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Hobbit Update

By B9

7 years ago

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#1266 7 years ago
Quoted from jrush2112:

I would not give jjp 2 (two) cents . how much bull shit can people take !!! You will get hobbit in like 2016 .

You're absolutely right. I probably will get my machine in 2016. And I don't care. Because it will still be better than all the machines you presently have. Good things come to those who wait!

#1298 7 years ago

Hallmark holidays don't count.

#1352 7 years ago
Quoted from PinPeet:

This is Bag End. Will look great on the top right

matamata-45-hobbiton-bag-end.jpg 448 KB

Especially if the ball could roll in the front door for a ball lock!

#1365 7 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Its a shotters game for sure. Think new innovations mixed with a crazy rule set. It going to tell a story and you will get pulled it. Percition will be key!

Uh-oh...somebody's been hitting the sauce again...

1 month later
#1399 6 years ago

Only problem with putting the poster on the playfield is that the name of the game is The Hobbit.

And that ain't no hobbit in the photo.

#1416 6 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

No. I am hoping for reports and some pictures. Please.
LTG : )™

And I'm hoping for a cheese pump at the JJP factory this time. Doubt that's gonna happen.

My wife and I actually considered a drive from Jersey to Minneapolis because of that cheese pump.

#1427 6 years ago
Quoted from HighNoon:

He does...the balls come out of his mouth.

There's a joke there, but I'll leave it.

#1434 6 years ago

I'd hang in there - it's gonna be awesome. Why? Because if it's not, JJP might be in trouble. That'll push you to put out a great game!

#1442 6 years ago

I think JJP is right on the schedule Jack had set in his mind all along. Even though he was doing the PR thing and saying they'd all be out in 90 days (back in January!), I think he was targeting August for getting the rest of the LEs out. He's got between 50 and 86 left (depending on who you believe), which puts him on schedule to start doing the Ruby Reds in August...exactly when he said they'd start shipping. I don't think there were many RRs ordered, so they should be able to crank those out and be right on schedule with Hobbit in December. When I talked to them a few months ago, when all their vendors were getting them the parts, they were able to do 15 (or slightly more) machines a day. Apparently, unreliable vendors were a big part of the delays on WOZ, so hopefully they'll iron that out for Hobbit.

#1451 6 years ago
Quoted from jadziedzic:

So are you saying that Jack deliberately "mis-spoke" when throwing out that 90 day-ish figure?

That's a nice way of putting it. Or just wishful thinking. He is an optimistic guy, after all.

#1459 6 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

If there's such a thing as beating a dead horse in the world of jokes, jokes involving balls and mouths in pinball would definitely qualify.

That's why I left it!

1 month later
#1485 6 years ago
Quoted from gearheaddropping:

Stern has shown its hand with TWD. I need to see JJP's now for TH. I have to assume that TH is "in the bag" by now, so just show us the game.


1 week later
#1632 6 years ago
Quoted from CraZ4Pin:

And where are Panzerfreak, Spfxted, Beelzeboob, Gravitard, Txstargazer3, DaveH, etc. ? I'm curious what their opinions are on these?

Beelzeboob is working his ass off to pay for his pins. I'm glad you're independently well-off. So...my opinion since you asked, and since I've always been honest with myself and others:

I'm with the others. First two, great. Last two, not so much. But I fully accept Matt's and Jack's explanation, and I'm still getting a Hobbit...even if Smaug looks as much like a dragon as Toto looked like a dog. (I still say that's a squirrel.)

It's gotta be a bitch doing stuff under the watchful gaze of Warner Brothers. Keep up the great work, Matt!

#1646 6 years ago

Wow...this is going to be an awesome game, and people are focusing in on two faces.

Let's pick apart TWD like this - you'd think by the way people talk that it shits roses, but nobody's played that game yet, either.

I still think JJP needs to stop with the piecemeal updates and just release the whole machine like Stern does. Look at the whole package rather than just one square inch at a time.

#1676 6 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Whatever people's opinions on these, how come Stern release an $8k WD pin with the cheapest, awful pop bumper caps and no one says a thing? I detest those pop bumper caps with the led's poking out. Doesn't stop me buying games as they can be modded but a free pass for those?

Good call. I'm glad somebody mentioned the cheap crap Stern uses on their games. JJP had the first bumpers I'd seen that were sculpted, but everyone just takes that for granted now.

The Hobbit Troll, CraZ, is welcome to come to my house and play mine when he realizes how great the game is and can't buy one anymore. I'll even hand him some Kleenex.

#1683 6 years ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Just to justify my math:
1.5 x 1.5 x .75 = 1.6875
2.25 x 2 x 2 = 9
9 / 1.6875 = 5.33333

Uh...I wouldn't F with The Keef when it comes to math. Alex, either, for that matter...

#1692 6 years ago
Quoted from krupa:

Yep. We can't have a proper JJP thread without some Stern bashing.

Didn't mean to bash Stern, and I apologize that it came across that way. I love their machines, and will buy the next one they put out whose theme and gameplay I like. I was simply drawing comparison between the cheap bumper caps vs. the sculpted ones JJP uses. Not a fanboy thing at all - I love pinball...especially when it's done right!

#1756 6 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

You've got that right. I don't have to like a person, to do my best to help them with their game.
LTG : )™

Quoted from Pinchroma:

As much as I think his comments are trite, condisending and down right rude some of the time I still would help him with his game because he is a customer and that's our job and we strive to provide the absolute best customer experience.

Neither one of these guys likes me very much, but they've talked me through stuff on the phone and always helped me when I had a problem. Alex goes so far as to leave JJP open houses when he knows I'm coming, and Lloyd moved to Minnesota to get away from me.

Top notch, professional support.

#1757 6 years ago
Quoted from CraZ4Pin:

It's spelled "con-de-scend-ing" Alex.

And apparently, you're very good at it, Tim.

(Love the new emoticons!)

