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Hobbit Owners Thread

By Eryeal

3 years ago

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#27 3 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

I picked up my game today at JJP. Good times. I will say this, the factory is humming and there are a lot of pins that are boxed and ready to go. I think they are going to pump games out fast. Tons of play fields and cabinets ( both LE and SE) around. Think the early months orders will go reasonable fast.

Not that it really matters but how many people would you estimate are on the floor working on the line?

#36 3 years ago

Did anyone that upgraded to the playfield protector get theirs yet?

Any pics to show?

#46 3 years ago

I don't understand licenses, but why wouldn't they want gandolf to sound exactly like gandolf?

#48 3 years ago

Does that mean impersonators can be sued?

What are the voices in LOTR? Original or voice over? It's hard to tell because of the quality

#66 3 years ago

Keith commented on the code on the JJP forums. There is nothing to worry about it almost completed. Wouldn't give a date but said it would not be years or months.

1 month later
#257 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Ordered my TH LE today, will ship tomorrow!
Hopefully I won't have any problems with the balls being stuck at the trolls.
Really looking forward to it.

Wish I could get 24 hour shipment!

#264 3 years ago

I think super Spinner is classed as a mini wizard. I wonder if feast/beast frenzy is the other 2?

3x major = movie multiball inserts.
Final wizard =?
Does the end of smaug multiball entail killing smaug?

Would be great if a smaug battle with win lance arrow on kids shoulder was a mini wizard mode after entering the 3 x movie multiball. Like destroy the ring... And like killing the witch. Something achievable for the mortals. And the final wizard being the end of the movie..
But doesn't seem like it's organises like that. Can someone take glass off and check the end of smaug multiball? For science.

#333 3 years ago
Quoted from tiesmasc:

Yes please... and video it if possible... (though Metahugh has gotten close (in the middle of level 4 of the smaug multiball) in at least 1 video).

Ok. Looks like you DO kill smaug in smaug multiball.

So I guess there is no mini wizard equivalent like destroy the ring, and the arkenstone modes are just going to have to be super epic


#421 3 years ago
Quoted from oopsallberrys:

Got the call today that my Hobbit SE has shipped! Ordered on December 3rd, 2012 or 3 years, 5 months, 23 days ago. I am hoping to have it for the Memorial Day weekend.

Is that about 1 week after it was announced?

#431 3 years ago

Has anyone changed their flipper button colors?
What color looks best?

2 weeks later
#684 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Epic game on TH today !! New 1.73M grand champ score, and killed Smaug, along with also hitting Into the Fire Arkenstone mode.
When you kill Smaug (without spoiling too much) machine pauses to play an awesome video clip, then proceeds into another killer multiball.

Mate, I think all of us waiting for their games need some new video footage of 1.20 software version

#687 3 years ago

Geez, wonder why they taking so long to fix simple things like this.

Do your beasts have the beast fix?

#700 3 years ago
Quoted from bdaley6509:

Woke up to this today.

A gift from the Elves.

#706 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

1) External sub is definitely a must!! I just got 2 RCA splitters (1 into 2) and plugged one into the single RCA out that is on the back of the computer case- I then plugged the RCA -> Subwoofer into one end, another RCA splitter into the other, and ran RCA -> 3.5mm jack to the Polk sub I have if that makes sense. Sounds awesome.
2) Install a small post on the left ramp screw and the ball wont be able to get stuck there anymore
3) Definitely use the orange filters - looks nicer with a warm LED color then the super white LED's that come in there

Any chance you can post a picture of all the stuff you have and where to plug it in so I can buy it now and its ready to go when the Hobbit comes in?

#709 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

Bought these from Amazon for $5, comes with 2x of them
1) You can see a splitter plug in the top RCA output on the computer case (this is where the factory sub normally plugs in)
2) Plug the factory sub in one end
3) Plug the other splitter in the other end
4) Plug a RCA -> 3.5mm cable into the other splitter and run it to your sub. This is one I recommend:

Thanks so much.

I tapped directly into sub for Tron and was told I had to use a filter (high pass I think). Us they only because sterns are 2.0. JJP having a dedicated sub channel means no need right?

#729 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:After I adjusted the amp, the stock one does this also. The whole floor vibrates in my feet when Smaug talks on ball locks.

Are you using antirattle tape for glass?
Does woz have this amp setting as well?

#756 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I wonder how unlocking the other two movie multiballs, "Barrel Escape" and "Battle of the Five Armies", will work? Will players have to start Smaug multiball again, super spinner, Beast Frenzy, etc? I'm hoping that some of the requirements are changed up for those two.

Yes I'm pretty sure you will. Only need to complete 1 mode and enter the other 4 modes so doesnt seem too bad.

I real question is if you don't complete into the fire will you get to play the other 2 or is it mandatory that you finish.

