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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#76 6 years ago

I don't want to spoil anything here, if you don't know the books. But I think we have seen every important motive of this theme in the first 2 movies or in lotr. That doesn't mean that there won't be any surprises left. But I think all physical important stuff for the toys is already revealed, everything else they could implement with modes and LCD animations.

4 months later
#1332 5 years ago

Awesome, can't wait!

1 month later
#1406 5 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Anyone else think that the Smaug toy may be a multilevel toy similar to the main toy in Dr. Who? The player could first awaken Smaug (level 1) then get him to come out of his lair (level 2) and ultimate raise another layer (level 3) to expose the missing scale. Each level would result in new ways to interact with Smaug.

That's what I am hoping!

#1463 5 years ago

New Trailer:

1 month later
#1559 5 years ago

Come on guys, don't make them so bad. They are bash toys and symbols for what is happening on the LCD and in that combination they will work. It's the same with the witch in WOZ. I think it could work here too.

But the dragon will be more prominent and way bigger. They have to nail the dragon like others here said!

And I think it's time for a bigger update! I have a hobbit on preorder and already fully paid. They want to start with the production in three month. So they must have way more to show now.

#1582 5 years ago
Quoted from CraZ4Pin:

I agree the dragon is the most important. However, you do know it's the same person making Smaug, right? Consider all of the character toys/sculptures this person has made.

I like his skulls that I put on my MetLE and I think TOTO for WOZ was a realy great sculpture. And I still think that these could work too. But is this realy all they can show us? These are not bad but nothing I would say that could convince people to preorder this game. And I thought this will be a BIG update, with something awesome to show us.

#1623 5 years ago
Quoted from mof:

Can someone please post what #3 is supposed to look like?


#1628 5 years ago
Quoted from BackAlleyMatt:

On another note Smaug is looking really amazing. I am super proud of him and all the detail he has in the face. I really feel very confident that when everyone sees him they will be happy.

Matt, THAT was the best update so far. And you saved my night sleep!

1 week later
#1903 5 years ago

To get in the right mood for TH I think I will play this:

1 month later
#2258 5 years ago

There is something in the upper right corner of the playfield that looks like a LCD display in this picture or am I wrong?

#2408 5 years ago

I am in for a Smaug SE, but the golden Smaug is ugly, the red one looks way better.

But everything else here looks awesome. Great work JJP Team!!!!!
After seeing the new pictures, the look of this pin just screams: Play me!!!

#2421 5 years ago

I am very happy about the added flashers. That was number one on my wish list! I still think the layout is good and still it has improved with this update, the changes to the bag end entrance part are great.

#2427 5 years ago

I really would like to know if anybody would want the golden smaug over the red one? Perhaps nobody would care if JJP just would ditch this.

#2644 5 years ago

Greenish columns would connect the look with the play field part between the flippers. There are green collums and Bilbo stands in the gold coins.
But I don't know what really would look better.

#2844 5 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

If they are simply targets... Why make them more complicated than they need to be? Therefor making them heavier, clunkier, and more prone to malfunction than a simple standup with a RGB insert??

I don't know what the JJP team will do with these drops but they have so many possibilities, they can let them dance. They can let them wave like the wave of people going around in big stadiums and you have to hit the peak. They can play a game of hide and seek, or they can play mind games with you.
What I see here are MOVING targets that bring dynamics in the game. You can't see this with the early code but I can imagine that they will bring something to this game that the crane does in BDK. One of the best toys in pinball! They are completly different to the static Droptargets we saw before like in Metallica.

#2873 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Not to beat a dead horse but smaug mech is done its not changing...the game needs to ship soon. It's a done deal moving on!

I am ok with this. But it's time to know what is a done deal and what is still object of discussion.
I bugged my distributor in emails to change from LE to SE. Now with Smaug so prominent on the new playfield and the disapointing golden smaug. I like the look of the LE better.
If I now start to bug my distributor again to change back to LE he will think that I am crazy.
I am sure this game will be great. I like what I see. But if I will get the version of this game that I really want is still some kind of gambling.

#2891 5 years ago

"Of course some things are always Subject To Change"

#2953 5 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

Is there anyone from JJP that can answer a question on whether we will be able to buy an extra red smaug if we go with the gold version? I would want both as an option at home.

That's what I like to know too!

#3042 5 years ago

I don't get all of this. Smaug will talk, turn his head, has drop targets (plural!!!) before him , an upkicker and I think 3 diverters and 1 or 2 magnets to change the course of the ball and I saw 2 cool flashers, special eyes and teeth will be added. He can lock balls and kick them out to you in different ways.