1 week later
#2031 6 years ago
Quoted from CraZ4Pin:

All this secrecy and hints of something miraculous about to be revealed. I hope Hobbit can live up to all of this hype. We've seen the playfield design and art. We've seen the cabinet design/art. We've seen the pop-up toys. We've heard that Smaug will interact with the ball in 2 different ways. We've even heard about a 5" lcd rumored to be on the playfield. Now, granted we have not been shown all of these things put together in a single game for some reason ... but what other things could be revealed that will really blow people's minds? I'm sure the game will look and sound nice all put together ... but with all the secrecy it sure seems like there must be some really big surprise coming.
Maybe some incredibly detailed Smaug toy? Possibly (but I suspect some will say they love Smaug and some will say it's just okay.) So is there some other incredible toy on the pf that we just haven't heard a thing about? Possibly. Is it some incredible new light show on the pf? Given the far fewer inserts I wouldn't think so but maybe. Could there be some awesome topper on the game and be interactive? I doubt it personally but maybe.
So what do folks think is going to be the real WOW surprise for them when the game is revealed? The ruleset? A detailed Smaug? A 5" lcd toy on the pf? The game screen on the main LCD?

Congrats on one of the first rational-sounding posts from you in a while. To answer your question, I just think it's going to be the whole package that's a WOW, and people will soon forget about how they nitpicked the little crap along the way. It's the code for this machine that's really exciting to me, though.

1 week later
#2117 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I keeps getting more confusing.......what 'standard features' will The Hobbit have....how many version will there be?
Info on the sites of distributors has not much consistency. There even will be a standard version?

From what I collected from internet sources the LE will have:
- No topper
- Wooden apron with map
- Cabinet and backbox decals
- Invisiglass
- Shaker
- Powdercoated legs and siderails
Kind of weird we have to wait till the expo for any confirmations....

The Hobbit standard.jpg 40 KB

9k for the LE and 8k for the standard??? Where'd you get THAT from?

1 month later
#2261 6 years ago

That also looks like a lit button on the lockdown bar just next to his watch. The armor doesn't look very...uh...*gold* in the pics. Hopefully it looks better in person. Lorenzo? Any thoughts?

#2263 6 years ago

My point was that it didn't have the metallic finish like the RR75 has. But now that I look at the picture again, I see that the RR75 next to it doesn't show that, either. So it's gotta just be bad lighting.

#2486 6 years ago

Today, I am proud to call myself a JJP Fanboy.

PS - I'm still waiting for CraZ4Pin to stop crying and chime in. Sorry you cancelled your order yet, Tim?

#2643 6 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Today, I am proud to call myself a JJP Fanboy.
PS - I'm still waiting for CraZ4Pin to stop crying and chime in. Sorry you cancelled your order yet, Tim?

Well, I called it earlier today, and it happened. I just didn't realize he'd have to create a new account to do it. Welcome back!

#2835 6 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

I already emailed Jack asking if there is anyway I can get the prototype artwork, although upon close inspection it looks like there are subtle differences in the inserts and one of the roll overs by the pop bumpers so probably a no go.
The new art is definitely more "WOZlike" in that its much more colorful and vibrant, which I like, I just don't like the redundant giant dragon taking up the whole center playfield. But other people didn't like the small dragon, so I guess I am the minority.

I'm going to put my head on the chopping block and back up what DarkWizard said. (Cue James Taylor singing "You've Got A Friend".) I'm also a fan of the original playfield. It looked like a piece of art. The new one looks like they took the old one and just plopped a big ole' dragon in the middle. Yes, I know there are other changes, and those are fine. I just really loved the image of the dragon hovering over the mountain. I also like the red Smaug better. So, in short: Since I now have the side art of the SE staring me in the face from the playfield, I'm going to avoid all the redundancy (and the gold dragon) and stick with my LE.

Thanks for snapping me back to reality, DarkWizard!!!

#2838 6 years ago

Yeah...but I think the bronze integrates into the color scheme of the rest of the machine better. In the same way that I thought there was too much red in the ruby red WOZ, I think there's just too much gold in the Smaug edition.

#2960 6 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

Hard to believe JJP did not bring the Hobbit to Free Play Florida this weekend. The show this weekend is literally 2 minutes from IAAPA too. Hundreds of games, great show, thousands of people and no Hobbit or WOZ for that matter. Guess I'll go back into the show, play some TWD and talk to Gary.

#3081 6 years ago

Hazoff...we've agreed on many things in the past, so I really do say this with all due respect. But I think you're wrong in brushing off all the old games in favor of new ones. The new games have all the bling, but in terms of gameplay, they simply don't hold up. It's like comparing new video games to some of the old Mario games--those classics may not look as pretty, but they're fun and addictive as hell. The wonderful thing about this moment in pinball is that we're privileged enough to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Now, then: Any updates on The Hobbit?

#3227 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Except you are running out of time to get the SE. Won't be sold past the end of the month. Whatever is on order is what gets made.

The end of WHAT month? I thought it was the end of December...

#3283 6 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

On a wholly unrelated note, I am incredulous how immature and obtuse some people can be.

That wasn't unrelated at all.

2 weeks later
#3319 6 years ago

Talked to Jack and his lovely wife tonight and got to finally see the game...even met Gabe (who makes me very jealous because his name is on WOZ and he seems to see and hear all when it comes to JJP!). I want to congratulate Jack on a great product. This is the most exciting pin coming out in the next six months...especially since that "other" one seems to have gone belly-up today!

#3322 6 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

I had a feeling that was you lol! I had intended to give you a dead arm when I finally got a chance to meet you. I was presently surprised! The pleasure was all mine. Next time you should stay and chat. Maybe at Pintastic!

I'm a slippery little bastard--you wouldn't have gotten near my arm. I move fast...they don't call me the White Tornado for nuthin'!

Hope to see you again soon when I'm not in so much of a rush (my wife kept me at Ikea for an extended period today). If you're at ReplayFX, I'm sure I'll see you there. Pintastic is too far for me...I drove 100 miles today just to decide on the Hobbit LE instead of the SE.

Be well. I'll continue grumbling to myself whenever your name (and others) flash across my WOZ screen...

#3336 6 years ago
Quoted from jazc4:

Mind saying what made you choose the LE? I'm on the fence about the SE but not close enough to see in person.

Personal decision. I really like the colors with the dark seaside bronze...it fits the color scheme of the machine better. (I really wasn't a fan of the gold, either in pictures or in person.) I also like how colorful the LE cabinet is and that it features all of the characters from the film, not just the dragon. There's too much gold and too much dragon in the SE. It's a book, movie, and game about a Hobbit, not a dragon (who isn't even in it for very long). At the end of the day, you're also paying an additional $500 for an attract mode.

#3376 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinister:

Dont want to spoil it for ya, You have to go see it. But it is Pretty darn good. BTW anyone who says Smaug has a small part is fooling themselves. He was in every movie and the entire story is about taking the Mountain back from him. I found it entertaining that there were people stating that the SE edition had to much Smaug when he only had a 15 minute part in the movie. Dont remember who that was that said it but I have to assume you didnt see 1 of the last 2 movies. The entire story line is based on Smaug taking the mountain and then the Dwarves stealing it back.

