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Hobbit Owners Thread

By Eryeal

5 years ago

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Post #14 First impressions by new owner. Posted by Eryeal (5 years ago)

Post #45 The source of the voice call-outs Posted by Troz (5 years ago)

Post #71 Detailed game review Posted by Vyzer2 (5 years ago)

Post #128 Cosmetic issues from factory and customer service response. Posted by RichieWrench (5 years ago)

Post #214 review with detail and good set of pictures. Posted by Pimp77 (5 years ago)

Post #402 Backglass LED diffuser (tones cold white to a more neutral amber color) Posted by PanzerFreak (5 years ago)

Post #714 Another BackBox light filter Posted by Damonator (5 years ago)

Post #769 Rulesheet Posted by tiesmasc (5 years ago)

Post #1064 Owner fixes and tweaks after 150 games. Posted by pinballinreno (5 years ago)

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#2367 4 years ago

Mine is numbered on the Apron as Smaug game # 1111

4 years later
#10437 4 months ago

Couple questions guys,

Just noticed my left pop looks like it might have a wire loose. The pop seems to work fine, but is this pink wire supposed to be soldered to that post?

And my flippers and Tilt Bob show the red "bad switch" icon, but they all seem to work perfectly. Is that normal?


20210614_211254 (resized).jpg20210614_213039 (resized).jpg
#10442 4 months ago

Thanks guys for the help, appreciate it. Ken from JJP emailed me back immediately too.

Quoted from jorant:

Are you asking if it's okay to not solder that back on? Because the answer in every universe and every dimension will be a resounding "no." It will take 2 minutes. Just solder it back on.

No. I was making sure it was even supposed to be attached there before
I soldered it. I wasn't sure because it seems to work perfectly and shows no errors in test mode.

2 weeks later
#10469 3 months ago
Quoted from Mr_Outlane:

Awesome gate mod for Hobbit! Installed easy and works great!!

100% agreed. I feel like this is how the game should have been designed in the first place. It took bag end shots & pop activity from "meh, weak" to great and makes the pops much more active and fun overall.

#10470 3 months ago

Can somebody tell me the dimensions of the Erebor Throne mod please?
I'm wondering if it would fit in the back left corner, behind the ramp, behind Smaug in that dead space there. Also would it reach to to wire in from that spot (EDIT: Trumpanche already let me know it would plug right into his Arkenstone light mod to pulse just like the Haord stone. So that's badass)?

#10481 3 months ago
Quoted from Trumpanche:

Ruler says the base is about 2"x2" and it's about 4" tall You can see it pulsing at the beginning of this video:

Definitely to big to fit there then. Thanks

2 months later
#10635 51 days ago

Thought I'd share my Hobbit since I have several mods I haven't seen anyone else do yet.
Giant One Ring, Sting, Orcrist, burglar contract, gold coins, custom Giant Eagle, custom Bag End, Erebor ring & map etc... (I listed it all in the video description if you're interested)
EDIT: Sorry guys, thought I made the pics small, but they come through huge no matter what I try.

20210901_113527 (resized).jpg

20210901_102911 (resized).jpg20210901_103248 (resized).jpg20210901_114636 (resized).jpg20210901_102425 (resized).jpg20210901_115048 (resized).jpg20210901_113259 (resized).jpg20210901_103902 (resized).jpg

#10646 49 days ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

There may have been an adjustment for Hobbit users.
Mine was an earlier LOTR/Hobbit offering.
Evidently they are not the same.
The same thing happens also on WOZ when you go to a candy ball molded one.
The barrel spring doesnt penetrate into the new ball like the factory one does.

If we're talking about this shooter rod (sorry, no idea how to link a pic here) I received mine a month ago and it definitely feels a bit off and weak. I can't remember if it came with a spring or if I re-used the stock spring though.

#10664 46 days ago
Quoted from Vernisious:

Are any of these mods available?

Kind of.
The Coins (which are the same as the ones in the LOCK graphics) & Kili's runestone are Weta movie props you can find for sale. I linked a couple, but just Google/Ebay/Amazon around. Weta also made a shinier gold version (I opted for the less shiny myself)

The swords (Orcrist, Sting & Galmdring) are Noble Collection letter openers (shiny metal, reflect the lights great). Come in a set or individually.

The Erebor Key is actually a pen from the Noble collection (with the pen part removed):
**Although I might replace it with this one: https://pinside.com/pinball/market/shops/1166-pixels-arcade-games/04669-new-glowing-key-to-the-lonely-mountain-mod-for-hobbit-

The Map to Lonely Mountain, Burglar contract & Bilbo portrait are tiny replicas made by a guy on Etsy that makes tiny movie replicas. Hunt around there. The burglar contract actually fully unfolds all the bits just like the movie version (I just have it folded up to cover the bare metal book stand)

Bag End is a 3d printed model by a guy out of Poland for the War of the Ring boardgame, I just asked him to print it larger than normal with a 5cm base. Then I primed and hand painted it myself, varnished it with polyurethane to give it enough shine to reflect pinball lighting. (I actually ordered two, one to practice painting on first). I just checked and unfortunately his store is closed right now due to cancer (best wishes man!), but you might find something similar on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/EagleNest3D

The Giant Eagle is a D&D miniature. Primed, hand painted it (movie clips as color reference), varnished it then pushed a clear rod into it, put a wiring clamp bracket on the other end of the rod and mounted it to a post so it is suspended above the playfield. Playfield art shows an eagle flying up the right orbit so I mounted the Eagle so it looked like it flew out the left orbit.

The Giant One Ring is the same ring used in the shooter rod mentioned earlier (I also got the shooter rod). They sold me one separately. McGuyvered a metal bracket from wiring clamps and covered it with white heatshrink, mounted it to a post so it's suspended out above the right outer ring lane.

The Arkenstone mod & Arkenstone mod lighting mod (ha!) you can also find for sale here on Pinside. The lighting from Trumpanche who posted just above me. Led lighting in the back probably can find here or mod stores as well. Same with the volume controls, trough led lighting. Spotlight risers, Bag End shot 1-way door etc... Probably forgetting something.

Hope that helps

#10668 45 days ago
Quoted from TOLLS:

Just killed Smaug, haven’t done it for a while. Really can’t think of another moment in pinball that beats the feeling. The nature of the shot under pressure. The precise shot required when you get there. The flippers dying, the video, light show, sounds. What a game. Had it since new, can’t ever see any chance of selling it. How lucky we are to have this incredible piece of engineering and magic in our lives. There is a pinball god.

Jealous. No one has ever beaten him at my house. Not sure, but I think we've only had one guy even come close. Owned it since launch and not really sure we even know what to do to kill him. Ha!

#10700 43 days ago

I want those Blades. Never seen them and I've literally spent hours googling blades for my Hobbit on multiple occassions. Also tried buying gold blades with black chrome, gold decals mixes with other art etc... and no one will sell me a mixed n matched set .

I want.

1 week later
#10738 36 days ago

Awesome thanks man!
Appreciate it

Before I order a set could you maybe post another pic of them from further away so I can see them from a better view?
If not no biggie

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