#777 3 years ago
Quoted from tiesmasc:

After that the Right Ramp is lit. After that ???
Then ...

You hit the ramp. It loads the ball in the winlance. You hit the ring button. It fires the ball into the right orbit Spinner. It will dribble out and you have one shot to hit the smaug drops from the upper right flipper.

I've seen a lot of footage where the ball do not go in the orbit!! Can't finish the mode in that case. I'm guessing the strength of coil needs to be adjusted for the angle of the PF.
B9 has his set up right

1 week later
#887 3 years ago
Quoted from clg:

It should arrive in Australia in July

Are they on a boat yet?
Pretty sure they just got packed from JJP factory on Thursday our time. Then has to get on a boat. So I think it would actually arrive with you in August anyways, but that's just a guess.

#919 3 years ago

Hey mark. Do you have access to a 3d printer? You can print the fix for this


#923 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Hey that's pretty awesome. Thanks. Are there any install instructions or good photos of what it looks like installed?

Just that picture in the link.
And this one
Think you need to remove the mechs to install. No idea how hard that is as I don't have my TH yet. 6 weeks and counting


#935 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

That is the JJP version. I believe the file was shared by them.

Nope. The tester scanned the object and made the 3d file himself

#968 3 years ago

Does anyone have issues with the lock 2 LED not flashing the correct color in attract mode? Its only off or green during the game so it works fine.but during attract thr entire PF would be pink and that 1 led is blue.
The board revision is 1.1

#970 3 years ago

Yeah I think you are right. Its not mine. Just one of the early prototype ones on display at a distro.

#984 3 years ago

So what's the target in the right outlanes for? I've asked before and everyone said it's gollum ball save thing if active but it seem that activates on the outline switch.

Is it for a multiball ball save like woz?

#987 3 years ago

Hey. What screw size did you use?

#1040 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

So I got a new high score for a skill shot yesterday. 25k! I hit all 4 rollovers again...I *think* it was timed with the roving light as well, but not sure. It was on my last ball.

Is it confirmed this the lights sequence score more?

I think it might be that if you complete a skill shot it's worth more the 2nd and 3rd time?

#1061 3 years ago

Will you have a new firmware to play with?

#1077 3 years ago

I watched another video on Youtube of TH. During into the fire between every scene you have to get the super jackpot (captive ball) to advance.
I heard Gandolf say "SUPER JACKPOT!!" and then thorin say 'READY'
It sounds so weird.
Do you think they forgot to get the Gandolf voice over guy to say "the super jackpot is ready"? Why would they hack 2 voices together

Edit: This is the video

Its 16 mins and 57 seconds in.
I think it might be Gandolf saying ready - but its still kinda hacked together.

#1080 3 years ago
Quoted from wolv3:

I thought I heard "super jackpot ready now"

Haha, I think that's gollum screaming Noooo.

Yeah, even if they trimmed it together closer it still would sound weird, because the same call out for when you get the super jackpot and the tone of his voice is different.

#1108 3 years ago

Yeah they haven't changed the woz design which was pretty horrible. Gotta bend the guide a little as above. If you google it there is a guide on how to do it but pretty self explanatory

#1114 3 years ago

To start a mode shoot the right ramp the one that is flashing RED with 'MODE'

If you have lock lit, it will lock the ball instead. However you can usually press the RING button on the lock down back and it will delay the lock shot and make the ramp a mode shot

#1163 3 years ago

Looks like 1.3x is coming out very soon

Lots and lots of stuff added in changelog, one of them being "+ Barrel Escape." and seems like they have another type of Multiball in there as well

#1165 3 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

What exactly needs to happen to kill smaug? I've read it somewhere, but can't find it now. Do just aim for all orange shots during SM and how do you know when to load windlance?

I believe you need 6 or so jackpot, then a super to advance to the next level/scene. There are 4 levels
After that you load the winlance and kill smaug with the upper flipper

#1167 3 years ago

I dont have the game.

But from examples like this video red is jackpot, blue is super.

Looks liek the first level you can just get 6 x of any jackpot but after that you need to get the 2 x orbit shots, 2 x ramps, and 2 x holes for each level before the ARF targets activate for supers.
Not sure if level 3/4 is even harder than that

#1168 3 years ago

What Flipper rubber colors are people changing too? What looks best?

#1172 3 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

On some occasions I get the spider to come up and then right back down - I know that it is a slight adjustment but not sure what. Can anyone give any details on the correction? Leaf switch adjustment I think?

Yeah its a switch adjustment
Check in tests that the head is not hitting the PF on the way up. If it does it goes back and forward really fast and registers a hit
I am pretty sure that every single time a beast goes up it registered a switch hit, but it is ignored for xx milliseconds.

