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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#8387 4 years ago

As a complete outsider observing in. The gold looks amazing and the smaug edition looks stellar! Can't wait to see what keefer does with this one.

6 months later
#9389 3 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

It didn't play floaty to me today - seemed about right. I didn't feel like the ball was rocketing back to me, nor did I feel like I was waiting on the ball to roll down the playfield. In fact if I did get a brief delay it gave me a check to glance at the book for instruction - or take a quick look up at the LCD monitor to check mode progress.
Felt real nice guys, real nice.

This is how I felt after playing it a couple weeks ago.

#9397 3 years ago

Jack mentions a tunnel in the ign unboxing video. I did not notice this when I played hobbit. Whenever the ball went in a hole, it came back out the same hole. Anyone know more about this?

#9402 3 years ago
Quoted from brucipher:

There is a magnet near the top of the orbit which can catch the ball, then drop it into the subway. The subway has two paths (to either of the VUKs), and according to the feature sheet the subway path will be player controllable.

Wow. Sounds bitchin! Must not be coded yet? I really hope we see some significant code updates pile in soon on this game.

#9462 3 years ago
Quoted from hooch333:

Played Hobbit for the first time today at Flippers. First game I got GC!!.....This gameplay really surprised me.....not floaty at all......fast and fun......just wish I had a clue what I was supposed to do!


Nice score! Don't think I've personally seen anyone break a mil yet.

#9475 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

You just summed up every single pinball machine ever made. I could make Tron sound boring the same way (I love Tron!).
Shoot the lit shot.
Keep the ball in play.
Don't chase the mode points, just get through them. Play long enough and you get to SOS, the boring mini wizard mode where you have to do all the same stuff over again if you missed.
Finally if you get the wizard mode by keeping it play long enough, you have to do all the same stuff over again (ho hum). And all accompanied from sounds of the movie (which wasn't that great).
So I disagree, because I found the modes to be a lot of fun in TH. Any game can be described boring.

The modes are fun. But, the left ramp doesn't seem to play a big role in the game. And the best strategy and easiest way to play the game now is as described, lock balls + hit pop ups. JJP needs to find a way to mesh all the rules together well.

A lot of call outs and sounds are needed too. Hit the captive ball and nothing happens. Left ramp has very little meaning to the code. And what's going on with the map to eredor? I know the spinners increase progress, so I'm sure there's something fun and lucrative going on there.

Overall, I'm sure Keefer and the crew have a lot of plans and ideas but the fact that the code is still beta after all these years should be a concern.

#9476 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Hobbit is a very impressive machine all around. The LCD, the art, sounds, lights, etc. are pretty much unparalleled. I really think it is an engineering marvel and technically superior to anything else out there not named P3. The game is lacking however in it's intuitiveness. I play a lot of pinball but find myself lost in trying to play it. Basically I try to roll over the lock shots and start multiball and hit the pop up targets which eventually start another multiball. I don't really understand how you control which modes are started or how anything stacks. When a mode starts I check out the screen for what I'm supposed to hit but beyond that I'm lost.... I feel like with a bunch more plays or if I owned the game at home I could start figuring this stuff out but for someone just coming in off the street the game's rule-set has such a huge learning curve. I think the large display is great for spectators but it's a hindrance when your playing. DMD's are nice because I can glance up and I know exactly where to look to find the info I need. On a big LCD I have to train myself to look at different areas to find what I'm looking for. If I want to see what the lockdown button is currently active for I have to know to look towards a certain section on the screen. For modes you have to look at a big map area. It's also tough to see what your shots score because that info isn't really in your periphery while you're playing.-it's too high on the screen. I'm sure with more plays I could train myself to get used to these differences and figure out the game but I feel like you need to play it a bunch to really know what your doing. I'm looking forward to playing it more and I'm sure for home buyers this stuff won't be an issue but in the dozen or so plays I've put on it so far I don't really have a positive feeling on the gameplay and software side of things. Hoping this changes with time!

All good points. If you want to know what to shoot in a mode, look at bilbos book. Clear as day (ie shoot pops, shoot spider, shoot left ramp, etc...). Great game, but yea, the overall rules seem scattered and missing the Keefer synergy.

#9516 3 years ago

For the code is lacking guys; yes, it's still beta code and that's a concern. But listen to 4:07:00 - 4:11:00 and tell me Keith doesn't have some bitchin code already in place and/or in the works. Then continue watching Keith play past 4:11:00 and light it up as well as explain some rules on the way.

#9532 3 years ago

Beautiful game. Thanks for sharing.

Has anyone heard any news about a code update to push this bad boy past beta code?

