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Hobbit Strategy Thread

By brucipher

5 years ago

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#4 3 years ago
Quoted from MrFancy:

Intermediate-level player looking for a tournament strategy for The Hobbit, will have a little time to practice but not much. At this point I’m thinking about just going for the rollovers-right ramp multiball over and over again... anything else I should consider? And is it worth giving up control of the ball to shoot those heads that pop up?

Smaug multiball, try to start beast multiball at the same time

#6 3 years ago
Quoted from Beyndtstng:

All about The Resurgence of Sauron mode which is lit by shooting the left ramp. Shoot this immediately to only light that mode. Next collect your first lock but do NOT collect it on the right ramp. Now you will notice your lock rollovers blinking a bit. This is to add a ball to the next mode and you want this. Rollover all four again and then each orbit will now have a green circle underneath it. Shoot the ball towards whichever one you feel more comfortable with. Once you do that, hit the ring button to pass on the lock and start the mode. As long as you haven’t finished any set of drops or shot the right VUK, it should still be The Resurgence of Sauron.
This is a switch hit mode even though it is telling you to shoot the left ramp. Two ways to play this, first is safe and second is risky with more reward.
a.) While you have a nice ball save going go ahead and aim at those spinners since most hobbits don’t really give you a lot of bumper hits. What you are doing here is building the value of the left ramp to collect. In the newer code it appears that the value doesn’t lock in on the first ramp shot. When you are down to about 10 seconds in the mode go ahead and shoot the ramp. You will see the cyan colored light come on behind the left ramp which means the next shot collects that value plus adds 12 seconds. You can be risky and go for more spinners or just keep shooting the left ramp. It finishes in five shots I believe and gives you the arkstone and a multiplier increase for into the fire.
b) Shoot the right ramp immediately to lock Smaug ball 1. Flail until you light the rollovers again, lock ball two, again lock ball three. Now you have 4 balls in play and the switches are piling up! When you lock balls and start smaug the timer pauses for the animation. You probably wasted about 20-30 seconds to do that so go ahead and shoot the left ramp twice to get that 12 second add. Critical part here is do NOT start beast frenzy as Goblin will block the left ramp. If you are running short on time consider draining the balls just to get a trap on the right because you want to finish the mode as you can get the left ramp north of 50,000 a shot.
If you finish the mode with at least two balls in the play you will run treasure hunt which each red shot collects a percentage of the mode points (like victory laps after crank it up on MET). After you hit a shot it turns off. Hitting all red shots will reset them for more collects and I’m guessing higher points. This goes on until you drain out.
A decent mode score is 50,000 with a good one going well above 300,000. This is the best way to play in a tournament. After that like Doyle said start beast and actually focus on collect dwarfs. If you played The Resurgence of Sauron decent enough then you should have almost all of them. Then focus on spinners to the erebor arkstone and your playing into the fire at double value. Should be at least 600,000 total points after that. If your playing in a league that you need more then I envy you. My friend has this machine so I have had a few games on it but not enough to figure out an optimal strategy especially with the feeder modes (one ring is the best start). If people show an interest in this thread I’ll add to it as I discover stuff. Good luck!
PS If you accidentally qualify other modes before starting The Resurgence of Sauron you can shoot the left ramp and use the flipper to change to The Resurgence of Sauron until it hits a switch in about three seconds.


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