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Hobbit Owners Thread

By Eryeal

4 years ago

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Post #14 First impressions by new owner. Posted by Eryeal (4 years ago)

Post #45 The source of the voice call-outs Posted by Troz (4 years ago)

Post #71 Detailed game review Posted by Vyzer2 (4 years ago)

Post #128 Cosmetic issues from factory and customer service response. Posted by RichieWrench (4 years ago)

Post #214 review with detail and good set of pictures. Posted by Pimp77 (4 years ago)

Post #402 Backglass LED diffuser (tones cold white to a more neutral amber color) Posted by PanzerFreak (4 years ago)

Post #714 Another BackBox light filter Posted by Damonator (4 years ago)

Post #769 Rulesheet Posted by tiesmasc (4 years ago)

Post #1064 Owner fixes and tweaks after 150 games. Posted by pinballinreno (4 years ago)

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#1524 4 years ago

Twice now, I have been close to getting to barrel escape but for some reason I can not get the spider to light so that I can finish the beasts for the last arkenstone. What am I missing?

Did get to beat Smaug. Have no idea how I did it except a lot of Smaug multi balls

1 year later
#4030 2 years ago

This weekend , I removed the center post and changed the pop up setting to xtra hard. My game times reduced dramatically but I did have one 1 plus million game that was fun Changing the pop up setting cut back on the stat king between Smaug and beast multiball plus the multiball time was reduced .. I need to keep tweeking. Great game that only gets better.

#4054 2 years ago

Where can you find Keith’s posts on his future updates for Hobbit after POTC?

4 months later
#4445 2 years ago
Quoted from Halfwasted:

I wish the wizard modes were randomized. I am not very good lol, so I won't see the 2nd one very much and the third one maybe if I am lucky!

I agree with having different ways to get to the wizard modes. The game does have a linear feel to it that could be improved. I also would like to see more usage of the Smaug toy

#4453 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Agree as well. I think an "easy" way to solve this would be to require 3 modes to be completed for each wizard mode as one of the 5 required Arkenstone mode qualifiers. For example for Into the Fire require 3 Man modes to be completed, Barrel Escape 3 Elf modes, and for Battle of the Five Armies 3 Dwarf modes.
Something such as above would allow players to go after a particular Arkenstone mode as well make it worthwhile to complete more then just 1 mode. Having this at least as an option in the games menu would be nice.

This is an idea. I think giving players more options to go several different ways into the game would help. Maybe a defined way to Kill Smaug. Also rewards for getting sequences of modes.

I have removed the center post and set up beast multi ball to extra hard has helped shorten average to poor games. Code should help the multi ball frenzy people complain about. Maybe the first Smaug multi ball is 3 balls and each successive Smaug multi ball has one additional ball

3 months later
#4957 2 years ago

Loaded new software. DEFINATELY new stuff all around from callouts to sounds to screen shots. Excellent improvements. Tell the haters they missed out. .

#4961 2 years ago

Twice know the insert lights have locked up during play. The game plays fine but the insert lights are frozen.

Ted, PMed me directly last night on this issue. Seems it may have been a loose USB cable connection that was causing the lock up problem. Reseated the cable and all good for the last 6 games.
Thanks Ted!!!!

#5039 2 years ago
Quoted from coz6:

So now that I have a left ramp what are the bending adjustments required to keep it from jumping and going right into the drain. I have seen it mentioned a few places but don't recall where

I did two things to improve this problem. First were the wire ramp is screwed down closest to the drain, I removed the screw and the ramp cold sprung in the up direction. I believe where the ramp bends down about three inches from this screw created a jump of sorts. I put a black rubber piece from an outline post under the ramp wire form where it is screwed down to remove the cold spring and this iminimized the jump effect. I also bent the loop at the very end of the ramp up slightly upwards to “catch” a slight air ball better. Seems to have worked pretty well.
I had previously reduced the coiil power on the right Flipper so that the ball was not traveling as fast on a clean shot up the ramp.

1 week later
#5102 2 years ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

I plan on at least more release before we create the 3.00 ISO image. I don't have an ETA at this time.

May be somewheres else, but what will the 3.0 ISO image release do? Will the player see a difference?

3 months later
#5797 1 year ago
Quoted from konghusker:

So did they get rid of smaug breathing fire over play field at game over? That was so cool and it hasn't happened after updating. Didn't see anything in settings.

I have the same question. Also the trough VUK takes 3 or 4 tries to eject the ball so that it can be put into play.

1 week later
#5915 1 year ago

The channel mixer default settings have been changed to bring the speech and FX in balance with the music. Since the gain is lower on the speech and FX, you are able to turn up the master volume to hear the music better.
music: old value=41, new value=41
speech: old value=66, new value=41
fanfare: old value=52, new value=35
fx: old value=52, new value=25

This will be fixed.

I changed my sound settings back to the old values and like the game much better now!!

Thanks for posting Ted

3 weeks later
#6053 1 year ago

Any comments yet by the 3.10 Beta testers?

#6060 1 year ago

My Back from lugging it around.

LOL. Yep mine too.

2 weeks later
#6187 1 year ago

Hobbit is just getting better and better. I just played a great game only scored 800K but the modes are so much more to fun to play and it is very easy to understand what to shoot for. The sounds ,lights and screen footage are second to none.

1 week later
#6297 1 year ago

I have a problem with 3.1.

loaded the software fine. The solenoid for auto loading the ball into the shooter lane is firing but not with enough power to get the ball into the shooter lane. raised the strength on the adjustment page to no avail. Solenoid keeps firing but no ball

#6298 1 year ago

Hmmm... Power cycled the game. Raised VUK strength to 25 and all ok. No other problems

#6337 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Any else have an issue with their Smaug mouth not moving after 3.0 and 3.1? I had to go into the menu and make a few adjustments to the dragon mouth min and max settings. After making the setting changes the mouth moves again but I never had to do that prior to 3.0.

Yes. My dragon mouth is not moving. What settings did you put it at?

#6366 1 year ago
Quoted from Rondogg: Also, I hardly ever go for Arkenstone modes anymore unless I'm close. It's all about the Modes for me and the Akernstone modes just kind of happen. Still have been one shot away from TABA (twice) but it rattles out. The frustration is real to get there!

So I "cheated" and set the game to 5 Balls. I am not a real good player so I need the "Handicap" ( hey handicaps are allowed in Golf ). Finally got to Battle of the 5 Armies. Extremely impressive wizard mode. I also find that I am playing more of the modes now and they seem to be much more fun then prior to up loading 3.0. With the large play field and all the different shot opportunities , the game choreography plus the opportunity to add extra balls, some of the deeper modes feel like mini wizard modes in themselves. Not sure if 3.0 changed the modes at all but I am certainly enjoying them more.
Hobbit versus DI is a one game a night player for me. I am finding the two games complement each other nicely. Looks like I am becoming a JJP fan.

#6397 1 year ago

I read somewhere, if you were having a problem with the VUK's getting the ball to the top of the wire guide successfully, you needed to rebuild the VUK. Can not find that post. Can someone give me the guidance?

8 months later
#7695 11 months ago

Has any one put in the Pinwoofer sound system in their Hobbit yet? Heard good things about putting the system in POTC.

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