It was me that said it. He's barely in the book, and if you look at the percentage that he's in the first two movies, it's barely anything. If he's in the third film for a long time, that's Peter "Smaug doesn't eat pinballs" Jackson's doing. The damn thing should have been dead already ten times over. I still stand by my original claim: It's called The Hobbit, not The Dragon. Too much Smaug!

#3378 6 years ago

Absolutely. Not a doubt in my mind at all. It's the better looking machine IMHO. Bring on the thumbs-downers!

#3380 6 years ago

It's the huge dragon in the middle of the playfield that put me over the edge. It's too redundant with the dragon on the SE. And the gold habitrails don't go as well with the color scheme IMO.

I LOVE dragons, believe me. And I hope they incorporate them into Game of Thrones as well when that's made. But they're a small part of that story, too, and shouldn't take up the whole machine.

#3390 6 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

Yes, and where they need more Smaug, there isn't enough.... the actual toy, how ironic!

That's Warner Brothers' fault. I'm not going to say too much, but there was a lot more that could have been done before the ideas were nixed by the studio (after a lot of $ spent on development). That's what happens when you play by the rules with licensing (unlike other companies). But it really sucks because it ties the creative hands of the developers. Even though I'm not remotely interested in JJP #3, I'm still anxious to see what they come up with when they're not creatively stifled. The Hobbit? More like The Hobble the way the studio has tried to cripple the project. (Did you see the cool animations that were nixed? Tragic...)

...and yes, I'm still getting one because it's still awesome!

#3391 6 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

I'm not sure what kool-aid the guys that think the Smaug toy is 100% wonderful and are disagreeing with me are drinking, but I want some. Especially since I am buying this machine.
I agree the talking Smaug following your ball can and will be cool, but why wouldn't you want to see more of him to give the illusion of a complete dragon if it can be done without blocking the view or interfering with anything else.... baffling.

See above. Nothing JJP can do about it.

#3418 6 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Then you will love MG and RAZA!

When they get made. Which is never.

#3489 6 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Two words... Drop Targets

Three words: Moving drop targets. Far more interesting.

#3494 6 years ago

Perhaps "dancing drop targets" would have been more appropriate.

Nice palindrome, Jeff! Nope...never mind. You changed it!

#3506 6 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

I asked Jack at automated what the 10 point switch in the bag end area was and he totally changed the subject. Said it was a surprise.
Don't forget the subway system and upper reverters are not functioning yet.

Surprise, my ass. He may have said that to other people, but Gabe sees and knows all...

#3509 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

What the hell does this mean!?!?!?

It means that I think Gabe (dannunz) is being coy about what he knows. He and Jack are pretty tight (he's even credited on WOZ!), and I'm sure he knows what's going into the game. He also knows how to keep his mouth shut.

God, I'm jealous of him.

#3527 6 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Well, crap. All this talk of switching back to LE makes me second guess my switch to SE. Sure would be nice to see this in person and decide. So, what's the deal on the wireforms...they will match with the LE but LE wireform color will still be on the SE so they will not match?

Wireforms match the armor powdercoating on both machines. That's one big reason I'm sticking with my LE...the dark bronze powdercoat looks SO much better against the playfield. I really don't know what people are seeing in the gold, but to each his own.

#3542 6 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Hey there bzb, I know bronze and I know dark, but the colour of the LE is not dark bronze. It looks somewhere between metallic black and grey.

Yeah, but they call it Seaside Bronze, so I'm stickin' to my story.

#3549 6 years ago

You'll probably get them on January 2nd.

#3570 6 years ago

I'm beginning to think that JJP isn't releasing the photo shoot pics they took a couple weeks ago until after January 1st because they want to sell as many SEs as possible first. That's the only model they've been parading around. And why not? It gets them an extra $500 per machine for pretty much nothing else but an attract mode. You'll see the LE come out and make the rounds next week since they'll have no reason to tout the SE anymore...and then you'll see why I think it looks much better than the SE!

#3580 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

I dunno randy the gold powder is pretty sweet

Wasn't a fan of the SE when I saw it at automated. Love the LE, and I feel a kinship with the goblin king since he looks like me with my shirt off.

#3594 6 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Hobbit will fit right in there. 21st century EM. Drops, drops, and more drops.

And the problem with that would be...?

I happen to like EMs.

#3598 6 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Just because a game has more than average drop targets its a EM? This game is so much more.

Yes, Gabe. It's an EM. But with wireform VUKs. And pop up bash toys. And a windlance. And a talking dragon. And an RGB LED light show and 2 LCD display screens. But besides that, it's EXACTLY like an EM. How do you not see that?

#3602 6 years ago

I can tell you that the powdercoat on each machine's rails matches the trim. Think WOZ. ECLE had green trim and rails, RR75 had red. It all matches depending on what color you choose.

That being said, the seaside bronze goes much better with the machine.

There. I have spoken.

#3614 6 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

I think he is waiting for the photo shoot pics to be received so he can have the best representation of the LE and SE.

I think he's waiting for the deadline to pass so he can show the detailed LE pics...cuz he knows it's better.

He's been touting the SE so he could sell as many as he could before 1/1. It'll be all LE from here on out.

#3623 6 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

We've seen pics of both! Go onto the website now and take a look. Do you want a badass dragon and sweet two stage gold powder with real metal flake or nut sack goblin and ugly white bad guy with the dull single stage gray?

Yep. Looks much better than the Johnny-One-Note Smaug Edition.

Aren't you glad we have a choice? Everybody wins!

#3646 6 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I stand corrected...the sparkly gold on the SE will match my sparkly green WOZLE better than the dull finish on the Hobbit LE too.

It just won't match the rest of the machine.

2 weeks later
#3794 6 years ago

Okay...no more drop targets in JJP games. Then people will say, "Where are the drop targets?"

#3820 6 years ago

There's a thin line between love and hate...it's indifference that shows you don't care about something.

I'm really shocked at how people pick apart everything JJP does. Every single item on every game has to come under scrutiny from somebody that doesn't even have money down or the slightest interest in the game. And I just don't understand it.

I have ZERO interest in Stern's new WWE machine, so I don't say a word about it. I couldn't give a shit if it's good or bad, whether it has spinners on it or drop targets, or whatever. I'm not getting one, and I'll probably not even play the damn thing.