Isn't that enough???? One of the best games out there, Spider Man, what are the toys doing in there?
They make a good show, a very good show. And I see already now what show Smaug will do in this game, when Keith and David bring him to life.
Smaug is just not implemented in the code to his full potential!!!! That's all for now. But is here anybody on pinside, fan or hater, that has any doubts Keith will not squeeze every little fun out of this part of the game he can?

Hell, I KNOW for sure this game will be great from what little I yet saw. And Smaug as he is now has the potential to become one of the best toys in pinball.

#3068 5 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

The most interactive toy since MM is the crane on Batman. Regardless of whether it really fits the theme or not, it's way more interactive than anything else.

And I hope the controlled droptargets in the Hobbit can bring the same effect the crane had in BDK - dynamic targets.

#3149 5 years ago

That SE Smaug looks way better now! Thank you JJP for listening.

#3170 5 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

I like the asymmetrical decals on the LE, Hope they do the same with the SE.

If they would put an other smaug on the right side of the cabinet that would make the look of this game imo perfect, but I don't know if we havn't asked to much changes already. Don't want to be to greedy. I am very happy how this game turned out now and if they don't change anything more it's also good for me.


#3183 5 years ago

For me it works like it is now. Smaugs body is in the dark behind, his head rests on a pile of gold. If they would make this pile of gold into his neck the angle between neck and gold would look awkward. Better leave it off in the dark for the imagination.

#3217 5 years ago
Quoted from eXidy:

Is there going to be a difference between the SE / LE in price? and what are the differences other than the dragon head and the trim?



#3218 5 years ago

Billy Boyd will sing the end credit song. I like the song and hope they have the rights to put it in the game, perhaps as victory song after wizard mode.


#3221 5 years ago
Quoted from jazc4:

Yes. $8000 LE / $9000 SE I believe.

No. $8500 LE / $9000 SE I believe.

#3258 5 years ago

Perhaps the white GI is individual controllable in the brightness, together with the flashers and the right programming this can still bring very cool effects. We have to wait and see.

#3281 5 years ago

I still think that the GI of this game, also it's cold white can be controlled and fade in or out. And I think Keith could use this together with the flashers and inserts for cool effects never seen before.
And I still think that WOZ is to dark, but the aftermarket mod destroy a few cool effects, so I play it will lights on in the room. And I hope there is no need for that with the Hobbit.
Don't worry Be happy. Let's just wait and judge it when it's complete.

2 weeks later
#3451 5 years ago

Still waiting for real news.

A little advertising I like:

#3453 5 years ago

Oh sry,don't know why the video is blocked in the US. But it's nothing important. Just a advertising with a dwarf that wants to travel to the hobbit movie.

1 month later
#4068 4 years ago

It really has become extremely quiet, without any real news.

#4133 4 years ago

I still doubt that what we have seen lately is the final! Perhaps it's close, but there was talk about teeth for smaug for an example. Or is that canceled.

1 week later
#4379 4 years ago

Enough talk about decals. I know the game will be awesome, but I want to see the rules and modes and I want to get my game and play the hell out of it! So please JJP, hurry up to start the production.

4 months later
#6496 4 years ago

Hmm I never noticed the backboard decal. Is that new?
I like it!

#6500 4 years ago

From the many topper mods there will be, I will choose the one I like the most. I don't need a cheap one that I will exchange in the future. It's better they have put the topper money in the rest of the game.

#6534 4 years ago

SE for me.

2 months later
#7910 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

The problem with TH is that I think more and more people don't like the facts. And even more people want to get new facts (from JJP) but don't get any so opinions are formed and the circle is complete.
But....that is just my opinion

What facts?
The game has a theme I like. Keith is on the rules! Thiel and 2 Steps from hell are there for the sound. It looks great. Don't know if I like the layout, but I think I will like it. I want my game sooner than later!

The big problem are announcements like this "I can say that we have ordered ALL parts for The Hobbit and we are waiting as more arrive every week. We will post some pictures, and games will be on the line sooner than later, This Summer." And then we will have delay after delay without info why there is a new delay. It's the same with STERN code updates. I don't want announcements with promises that can not be met. I just want infos what is going on. Real infos that give insight why as a buyer I have to wait and why the wait will be worth it. That's all.
Perhaps if the two companies would be more transparent, they could lose a few sales from people that couldn't handle the reality facts but I think their public image would be way better.

The open house this weekend can be a step in a new direction with the hobbit, can't wait to hear the reports of the visitors.

#7953 4 years ago

All this waiting and still no news. I still hope the hobbit will be an awesome big hit. But if STERN will truely announce a GOT game designed by SR with an interactive dragon toy and LCD monitor it will be very hard to ignore the thunder of it. I have a very bad memory, but I still think with the WOZ we had way more informations ahead about the main goals of the game play and what's up with the production.

