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Hobbit Owners Thread

By Eryeal

4 years ago

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Post #14 First impressions by new owner. Posted by Eryeal (4 years ago)

Post #45 The source of the voice call-outs Posted by Troz (4 years ago)

Post #71 Detailed game review Posted by Vyzer2 (4 years ago)

Post #128 Cosmetic issues from factory and customer service response. Posted by RichieWrench (4 years ago)

Post #214 review with detail and good set of pictures. Posted by Pimp77 (4 years ago)

Post #402 Backglass LED diffuser (tones cold white to a more neutral amber color) Posted by PanzerFreak (4 years ago)

Post #714 Another BackBox light filter Posted by Damonator (4 years ago)

Post #769 Rulesheet Posted by tiesmasc (4 years ago)

Post #1064 Owner fixes and tweaks after 150 games. Posted by pinballinreno (4 years ago)

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#3148 3 years ago

Just picked up my The Hobbit le today.The build date was my wife's B-day,still wondering if that's a good thing. What would be a good setting for the game to play fast?

IMG_0748 (resized).JPG

IMG_0751 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#3208 3 years ago
Quoted from indybru:

I caught lightning in a bottle sunday morning got to Battle of 5 Army's. Beat my GC score by over 1,000,000. now at 2,600,000.
I have it on 3 ball but have EB setting based on scores, plus earned maybe 2 more by the hole shots.
What a game, almost late for church. My wife told me to quit bringing the 5 army's up all day.

Congrats on your high score. I'm still trying to input all the info to my brain so my score is a little weak. Had my game for about 3 weeks now and it gets better each time I play it.

2 weeks later
#3331 3 years ago

Hey guys had a question,I'm kind of new to hobby and wonder why I get a different reading on pitch from the middle of play field as opposed to by the flippers? Which reading do I go with and is 7.1 a good pitch? I'm using a app on my phone to measure pitch if that makes a difference.

1 month later
#3586 3 years ago

I finally updated to new code and can't wait to see Smaug following the ball.

2 weeks later
#3621 3 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I finally killed smaug last night!!! What an amazing sequence. I just love this game.

Congrats,I'm still looking forward to my first time

5 months later
#4193 2 years ago

What version of code is critics cut on?

2 months later
#4379 2 years ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

3D printed our own snap on barrel mod. Not sure how it will hold up, but it has been a great learning experience for my kids and I. So far looks pretty cool. My 13 yo son designed it.

Good job, looks great I would be proud of your work.

3 weeks later
#4483 2 years ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Ok couple of issues.
I recently removed the PF protector that came with the game when i bought it. ps: man was that a meticulous and PITA job. especially when trying your best to not scratch the PF itself. But what a difference that made on how the game look now. Very pretty and shiny!
However one issue was happening before i performed this. My goblin is popping up but going right back down. Assuming theres a leaf switch i need to adjust. ?
2nd issue is the rollovers. They seem to be affecting the ball a lot more now. Almost like they are sticky. Ive gotten a ton of airballs off them if i hit one dead on from the flipper.

I had this issue with my rollovers so I adjusted them so they were lower to play field (close to even with play field)and that helped with the air ball issue. To adjust them you have to do it from under the play field, not easy to do just take your time and make sure they still register when the balls roll over them.

#4485 2 years ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Yeah I actually just lifted the playfield and they are pretty damn tight space to get to. Did you just adjust the leave switch on the rollovers further back. ? That's the only way I could see that they adjusted. What tool do you all use to adjust leaf switches btw. ?

You can use a leaf spring tool sold by Marco or try your luck with needle nose pliers and long standard screwdriver. I have the proper tool now but I adjusted my game with the latter of the two.

#4486 2 years ago

Sorry, yes I just adjusted the switch.

2 weeks later
#4557 2 years ago
Quoted from TakeOff:

This is the servo you need. Cheap and simple to find. I had to replace it in my machine as well.

Looks like a standard rc car servo. When I was in the rc hobby I would just rebuild the gears inside the servo but buying one should be pretty cheap.

#4566 2 years ago
Quoted from Pin_Guy:

I finally did it...Purchased a NIB Hobbit Black Arrow (mfg 03/2018) and LOVE IT; what a great game! This is my first time viewing this thread, with over 4K posts its gonna take me awhile to catch up.