Why do some people care so much about Hobbit when they claim they really don't care about it?

#3852 6 years ago

Yes. One thing all you egomaniacs can agree on: I still suck and have no ego of my own.

Now can't we all just get along?

#3857 6 years ago

#3894 6 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

If you read the WWE threads you will see the pick apart happens to Stern as well.

I do read the Stern threads. All they get is "where is the spinner?" and "when will the code be finished?" and "how many bash toys will Stern put out?" And then the thread is over. Nowhere near the ball busting JJP takes.

#3898 6 years ago

Nah...the initial trashing of WWE was for the stupid theme. People were expecting something a little more...uh...adult. They even said the ring up top was pretty cool.

#3905 6 years ago
Quoted from alichino:

Stern releases the game then spends 2+ years working on the code

...and never finishes it.

#3952 6 years ago

Please don't. It'll look like somebody vomited Skittles. (I love that analogy!)

#3956 6 years ago

What's vulgar about some guy firing Skittles into a girl's...

...oh...I see it now.

1 week later
#4051 6 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

It's a decal!

You call it a decal. I call it a missed opportunity. They could have done something really interesting with that area.

1 week later
#4094 6 years ago

You guys are bumming me out because I agree with all of you. I'm not selling my spot in line, but it may not spend too much time in my lineup. I think we learned a lesson from WOZ that while it wasn't a stunner initially, the awesome coding made it so after version 3.0. So I'll continue to be patient and hope for the best.

#4096 6 years ago
Quoted from DrDoom:

P.S. Sorry for my weak English

Never apologize for your English skills. Would you like us all to try our German out on you? You'll feel much better about your English!

#4169 6 years ago
Quoted from DevilsTuner:

Star Wars is in the pipe wonder who Jack has doing that.


#4230 6 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

That's bs you are forced to get a certain colour smaug and have to pay 200$ extra to change it.

Yeah...but only the people who bought the SE feel that way now.

#4243 6 years ago

Yep...I liked the feet sticking out of the second barrel. I'd actually rather have that if there's only one character.

#4256 6 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

Looks like Jack found margins on a toy filled game slim or none.Future JJP games may be no WOZ.

Ah! So you finally admit that WOZ is awesome?

#4264 6 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

For those that are worried about the game, ask yourself this. After the problems/issues/negativity Jack got from WOZ (some if not most of which we now know was due to suppliers and not directly his fault) do you think he's going to ship a game out the factory door that isn't very good? Doing so would seem to be murder for his company. He has all the incentive in the world to make this a killer game. He's been quoted tons of times saying WOZ will be the worst game they ever make. So I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here and have a feeling this is going to be a KILLER game. I've vested in it so of course this is going to be my stance, but logically it does make sense that he wouldn't just say F it and put out a turd.

I'd be shocked if this game is better than WOZ. I'm still getting it, though, because I think it looks great and I love the theme. I'm just wondering if it will have that "just one more" feel to it, or if I end up selling it pretty quickly.

#4278 6 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

I don't need to talk shit that clusterfuck at expo did it for me. Do you really think people would be happy with the book if not for the crappy piece of plasic at expo. like I have said this is no WOZ

You're a really mean person.

#4342 6 years ago

1500 I think

#4386 6 years ago

It's hard to imagine the game will stay in my collection long enough to get damaged.

#4403 6 years ago
Quoted from toyboy6:

Here's what I bought for my SE...Smaug overkill Almost 2 foot wide so should fit perfect on top.

smaug limited.jpg 58 KB

Have you opened that thing yet? Because I thought it was a great idea until I saw what the people on Amazon were saying. Supposedly it looks much smaller than you expect it to...

amazon.com link »

#4405 6 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Supposedly it looks much smaller than you expect it to...

This, incidentally, is what I say to my wife all the time.

#4410 6 years ago
Quoted from L_satan:

So, when is this game actually going to be released? Forgive the rude or countless time any of us have heard this question. I keep hearing "It's coming!", but I have a hard time believing it anymore.
Can anyone put me on the path?


#4412 6 years ago
Quoted from L_satan:

Back in 2013 I heard 2014. What I'm gathering is, no one knows. That's too bad. Hope it happens.

Well...true dat. But you actually heard December 17, 2014, when the movie was released. That's almost 2015. They're four months behind schedule, I think. My original prediction in December of an April release will still hold true.

#4414 6 years ago

Well, first of all, Warner Brothers has said that JJP can't use any of the stuff from the third film until the DVD comes out. That's a problem right there. Plus, I think they've been tweaking the game based on all the feedback since Expo, and that's created design and layout changes that required holding off on ordering parts. Now, AFAIK, everything is basically the way it will be in production, so they're waiting on all the parts to arrive so they can begin assembly.

The only unknown is that Jack has said he was holding something back from the Bag End area, and of course, we haven't seen the windlance button in action yet. Other than that, I think the game is what it is.

#4417 6 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

So shipping out in ten weeks or less. When will the last game ship that is what will make or break JJP.

Before they start shipping Pat's game.

1 week later
#4443 6 years ago
Quoted from Teo76:

....pinball is not known' when it will come' produced...but Guarnieri keeps on asking the money!!!!!......

Well, that's Italians for you...right?

#4454 6 years ago

Don't call me Shirley.

#4490 6 years ago
Quoted from ozno:

I hear production begins in April. Bag End is still better than the Shire on LOTR.

Good catch. I never actually noticed that they're both at the same level of lameness, and LOTR is still a great game. I guess it can't ALL be good - you can pick one thing on every great game that sucks.

#4519 6 years ago
Quoted from Rick432:

The actual dress IS blue and black, which is why those colors are the correct answer.
image.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

...except when it comes in white and gold.

Do people waste their time with this stuff so they don't have to think about ISIS?

#4527 6 years ago

Shh...they're building my Hobbit right now. That's why they're so busy. Don't interrupt them.

1 week later
#4568 6 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Remember when I said pinball marketing is in need of help? You work for years on a game and you have the launch party at:
Duncannon, PA (outside Harrisburg)...the media capital of the world!
This thing should be launched in NYC and have tons of media there to play. Just saying. Maybe host a screening of all 3 movies during the day at Nighthawk Cinema in Williamsburg and have the game revealed at an evening party.

To quote Rudy: "Oh boy oh boy oh boy..."