#8118 4 years ago

Let's wait what the extended version will bring, I heard it will be R-rated. I couldn't stand the LotR third part in the end in the cinema, the two hobbits at the end..schmalz! ...boring!.
But the extended version on blueray was way better and more like the book I love, so I hope it will be the same with The Hobbit Extended!

#8128 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Yes, because what was wrong with Hobbit films is they weren't long enough!
I'd rather see a version that trimmed all the fat and made a more compelling and fast moving story. The Rankin and Bass animated version was like 1/6th the length, and managed to hit all the important story notes.

For me it's not important that a movie is as short as possible and therby hits all the important story notes.
It must have the right mix of pacing then it can go on as long as it wants. If they had done a mini TV show with the stuff it could also be good if the pacing of the parts would have been done in the right way. It's the same with a good game of pinball, multiball after multiball would be boring. Action after action after action, no matter how good can be boring and overloading in a movie. But with the right pacing it can go on and on. Some of my favourite movies are very long. "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" "Dances with Wolves" "Heavens Gate" "Godfather" "Once Upon a Time in America" "Ben Hur" "Apocalypse Now Redux" "The Green Mile" And a few movies are only good in the directors cut, like "Kingdom of Heaven". Perhaps the Extended Hobbit Movie will have the right mix too.
But I don't want to drift to far away from JJPs Hobbit. The main reason why I am still in this game is, that Keith is doing the code and he understands to make rules that have the right mix of pacing to never get boring and still progress with new goals in every corner of the gameplay.

#8137 4 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Yes, rather than an extended version, how about a Director's Cut... thats really a CUT- not a bloat-fest.
Take all 3 films and make ONE good one.
Though it'd never happen since that would be Jackson admitting his f'ked up this thing royally.
I expect a "fan cut" will come out eventually.

Do you really think Jackson f'ked this thing up? Would one movie made more money than the three? I don't think so. And it's still a business.

#8140 4 years ago

I still see it in an other way.
There are a lot of things they will put into the 30 extra minutes that the extended version will have.

Let's take just one scene! One Scene! After a few camera angles we see Azog shouting for the WAR BEASTS! But we never see these beasts in the movie. They are in the book, but they are not in this movie! So the whole scene, Azog standing there and shouting, is boring for us movie visitors. We can't make a connection with it.
If there will be a war beasts scene in the extended version direct after this shout, this whole thing stops beeing boring and starts to make suddenly sense. I can only speak for myself, I will give this a chance, perhaps I will like the movie better in the final cut, even if it's longer. But I am just a pub owner and no movie maker, perhaps I will be wrong.

#8154 4 years ago

I just don't think that cutting it in some kind of short version would make it a masterpiece. Perhaps it would be better movie blockbuster, but it would still be just a summer blockbuster that has to make money. And yes I think 3 Movies are even making more money.
To make it epic, Jackson did imo the right thing, with adding more stuff that connects the Hobbit more with the LotR trilogy. Stuff that can not be found in the small book. Not only could he so make more money. Only so he could give it more depth. He connected Smaug with Sauron, so he could make the quest more important. Otherwise it would just be a quest to get some gold back and revenge.
The important part of the plot is that the factions came over greed and the hate against each other. Every faction had to fight their own demons after that they could work together just like the united nations. That would be lost without the Sauron threat. And that's why the battle of the 5 armies is more important for the plot than killing the dragon.

But the hobbit movies are lagging quality in some parts. Just like part 3 of the LotR trilogy had problems. There are many unfinished edges and silly action scenes without sense. The extended cut does a good job to repair the few flaws in LotR 3. And for me after this version it was a masterpiece. Now I see many flaws in part 3 of the hobbit and I am hoping the extended version could repair it just like LotR3 ext. did, so it will be a good movie. And perhaps then we all can see why it was so important to add all those extra stuff to bring it more in line with the epic LotR trilogy.

#8155 4 years ago

On facebook I read, and I hope it's allowed to post here, direct from
Jersey Jack finally some good real news!!!!!!!!!!:
"Ah yes, For new orders placed now, early 2016 estimated delivery. We will be building as quickly as possible to fulfill all old and news orders! Lots of Hobbits will be coming off the line this year though"


#8160 4 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I never even heard of it.
But Dances/Avatar both seem to be the exact same movie except for the naked blue chicks.

The naked blue chicks have won.

7 months later
#9607 3 years ago

B9 I think you have now enough games on this game, also it still in an early code state, how do you like it so far?

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