Congrats and welcome

#4573 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Here's the quote from Keith about the upcoming Hobbit update from the last JJP livestream Sounds like great news and that it should be a substantial update.
"There's a Hobbit update in the works, its been worked on by Ted a lot the last couple months. After pirates is done we will finish up everything else we are going to finish up on it and roll it out with the latest operating system."

Latest operating system?

#4581 2 years ago
Quoted from wolv3:

Does anyone's Smaug ball lock magnet actually stop the ball? I can't think of the last time mine did.

About 75/80% of the time it stops the ball but gas trouble with the fast ball.

#4595 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Played an epic game of Hobbit last night making it to the Five Armies (unfortunately Smaug survived my failed attempt to kill him along the way) with my daughter calling out the shots. It got me thinking. Do I really want this game to change with the code update? It does seem that once you make it past the Five Armies and have played all Arkenstone modes, there should be something else and then of course, a definitive Wizard mode for completing all Arkenstone modes and killing Smaug (+/- all modes...that would be a major undertaking). But I don't know if I want a change to the current ruleset that may change how Arkenstone modes are qualified, etc. I had a blast last night. I was setting things up to stack or not stack based on what I had left. I was locking two balls in Smaug and then starting an Arkenstone mode so that when it was finished, I'd only have one lock left (since they get progressively harder as you go). I think that what I'd like added is some different scoring potential. I guess when I feel I can master the game, then I can try to maximize the score. Right now, score doesn't really matter, I'm more focused on progression. I've only completed Into the Fire and have been one shot away from completing the victory laps. I've not completed Barrell Escape or Five Armies. So, right now I have plenty of goals left. Just some thoughts as I know a lot of people have said they wanted a change in the current ruleset. I thought I did, but after last night, no...I don't think I do. Just add a wizard mode and a Valinor-ish wizard mode for those who really want a lofty goal to achieve. In any case, this game is nothing but a great time. I've had it for over a year now, and it just feels so good to get into it and it is pure ecstasy to fall into the zone and have an epic game. Truly feels like a battle. Last night in Five Armies my daughter shouted, "now bash 20 beasts!" Holy smokes, I thought, that's a lot of beasts to kill...felt like I was fighting a war...or a battle for the mountain. This game truly puts you in the story.

How long did your game last? I had a epic game a few weeks ago and it was about 55min’s long.

#4621 2 years ago

Hopefully they will be able to change the way you can stack all the multi balls. Maybe when you start Smaug multi ball then you can’t register any progress to other arkenston modes so you can focus on killing Smaug. The spinner would be cool to randomly pick which mode starts next. I’ve owned this pin for about a year now and only killed Smaug twice. My best score is 5mil and that was a epic 50min or so battle and adventure. This game is good as is but with a few tweaks it will be great.

#4656 2 years ago

Sounds like we are in for a treat in the near future

3 weeks later
#4726 2 years ago

Killing Smaug is a very satisfying shot and love the show after. I have only done it twice since I owned my pin but man was it great.

2 months later
#5128 2 years ago

How do you reinstall a update if the first one fails and is stuck in the file download loop? Tried to update from 2.1 to 2.96 and crash

#5130 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

If you turn the game off, turn the game back on ( with no usb stick in the game ) and it doesn't come up. You'll have to reload the operating system.
LTG : )

Load 2.0 and then delta 2.96 after?

#5132 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Yes. Full install first then the delta. Instructions how to do this are in the manual. Use formatted usb sticks with nothing else on them.
LTG : )

Thanks for the response and your time.

#5143 2 years ago
Quoted from darkryder:

This new 2.96 code is unbelievable, WOW! It takes the game to another frickin level. I just played a 45 minute game on the new code and exhausted. Got my second highest score ever at 3.6B behind GC of 4.4B and got Barrel Escape and Into the Fire arkenstone modes. Also killed Smaug which is incredibly satisfying. This game is so damn deep and polished, it’s now my favorite pin. Amazing job on this game JJP.

Wow you got your score up to billions in 45min that’s pretty amazing, it took me about 55min to get close to 6 million, how did you get such a high score?