#4569 6 years ago

I just have to add one more thing here (and Joe...feel free to correct me!). The "release party" doesn't mean that it's actually being released this weekend. Just that it's imminent. Also, I'm sure Joe would like everybody to see what an awesome machine TH is, and perhaps you'd buy one from him because he's an awesome guy.

And I'm not really sure the major networks would show up at a pinball release party. Pinball is still a niche hobby, no matter what us hobbyists would like to believe otherwise.

#4579 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Kaneda, if you are within driving distance - please come...

If Kaneda looks anything like his avatar, I don't want him driving anywhere. Ever.

1 week later
#4630 6 years ago

Hmmm...let's see: $6500 for a Whoa Nellie now? Or $8000 for a Hobbit down the road?

I'm still going with TH, and don't mind waiting. I don't understand why people who don't have a preorder care when the delivery date is. I have a preorder and I don't even care. It's an f-ing toy. It'll get here when it gets here.

#4638 6 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

I'll give you one reason:
Some people are very interested in the game (me,for one) but are NOT Pre-Orderers. They are the old-fashioned-type folks that want to see/touch/play one before buying. So there's plenty of people interested in this title that aren't "in on it." They arent moving on one till they start coming off the assembly line and into the wild, hence the interest.

Fair enough. But why the criticism over when the game is being released? Why would anybody care who doesn't have a dime into it? You don't generally hear people with pre-orders whining about the game not being out yet. They care more about the quality than the release date.

#4640 6 years ago

Sorry. I just don't see it. I don't have any interest in WWE, so I don't crap on threads or Stern about it. Don't care when the LE comes out. Just. Don't. Care.

At this point, people have seen what is probably the production model. Do you like it? Great. Get one. Don't like it? Don't get one. Feel free to criticize what you didn't like about it, but STFU about when the game is going to be released because it's clearly none of your concern.

#4642 6 years ago

I ignore nobody because I'm interested in everybody's opinion...whether I agree or not. At least TH will be out very soon. Have we heard about TBL since the financial meltdown? Let's all head over to that thread and crap on them instead. Or the Predator thread for that matter.

#4649 6 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

Why exactly do you feel entitled to tell others to STFU. I, too, am interested in this game and its release. I'm not your wife, so don't tell me to STFU. The release date is critical because I have an open location where the owner is wanting this pin and doesn't want a WOZ because the theme is SO FUCKING LAME! So the release date not only impacts my income, but also my capital plans and cash flows. So what I'm saying to be clear is you should be the one STFU'ing.

You're a well-known troll, so STFU.

And I never say that to my wife. Maybe you do--if you're even married, which I doubt. Either way, your screen name fits you.

#4658 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

That's because you still have your JJP blinders on.

Oh, look who it is again! You're wrong. I cancelled my TH order once. Then ordered another one and almost changed my mind again to finance an AC/DC and/or GoT. Sounds like a fanboy, alright.

#4659 6 years ago
#4676 6 years ago

I really don't think you need the protector in a home environment. The only thing that concerns me is that VUK hole by Bag End. That puppy's gonna take a serious beating without some kind of Cliffy or something. Seems like a big design flaw.

#4739 6 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

I think you are a hard judge looks like a lot of games the last several years. 2/3 ramps a toy or two, two or three bank or drop targets posable a captive ball or kick out last right/left loop

Hold on a sec...I had to sit down. It almost sounded like EK was defending a JJP product. :explodinghead:

#4799 6 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

4 pop-ups impede flow

Well...that rules out MM for you, then. What a piece of crap that is, eh?

You know you want a Hobbit...you keep stalking all the threads.

#4860 6 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

Has anybody toured the JJP facilities lately - what's on the assembly line now? More WOZ's or are they tooling up for TH? Can't we get a Pinside "mole" in there somehow?

The Pinside Mole:

#4865 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

That is all well and good, but why are you so pissed off about the hobbit?

It doesn't have Captain Kirk on it.

#4927 6 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Besides kick ass code, the only thing Hobbit needs now is a topper!

...and a place for Bilbo to live since his house at Bag End was knocked down.

#4939 6 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

The 3rd flipper should be removed period. It has no purpose whatsoever.

Oh, but it does...

How else do you have one shot to kill Smaug with the windlance?

#4963 6 years ago
Quoted from Rick432:

I hate April 1st so much.

And February 14th, and March 17th, and December 31st, and a few others...

#5010 6 years ago
Quoted from Lotr-Hobbit:

Anyway, I would wish we could be more understanding of the viscissitudes of the whole pre-order and JJP deal.

Extra points for using "vicissitudes" in a sentence!

#5016 6 years ago

Well, then...it's an epic fail. I'm cancelling my preorder because it's too late.

#5019 6 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

But beelzeboob, you game would had had the custom Cheese Pump installed.
Too late now.
LTG : (

I swear the day I meet you, I'm gonna give you a can of Easy Cheez so you can see the shit we have to eat here in New Jersey. You won't be joking then.

#5024 6 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

You will meet him July 10th and 11th at Pintastic New England!

He'll avoid me. He's a smart guy.

#5115 6 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

over-under_yale-wolf_nothing_2_u_1000.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

So why do we all keep checking back on this thread?

#5126 6 years ago

Well...I suppose the music is nice. I'm still not seeing anything that's getting me really excited. But I'm still staying in and will judge when I have it in my house and the code is nearly complete. I'm still thinking somebody might get a really nice price on a lightly used Hobbit, though.

There goes RobT's theory that I'm a fanboy.

#5143 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

You're just faking your lack of excitement for the sole purpose of proving me wrong!

One thing you'd know if you knew me personally: I don't bullshit. I speak my mind, even if it makes me look like a loser. I tried to tell you I was fair and balanced about JJP. I loveloveLOVE WOZ, and I'm sure #3 will be a wonderful game. This one looks good, but it's depressing thinking about what the game could have been if Warner Brothers hadn't tied their hands. I still think Keith's code (and the windlance) can save it from mediocrity...and that's why I'm keeping my game. I still believe in what Jack's doing and I think they make amazing machines.

#5158 6 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

This pin is going to kick ass. I can't wait to play it May 1st in Allentown.

I can't wait to watch you play it in Allentown! I refuse to play it until it's in my house. Happy to watch, though...

#5160 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

beelzeboob....you have to play it in Allentown and let me know what you think.

Nope. I drove over an hour to see it up at Automated in Connecticut. My wife said, "Well...you came all this way. Are you gonna play it or what?" I told her the same thing.