#1178 3 years ago

Looks like 1.30 firmware has book mode multiball.
Looks like before you shoot a mode start you can shoot either orbit and virtual lock a ball. Then when you start the mode instead of being 1 ball, it's 2 or 3 depending on how many balls you lock

#1181 3 years ago

No. Check jjp Facebook for a link to a 2 hour twitch stream of it. Haven't watched much of it yet
Also Steve bowmen has some cool videos on his Facebook page too.
Seems like early adopters can get a kit, comes with the troll fix and new stronger Springs for the drop targets. Have people been having drop target issues?

#1188 3 years ago

Since there are some 1.30 videos on youtube already i dont think its meant to be a secret.

== Version 1.30 ==

=== Game Code

* More Into the Fire choreography.
* Improved Windlance choreography.
* Added Windlance awards 2x mode scoring, 2x playfield scoring, add-a-ball.
+ Barrel Escape.
* Arkenstone modes now properly restart after an add-a-ball event.
* REALLY scaled back Beast jackpot callouts.
* Mode won/ending fanfares unified.
* Fix Into the Fire stage 4 and victory lap lamps.
* Fix won modes not registering properly towards Arkenstone modes.
* Into the Fire scoring nerfed.
* Correct some stale blinking lamps.
* Defeat of Azog made a bit easier and higher scoring.
* Update mode hexicons.
* Ring Button can now be used during initial entry.
+ Book Mode Multiball. Adjustments control how many "easy" locks player
gets (light when Smaug locks light), and how hard it is to win points
and extra balls during Treasure Hunt.
* Fix drop targets popping back up after being hit during skill shot.
* Poppers hold off during extra ball and replay animations now.

=== Core Code

* Start button only shows Credits 0 if in attract mode now (not in-game).
* With SLOW restart set, game can be restarted on ball 1 with max players.
* Match awards credits now if interrupted by start.

#1202 3 years ago

Who is going to be the first person that gets into Barrel Escape!

#1204 3 years ago

So just to confirm since barrel escape wasn't in there before... You must COMPLETE into the fire before you can start barrel escape?
Of youbdont complete into the fire you have to qualify the mode again and start from the start?

#1208 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballer0415:

Barrel Escape was not in the code before. You don't have to beat Into the Fire to qualify Barrel Escape. So anytime you played Into the Fire twice in the previous code, that would have equated to Into the Fire and Barrel Escape in the new code.
To qualify Barrel Escape, you must do the following AFTER playing Into the Fire:
1. Start Smaug MB
2. Start Beast Frenzy
3. Start Feast Frenzy
4. Beat 1 mode (maybe 2 not sure, but probably a difficulty setting)
5. Advance to Erebor (shoot enough spinners)

So you can get into the Fire - drain the balls, and qualify for Barrel escape by doing those 5 things? makes sense I guess...wonder if there is a reward for completing the Arkenstone modes (towards another wizard mode).....Or if the Final wizard mode will be...complete all 3 arkenstone modes, and all 31 normal modes. That would be like....a 2 hour game

#1212 3 years ago

Not saying you would want to drain the ball, im just saying that im a little surprised that you don't need to complete it to move on. But yeah, i guess they don't want people stuck in a loop playing the same Arkenstone mode over and over again.

I am pretty sure that Keith said that the final wizard will require all 31 modes, and without getting into details the ORDER in which you complete the modes would affect (possibly make easier) the final mode? I cannot find the post so I might talking BS.

Hey Rob, after starting a mode with 2 balls, the mode finsihes and there is a 'treasure hunt?' can you start another mode while you still have 2 balls or do you need 1 ball to drain to start the next?

#1215 3 years ago

I guess that will make the modes a bit easier and quicker to go through!

i found the post. Only took me 20 minutes. Off the JJP forums. Was in April last year


Similar to how you can do the 6 LOTR Ring modes in any order, and start the Movie MBs in any order, all of the top-end stuff can be done in any order as well. The 31 modes can be started in any order (provided you have the requisite qualifiers), but there will be reason to play them in certain orders should you choose to try to do so.

The 3 "arkenstone" modes will be played in order.

Then there will be the mode for finishing all 31 modes.

The the final final mode.

So, in some ways linear, others not so much. Maybe better to think of it as a whirlpool.


#1237 3 years ago

Smaug MB....
You get a certain amount of jackpots, and then the Super is lit
get Super and it advances to the next stage.

I think there are 4 stages
After that you are in Laketown and Smaug is f**king up the town
The Insert (load windlance) will be flashing purple i think.
you shot right ramp, it load winlance (you should be cradeling the ball on the left flipper if you can.
Press button and it chucks the ball int the right orbit
then it rolls down and you have to hit 1 (pretty sure its 1) Dwarf drop. That finishes it.
Its a special mode. You feel like the instructions on what to do towards the end of the MB should be in the middle of the screen.
I did it yesterday for the first time but only knew after watching lots of footage online.