2 months later
#5494 1 year ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

Joined the club yesterday. I’m going on an adventure!
[quoted image]

Just missing a WOZ. I’m going to add a DI soon hope it’s a good challenge.

2 weeks later
#5668 1 year ago

What kind of rubber rings and posts does JJ put on their pins?

2 weeks later
#5880 1 year ago
Quoted from Ranhorton:

Now that we have TH 3.0 is there anyone out there that can share the best “stock” speaker settings they think sound the best with this full 3.0 update?
I saved my setting prior to 3.0 and they all uploaded fine after the 3.0 load but I feel the speakers don’t have the “oomph” they used to have.

Quoted from Ranhorton:

Now that we have TH 3.0 is there anyone out there that can share the best “stock” speaker settings they think sound the best with this full 3.0 update?
I saved my setting prior to 3.0 and they all uploaded fine after the 3.0 load but I feel the speakers don’t have the “oomph” they used to have.

I agree, the sound seems to be missing the bass compared to the last code.

1 month later
#6131 1 year ago

Has anyone had this error? If so can you give me a heads up where to look? I checked the goblin pop up but everything seems to be ok. I’d really appreciate any input, thanks.

2B0C15AA-1171-4681-9D79-A2F6FCD572DF (resized).png
#6134 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Looks like your Goblin face target on the pop up isn't working. Needs adjusting or broken wires.
LTG : )

I’ll take a closer look,thanks.

#6135 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Check the up switch on the goblin bracket, mounted right near the playfield wood. It has a roller actuator on it and they can break off from the beast going up and down. Without the actuator the switch will never close - thus the stuck open error.

Thanks for the response, I’ll look for that roller sounds like that might be the problem.

#6143 1 year ago

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The roller switch was broken and now just need to order one and I’m back on my adventure.

46524CB4-50E3-4F1F-8CAF-4636CE31E946 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#6193 1 year ago

I have the hobbit and love it, bought a DI and sold it after 2 months. DI is a great shooter and the shots are smooth and all the modes are fun to play through. The reason why I sold it was something was missing compared to the Hobbit, just didn’t have that feeling like I was in the game. I put over 500 games on DI and was ready to move on but the game was fun, shot good, just was missing that wow factor. On a side note I just bought WOZ.

1 week later
#6390 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Would Hobbit be considered a loud game with all those drops, if the music was turned down?

You can always come over and decide if it’s too loud in person.

3 weeks later
#6504 1 year ago

After playing a game today I noticed that Smaug’s mouth was stuck open so I went into the device test and when I pushed the start button I can hear him talking by no mouth movements. What should I look for other than the basic check wire connectors (I already did). If I remember someone had this issue and it was possibly the servo. Any advice to point me in the right way would be great.

#6507 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Does it work in test?

Not moving in test or game play.

#6510 1 year ago

I removed Smaug and re-calibrated the servo and still no movement in test, he rotates as he should and led lights work. Is there a board just for the servo? What can I test to see if the servo is getting the correct voltage?

#6511 1 year ago

So I just plugged Smaug into my rc car to verify if the servo works and it did. I think the power to the Smaug servo is the problem but I’m not sure where to look to troubleshoot it. Maybe a fuse is the problem but everything seems to work fine besides Smaug’s mouth. If anyone has had this problem and can help I would greatly appreciate it.

#6513 1 year ago

Ok Smaug is talking again . Thanks for the call LTG I went through every connection and I also recalibrated Smaug again and he is good to go.

#6514 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Swap the servos see if its broken or just get a new servo they are pretty cheap. Hitech ones work good for $13, there's a post here somewhere with the model number.

I actually hook my rc car to the Smaug servo and after that I knew it had to be something else... sad to say I made a rookie mistake and didn’t follow my basi troubleshooting guide and do all the easy and basic stuff first

#6520 1 year ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Can you go through the steps you did to get Smaug’s mouth working. My mouth remains open even though the servo is working and I have recalibrated.

After I verified the servo was good then the next step is to trace all the wires and make sure they are properly connected and they are not cut. I’m not 100% sure but I think the connectors that run into the main system( big metal box in the cabinet) might of been the problem.

