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Hobbit Owners Thread

By Eryeal

3 years ago

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#425 3 years ago

So, I went to HQ Beercade in Chicago tonight, specifically to play The Hobbit. Here are my thoughts and experience. First off the game is very beautiful. Nice graphics, nice trim, pretty play field, nice LCD screen. So thats nice. I put 5 bucks in, it's $1 per game. First game went well, i fact I got a replay! fun. I started to realize just like WoZ the giant screen in a big distraction. I don't have enough time to absorb what it's trying to tell me cause I am focused on the game. Then a ball gets stuck, ugh, off the left ramp where it should drop into the exit lane "arrows". Annoying. The operator comes and unsticks the ball and give me 3 credits. Nice. I start to realize the dragon is really weird. It's a head on a round spinny thing.....its weird. The ball is all over the place, too many roll overs and troll popups, the ball is a mess. Then wham! stuck ball in the same place again.....!@#$%^&$ how did this not get found during the prototype. Same story, operator comes and opens the machine and give me 3 more credits. turning into a free night of pinball. Then wham, stuck ball again, this time on top of the right spinner....Ugh. Unstuck again....then wham, wham, wham, over and over again, stuck on the left ramp before it should fall into arrows. Bleh, I'm over this one....Went and played Medieval Madness, Tron, Kiss, Metallica, Twilight Zone, Addams Family.....those were fun. Not sure i'll bother with The Hobbit again. Sorry to all of you who got one, ordered one or want one.....Not sure it's gonna be a good one at all. It was yawn when the ball wasn't stuck, and annoying when the ball continuously got stuck. I hope Stern does not do a giant LCD screen, too much going on.


#451 3 years ago

Sure is a pretty game, I'll have to try playing one that works

2 months later
#1448 3 years ago

I've not yet purchased a JJP game yet, but seriously considering The Hobbit. I really like how they address problems and publicly announce them and offer fixes.....I don't see Stern doing that nearly as much. I also like how JJP updates code more quickly, etc. I might be in for a Hobbit!

#1454 3 years ago

I went to HQ Beercade in Chicago tonight to play The Hobbit. Sadly there were a few issues :-/ The Goblin wasn't popping up :-/ The 'C' in L-O-C-K would register a roll-over only about 1 out of 10 times :-/ The ball kept getting hung up on the left ramp at the exit. Hopefully they will get the update kit from JJP and clean up these issues. Seems like it could be a fun game, just hard to play with so many issues.

#1458 3 years ago

I am definitely toying with the idea of adding it to my collection. In fact I currently have one in my shopping cart on the JJP website, just can't quite pull the trigger yet....Beautiful game, think it would be nice in my collection.

#1462 3 years ago

alright! I did it! Pulled the trigger and put a deposit. I wonder how far back in the line I am?

#1468 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

Get the Rad Cals! The look phenomenal!

What are Rad Cals?

#1481 3 years ago

ok, upgraded my order to the RAD-CAL's

#1556 3 years ago

My The Hobbit Smaug ships tomorrow! Fingers crossed for a delivery Friday

#1574 3 years ago

How many Smaug SE's did they limit it to? I know LE's are 1500, but what about Smaug.....Were they fewer since they are sold out?

#1585 3 years ago
Quoted from meSz:

SE weren't limited to a number but only available for order for a certain time! Also, SE owners picked what number they wanted so someone, technically, could have picked #1234!

So are the SE's a subset of the 1500 LE's? In otherwords, SE + LE = 1500?

#1597 3 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Good point, my understanding is that if you had an LE on order you could 'convert/upgrade?' it to an SE version at no charge But had to do so before the end of 2014. And there are 1500 LEs possible. That is where my math was, but I suppose JJP 'could have' sold more than 1500 at 9000 a piece before the end of 2014 but I doubt it.
My wild ass guess is there are 648 SE pins. However, you could buy the trim, decals and gold smaug and have a replica (but the attract mode would be missing - there by exposing the fake). JJP may require you to have an SE before selling you the gold trim or decals, but I doubt it.
If you like the LE more than the SE cool - but I'll bet there will be less SEs than LEs.

My SE shipped today, can't wait to get it!!!!! I'm re-watching all the Hobbit movies in anticipation, LOL

#1641 3 years ago
Quoted from whthrs166:

That's an TAFG playfield. It has been restored with three coats of clear. Aside from one tiny dis colored spot in an inconspicuous area, it's perfect. I was going to use it in my machine but my playfield is also so near perfect that it wouldn't be worth it. So unless your doing a gold you won't want this one. Sorry off topic I'll shut up now!

It's a purty playfield

#1660 3 years ago

I pick mine up tomorrow!!!!!!!

#1663 3 years ago

Received my precious today! Wow, thats a maze of wire underneath the playfield eh?


#1664 3 years ago

How much slope are people setting their game at? I set mine to 6.5 and is seems pretty decent.....Should it be more?