#1246 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballer0415:

Pretty much correct. After hitting the ramps, spinners, and holes enough times, the MAN targets will start to flash. You then must hit any of the MAN targets, which then lights ARF targets. Hit any one of those to to destroy SMAUG some more. Then MAN targets will be flashing again so hit those and then the two ARF targets that you didn't hit will be lit and you must hit one of those. Finally, you have to hit the MAN targets again, and the right ramp will light. Shoot the right ramp which diverts it to the left shooter. Press the ring button, and you must hit the stand up target that is flashing red (one of ARF stand ups). It is the only one with the drop target not up depicting his missing scale. If you hit any other target, you must repeat this final step of hitting the MAN targets and loading with right ramp and finally hitting the correct scale.
I just finished a game where I got to Into the Fire and Barrel Escape three times each. Killed Smaug once, but missed the final scale shot 5 times on my second attempt to kill him. This game is so intense!

Massive score.

Did you finish any arkenstone modes those 3 times each? I got into the part of barrel escape yesterday that you need to shoot 10 or so pics. And the way you do it is to shoot the ramp.. The divertor goes down and the ball doss a uturn ans you need to smash the orc. So doing that 10 times during multiball is just 1 stage! I got down to 2 more hits and lost the ball.

Wonder if people cannot progress and when code is done if Keith will allow people to continue like in LOTR.
Would almost be like cheating.

Has anyone finished either mode yet?

1 week later
#1362 3 years ago

Is the wire form the same as the previous one just with that little rail there on the left?

edit: as in, did they change anything else to affect the ball bouncing? If so, then what would be the issue with the post? The bouce of the rubber versus the metal rail?

#1377 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I don't own hobbit. But I get the reasoning for charging for the wireform and have no problem with it. It could be worse, could have to pay for a color rom for the display

Or getting the left wireform coded out in the next update

#1466 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

Why get in line at all? Just buy one of the many that are available now on Pinside and other places.

arent there heaps of people that bought it for $500 ~$1000 less and weeks away from shipping that are offering their spot at the original price?

#1526 3 years ago

How many games do owners play in a row before moving to another pin or switching it off?

With the new multiball in modes do people feel fatigued after a long game?

#1529 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

This is a great post to read. I don't own hobbit, but from the dozen games I played, and from reading threads, it just seems the modes/game seem like one gigantic redwood tree to chop down. Glad to hear that's really not necessarily the case. Sounds like it's not too bad getting barrel escape and ITF; does the game score adequately for achieving those modes? And can you progress through modes while in those special modes?

Arkenstone modes are isolated. Cannot do anything but those modes while in it.
Cannot start them when in a mode or multiball either.

AFIAK you don't get any points for starting an arkenstone mode. And you don't need to do well in beast/feast frenzy or smaug multiball to qualify. So you can get into an arkenstone mode with a really low score as long as you are doing the 5 things required.

#1541 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballer0415:

then the player must hit a MAN target and reload the right ramp and try to hit the missing scale..

Didn't realise the reference! So good

#1588 3 years ago

Pretty sure they are making up to 1500 SEs even though they said there was 2 months or so to order, distributors can order them now still I believe.
Can't blame them...

1 week later
#1692 3 years ago

Keith already posted about considering this. Possibly though ring button

#1693 3 years ago

Got my hobbit finally. Yay.

Came in really good condition. Hardly anything needing attention. Was surprised that the caution writing on back box was NOT a sticker. Was like woz, printed on the wood.

Ok. So I need help dialling it in.

The winlance kickback. In test mode I put a rubber and staged the ball manually. about 1 in 5 times it hit the black rubber instead of the orbit. It's this acceptable? Anyone got it working 100 percent of the time?

The ball spin off the ramps left and right is causing the ball to spin to the right on exit. On the left ramp the ball will jump over the sling shot rubber ans got to left flipper. The right ramp will go straight down the right outlane! Little annoying to get the cheap drain. How do you fix and eliminate the spin?

#1701 3 years ago

Found these after 1 day of use on bottom of pin . Easily found where the plastic screws went. The other one was on the sub magnet. Anyone know where it goes?

20160824_175018 (resized).jpg

#1704 3 years ago

Not concerned about the plastic screws. As you mentioned they go on drop target banks. The other one.....

#1721 3 years ago

Another screw found on top of pc chassis.
I thought it might comes from the beast mech but it seems that all 4 x beach mechanical have 1 screw missing and doesn't look like the wood has ever been threaded. Is this normal?

Also missing is 1 x screw hole for 2 x VUKs. Is this normal?

And 1 x beast mech flasher screw was also never put in. Not a biggy on this one.

So.... No idea where it goes

20160825_145059 (resized).jpg
20160825_144811 (resized).jpg
20160825_144755 (resized).jpg
20160825_144742 (resized).jpg

#1767 3 years ago

Software question. What's the deal with the mode 'the bait'
It asks you to hit the right ramp or right orbit. But it keep the 2 x beasts up so you can't hit make the shot. If you hit the beats it makes a sound but nothing happens. I think I hit the beasts 3 times each. At some point when there is 5 seconds left 1 of them went down but don't know what triggers it.