#6521 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

How do you recalibrate Smaug; I'm not at my game, is it in the menu?

To recalibrate Smaug you have to take him out and open him up and physically calibrate the servo(not fun). In the service menu go to devices(Smaug) and you can set the end points of the servo. When you set the end points in service menu you are setting how far his mouth moves up and down.

#6526 1 year ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Have one of NJ’s finest techs here. We have Smaug’s head completely apart to recalibrate. Pia. Going by the Hobbits manual instructions. Fingers crossed this will finally do it. Just btw, all was ok till a software update in early 2018. Tried recalibration to the specs on the service motor which never worked.

Good luck hope you get Smaug working. Just wondering did Smaug turn and work correctly as far as locking balls and he turns and looks at you? Is it just his mouth not working? Did you verify that the servo is operational? Getting Smaug out starts to get pretty easy after the 5th time. I also had to adjust the servo horn in order to get the mouth linkage to fit and not rub on the inside of Smaug.

#6528 1 year ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Thks wildbill
So couple issues and yes we had the service horn adjusted.
Now the mouth moves but it goes all the way and hits the led light. Can hear the motor wanting it to go higher even though we keep changing the values. Also now, the motor at the bottom of Smaug that makes it swivel is heating up to the point it started smoking.

With the power off try rotating Smaug and see if he has free rotation and not hitting the ramp, I also had to make sure all the wires that run through Smaug were not hanging up to the point it put a lot of resistance on Smaug’s rotation. I never had smoke come out of my motor so not sure about that. When you set the horn on the servo was his mouth closed?

#6530 1 year ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Good question re mouth position, well we had the top mouth off so not sure the exact position of the bottom. But we followed the directions perfectly.
My servo motor had 106 and 125 marked on the bottom of the motor. So should the 106 be the mini value and the 125 be the max?

After I got my Smaug’s mouth working I had to bump the numbers up to set the end points on the mouth servo(in service menu)I think the original numbers were around 100 or so and now they are a lot higher. Try to set the number and you can flip from max low and max high quickly with the button to see if his mouth is moving to your satisfaction. The hard part is if the servo horn is off then you have to take him out to adjust it. You are close so good luck.

#6532 1 year ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

Again thks Wildbill. Well after 3 hrs its a no go. I can hear the servo motor working which is a good thing. So what happens is the mouth moves all the way up AND wants to go higher, but will not move down. The motor continues to run till you literally get out of Smaug device test. The mouth then relaxes about a 1/4 in but will move no lower, despite changing the values. Frustrating.
Update: I was about to send the post above and my tech after leaving my house for 15 minutes comes back. He has Steve from JJP on the phone.
Another Update...after being on the phone with Steve (who spent close to an hour on the phone...what a great guy), everyone is baffled as the mouth will only go up not down. This after we took apart the whole mech for a third time which as you say, gets easier.
Steve is going to send another servo motor. Not sure that's the issue as the motor stays engaged (till you drop out of the smaug device test). Unless there is something in the motor that prevents the mouth from lowering, its a mystery. Hope no one has to go thru this.

Sorry to hear that Smaug is still down. When I had Smaug out the first time I opened the servo to make sure the gears were not broken(this is common in the RC car world). If a gear is broken you can usually hear a grinding sound. I almost put my RC servo in Smaug thinking the original one was broken. I’m glad I didn’t because after some research the one in Smaug is a $8 servo and my Rc servo is $150. I’m also wondering why it would only work one way. Keep us posted as I know this will help others.

1 week later
#6586 1 year ago

I moved DI a few times and it felt like I was moving a tank.

1 week later
#6650 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Joined the club today. I picked up an awesomely modded Hobbit LE with ring shooter mod, ring button, gold flipper toppers, gold lug nuts, titan rubbers, gold side blades, RGB throne, trough light, backboard light, cliffy's, padded targets and decals, flourecent plastic protectors... pretty much every mod you could want.
After moving it into my garage for staging, I noticed the Dragon's mouth isn't moving. I just installed the 3.1 code with no luck. Is there a setting for this or a way to test this easily? I can take it apart and troubleshoot, but want to wait until it's in it's final location first. I gotta wait for the ground to dry so I can take it down a hill to the walkout basement.
[quoted image]

Before you take anything apart make sure all the connections(plugs)are properly pushed in under the Smaug area and in the cabinet where the wires go in to the main board(the big metal box in cabinet). I just went through this problem a week ago or so and it was a loose connection. Good luck.

