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Hobbit Owners Thread

By Eryeal

3 years ago

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Post #2220 How to install Hobbit Cliffy protectors Posted by mbelofsky (3 years ago)

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#577 3 years ago

I'm planning on purchasing TH and I am curious how much wider is a wide-body? I've never owned one. Is the backbox wider too or just the playfield?

2 months later
#1446 3 years ago
Quoted from lukewells:

So things are not going the best with my Hobbit so far.

It looks like your broken part at 1:12 is from a guide shown at 3:50. I'm curious if you have increased the flipper strength beyond the factory default? I've read a lot of folks are doing this and I'm concerned that excess flipper strength could cause damage in a variety of ways. I'm also wondering if it is possible that a loose screw could have fallen onto the coil and shorted it out?

1 month later
#1896 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

...anti-rattle tape is pretty awesome stuff.

Where can I buy this anti-rattle tape?

6 months later
#3108 2 years ago

Hey guys, does anyone own a Black Arrow edition yet? Impressions? I'm thinking about buying one of these in May. I'm curious about the "Black Ink" body armor? In the photos it looks like standard black powder coating. The other editions have a high-quality coating and I'm wondering if Black Arrow is of similar quality?

3 months later
#3634 2 years ago
Quoted from mima:

Here is an reference image to see what the decals actually look like in context to what they look like photographed applied to my friends H-LE by my friend...


I like these! Can I purchase a set?

2 weeks later
#3721 2 years ago

Joined the club. Super excited! Bought Smaug LE directly from JJP. They told me it was one of the last two they had. The other has a euro power supply. Supposedly it has all upgrades but I haven't confirmed yet. Interestingly there were four loose screws inside the cabinet (photo below). Any idea where they go?

IMG_2842 (resized).JPG
IMG_2844 (resized).JPG
IMG_2843 (resized).JPG

#3727 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Coin mech screws

These four screws do appear to originate from the coin mech. Strange how all four should end up in the bottom of the cabinet. I'm curious about the purpose of these screws...does anyone know?

#3728 2 years ago

I have balls getting stuck in the Radagast hole. Has anyone seen this? There appears to be a slight lip on the edge of the kicker. I have to take the glass of to move the ball...

IMG_2845 (resized).JPG

#3732 2 years ago
Quoted from Bendit:

Game pitch too low?

Nah, I can shake the machine violently and the ball stays put. I have to take the glass off to move it. I'm thinking of taking a dremel tool and sanding down the lip.

#3733 2 years ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

Mine wouldn't kick out reliably from that hole. I tried adjusting the power, but that didn't fix it. I then moved the wireform to see if it was somehow hitting that, but it wasn't. I finally disassembled the coil and found that it was assembled incorrectly. Then sleeve wasn't lined up correctly when it was assembled so there was some play when it was kicking. The play made it so that it wouldn't kick solidly. After loosening the screws, I was able to push the sleeve up through it's hole and then squeeze the mounts tightly together while screwing them back together and it fixed it. Hasn't had a problem since.

That seems to be a slightly different issue. My kicker works if the ball is in it. The problem is it sits outside the mechanism and appears to be caught on the raised lip.

#3753 2 years ago

What does it mean when the round Arkenstone light at the bottom of the playfield is flashing or lit?

3 weeks later
#3766 2 years ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

Future code to come?

Okay, so I got the scoop on the Arkenstone light...
There are 5 tasks (as you know) to complete to setup an Arkenstone mode (the first mode is Into the Fire). To setup and light Into the Fire, you collect the five pieces by getting all the dwarves, reaching Erebor on the spinners and so on. As you complete each task, not only do you get the shard on the monitor filled in but the Arkenstone light will begin to flicker after you complete one of them, then change and get brighter after two, and so on. Keith says there are specific colors involved but looking at my game that is hard to tell. It just bumps up the intensity and speed of the pulsing as you collect more shards. That light becomes most intense and brightest when an Arkenstone mode is qualified and ready to start.

2 months later
#4039 2 years ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

I need a little help. I just sold my Hobbit And when the guy set it up at home it starts and seems to be OK but the “Start” button won’t start the game. He’s checked the connections at the button and the large connector at the back of the PC box with the yellow wires as well. Any ideas?

My start button was sticking when I received the game NIB. I had to hit it hard multiple times to start a game. I took it apart and sprayed some WD-40 on it and it has worked perfectly ever since.

3 weeks later
#4126 2 years ago
Quoted from docdeath:

Has anyone purchased & installed Rock Custom's interactive under cabinet lighting? Is it easy to install? Any reviews?

I've purchased the under-cabinet lighting for all four of my machines. On MM, TSPP, and LOTR it works perfectly. However, on The Hobbit it just stays on a constant green and never changes. I believe Chris is working on a solution, maybe a different connector but so far that's my experience.

1 year later
#5993 1 year ago

I performed the 3.0 upgrade and two observations so far...

1) On the default settings, the game seems to score much higher, which is not a problem. On my first game I broke my personal record. This may be in part because...

2) The default extra ball scores are 200K, 400K, 800K and 1.6M. However, my game also gives an extra ball at 300K. After getting the 200K extra ball, it says next extra ball at 300K and it delivers. Next extra ball as expected at 400K. Boost is Off and I installed 3-ball, followed by Install Home. Any ideas?