#1771 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

You have to drop the blocking beasts by hitting the left ramp or left loop. That will drop a beast for a bit and give you a shot the hit the previously blocked shot. It is tough. The beast will come back up shortly, so best to bring a multiball into this mode.

Left ramp then right ramp should be easy enough. I can't hit the orbits or holes to save my life so this mode will never be complete for me!

Also noticed that visually there is no difference between an attempted mode and a completed mode. They both have the yellow Border. Wonder if that means that for the final mode you just need to attempt 31 modes... And maybe complete the 3 x Arkenstone modes..... And not actually complete all 31

#1794 3 years ago

Does anyone know what the ring button does during Arkenstone modes?

#1800 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Try as I may, under pressure the Warg is impossible to hit at times...for me.

Try traping ball and backhanding.

Quoted from koops:

I recall seeing an extra figure on the barrels in earlier promotional material.
On my Le I only have a single barrel rider figure.
I assume this is normal and hasn't fallen off somewhere?


#1807 3 years ago

Question on daily high scores.

Are they on a daily 24 hour rolling bases? or do they reset at at midnight?

Is there anyway to temporarily make the daily high score list 10 players instead of 3?

#1831 3 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Anyone else having this issue? The ball comes down the right wire form and as it drops through onto the play field it gets just enough spin on the ball to spiral up out of the inlane into the outlane? Happens maybe 1 out of 10 times......Any thoughts?

I moved the wire form over to the right a couple of Mil so it doesn't grip the rubber as much. Made it 1/50 instead of 1/10. Still annoying

#1842 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Hi there fellow Hobbitists. Just popping in to say my Smaug is on the truck from my distro. I have nothing more to add. I am pretty psyched. Sorry for boring post, but have been itching to post something Hobbit related since I ordered 2 years ago.

Well worth it. Enjoy

#1884 3 years ago

Hows everyone going with Arkenstone modes?

I've almost finished both (last stage).
I find it a LOT easier when there are 2~3 balls.
5 balls is good for the first stage of into the fire, but after that, or even to hit the SJ to advance to the next its quite hard.
I think after the initial ball saver has expired there is a ball save down the right outlane which lasts about 5 seconds each time.

Would be nice if that ball save was maybe activated in stage 3 since it doesn't make that much difference atm.

Or....maybe I just need to get better at playing

#1889 3 years ago
Quoted from Jeekayjay:

Anyone else ever hit the right ramp only for it to be diverted to the wind lance and drain?
It's happened a couple times but I forget to take note of the mode.
I heard "shoot the right ramp" so I did, and it drained.

I remember this being an issue with earlier firmwares, but never happened to be on 1.31 for me
I think it might have happened to Steve bowden on the live stream at the JJP factory

I've seen the 'LOAD ARROW' insert lit and the ball draining. Not sure why it was lit - feast frenzy was going and it was Purple.

#1895 3 years ago

Its been 1 month since 1.31, and 6 weeks since 1.30P
So 1.40 shouldn't be too far off if previous update lengths are anything to go by.

#1900 3 years ago

For those that have installed the beast fix:
All 4 of my beasts had to be adjusted as they where registering false hits due to a tiny bit of the beasts hitting the edge of the beast fix.
So i moved the switch back a little to allow a tiny bit of vibration.
However now its not registered backstabs at all.
Before I spend some time playing with this - have people got backstabs working with the beast fix THEY installed?

#1903 3 years ago

Yeah as long as it registers proper backstabs I guess thats ok. There is a mode where you have to hit the right orbit and as soon as you hit it the spider pops up.... and the ball smashes into the back of it and completes the mode. Really satisfying for some reason so gotta get that working again.

Which Bracket are you bending exactly? I have a little issue with the back of the Spider hitting the edge of the wood slightly. The Mech is designed a bit weird that the 2 x shafts wobble a little, so not sure what I should be bending or if it is just sitting on the wrong end of the wobble if that makes sense.

#1910 3 years ago
Quoted from tatapolus:

What a great machine. I am really having a blast playing it and most of my friends and family (who normally are not so much interested in pinball) love it.
My only disappointment so far is that killing Smaug isn't really great. It just happens by accident. Spoiler: ... I know that I have to hit the single lit dwarf target with a shot from the kickback. But this just doesn't work. I wish it would be more like killing the witch in WOZ. Maybe they could stop the crazy Smaug multiball once you get close and drain all balls. And then you get two balls back in play and have to hit Smaug similar to the witch. As Smaug is flying a rotating /moving drop target would be a nice target for the final shot. What do you think.
Once I killed Smaug the final scene is missing quite some sound effects and / or music. It's so quite. When he's hitting the ground there should be sth besides the shaker rattling the cab. Or is there something wrong with my software? I guess not.