#6670 1 year ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Dragon Mouth Troubleshooting: I'm still trying to get the dragon mouth working on my new (to me) Hobbit. I have found that if I gently manually open the mouth before booting up, Smaug's mouth will close automatically on boot up. However, it will not open again. Does anybody have any troubleshooting advice on how to make him talk? I "unplugged and plugged back in" every connector I could find to the dragon under the playfield with no luck.
Still fixing the trough and backbox lighting mods, but that takes a back seat to getting the original functions working.

Have you tried to set the end points of his mouth in the (Test Devices) in the settings?

2 weeks later
#6732 1 year ago

Is there a way to change how many modes are qualified from the start of a game?

3 weeks later
#6825 1 year ago
Quoted from Extubate:

Well, the mouth on my Black Arrow SMAUG seems to have bit the dust. I emailed JJP support and was advised to try replacing the servo motor. The only question that I ask is does anybody know the model/maker of the servo motor or where to buy one? JJP advised buying one on the secondary market as they charge $30 for the part and mention that you can find it cheaper elsewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I believe Hobby King sells the servo for $8. I would check and recheck all the connections before I would replace the servo. Make sure the connection is good where it goes in the main computer (big metal box). I thought my servo was dead but it ended up just being a loose connection.

1 week later
#6849 1 year ago

Had a good game today. I originally was going to concentrate on TABA but as you can see I got side tracked. 21 modes played, killed Smaug and got a new GC score since I updated and had a great time doing it.

AEC1E004-4311-4298-A6B2-8278E9FB2BDD (resized).jpegC02FE5C1-F3DD-49BD-850B-17CF3C0D09E3 (resized).jpeg7B894F35-CFEE-4DA9-9510-B91EBC8C1F25 (resized).jpeg
#6868 1 year ago
Quoted from drewbo81:

I will be joining the club in 2 days. I am trading my 1 pin collection of MET premium for a gold Smaug edition(NOB) please tell me I am not crazy. I love my MET but have played it to death. I love deep rule sets and have been looking at JJP for a while. I will also be adding a TSPP and Wonka LE later this year. There were several MET vs Hobbit threads and they were down right brutal on Hobbit. Help a brother out.

Metallica was my first NIB pin and I played the heck out of it, my next purchase was a NIB Hobbit. I ended up selling Metallica and still own Hobbit. The hobbit is a journey type game that starts slow and builds up to awesome finish. Looks bare at first but the pop ups are well coded and make the Playfield pretty fun. The magic is in the mini wizard modes, and also the standard modes. Smaug multiball is probably one of the best I have played and if you get to the finish you’re in for a treat. The drop targets are also well coded and a good challenge. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do...and you probably will.

#6874 1 year ago
Quoted from gordonshumway:

Drew in Greenfield: I'll bet you bought our machine from Reedsburg? I just got mine too, just two weeks ago. It has been a fantastic experience. Yes, a bit of coin, but take care of it and I think losses will be very minimal. There seems to be a BIG demand for this pin...
I've asked this before and I guess my head is still spinning. I've read every page of the 347 pages of manual. I'm still VERY confused as to what the steps are for a methodical progression through the game? I'm really flummoxed as to how one picks and choses shots during the multiball segement? Holy cow, things are happening so fast, I'm not sure how you'd do anything but keep the balls alive. I wish there was a "Hobbit for Dummies" type book that you could practice step by step to get better. In twoi weeks, my wife and I each have been able to get 500,000 scores (just enough to make the Grand Champ). But in looking around here, 4 MM seems to be the number that makes you a man! 500K takes 20 minutes - 4MM has to be all day. I must be missing some very big payoffs in here somewhere?

