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Hobbit Owners Thread

By Eryeal

3 years ago

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Post #3613 Nice tip on locktite product for wood or metal screws. Posted by pinballinreno (2 years ago)

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#1358 3 years ago

Just saw Jacks announcmemt regarding fixes on youtube. I think it's great that they really care about the machine and the customers.

1 week later
#1512 3 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Yes. My left speaker cuts in and out during gameplay. I went through and tightened all the connections and I thought it was fine until it did it again today.

I'm just trying to resolve the same problem on my WOZ. I changed the cables and tested it with different, external speakers but the issue remains. So it seems like the issue is the soundboard. Any suggestions? Or is it the software? But then everybody should have it...

#1513 3 years ago

Do you all have the game with play field protector? Any issues without one? Thanks.

1 week later
#1643 3 years ago

I was wondering, did they add more Smaug speech? I always felt like Smaug should comment more on your game or talk to you while in attract mode. I hope they already did that or have it on their schedule for further updates. Getting my LE sooon

2 weeks later
#1814 3 years ago

Made it to Barrel Escape on the 2nd day since I got the Hobbit and realized that it is missing the great "Super Jackpot is ready!" call out from Into the fire. Am I right? I really love the structure from Into the fire: it's divided into several stages. Once you finish one stage it lights one super jackpot and Gandalf says SJ is ready. So why don't they use the same callout for Barrel Escape? But maybe I am wrong and I missed it...

Edit: Just played it again. The callout is there. Just ignore this post Sorry.

#1815 3 years ago

Spoiler: I tried to kill Smaug. So I guess you have to load the kickback, which is supposed to fire the ball to the upper flipper and you have one shot to hit the lit target on the left. But... The kickback shot isn't very accurate. Most times it hits the post on the right of Radagast. So how am I supposed to make that shot? Played around with the kickback coil settings. But wasn't able to get it right. The coil was set to 7. Any ideas?

#1817 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I had to adjust/bend the left side of the wall where the ball exits the windlance lane a tiny bit to get it more consistant.
Also adjust setting to easy in the menus.

Which setting? Thanks.

#1906 3 years ago

What a great machine. I am really having a blast playing it and most of my friends and family (who normally are not so much interested in pinball) love it.

My only disappointment so far is that killing Smaug isn't really great. It just happens by accident. Spoiler: ... I know that I have to hit the single lit dwarf target with a shot from the kickback. But this just doesn't work. I wish it would be more like killing the witch in WOZ. Maybe they could stop the crazy Smaug multiball once you get close and drain all balls. And then you get two balls back in play and have to hit Smaug similar to the witch. As Smaug is flying a rotating /moving drop target would be a nice target for the final shot. What do you think.

Once I killed Smaug the final scene is missing quite some sound effects and / or music. It's so quite. When he's hitting the ground there should be sth besides the shaker rattling the cab. Or is there something wrong with my software? I guess not.

#1949 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Some thoughts on Smaug multiball:
I agree that the Smaug multiball should not mix with the beast mutiball. Its a little too chaotic and one loses track of which goal you are attempting. Killing Smaug or killing beasts?
I think that the sequence to kill Smaug should entail 5 separate, discreet multiball games, much like separate modes leading up to the final mode that you can kill Smaug. They should be in sequence so that you might know that Smaugs death is imminent if you work the modes and reach the last level.
This should be like the WOZ that has separate games within the various modes and you know exactly where you are in them.
I think the current code is a bit multiball heavy and separating the modes will give a lot more variety.
Since the code isnt complete yet our feedback is important.
Any one else thinking the same? Or have better ideas?

I don't want to miss on the multiball chaos. It also can be fun and challenging. But - as I wrote here some days ago - I would prefer to separate the multiball madness from the "Killing smaug" finale section. So once you get through the multiball the machine could drain the balls, pause other running modes and give you 2 balls back for killing smaug. Similar to destroying the ring and the witch.

#1978 3 years ago

Anybody knows when the next code update will be coming?

1 month later
#2277 3 years ago
Quoted from koops:

I'd also like info about a successful backstab. I press it EVERY time but I have no idea if im supposed to be doing something else afterwards or something else specific.
If the pop up's aren't coming up then something is definitely broken as pinballinreno said. Could be a coil, the wiring (can get caught in the up/down mech), entire lift mech getting wedged if it has had the ball stopper fix installed (i used a metal washer to stop this from ever occuring, pics a few pages back).

Just to clarify how "backstab" works as far as I know: When you press the ring button to "attempt backstab" you have to shoot the ramp. The diverter will come done (similar to Barrel Escape and Moon Runes as mentioned here as well) and the ball is coming back down to hit the beast in the back. I have no idea if this gives you extra points or anything...

1 month later
#2545 3 years ago

Any news on a new update?

7 months later
#3687 2 years ago

Just now I had another game in which I killed Smaug. Because I got a Free Play on the last shot the knocker went of. That was so cool. They should really sync the knocker to the last killing shot of Smaug so that it happens every time. It would really add a lot to that moment of the arrow hitting Smaug. How do I get into the JJP forum so that I can suggest it to Keith?

8 months later
#4583 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Just heard this from Jacks Flip Expo 2018 interview with Pinball News
"The Hobbit is getting another big software update, we've been working on that. It's a commitment to making the best products we can make"

That’s great, can‘t wait for it!

2 months later
#4976 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

We've been playing this morning and love it!
I am getting a "HOBBIT DROPS" malfunction on startup - but I have no idea what that is. There are no HOBBIT drop targets, and no coils called hobbit drops, so I have no idea how to test or service.
Anyone else get this error?

I have the same error report. Everything works fine.

#4978 1 year ago

Just realized that not everything is working fine as stated two posts above: my upper right flipper is making small moves without me pressing the button. sometimes it's playing by itself. Not sure it is related to the "hobbit drops" error.

#4982 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

I suppose you could adjust the right flipper button leaf blade switch so it doesn't do that. There are two leaf blade switches on the right flipper button. The one farthest from the side of the cabinet/flipper button, is for the upper right flipper. Yours is too close together.
LTG : )

Thanks. I am going to try that.

4 months later
#5805 1 year ago

Would love to see a video or stream with the new code.

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