Great ideamaybe disable beast multiball in last stage. Make the qualifier to hit the orbit Shot and maybe temp hold the ball while you load the win lance. Only issues is the more balls you have the harder it is.

I've finished the mode twice. Once was on purpose. 1 was completely by accident.

#1934 3 years ago

Which cable controls the entire GI?

I've been lifting up my pf a lot for tweaks. Today the GI went off. Ans then on again a second later.
Happened everytime I lowered and raised the pin.
Is it that mini USB cable?

#1944 3 years ago
Quoted from Tastysirloin:

Does anyone have a fix for this problem as my HOBBIT SMAUG has the same problem as it doesn't even get the ball onto the playing field it so weak .

Check AA thread. Your playfield Is sitting a little bit to the right and the plunger is hitting the auto plunger on the way through.

#1954 3 years ago

It will be hard to get the balance right with multiballs. Right now I feel like the best way to qualify for an arkenstone mode is just to keep Smaug multiball going for as long as I can and almost everything will automatically qualify. Obviously its a shooter game with the detailed modes it feels like too many things can happen on their own.

Keiths idea was to be able to end beast multiball after a certain amount of time, or after cashing in some super SJs?

I think in its current mode state MODE multiballs are needed, because some modes are just too hard. Sometimes I have 1 ball, and the mode tells me to hit 4 different things. When I hit the 4th I think I'm done with 15 seconds on the clock, and then it tells you to hit the yellow targets. I cannot make 9 shots in that time. especially when 6 are on the edge of a flipper.

I know i will memorize all 31 modes over time, but it would be nice to be able to see maybe a difficulty rating on the book before the mode starts so I know if i should be concentrating on bringing in a mode lock, or if I should just start the mode.

#1968 3 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Concerning MBs...
My general impression with this game is you almost need a 'spotter' to tell you what to be shooting at. I can look up and read the book during modes a lot of the times but during MB forget it. Additionally, I've noticed that there really isn't the needed info a lot of times on the book for Smaug MB and Into the Fire (never been to Barrel Escape yet). I think I finished the first stage of Into the Fire last night but couldn't really tell for sure and quickly drained when I was trying to figure out what was next. At least some call outs would be very helpful.

Most of the time during the mode you don't need to real the screen. Just shoot the flashing SCROLL insert. I guess it gets confusing when you need to shoot a ramp and all targets are flashing to add value. Maybe Keith can change the color to flash white instead of the orange color.

For smaug. They cannot give instructions on the little screen as you can stack a mode with smaug.
You just keep shooting the arrows until the SJ is ready. I agree that it needs more verbal instructions.

For Arkenstone Modes instructions are in bottom right of screen. I am guessing they might add more instructions on the little screen but remember that arkenstone modes are still 'new' and maybe a little unrefined.
Barrel escape is the same as ITF

#1979 3 years ago

1.35p firmware to be shown at open house tomorrow

#1983 3 years ago

That's the arkenstone. Could be wrong but doesn't have a real function yet. Possibly could be the indicator for the final mode when it's in there. Right now I think it's just for lighting effects.

#2011 3 years ago

There is no Battle of the 5 armies in 1.35.
1.35 is an update that concentrates on Mode scoring. You can chain modes together that are related to each other, get bonus for finishing them early, and also for being on the map (spinner map) at the same place or furthur then where the scene takes place.

How is the right VUK acting for people? Whenever an Arkenstone mode is light i really struggle to get the shot. The ball usually gets there by accident. This is because if i actually shoot for it, a perfect shot seems to pop out. im at pitch 7.5 so I cannot really dial down the flipper strength as its already lower than default. The left VUK metal is just metal. The right VUK has the Blue rubber on it. Has anyone taken this off of modified it?

#2058 3 years ago
Quoted from yonizzell:

I just got mine on Saturday. I thought the little book lcd was supposed to tell you what is going on, but it seems to display stuff that's irrelevant to what's going on in game play. Can anyone tell me what the little lcd is for?

Mode instructions. If a mode isn't active its just a book and each page is the mode that will start when you shoot mode ramp

#2090 3 years ago

Wonder if anything can be done about failed kick backs. The switch is super close to the coil. So a fast ball has no chance of being there when the coil shoots.
If it happens during multiball... It's no big deal... There are plenty of add-a-balls. But when it happens when there is only 1 ball in play it's quite Annoying.

Maybe if there is only one ball in play. If the ball drains when kick back is active then

1. if there are no switch hits before the ball through opto is hit
2. within a certain time like 2 seconds

it should kick out another ball

#2095 3 years ago
Quoted from koops:

Anyone recognize this spring?
Found it last night sitting on top of my lock down which was on the floor below the coin door.
I'm guessing it would have to have been something from the lower end of the playfield but there is no other springs of this style that I can find.