The payoffs are usually when you kill Smaug,(super hard but very satisfying)then you get to shoot for victory lap shots, and finishing the mini wizard modes. Try concentrating on just getting to the mini wizard modes(Into the fire, barrel escape, battle of the five armies)at first. Once you get all the steps down you will find your self able to get further into each mini wizard mode, and finally you will be able to complete a few if not all and your score will reflect this.

#6877 1 year ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

I am typing from memory, not at the game now, so please forgive any mistakes. If you look onto the screen, you can see 5 "Stones" on the cross sections of the screens. When they are all gold, a mini wizard is qualified and can be started. To get a stone you have to:
top left: Start Smaug multiball (4 lock targets, right ramp, repeat 3 times)
top middle: qualify man, elf, dwarf
top right: advance to erebor (shoot spinner)
bottom left: defeat all the beasts (shoot popups)
bottom right: shoot all dwarf targets
That all you can do three times to get to all the mini wizards.
By the way a neat thing to know: when lock is qualified on the right ramp (insert on ramp is green) you can cancel that lock and make the ramp a mode start by pressing the ring button. That way you can choose when to start multiball (risk/reward)
This all is only one goal of the game, starting all the modes are a second, finishing all the modes a third, Kill smaug a fourth etc.
It is a something special. Most beautiful, best theme integrated, best music and a great game if you take the effort to get to know it.
If you rather want: been there, done that than please buy the latest Stern. You will not be let down

You are right on all but the top middle, that one you just need to complete a mode(easy or hard) and you get that stone.

#6879 1 year ago
Quoted from gordonshumway:

WildBill: Where is there a "written" description on how to accomplish those "early" stages? The manual really doesn't speak to that?

Google Hobbit pinball rules and it should give you plenty to read.

#6880 1 year ago

One other thing that can help the mini wizard mode process is to learn what mode is the easier one to complete, some are only one shot and you can move on. When you hit the left ramp(and it’s qualified) you can choose what mode you want to play by hitting the flipper buttons, but you only have the time it takes the ball to get to the inlane switch. Once you master this it gives you full control on what mode you want to start, which helps when trying to get to the mini wizard modes.

2 weeks later
#6978 1 year ago
Quoted from Goronic:

That may be the only option - and it would work. I was just hoping for another way. So it's bending the switch - or putting spacers/washers where it attached to the PF. Honestly, I think I will go with the washer option - that way it may be uniform across all the rollovers and won't require getting all the leaf switches the same.
Actually - I think what I am going to do is get some plastic washers and slightly longer wood screws (to account for the washers) and try it out. Should work perfectly

Bending the leaf switches worked for my game, and made a big deference once I got them in the sweet spot.

1 month later
#7178 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Bend the end of the right flatrail in the windlance lane
It's easy, maybe remove or loosen the plastic, loosen screw, pry it out slightly, tighten screw.
Bend it in or out as you need.
A little is a lot.
Adjust power as you need also.
In the game it's supposed to be a bit random..
But with a full charge it should go up the right lane and half way to the pops.
My windlance was terrible.
But after 30 mins of adjustment it's now near perfect.

I agree with all you said ^^. My wind lance was terrible out of the box but a minor adjustment much better. My game needed the metal guide bent a bit and power adjusted and now it’s pretty solid.

1 week later
#7225 1 year ago
Quoted from Tharkun:

As I posted earlier, new TH owner and had to share to game of my life from the other night. Well over 40 minutes on 5 ball game with factory default medium settings. I have no idea how I did this, but my eyes were blurred and blinded by all the flashing, and my ears were ringing and overwhelmed with the sound of this game (had the new Polk 100 watt subwofer up too loud). Now I am beginning to understand rules and getting better at game each day. If i can just get there again!
[quoted image]

Wow that’s a awesome score, Congrats on your purchase. After seeing that great score I’m now motivated to start a journey to a GC on my game.

#7248 1 year ago
Quoted from Gattiman:

Sooo Smaug moves clockwise in test mode and in game but will not move counterclockwise in test or during the game now. Fixing to pull him off the board and take a look.
When I move him by hand he moves freely.
Edit: took smog entirely out after taking pictures. Everything looked good and tight nothing seemed wrong. Played with him a bit and sprayed him with air put Smaug back in and it works now? Lol. Anyways put about an hour into the hobbit and everything is 100%

Nice to hear your Smaug is up and running. Smaug should move and say something when you lock each ball. When you light the third lock he should follow your switch hits(moving left to right depending on which switch you hit) until you lock the third ball, and that’s pretty cool to watch as your playing. Have fun playing one of the deepest coded pin IMHO.