#1668 3 years ago

Anyone else having issues with staticy noise in their audio? I have my volume set at 25 (not very loud), but I hear a lot of static in the audio. Thoughts?

#1672 3 years ago

I'll re-seat the audio cables and see if that helps. New issue, My time is off my 12 hours. When I go into the menu and set the correct time there isn't a way to save it, just escape back to the previous menu and the time doesn't change. So, how do I save the correct time?

#1673 3 years ago

Doh! Just realized I am running v1.21.....Updating to 1.31 now

#1675 3 years ago

ok, Updated to 1.31, opened a ticket on the static audio issue since re-seating the cables didn't do anything. Got the time set now that I know start saves Thanks! New issue, I was playing Into The Fire and all of a sudden the TV screen when black. Ended up shutting the game off and back on and the TV is ok now....Software bug?

#1676 3 years ago

Anyone else have trouble with the Ball trough VUK? At first I thought it was a power setting issue, but upon closer inspection it seems like the notch cut in the apron where the ball comes through isn't in the right place and the ball partially hits the apron and bounces back down in the ball trough......

#1678 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

If trying different power settings doesn't do it, check this out :
LTG : )

Thanks for the link, I just spent some time following those instructions and trying to adjust that bent piece of metal. It was of no luck, if I bent it further out it would just hit the apron worse, bend in and it would fling the ball back down into the trough before hitting the apron or the shooter lane. I bent the metal piece back to where it was originally and then used 2 washers on each side to shim the apron out slightly. Now it works! Got 50/50 out of the trough VUK on first try With power back down to default of setting 8 even. I think they didn't leave enough room for margin on that notch in the apron.

#1680 3 years ago

Ya its a lot of fun to play! I do take that back on Power 8 for the VUK, it's not enough. Bumped it to 16 and now it's pretty much perfect, with my washer shim job in place.

New issue, now every time the Orc pops up it immediately goes back down thinking it was hit. I'll lift up the play field and look for any of the obvious stuff, but being new to JJP machines is there anything specific I should look for on this issue?

#1682 3 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Ya its a lot of fun to play! I do take that back on Power 8 for the VUK, it's not enough. Bumped it to 16 and now it's pretty much perfect, with my washer shim job in place.
New issue, now every time the Orc pops up it immediately goes back down thinking it was hit. I'll lift up the play field and look for any of the obvious stuff, but being new to JJP machines is there anything specific I should look for on this issue?

Looks like it was the switch behind the Orc's head, needed to be bent a little so it wasn't always making contact. Whew, ok time to play it some more!

#1685 3 years ago

We're having a blast with ours too now that it's all dialed in and working well! Even the audio static has mysteriously disappeared for now. This game is fun!

#1688 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballBeerGuy:

Just got the call that mine is ready to ship. Hope to have it delivered sometime next week. Woot!

Enjoy! Really enjoying mine so far!

#1696 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I dont think the windlance is supposed to be perfect every time. Its a crude weapon and prone to misses (see the movie).
In game-play the effect is slightly randomised to make it more difficult?
Set windlance to easy in the adjustments it makes it less random, also maybe adjust power level to suit your needs. Test it "in game", its not the same as a stand alone test. I have had to bend the left side wall/guide at the very end of the lane slightly (wedge a small screwdriver between the wall and the last screw head or press on it) to make it way more consistent. Very small adjustments make big changes along with power manipulation.
See the tweaks thread about ball spin-out in the inlanes and outlanes.
Basically bend the double loop up (stick a big nut driver in the loop and bend it back a bit), at the end of the wire-form until the ball spins laterally instead of uphill.
I also have a printed backbox on my SE (no sticker).
Are the Smaug games different than the LE games in this respect?

My Smaug is a sticker :-/ Doesn't stay stuck down around the edges....Yeah it's on the back so who cares I guess......But printed sure does look better anyways.

#1714 3 years ago
Quoted from bkaelin:

What is the best price and who is the best distributor/dealer out there for buying a Hobbit LE or SMAUG.
I am in the Pacific Northwest.

Automated Services!!!

#1716 3 years ago

Anyone besides me love to play The Hobbit so much your head could explode???? OMG I NEED TO PLAY NOWWWWWW

#1723 3 years ago

I had some pinched wires between the right side of my playfield and the cabinet, I noticed it the first time I lifted the playfield and was inspecting it for any issues, so I was able to adjust before any damage was done.

#1728 3 years ago

Anyone else besides me gonna play so much THE HOBBIT this weekend that your head is going to explode?????

#1762 3 years ago

Cliffy makes awesome stuff!

1 week later
#1824 3 years ago

Anyone else having this issue? The ball comes down the right wire form and as it drops through onto the play field it gets just enough spin on the ball to spiral up out of the inlane into the outlane? Happens maybe 1 out of 10 times......Any thoughts?

#1833 3 years ago

I play The Hobbit so much my head could explode!!!! Love it!!!!