It's a beast mech flap spring
If all 8 are there, it might be a spare. I found one near to the right of the Balin hole when I opened my machine, just randomly there

#2104 3 years ago
Quoted from Glarrownage:

Hey guys, not an owner yet but I'm really happy with my Woz and have become more interested in TH recently. I've had a chance to play it a few times at shows but with York coming up, I was hoping you guys can help me out. In order to get a good feel for any game, I have to have a basic understanding of the rules and employ some sort of strategy. Now, I've watched a ton of video on it and of course there is far more code than I'll ever get to see at a show. However, I was hoping some of you guys could give me a super basic strategy in order to see what TH has to offer in a very limited time frame at the upcoming York show. I guess I'm asking for the "guest" strategies, as in whatever you would tell a friend to do if he stepped up to the game. Any advice would be appreciated!

The goal at the moment is to get into arkenstone modes. There are 2. Will be 3 soon.

I posted this video a couple of days ago but here it is again. I think it's fun Aiming to complete these 5 objectives ad it gives a good mix of what to shoot for

#2115 3 years ago
Quoted from RavenBlackthorn:

Just for clarification--you repeat this same process to qualify all three of the multiballs?

Correct. And you don't get credit for finishing an objective twice if you haven't started an arkenstone mode. But it will of course save your progress of the 5 objectives so in the past I have started barrel escape about 1 minute after finishing into the fire because I was so close to completing the objectives a 2nd time.

If you are struggling with modes just try and choose 'one ring'
Its the hexagon with a picture of someone holding a ring zoomed in so you can only see a bit of his fingers. Top middle.

#2120 3 years ago
Quoted from dmesserly:

Is there any indication from Keith or JJP that Hobbit will have an overall wizard mode that combines the rake stone modes and other stuff? Sort of like Valinor? Didn't see anything on the ruleset schematic on the Hobbit ruleset thread.
Not that I would ever see it.

People asked Keith and his response was that he wouldn't put a date on it and updates would come out quickly (like they have been)

I'm guessing we are 2 big updates away. 1.40 for battle of the 5 armies. 1.50 for 1 for super wizard mode. And then after that it's just polish

#2146 3 years ago

1.35 might have just been an update for the stream....might only be internal and be bundled with 1.40

#2152 3 years ago

At one point I wasn't liking playing the game without knowing what the end goal was. Even if I didn't have a chance to get there it still feels good on LoTR when I get 4+ gifts of the elves.
But now I just concentrate on trying to finish arkenstone modes which is bloody hard.

#2155 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I think that mode completion bonuses and some sort of fanfare when a mode is completed will change the game completely.
Something as simple as hearing gold coins drop to let you know you have accomplished something along with a call-out.
Right now completing modes needs to be more rewarding and the rewards have to vary a bit to match the elf, dwarf, or man sections for a sense of real accomplishment.
This will bait players into completing modes, especially novice players.
The game is an incredible rush! But, I think it needs to be more than achieving the 3 mini wizard modes on the way to the final mode.
Meaningful audible cues are important.

You want mode completion bonus?
1.35p will make you cream your pants. Timer bonus, Map bonus and associated mode bonus. 3 Levels of bonus. And you can string/stack the Associated mode bonus together.
I think the sound for completing a mode is pretty good at the moment, sounds like an angel coming down and giving you the Rune

I hope the had some more shaker stuff. I was just playing my Star Trek and when you hit a shot in a mode it gives a quick strong shake. It feels so damn good. In the hobbit the shaker is there, but it only shakes when multiball is starting and possibly in some other areas....but its so weak that you forget its even in there.
If they don't want to shake the game too much maybe they should make it optional?

#2170 3 years ago
Quoted from koops:

I had this occur about twice in about 100 games. In the past week I had to remove the main ramp to bend the flaps back. In doing so I had to remove both ramp wireforms. After putting them back i've experienced the ball looping out every single game :\
I think it definitely has to do with the last post that holds each ramp. I have some very detailed historical photos from when it worked perfectly so i'll refer to them to see if I can get it right again.

It was happening to me every game. Sooooo annoying. I tried bending it in so many ways but it still happened once in a while. I just gave up in the end an put a tiny tiny bit of blu-tac (not sure what's it's called in the US) on the end of loop. The ball hits it and goes straight down. Hasn't gone to out lane once in 2 weeks.

1 month later
#2446 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Heads up, looks like another code update is coming soon, possibly next week. Code update is mainly for adding Pindemption to TH but it's also supposed to contain bug fixes and some other minor things.
Here's my wish list for things I would like to see added to the game with future updates
1. Super wizard mode for completing everything (rumored to be coming, Keith also mentioned it long ago)
2. More Smaug callouts and use of the Smaug toy in book modes, also fire lighting affect on playfield when he breathes fire
3. Award for completing the sets of man, elf, and dwarf book modes. Example, completing all man book modes awards say a multiplier, multiball, points, etc.
4. Some type of status screen that shows total game progress similar to the ones in WOZ.