3 weeks later
#7310 1 year ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

I just joined the club and the only thing I’m wonder is why no dedicated shot from the upper flipper?

It has a dedicated shot to kill Smaug if you can get that far in Smaug multiball.

#7320 1 year ago

Maybe they can tweak the code a bit to kill lower flippers when you load the windlance during Smaug multiball, and you can only kill Smaug from upper flipper. To make it fair if you miss the first shot you can get a second try within a given amount of time(hurry up).

#7339 1 year ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I like the current setup . It's hard enough to kill Smaug as it is , and a lot of machines won't hit the ball into the right orbit and if you kill the flippers you won't be able to make it up there again for a second shot and even if you make it so they work after a couple seconds that would make it the same setup as it is now

If the ball doesn’t make it to the upper flipper then it just needs to be adjusted in order to play the game the way it was intended. After thinking a bit...when the ball is loaded in the wind lance and the kill shot is ready(Smaug multiball)all flippers could die drain all balls then when the wind lance is fired flipper power can be restored. This way would give you a chance to catch the ball on the lower flipper and shoot Smaug from different ways. This would make killing Smaug a super special shot.

1 week later
#7430 1 year ago
Quoted from gordonshumway:

Yes I have a lot to learn. You guys have ton of experience. I'm not opposed to jumping in, but as with anything without some help through the minefield, I can make much more much worse and quickly.

Don’t forget to buy a leaf spring adjustment tool kit, will make adjustments a breeze. JJ sells the whole switch with the connection if the problem turns out to be the roller switch. If you need that switch you should pick up a extra for the future. Take your time when it comes time to take off the top cover. Use a rag to cover the hole of the beast mech in case you drop the spring or clip. This will stop it from falling under the Playfield.

3 weeks later
#7565 1 year ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Gawd am I king of the chokers. Killed Smaug twice, played all 3 mini wizard modes. Got farthest I've ever been in battle of the five armies. Choke. Freaking cool ass how it winds down. Got to Barrel Escape 2nd time. Finally finished all 31 modes. White flashing gotta hit one of the two holes and I'd start TABA .... choke. SON OF A B.....
Still not a bad score but fOR A FREAKING hour and 45 minute game playing 3 ball but you'd think it'd be a hell of a lot higher.[quoted image]

Your post is giving me motivation to try and get to TABA...great game man.

#7567 1 year ago
Quoted from JonCrox:

I'm now more motivated to get to BOTFA for the 1st time!

No problem you got it

1 month later
#7719 11 months ago

Killing Smaug is one of the best feelings in pinball. The light show, flippers dying so you can enjoy the show. This has to rank in the top ten as one of the best shots.

1 week later
#7784 10 months ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I did a search for the link. Anyone know where to get that replacement servo?

Double and triple check all the wires and connectors. My Smaug’s mouth stopped moving all of a sudden and to make a long story short it was a loose connection behind the main motherboard.

#7800 10 months ago
Quoted from jfaulkner56:

If you have a chance, would it be possible to get a pic of that connection? I went ahead and ordered a couple motors, I'll also try and check the connection you're referring to, and maybe I could also get a response to my ticket from JJP since I don't think I should be trying to figure this out myself in the first place.

Hopefully this can help, it’s the black and red wires that come from under Smaug and goes to the back of the PC box(big metal box with all the connectors). Make sure they are all connected properly.

182073EA-3A86-4714-A07D-DE14034970C6 (resized).jpegB7D506CB-DD8C-4B4D-A4C1-A02716D2C79C (resized).jpegFC83295A-EEBB-44D9-8B79-4FE11917D16A (resized).jpeg
#7826 10 months ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Right?! Weak flipper syndrome would never be a problem again. A few ideas:
Round copper heat exchange pipe wound around a paperless coil. I just question if a person could have it made in a thin enough diameter to have the necessary gap under the coil. Then there's the question of being able to wind it tight enough to make sufficient contact.
Like a PC - making a liquid cooled heat exchange block that would sit ontop of the coil and anchored down by long screws through the plate (requires drilling) and then secured by a screw on the bottom.
Just a plain aluminum heat exchange block that could be secured ontop of the coil with JB weld (since it does have thermal dissipation properties.
I'll never make this so if someone wants to take my ideas and run with it have at it!