#5161 6 years ago

BTW...I got a light-up ring shooter to mod TH out when I get it. That's how excited I was about the initial design. But as the design began to get more and more sparse, my excitement waned. (And I REALLY liked the original playfield so much better...) When I ordered, it was supposed to be a direct print cab. That's gone. Now if I want something that looks like that, I have to shell out another $400. Not gonna happen.

I can see where this is going to end up for me. I'll be trading this machine for a modded ACDC premium. So, you know, if anybody has one out there...keep an eye out on my posts if you're interested in a Hobbit. But again...the jury's still out on this game.

#5176 6 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

1. Keith did the code for LOTR but is also doing it for The Hobbit.
2. 30 modes versus compared to maybe 15 total in LOTR
3. The large LCD, HD animations and high quality sounds
4. Action button, talking Smaug, kickback, 4 pop ups, lots of drop targets.
5. Still set in the LOTR universise
6. Compared to an HUO LOTR the Hobbit is $2k-$3k more.

Plus it'll look really nice next to my LOTR.

#5203 6 years ago
Quoted from TenaciousT:

So when you push that button does it give you a free gold ring ?

I was told it rings for help so somebody can tell you what that upper right flipper does.

#5221 6 years ago

Yeah...that looks pretty cool. Okay, so maybe I'll put that ACDC on hold for a bit.

#5294 6 years ago

Why does it look like the lighting effects (especially in the GI) only work on the left side? (You can really see it when Smaug breathes fire at the start of multiball.) I wonder if there was a problem with the machine? Can't be the coding. Nice video, though!

#5358 6 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Why on Earth does everyone think 30 modes will be so awesome? 30 modes of the same handful of shots over and over again. There's only so much you can do with minimal things to shoot at. They need to completely scrap the whole upper right of the game. I know it will never happen but it should have when the game was on the drawing board and the first "the upper flipper is useless" remark went up waaaaaaaaay back at the beginning. That's been IGNORED since day one… why??? OR why not put something on the left for it to shoot at like a scoop, Troll, ramp anything?
Right now its a mess; useless flipper, some pop bumpers, a hole and an LCD book that is completely redundant (gobs of info already on giant LCD).
I know that making pinball is "HARD" but Jack had feedback from the start about these issues and IGNORED them. Adding more lights, video and sound makes a turd shinier but its still a turd.

Why is it that everybody with this picture as an avatar makes really douchey anti-JJP posts?

#5359 6 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

20 months ago.jpg (Click image to enlarge)
The upper flipper(s).
Useless then…
Useless now.

Like your posts.

And the upper flipper is used to kill Smaug. Sorry you didn't order one???

#5364 6 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

Hey knobgobbler, FYI I'm paid in full for an SE. Just disappointed how this thing is turning out.

Hey, man...it was only ONE knob, and I was in prison. What did you expect me to do?

PS - I'm not exactly doing cartwheels, but it certainly doesn't suck by any stretch of the imagination.

#5378 6 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Perhaps PACMAN is bitter over losing his money on Predator, which he lists in his gameroom, and is taking it out on Hobbit.

Ya' THINK???

#5432 6 years ago
Quoted from TenaciousT:

PBBeerguy - You should have bought 3-4 DMD games for the price of that one TH . Plus - you could have been playing them now ! It will be a long wait till Christmas !

Wow. The guy's excited about his first pin and you piss on his parade. What a buzzkill.

#5434 6 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

I don't think it's a buzzkill, but reality. 200 game a month production rate is what I've seen as the current rate, 1200 preordered games to produce (I think I saw that number somewhere in this thread). Assuming that around 1/2 the builds are standards for sale as well like they did last time for WoZ, that's only 100 LE's a month, or a year to make them all after they start. It could be May next year before the current preordered games are all done (assuming they start production this May). This particular distributor may have games up front though, so maybe it will be in May/June this year for him, so in that case it's a short wait.
Obviously if they don't build standards then they should be done before Christmas.

Doesn't matter what the wait is. The guy just pointed out negatives to somebody excited about his first pin. And yes, I'm pretty sure he'll get it sooner since he went through a distributor. Doesn't matter how many lesser games (and they probably would be lesser) he could buy with that money; he found a machine he loves. That's all that matters...and I'm sure he knows there may be a wait. It was just unnecessary.

#5542 6 years ago
Quoted from sj1000:

I don't have to help the customers of JJP but I am going to try.

We don't need your help, nor do we want it. Now, don't make me go all Jersey on you. I'm about to invite you to go do something to yourself that is physically impossible unless you have both sets of plumbing.

#5569 6 years ago

Wisdom from down under!

#5578 6 years ago
Quoted from PinChili:

I am NOT trolling but honestly, for peace of mind, can JJP please produce some photos of Hobbit parts being stockpiled (like playfields) and a production line coming together??

No. They can't. Nor do they have an obligation to do so, especially to somebody without a preorder.

I have one and I don't even give a shit.

#5616 6 years ago

...and I'll watch you.

#5623 6 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Since you were the first one watching me can i watch you after i am done..

This is starting to sound dirty.

I'm not playing the game until it's in my house. So I'll have to be happy watching you! If there's a blonde guy stalking you, you'll know it's me.

#5628 6 years ago
Quoted from pinstor12:

Good luck gentlemen, on your hobbit purchase.
When was it scheduled for production and delivery?

I think my invoice said "Whenever we damn well feel like it."

And I'm fine with that.

#5633 6 years ago

I get your frustration, but this shouldn't come as a surprise. WOZ was way overdue (you have one, so you should know!), and if you don't want somebody sitting on your cash for an unspecified period of time, you shouldn't preorder.

I do share your frustration to an extent, so I won't preorder again. But I think that model is dead now anyway thanks in small part to JJP, in larger part to DP, and mostly to Skit-B.

The other thing that makes me not too anxious is the fact that I have 5 other machines to play. (And restoring two of them now takes my mind off the wait for TH.) You have 21 other games to play...what's the rush?

#5642 6 years ago
Quoted from juanton:

All of the bitching in the world is not going to get TH to anyone any sooner. If you are tired of waiting then you should absolutely get a refund. You will always be able to buy TH down the road. The delay was inevitable no matter what the JJP said up front. It sux sure, but it was to be expected after watching WOZ develop. Pre-ordering is a roller coaster ride and it's absolutely not for everyone. But the constant whining about delivery reminds me of "Are we there yet?" coming from the backseat.

