines they ship all went to arcades etc. So thousands of people getting their impression on the the game with those settings. So.... Why?
It doesn't make business sense.

As someone that wants nothing more than JJP to succeed it's frustrating

#9533 3 years ago

Yeah there are about 3 keyfobs.

I got to play it today and it was great. Was getting a little nervous with all of the gameplay videos i saw but you really have to play it to know what its like.

Took lots of pictures but I don't think much that hasn't been posted already. I've hosted them on IMGUR so you can see them in full quality.


Click on the pics for full quality

1. The ball divertor for the mode start/winlance area
2. hidden LED to flash on smaugs face
3 and 4. Current game settings.
5. Hidden LED again (why did i upload it twice, haha)
6. the metal bracket for the ramps
7. start button is flush, no accidental presses. There is no LED in there though i think??? can anyone confirm
8. That powdercoating....

#9539 3 years ago

Is that the correct order to put them in? Woz, LOTR, TH?

Should be Woz, TH, LOTR

that way the 2 JJPS are together, and the 2 x Tolkin pins are also together!

2 weeks later
#9549 3 years ago

Yeah kinda weird.
But repro decals here are $300 here. You need to pay a professional $1000 to strip the sides and apply them properly.
So i guess its a good way to protect the decals long term.

#9562 3 years ago
Quoted from B9:

Here's another video of the Hobbit update v1.01 in action
» YouTube video

That was awesome viewing!

1. What's up with your spider? Seems to go up and down a little.
2. That extra ball animation! Amazing
3. Gollums riddle mode. So good

#9564 3 years ago

Good luck! And keep the videos coming

How are you mounting the camera?. Can almost see what's on the screen. Just a tiny bit over exposed.

#9567 3 years ago

He also got beast frenzy which us 2 ball multiball. Feast frenzy not programmed in. Neither are the arkenstone modes so it's missing at least 4 multiballs. I think one of the modes was a 2 ball multiball as well?

#9579 3 years ago

When the machine turns on its displayed in small white text while Linux is loading. Hard to see.

Don't think there are new smaug call outs yet. And still no progression through to the arkenstone modes yet.
I think it's going to take a while to get everything in there.

#9591 3 years ago

Which is the mode that when you hit the right ramp the ball will divert and drain down the left outlane?
What are you meant to do in that mode?

#9593 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

It seems quite a few of the modes do this, not sure I really see the purpose other than a quick pause to let you gather for what needs done after.

All modes do this. What i was talking about it (unless its a bug)
There is an actual mode, during the play you shoot the right ramp - it diverts the ball into the left outlane and the post does NOT come up. So the ball is over, a punishment for shooting that ramp

#9595 3 years ago

Its here

at 13 mins 50 seconds

Actually watching it again, i am guessing you have to hit the fire button as soon as the ball drops in? seems like a high risk shot!

#9609 3 years ago

Thanks B9,
Was waiting for some more videos

Last video is set to private.

#9615 3 years ago
Quoted from B9:

sorry about that
Should be all set now

Great video. Can't believe you saved the ball when the gollum save was like 1 pixel wide. On the last ball it happened again and it was back to being really big. Is the length of the 'save area' dependent on how long your ball time has been perhaps? Doesn't seem to follow TOTO rules.

You got though a nice amount of modes there! You got 2 x Spider modes in a row and he wouldn't pop up!

#9632 3 years ago

Notes on the video explain the audio issues. It's a feed from the headphone jack

#9639 3 years ago


#9701 3 years ago

Think the opposite to you.

Layout is quite akward compared to other pins, but will work due to awesome code.

The sounds related to shots. Pretty sure what you are referring to is a switch frenzy mode. So it's meant to sound like that.

Jackpot call outs are still being interrupted which I hope is addressed with a code update.

#9720 3 years ago
Quoted from visi0n:

Thanks! That changes things a bit for someone wanting to try to do an apron LCD mod like has been done alot on WoZ. Good info!

WoZ apron mod is pretty much dead due to the new version of linux they are using, messed up the 2nd screen resolution

#9722 3 years ago

Yep. He has been awesome. He tried a special delta update. It changed the resolution but not to the correct one. Can't expect him to do anything as it's all 3rd party and he has a lot of work to do! However I will leave it installed just in case

#9724 3 years ago

Well the Apron on TH is nicer than the one I have on WOZ. There are also 2 screens with important information so not sure if its worth doing it for TH. Unless you have 2 of them in there you are still going to have to look up to get info.

3 weeks later
#9733 3 years ago
Quoted from B9:

v1.10 video
-Youtube is currently rotating the video
» YouTube video

Wow. Big differences. The game already seems a lot more epic just from the smaug call outs. More video please!

#9737 3 years ago
Quoted from B9:

This is interesting

That stuff is automated.
I guess 2 Steps from Hell music is clear enough for YouTube to pick it up With the ball getting stuck behind the beast mech I the sound was clear for a long time.

Not sure if you are do anything about that.

#9743 3 years ago

Here is your upper flipper use right here.


#9750 3 years ago
Quoted from B9:

Just had a great game

Film it?

1 week later
#9791 3 years ago

I think I found a software bug from your video B9

Right near the end you delay the lock. Then your ball drains. On the new ball you start your mode, but the lock is gone. at 15 mins 15 seconds.

2 weeks later
#9804 3 years ago

Jack said they are making 12~15 Hobbit per day atm.
And 500 made so far

#9805 3 years ago

Also. In the David theil talk, he mentions during multiball there are 24 things smaug can day before you hear something again (including jackpot callouts) . How many is in there in 1.20?

#9808 3 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

WoZ raised the bar to a new level, this will set a world record high mark no doubt in my mind. I'm glad I'm in on this one.


1 month later
#9837 3 years ago

Jack said they are pumping out 15 a day.

Pretty sure that's 5 days a week. 75 a week. 300 a month I guess. Not bad, hope it brings forward jjp3

2 months later
#9972 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Just loaded 1.90 and I'm getting some unattended jet bumper action randomly while playing. Anyone else seeing this with 1.90?

Your rubber next to the jets is breaking
splits down the sides which makes the switch hit
hit that switch and all 3 x pops go off. change rubber or Rotate it around.

3 weeks later
#10030 3 years ago

10000 posts

Guessing 27 deleted posts

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