I always wanted to try and fit a(R/C car) motor fan on a flipper coil. They look like they would fit and they are reasonably priced and lots to pick from.

#7828 10 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

something like this link

That’s what I was thinking. I know they make a difference in the R/C world...could work for flipper coils.

3 months later
#8277 6 months ago
Quoted from OchoFosho:

I opened a ticket with Jersey Jack and got this reply:
"Your game is working fine. That is a rule set function." along with a link to the papa ruleset for this game ( But nowhere in that document could I find it say that the right spinner isn't supposed to advance you towards Erebor like the left one does.
Can anyone confirm that advancement is only for the left spinner and that my right spinner is in fact working properly?

On my Hobbit both spinners definitely advance you to Erebor....left and right.

1 week later
#8330 6 months ago
Quoted from xsonics2k2:

Since we are all going to be under lockdown soon, if not already, how about a competition for best score / accomplishments on Hobbit over the next few weeks?

What did you have in mind...challenge?

#8343 6 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

The CMOS settings are reset if you lose battery power.
Always change the computer CMOS battery with the computer on and running.
There is no real hurry to replace this battery.
I have old mainboards 20 years old and the battery is still functioning.
I would think that maintenance-wise the battery might need changing at 7-10 years.
Keep your fingers out of the fan!

Can you unplug the fan to change out the battery?...just to be on the safe side.

#8345 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

You mean the one on the motherboard ? And let your processor/CPU heat up and die ?
Man, I wouldn't risk that.
Get a computer nerd to help you if you are worried.
LTG : )

It takes that long to switch out a battery?

#8347 6 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

If a person has never changed a motherboard battery. Might be nervous about doing it. And is asking about unplugging the fan on the processor/CPU. I have no idea what their plan is, how they'll do it, or how long they will take.
So my advice is to leave the fan plugged in, and get help.
LTG : )

I hear you have to make sure you cover your self.

#8351 6 months ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Just had a killer game last night. Got to 4th stage of Battle of the 5 Armies. So cool. Unfortunately drained last ball while trying to hit the kill shot on Smaug. He got away...again!

1 week later
#8407 5 months ago
Quoted from xsonics2k2:

How about we all post our high scores this weekend and make a Top 10 list? Tournament Settings? Or we can just have everyone use whatever settings they have as long as we're talking 3 balls and not 5.
Who's in?

I’m in...extra balls? What does tournament mode change on the Hobbit?

#8410 5 months ago

Just played...killed Smaug and that’s always fun. 3 balls but extra balls are on.

#8421 5 months ago
Quoted from xsonics2k2:

Had so many chances to kill Smaug, kept missing by 1mm. Made it to Barrel Escape.[quoted image]

That Smaug is pretty slippery...but that’s why it feels so good when your flippers die and you get watch him drop. I actually finished “in to the fire” and almost got to “Battle of five armies” but I just couldn’t get the warg to get it qualified. I think I played 16 modes so it was a long game. I might try tonight but on tournament mode and extra balls off...if I can find them in settings.

3 months later
#8843 55 days ago
Quoted from truthdivides:

Got my Black Arrow Thursday and set it up last night!
[quoted image]

Congrats...get ready for your adventure!

1 week later
#8865 48 days ago
Quoted from Sjoend:

I had the same issue this week and in my case it was resolved by just reseating the connectors at the speakers. If they don’t make good contact you get a crackling sound.

This ^^ I had the same problem a while back and this worked.

1 month later
#9016 12 days ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

The protectors are installed under the original. I acquired this machine and the plastic was broken. I installed the protector, and cannot find a replacement sling plastic. Stern sell a full plastic kit for $124 ish

Double check in the cabinet to see if the goodie bag is in it, my Hobbit came with a different set of sling plastics(one without the slot for the weapon).

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