#6005 1 year ago
Quoted from check_switch_26:

You must have made other changes as well. Based on your description, you turned "Replay" ON, and set "Score Award Levels" to 4.
For my tastes, that's too many extra balls. However, I pass no judgement on how others like to set up their games.

Most of my friends are lucky to break 200K on The Hobbit so I like to provide a little extra ball excitement. The problem is getting one at 200K, 300K, and 400K is overkill but I think that I found the issue....

Can someone explain the Replay section to me? I see the 300K grayed out (regardless of Boost setting) and obviously that is where the extra ball at 300K is coming from. However, why is there a percentage setting if the reward is automatic at 300K? My expectation for this feature is that there is a 10% chance of an extra ball becoming available during or after the game? I thought that perhaps it was tied to the Match setting because it makes no sense to get a free game if the machine is on Free Play. It would be cool to have a percentage chance to match for an extra ball at the end of the game if this is somehow possible?

IMG_3902 (resized).JPG
2 weeks later
#6101 1 year ago
Quoted from meSz:

3 years ago! SMAUG GOLD was only available to those that pre-ordered before (I believe) end of December 2015. Obviously there were some NIB ones being sold long after as distributors order extras.

FYI - I purchased the second to last Smaug NIB directly from Jersey Jack five months ago (07/27). At that time, Jen said that they still had one more in stock. I believe that these were units that were ordered but never paid for. It was nice because it came with all of the fixes/upgrades already installed.

2 weeks later
#6221 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Ok so one problem I have. My plunger cannot reach the DWARF targets at all. I have tried centering the plunger, moving it around, different spots, etc, and still the same result. But, if I slap my palm against the plunger, the ball will hit the R or F drop target. Do I need a new spring?

Mine is also like that and I thought it was intentional. I pull the plunger back and manually plunge the ball with a flick of the wrist. I can hit the desired DWARF target much of the time by varying the force.

#6224 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

From what I have read a full plunge should hit R or F.

I think that if I had all levelers flat on the floor that would probably be true but almost everyone raises the back. This is even recommended by JJP support for a faster game.

#6227 1 year ago
Quoted from pipes:

I have the back legs raised quite a fair bit on my game and consistently hit the 'F' target on a full plunge.

Have you stretched or replaced the spring? No way mine would every come close to that without major stretching.

#6340 1 year ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

I bought mine used. Came with Xtra ball at 200k, 400k, 800k and 1,600k. Not sure if that is factory or not.

You can look at the settings and anything green is default. Anything red has been changed from the default.

1 week later
#6446 1 year ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

Hi Hobbit owners,
I guess I'm wondering if anyone has this in a very small collection and do you think it would hold up for a couple of years with relatively light play or should I look for something like BM66 which also has deep code but might be easier to sell if we do get bored with it after a while? My only pinball experience is that I owned an Addam's Family for two years which got a ton of play year one and then not so much after that. I had sort of planned on rotating pins every year because of this, but with the Hobbit I'm worried that the loss I would take might be a touch too much for owning it short term, which makes lastability more important.
Thanks for all bored enough to respond Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this type of question.

In my small collection of great pinballs, my TH is the most played game by my friends and family by a long-shot. I can't imagine ever getting rid of it.

1 month later
#6752 10 months ago

What's the process to kill Smaug after the multi-ball is started? I have had some monumentally long Smaug multi-balls but I have never killed him and I am not sure what audio clues to listen for and what to do since I find it hard to watch the screen with so many balls flying around.

1 week later
#6785 10 months ago
Quoted from indybru:

I finally watched a video on it. However you must pass though stages (Smaug mutiball.) in which super jackpot is announced. You are right there when the last stage alternates between the man and dwarf targets lit in red. You hit red man targets then red dwarf targets back and forth, finally you load wind lance after loaded and activated you must hit the one lit shot on dwarf target usually lit in red. It's simply awesome.

What happens if you miss the Dwarf target, i.e. hit the wrong target?

1 month later
#7039 8 months ago

I stopped by Lyons Classic Pinball a few weeks ago and the owner had an external powered subwoofer attached to an Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle. All I can say is WOW, I need one of these on my hobbit. I know that their have been brief discussions of this topic but I am curious to get recommendations on subwoofer make/model for The Hobbit? Also, I assume this just connects up to the leads on the existing cabinet sub? Oh yeah, is it possible to connect a single subwoofer to multiple games?

#7044 8 months ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I’ve got a Polk PSW10 on mine and it’s awesome, especially when Smaug talks. Using the L and R inputs it’s possible to hook one sub up to two pins.

Ordered the Polk....thanks!
BTW - Best Buy has this subwoofer on sale for $99.95

2 months later
#7416 6 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

I seem to recall a JJP interview with somebody where they mentioned it was too hard to see the black ball sometimes. I'm sure eventually the black wears off, too.

I can confirm that black balls are much harder to follow. I put them in my TSPP after purchasing a variety that look like bowling balls and some had the nuclear symbol on them and others said, "Homer" after a specific episode. They also discolor after a while so I went back to chrome.

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