#1882 3 years ago

I played The Hobbit today! The more I play this game the more I love it! I got to Barrel Escape and noticed my score was around 750,000 and it was so much fun my head almost exploded! My ball drained and Gollum squealed Nooooooo and I yelled Thief!!!!!!!

What a rush, new Grand Champion!

Then I played again! Amazing ball 1, so amazing my head almost exploded!!!!!! I had Smaug Multiball twice and got to Into the Fire on ball one. Then ball 2 was amazing and I noticed Barrel Escape was lit again. I looked at my score and I was about to crack 1 Million for the first time ever and my head was about to explode! The ball drained and then Ball 3 wasn't so good and it went down Preciousss and i tried to press the ring and I missed and I yelled THEIF!!!!!! but I broke 1 Million and my head almost exploded!!!!!

IMG_0276 (resized).JPG

#1913 3 years ago

My Hobbit won't come on, anyone have any ideas what to check for? I power it on and can hear the hum of the transformer, but there are no play field lights and the screens stay black. Let me know what you guys think. I opened a ticket with support too, waiting to hear back from them. Thx

#1917 3 years ago

I lifted up the playfield and opened up the metal cabinet that houses the computer and control circuity. The big control board on the left turns on and lights up, but the computer doesn't come on. The standard PC style power supply doesn't come on, the fan doesn't spin, etc. Sounds like the PC power supply is dead? I checked the power connections to it and they all seem connected. :-/

#1957 3 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Did you try jump starting the motherboard ?
LTG : )

How do I jump start it?
I can't find a reset button, can someone send me a picture of what I am looking for?

1 week later
#1997 3 years ago

The Hobbit is awesome! Sadly mine has been down for 10 days The motherboard power supply stopped working, but happily the replacement shipped yesterday! I should be up and running this weekend

#2031 3 years ago
Quoted from Leechman:

Hello all! Finally got my Hobbit today!! What a beautiful game I must say!

OMG, WATCH OUT! Gollum is in your house, sneaky little bastard........

#2036 3 years ago

Got my replacement power supply today, installed it and the machine fired right up! First game in 2 weeks was a good one! Got to Into The Fire! 3rd highest score on the score board.

#2069 3 years ago
Quoted from FlipMyBalls:

Well gave it a try this morning with high hopes. Currently back to version 1.01 but no luck. Same thing. I made a video of it this morning. The clicking in the background is just the drop target skill shot. » YouTube video
Hope this helps some. I tried to follow the wiring and the little bit i can see looks good before it gets lost in the big wire clump.

i had the same problem, for me it was hitting the apron and bouncing back down. I shimmed the apron forward with a couple washers and that cured it for me. The tolerance on the notch cut in the apron is too tight........could be your trough VUK power setting too, what is that set to? Mine is 16

#2072 3 years ago

I ordered my The Hobbit Smaug 0n 8/16/2016 and received it 8/19/2016, only took 4 days!

2 months later
#2644 2 years ago
Quoted from freddy:

I have had the poping / crackeling noise since day one. Very noticeable at start up or when game is idle between attract modes. Music sound seems to drown it out. It's the one thing that I am most disappointed with.

Mine frequently has a lot of static too, though strangely not always. Must be something loose in there

1 month later
#2864 2 years ago

I ordered mine today! Also, has anyone installed the LED lighted flipper buttons? Is there a place to plug them in?

#2867 2 years ago
Quoted from ninjedi:

I removed the sticker... Came off relatively easy, but need to use some Goo Be Gone to remove the residue. My sticker had a scratch from the factory, so I was happy to be rid of it.

This metal plate is sooooo awesome, way better than the sticker!

1 month later
#3094 2 years ago

Playfield protectors SUCK! I put one on STTNG and removed it within weeks. AWEFUL

#3109 2 years ago

My only opinion is that each time JJP announces yet another "LE" they devalue all the other "LE's" pretty much just assume everything they do is a "Standard" otherwise you are a fool.

#3126 2 years ago

My Warg face broke off today :-/ $24 for a new one?!?!

2017-04-04 (resized).jpg

4 weeks later
#3277 2 years ago

Anyone else annoyed with the hard plastic dolls in the 4 pop-ups? They sure take a bashing and break, then it's like $25-$35 to get replacements. I tried epoxying them together but they don't last long. Should have been made out of a hard rubber instead. Maybe someone will mod these?

1 week later
#3324 2 years ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:

Selling mine unfortunately if your interested. I'm moving and it needs to go. Pm if your interested


1 month later
#3501 2 years ago

Just updated mine!

3 weeks later
#3662 2 years ago

I HATE playfield protectors. Put one on my STTNG when I did a playfield swap and it lasted only maybe 100-200 games and I decided it was terrible and removed it. 1) Looks like S**T from day one 2) Looks even worse after its scratched up and crap gets under it. 3) The ball sounds weird 4) It plays weird. JUNK

2 weeks later
#3724 2 years ago

Coin mech screws

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