I wouldn't call it constant whining. It's frustration about having 8k out there in the wild and not in your pocket...and nothing to show for it. And us guys who preorder and wait inevitably take ball-busting from wives and friends. ("Nice Hobbit you paid 8k for...where is it, again? Because it sure ain't in your game room!")

And if we're complaining, it's just because we're excited to get it. It's a testiment to how nice the game is coming along - it turns us into kids leading up to Christmas morning. Like...would it just get here already???

#5643 6 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

So we just need to accept that JJP will always be really, really late in delivering pins and that's just the way it is? After all, it shouldn't come as a surprise.

Not at all. But based on past practice it shouldn't come as a surprise. If you don't want to wait, you shouldn't preorder. Surely we agree on that principle?

#5691 6 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

"2- Parts are arriving daily and some are being rejected for QC issues even though they were made "correctly""
This is a giant red flag. No time has been saved by the "measure 3 time, cut once" theory. Especially after admitting that JJP ate the bad parts on WOZ.
"1- We are actually verifying with each Vendor that they can make First Article Parts - that is a sample of the actual part that we need that matches a PO and a latest revision drawing. Now some of the Vendors have issues with this as they just want to "Run" 1000+ of something - when some of them did that with WOZ - the parts were wrong, costing us tens of thousands of dollars and many weeks of delay and rework….not doing it this time - we are taking longer to measure three times and cut once."
Does this mean that they are actually paying engineers to create buildable specifications? Or is JJP trying to find vendors that will do their engineering for the sake of getting the production runs? I have no idea what goes on at JJP, but when the customer eats the cost of errant part runs, that suggests in-house engineering failures.
I can understand why vendors don't want to do one-offs. It really doesn't provide any value when the production process is completely different than the first article prototypes (when there is a lack of engineering). After all, high quality engineering specifications results in parts that are independent of process and shifts the liability of non-conformance to the vendor. Admittedly this was not the case for WOZ.
I'm guessing it's a cash flow problem.

How's your pinball company coming along?

#5692 6 years ago
Quoted from SadSack:

There is a reason the smartest guys in the room are hated.

That's what I love about Pinside. Only the idiots are hated here.

#5741 6 years ago

Could we get this thread back on topic please? I don't know WHY anybody would post travelogues about places they've been in a Hobbit update thread. Unheard of.

#5745 6 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

Taking 7 hours to drive and see the Hobbit tomorrow in Allentown...I hope it's a good show. Although at first glance, they don't seem to have all of the big vendors or big modders there...

Yeah...but I'll be there. That should be good enough for most folks.

#5749 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

I am hoping for a last minute Bag End toy - and possibly a better gold pile?

So many jokes here.


#5825 6 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Dammit, that bronze does look nice! I'm wavering on my gold pick, but that left side is horrendous IMO. The right side is just ok and the front is good. Eh, gold still wins out but the gap is closer. I wish I could see them in person.

I've seen them both in person now. The gold looks like ass. Sell the gold. Get a bronze. Pocket the $500. Thank me later.

#5828 6 years ago

Today was the first time I saw the bronze. I liked it better. My wife liked it better. It just has a wonderful dark feel to it that matches the rest of the game. The gold really looks like more of a mustard-y color. Not as bad as the MMR gold trim, but close.

Of course, the game was down today, so I'll have to see it in action.

Quick note about the decals: They had what appear to be rock-bottom decals on this machine. Hardly any sheen to them at all - a complete opposite from the overly shiny RadCals. There should be a happy medium or at least SOME shine to them since when I ordered the machine it was supposed to be (at that point) direct print with clearcoating.

#5836 6 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I'd rather have ass than scrotum on my pin, so gold it is!

Nope. I'm definitely more of a scrotum-type guy.

Oh, wait...

1 week later
#6049 6 years ago

(...Beelzeboob pokes his head in and looks around...seeing nothing new, he leaves...)

1 week later
#6120 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

So April 2016 delivery?!

They've just announced that Hobbit will ship after Pat Lawlor's game.

#6193 6 years ago

Just pointing out that they've had nearly a 40 year head start.

#6266 6 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Nothing wrong with a good saggy scrotum...

Really. I'm fifty and my nutsack is starting to look like Turkish taffy in July.

#6276 6 years ago
Quoted from B9:

Now I'm second guessing my SE choice. Thanks everyone!

Don't feel bad. With all the delays, I'm second guessing my purchase.

#6300 6 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:


I'm pretty sure I live close to you. I'd love to buy you a drink sometime and hear why you're so negative all the time. There's gotta be a reason.

#6310 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

His opinion, ignore is an option if you feel someone is just trolling.

I never ignore anybody. Every opinion is important to me, even if it's put out there just to piss people off. And the one guy you ignore may be the very one that has an answer to an important question you ask down the road.

#6344 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

By the way, the Star Trek you own is freaking awesome. Played it a few time locally - that is solid pin for sure. But I am also a Star Trek fan - so that helps.

Somebody cue the music. I'm sensing the start of a wonderful bromance here.

Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

If you're ever in Indy, drinks are on me.

Damn. I thought you were the other Kirk who lives about a half hour from me. Too many Captain Kirk avatars. It gets confusing. If I were you Trekkie guys, I'd try to distinguish myself by using Uhura or some other loser from the show that nobody else would ever touch.

Or just use a picture of a dog with a cigar. That always works.

2 weeks later
#6505 6 years ago

Ahh...finally people are starting to come over to the dark side!!!

I had a lot of people tell me I'm crazy when I didn't change my order over to the SE. "You can NEVER have too much Smaug!" they said.

Um...yes you can. And that mustardy gold still makes me want to puke.

#6512 6 years ago

Here's what I see when I look at the SE:


(Can you spot the Hobbit???)

#6522 6 years ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

You know, for movies titled The Hobbit, there wasn't really a lot of Hobbit in them. Frodo and the other hobbits had more interesting parts in the Lord of the Rings movies, and that didn't even have Hobbit in the title.

Good point. But on the flip side, there wasn't a shitload of dragon, either. They probably should have called the movie The Dwarves.

#6548 6 years ago
Quoted from Kerry_Richard:

I like Ferrari's... red and yellow. I prefer the red ones.
I'm getting THSE

But that's the yellow one!

#6561 6 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

Why do pinsders behave this way? I had permission. Apology is in order.

I didn't thumbs-down you because I know you're a good guy and would probably never do anything to burn Jack. But you probably should have said that you were posting what he said with his blessing.