2 weeks later
#9570 3 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Thanks for the video. Are all your games that long? LOL, playing a game of Hobbit and LOTR back to back will take an hour! Regardless, still looking forward to mine. I only watched the first 9 minutes or so and in that time you had Smaug MB a couple of times and looked to be working on a third. Any other MBs you come across?

The first 9 minutes kinda sucked. The rest was great!

#9571 3 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

He also got beast frenzy which us 2 ball multiball. Feast frenzy not programmed in. Neither are the arkenstone modes so it's missing at least 4 multiballs. I think one of the modes was a 2 ball multiball as well?

There's a Feast Frenzy mode slated to be in the game?

#9574 3 years ago

Looks cool! But is it weird that a lot of sounds, animations, call outs, and maybe even rules aren't in the game despite being completed?

#9631 3 years ago
Quoted from metahugh:

I put about an hour's worth of gameplay up here:
» YouTube video
The last game starting at the 46:30 mark is the best, the rest is typical play from me

Thanks for sharing video! Is it me or is the sound messed up?

#9633 3 years ago

cool; i always forget how to read after work

#9645 3 years ago

Question for home owners and/or hobbit players who are quite intimate with the code, more specifically the modes. And this may be a question for the JJP owners group, and forgive me if this is already in place with the latest update, but...

Do you think they will or there is a way to tie the modes altogether so you can have them running concurrently? For example, have the ability to start a Gandalf mode then a dwarf mode then an elf mode and have some stacking abilities? Or are they intended to be played in a linear fashion?

#9648 3 years ago
Quoted from Troz:

Keith has stated the modes cannot be stacked on top of each other.

Dang, so 30+ modes of linear progression? That's worse than Star Trek. Not complaining, STLE is one of my favorites, but Hopefully it all meshes together well.

#9655 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I thought I heard you will have control over what mode to start. Personally I think stacking modes at a certain point takes away from the game and makes everything seem like a mess.

When I was thinking of stacking, I was thinking of it as a Gandalf mode (shooting vuks or orbits) with a dwarf mode (shooting drops).

You get to control the modes you play in STLE and have decisions on when to play certain modes for the most advantageous position. I love STLE a lot but the problem I have with this style of code is the linear and marathon-like progression to other modes (kobayashi, enterprise amok, 5 yr mission). And there's 18 modes in STLE which is nearly half what hobbit will have.

That said, looking at the hobbits game map again, it looks like opening up 'the good stuff' and getting the board lit will not be dependent of these 30+ modes but rather one mode with a stack of other features in the game. So this takes away from the linear progression and adds BREADTH which STLE is sorely missing.

So I think what's really missing at this point is the other features and multi balls, etc....

Keith is one of my favorite programmers cause of his madman genius abilities to pull this kind of stuff off, can't wait to see it all come together.

#9698 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I'm sure this has been covered somewhere, but when you say linear, how are the modes selected? Is it completely linear like always starting with the same mode and progressing through to the end? Or are you able to select modes somehow? Or is it random?

When you hit the left ramp you can cycle through the available modes until the ball returns.

#9699 3 years ago
Quoted from B9:

» YouTube video
Looking good
What do you use to capture the video ?

I didn't watch the whole video yet, but wow! This is the best video and representation of hobbit I've seen yet. Well done! Is this Hugh's setup? May I ask what pitch you have the game at? And it looked like you may have changed the difficulty to light lock, no? I'll watch the rest tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

#9704 3 years ago
Quoted from metahugh:

Thanks!! I'm glad to hear it looks and sounds good. Someone on YouTube commented that the audio levels were a little low, does it sound good to you? I have been lowering the levels of the mic and I raised the level of the game's output to the highest level.
I have my pitch set at 7 degrees and I did change the lock setting. The default is 3, I have it set at 4. It can be configured between 1 and 6 with one being the easiest and 6 being the hardest. I felt that with the default setting it was too easy to start Smaug multiball but technically if you pay attention you can skip locks by pressing the ring button. I haven't tried any of the other settings.

I agree, the audio really pulls it together and is altogether a different pinball experience than any other game I have ever owned. I find myself getting distracted by the videos on the backbox quite often. I still haven't seen the movies so I think the little video clips are a distraction to me right now. Not a bad thing though!!
I tested taking my videos with and without the direct input from the headphone jack this morning and having it connected definitely helps with the clarity of the audio in my videos. Someday when I'm not streaming or recording I would like to try out a pair of headphones for an extended length of time. I love the use of stereo in this game! I tried headphones once when I first setup the game and with the headphones it will switch from the left to right channel often. It of course does that with the backbox speakers but the effect is much more pronounced with the headphones on. Maybe I will pickup a splitter and see how that works, hopefully it doesn't introduce any noise into my recording setup.
I just played another hour or so and it is uploading now:
» YouTube video

Yea, the audio levels were a little low.

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