1. Its coming. I think Keith something like, finish Smaug, play all modes, and finish all 3 wizard modes. Wizard modes will also have save states
2. David Theil said there might not be more call out as the other stuff he says is unrelated to the pin
3. ...
4. I believe Keith said the whole purpose of the layout of the screen is that there will be no status screen. No if they where to add a super wizard mode with say, 6 qualifiers, they will have to somehow fit it on the screen.

#2483 3 years ago

So does anyone have a machine with a number less than 10?

1 month later
#2702 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I agree, I would like to see Beast Multiball and Feast Mulitball fleshed out a bit more and then only be playable by themselves. Smaug MB could then be played as its own mode.

Me too! The jackpot call outs are important in smaug and when beast starts you cannot really differentiate the two.
Keith said he might add a way to stop beast after you hit a super.

Quoted from freddy:

seriously? what more can they do?
you have the book, color changing lights indicating shots to be taken,huge TV showing whats going on(all around the video )and shows what modes you started and completed. not to mention Gandalf telling you what to shoot for.

The colour is brown. I suites the pinball but it doesn't stand out.
Not every single mode has the call outs on what to shoot for.

1 week later
#2773 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Finished with the next update? I kept hearing rumors about two more updates. Its been a couple months since the last update so hopefully soon.
Hoping for...
1. Wizard mode for beating everything
2. Mode / reward for beating the sets of the man, elf and dwarf book modes
3. More Smaug callouts
4. Ability to turn off Beast, Feast and Smaug multiball stacking

Don't forget

5. Checkpoints for Arkenstone modes so you continue if you play it again.

1 week later
#2839 2 years ago

Bone flippers looks weird but that's just my taste.

Quoted from Vyzer2:

I love this game but.....I wish that Keith would program a different "avenue" to each of the main 3 arkenstone modes, instead of rinse and repeat to get to each one. The 32 modes are all different and offer all kinds of different shots to complete each one. Keith is masterful at coding and he didn't disappoint on creating so many different modes. But qualifying for an arkenstone mode needs something.....different. Besides a lot of the suggestions others have offered, at the very least would like to see the arkenstone modes stay lit after having played it.

Doubt that will get changed. Needs to be easily enough to get into them multiple times because because Keith said he will add checkpoints so you can continue them like in lotr.
Hopefully the final wizard mode qualifiers will add enough rules to change the you play.

2 weeks later
#2920 2 years ago

light boards are RBG, so if 1 of the 3 signals is flakey it will change colour. My Star trek did this and it was just a loose connector

#2922 2 years ago

if that doesnt work press down a little on the LED a little and have a look to see if it changes above the pf,
as it might be a cold solder joint

1 week later
#2958 2 years ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

so, aint' we about do for a code update.1.94 has been done over 2 months now. why the wait?

I think they don't want to release the update with the sound pop issue fixed.
Thats what they mentioned anyway.

I'm sure there will be other stuff in there as well.

2 weeks later
#3015 2 years ago

Yep. Its hard to hit shots when 5 balls are flying around but BE and BOTFA are just beast hit frenzies.. Hit 5 beasts, now 10! now 15! now 20!

Wish it was a little more like the 3 x LOTR movie multiballs. Not sure if its possible with the playfield layout.

Anyways, what this game really really needs is a final goal. Kill Smaug, super JP in Beast frenzy, finish xx amount of modes, finish all 3 arkenstone modes. At least it will be something to aim for.

3 weeks later
#3141 2 years ago

How do you properly test it though without starting a game? Since the post needs to be up so its in the exact position

5 months later
#3798 2 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

ยป YouTube video
Here's one of the smaug tutorials that helped me greatly.

Hey awesome video
There is another one on how to get into arkenstone modes.

2 weeks later
#3874 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Great discussion guys about the rules, learned some good tips! Thanks.
Here's hoping that we see another code update drop around Expo.

I wish. But with JJP wanting to impress with JJP4 I am guessing its been all hands on deck with that as a priority, a then Hobbit final code will come after that.

#3876 2 years ago

Yeah, confirmed reveal in 2 weeks
I believe in the same fashion as dialed in.
Why do you think Keith has finsihed up Hobbit?

6 months later
#4637 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Thanks. Keith said he would be talking to those guys in a half hour at that point so should be able to listen to the podcast somewhat soon.

Yes, we talked about the Hobbit code a decent amount. Whats changing, what is being redone, wizard mode, etc.
Interview is almost 2 hours because we talk ALOT. It will be up on http://head2headpinball.com on Monday morning/afternoon US time

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