That said, I don't think anybody really had to comment on your decision to post...you were just trying to share info, and that's (almost) always a good thing.

#6570 5 years ago
Quoted from Crazyapples:

It's going to be a long wait

Mods wanna step in here and start shutting down some accounts (and blocking IPs)?

#6613 5 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Oh man, my wife still doesn't know this is coming. I'm in so much trouble.

Yes...but not for quite a while yet.

(I'm allowed to make that joke...I have one on order.)

#6620 5 years ago

Yeah, I don't know what kind of meds Kaneda is on lately, but I want some.

Therapy must be doing wonders for him.

#6658 5 years ago
Quoted from Expletive:

This was posted back in November 2012:
As a buyer of ECLEWOZ you now have the opportunity to reserve your same game number(s) as you have now for The Hobbit LE Pinball which will have 1,000 Limited Edition games as before but we added 500 game due to increased demand (game numbers 1001-1500). The price for The Hobbit Limited Edition Pinball is $7,500 on a Pre-Order basis and we have a payment plan that spans until mid 2014 as the game ships. We need to start this now to ride the wave of publicity for the first Hobbit movie which opens in a few weeks on December 14th and in order to give everyone enough time with the payment plan.
The Payment Schedule is as follows:
$500 - NOW
$1000 February 15, 2013 - (Price changes to $8000.00)
$1500 May 15, 2013
$1500 September 15, 2013
$1000 January 15, 2014
$1000 April 15, 2014
$1000 July 15, 2014 – As Shipping Begins
So these were supposed to ship in July OF LAST YEAR.

What do you care? Go play your AC/DC and don't worry about it. I'll be doing exactly the same thing.

The difference is, I actually have a Hobbit on order.

#6660 5 years ago

(Post removed because I'm a moron.)

#6662 5 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

I think that's just part of the art. Meant to look like it's been clawed in that area, no??!!
Am I looking at the right thing?? Just down and to the left of the shape shifter dude... Beyorn (sp??)??!! I think that's part of the art.

Good call. It is the artwork...I looked back at the other PF pics. And that's damn good artwork, too, because it fooled me!

I've removed my post to avoid further embarassment.

#6664 5 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

No the other image, not the claw mark.

You're right about that one...

#6670 5 years ago
Quoted from Expletive:

Is that like one of those stupid "you got no horse in the race" posts?

It's only stupid to people who've "got no horse in the race."

#6673 5 years ago

On AC/DC? Not as high as yours.

On Hobbit? Zero.

#6676 5 years ago
Quoted from maf-mi:

I took my money off the horse in this race and put in on another horse that has already been delivered. Couldn't be happier.


I'm happy for you. But your new horse doesn't have a guy on the side who has a dickbag for a chin. So...you know...


#6686 5 years ago

(Beelzeboob opens the door and pokes his head in. Thinking he's accidentally stumbled upon a Mustang or I500 thread, he leaves.)

Good thing the mods are getting on people for going off topic.

#6728 5 years ago
Quoted from KingPinGames:

Alex, while i appreciate you input on most things, i have been buying dodge products for 18 years now and have yet to have one catch on fire. i have owned
1 Dakota
1 Durango
6 Ram 1500
3 Ram 2500
all of these were purchased new and besides the normal wear and tear i have not had any major issues, but i digress.
Thanks for the hobbit pictures Joe. Hope to hear something big from Jack soon. Back on topic please.

Yet somehow you managed to go through 11 cars in 18 years.

#6773 5 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

If this keeps up....there WILL be boobs!

Did somebody ask for me? Well, HERE I AM!!!

#6813 5 years ago

That first pic must've been taken with an android phone.

#6828 5 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Click ALT-F4 and it will give you a free upvote.

#6831 5 years ago
Quoted from eggbert52:

It's funny because this shit would NEVER happen in a Spooky thread.

In a Spooky thread, we could talk about the best 3D printer to buy and it wouldn't necessarily be off-topic.

#6833 5 years ago

Jack's recently announced he's doing his JJP open house at the end of August. He originally wasn't going to do it this year because of Pintastic. I'm thinking he announced it because he knows the game will be in production by then. Why else would he invite a gaggle of angry and impatient pre-orderers to his factory to give him hell in person? Makes no sense. I'm thinking we'll see our first Hobbits ship in the next eight weeks. Otherwise, I'm going down to the factory to give him hell in person.

#6840 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballBeerGuy:

I have an actual question about The Hobbit. Is the QR code feature so you can post your score on social media going to stay in the production code for the game? If so, will it configurable so that you can turn it on or off?

I think so, but I'm afraid to even post in this thread anymore. I think I'll just stick to updates in my restoration thread until things settle down around here. Sorry, Metallik!

#6852 5 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Will JJP be at ReplayFX at the end of the month?


#6854 5 years ago

"Early" would mean January to June. We're four days into "late 2015," so you're technically right.

#6994 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

Take it to PM ya big P***y

Pretty? Pointy? Putty? I don't get it.

#7008 5 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNavidad:

Nice work ejecting Flank from the thread. I would consider a permanent eject as he brings nothing to the table save hollow complaints and empty remarks. Dude clearly has an agenda against JJP and feels a constant need to crap on everyone else who is excited about what will prove to be an awesome pin. See ya, chief.

I usually agree with you but on this I just don't. He's got a right to say what he wants (I'd rather he didn't say it though!) and you have a right to use your ignore button.

#7094 5 years ago
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So they are going to stop running WoZ and run some Hobbits, then switch back to WoZ again?
Some of you have been to their facility, can they run 2 titles on their production line at the same time?


#7194 5 years ago
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The down voters, the guys consistently hoping Jjp fails... Not going to happen...jack will be laughing as the company gets better and better

Oh crap! Can I up vote that post so you can update the picture?

#7303 5 years ago
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only seven downvotes? btw woz is a ladies game

Says the guy who can't play it.

#7336 5 years ago
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I owned Woz for over a year. You sir, are delusional.

"Last night I dreamt of San Pedro..."

#7340 5 years ago
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I can't believe JJP was so cheap they didn't hire the original actors to do voice work

It's funnier without the sarcasm emoji. If anybody's too stupid to get that joke, they deserve to look like an ass. Classic!

#7387 5 years ago
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I have played both LOTR and The Hobbit and can honestly say it truly is the difference between driving a Chevy or driving a Rolls.

Yeah...but in this case, I really like the Chevy. Does that make me a bad person?

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