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Hobbit Owners Thread

By Eryeal

4 years ago

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#3176 3 years ago

I still get sound static and volume changes during call outs even with ground loop isolator. Is this normal?

#3178 3 years ago

Gotcha, thanks.

#3179 3 years ago

Obvious new Hobbit LE owner here. Another question/concern. I'm trying to get the right playfield angle (6.5-7 degrees). I am using android apps (I know I'm supposed to get the pro tool, but haven't). I found that after a month I am having a really hard time hitting the spinners, thus can't make it to Erebor. Level is fine (I already had a good real level). So I thought maybe it had settled since I have carpet. I rechecked and was now at 5.9. So jacked up the back. To get even close to 6.5, I find that I'm almost to the end of where the legs will go. Could this all be from settling? Or is this what you guys have yours at? I may have to bite the bullet and get a good clinometer.

#3183 3 years ago

Wood blocks and a Craftsman digital level/incline device fixed it. I'm at 6.8/6.9 and plays much better. Also, put it at 5 balls per game to help out. I've gotten barrel chase once. I hate it when it is lit and can't hit the hole! Love this game!

3 weeks later
#3334 3 years ago

Darkknight what are you talking about? There are tons if callouts. And the lighting is unique to modes. I know I'm in Moon Runes when it looks like moonlight and the diverter goes slamming down sending my ball at me. I know I'm in Riddles by the blue lights. I know I'm in bait when those two mechs block the entire right side of the playfield. My kids love the call outs and yell them out in random situations in public. "He says we'll blunt the knives!" I think Hobbit light show is spectacular and far brighter than WOZ which looks dark when sitting next to TH. As far as after market sales...I bought my Hobbit to play, not to sell. It ain't leaving. Make sure you are running 1.9 code. Can't wait to see what later code will be. I'm not into the beta testing, so holding out for next official release. If you aren't enjoying the game and feel the need to sell, well sorry about that. I think you always need to count on depreciation with any purchase. As for me, I've never had an experience like I get from this game. To each there own.

#3361 3 years ago

Made it to Five Armies for the first time last night. It was epic! Almost got Smaug, too. But balls drained when it was time to load windlance. AARGH! What a fun time.

2 months later
#3752 3 years ago

Almost completed into the fire, got to third stage of Barrel Chase, missed the kill shot on Smaug...one heck of an epic game! I love this game. Just a shout out to fellow owners, I know this game gets some hate on here, but this is one purchase I don't regret. I've had it since March and no major issues except it continues to kick my butt. I'm sure my next 20 games will stink, but an epic run like tonight keeps me coming back. I hope you all love it like I do. Makes me feel like a kid again, and for me, that is what pinball is all about.

3 weeks later
#3776 3 years ago

My Goblin head after a number of plays will slowly be moved to the side to the point where it impedes the ability of the mech to go up and down. I have to take the glass off and physically push the head to the right. I guess it is a little loose. My question (and afraid of the answer) is to tighten the head, do I need to remove the entire mech?

1 week later
#3796 3 years ago

That's a good video on how to kill Smaug. But still doesn't stop me from missing the shot and watching the ball drain my dreams away. I have my Hobbit right next to a LOTR and in my opinion, killing Smaug is harder than destroying the ring.

2 weeks later
#3858 3 years ago
Quoted from mima:

Four Smaug multiballs, and at the start of the fifth (that you start slightly different) you kill Smaug

Just wanted to clarify: To kill Smaug you have to start Smaug Multiball. Then there are I think 4 or 5 stages to complete each ending with a super jackpot shot. The next to last stage has you hit the Man targets then Dwarf target bank (which are lit red) back and forth as lit until complete. Then you are on last stage to Kill Smaug. To do this you have to load the wind lance by hitting the right ramp. Hit the button to fire the wind lance that sends the ball to the right loop. When this happens, two of the dwarf targets will stand up with an opening between them. You have to use the upper right flipper to hit the stand up target (red flashing light) between the two drop targets to kill Smaug. This symbolizes the missing scale on the dragon that exposes his only weak spot. Then something awesome happens...and then you'll hear the best 3 words ever and then game resumes. There is a great Youtube video that demonstrates this and he even tells when to stop the video if you don't want to spoil the ending. I think it is linked in this forum topic somewhere, but I'm sure you can google it easy enough. Hope that helps.
Also, if your multiball ends, the next time you start multiball you pick up where you left off...i.e it saves your progress. So doesn't matter how many mutliballs you start...you just need to advance through all the stages to the end where you get to take your shot. If you miss, you can hit the MAN targets to allow you to reload the wind lance.

FYI killed smaug for the second time the other night...and it was epic. Had crazy Beast Frenzy going at the same time and still not sure how I hit that shot.

#3861 3 years ago

OK Sbmania and others, I'll give it a shot to teach...the Hobbit. Because I love this game and want everyone else to love it like it like I do. If anyone wants to jump in and help, please do. If you want me to stop, let me know.

First rule to learning the Hobbit: "it takes time"

There is so much going on, it just takes time to learn it and then to continually alter your strategies to play it. All JJP games play great in community. So, I recommend having someone else with you when you play to help. There is so much info on two screens and the playfield that having someone call out the shots helps. My son and daughter helped me so much in calling out the shots by reading the screens for me so I know what to do. Also, the latest code update really helped make this easier.

Modes: The left ramp will turn the page of the book to change the available mode. Modes are qualified by hitting drop targets, ramps and holes. Hit the left ramp (Book will be lit) to turn the page to get a different mode on queue. Then hit right ramp (when MODE is lit on the ramp) to select it. THIS IS THE TIME TO READ THE RULES!!!! Once selected, the book will tell you what to do. Think of it as an instruction book. That is where the second set of eyes comes in handy. Some modes are one shot and others are pretty complex. Getting to know the modes helps with strategy towards achieving arkenstone modes. Harder modes are there for the challenge...I've gotten to where I am trying to beat certain modes. Kind of like side quests in an rpg on PS3/PS4 game.

Completing a mode gives you one gem towards an Arkenstone qualification. More on that later.

Arkenstone Qualification and mini wizard modes:

First, if you just hang out and watch the attract mode, the game will tell and show you all of this on the big screen...but you are here asking, so I'll give you the info.

There are 3 Arkenstone modes (one for each film) and they can only be played in order: Into the fire (itf), Barrel escape (be), and Battle of the Five Armies (botfa).

To qualify to play an Arkenstone mode you must do five things in any order:
1) you must start a Smaug multiball (only start it, not kill Smaug)
2) You must start Beast Frenzy
3) You must complete a Mode
4) You must advance the ring (party) to Erebor (by hitting the spinners several times)
5) You must collect all the dwarves

Your progress in all of these areas is represented on the 4 corners of the big screen. Upper left is Smaug. Lower left beast frenzy. Upper middle is Mode. Upper Right is Erebor. And Lower right is Dwarves. Once you complete one of the qualifiers, the blank gem fragment will turn to gold/yellow in its respective corner. See, that big screen serves as your progress map!

Once you qualify for an Arkenstone mini wizard, that light will start to flash. Then you have to hit either right or left hole to start the Arkenstone mode. There will be a bit of fanfare and then it will begin as a multiball. Each mini wizard mode has several stages and again the instructions are on the book...but also now on the screen (I think with the latest update). Also, with the latest updates, the shots are color coded. For example ITF has shots lit up in green, BE in blue, and BOTFA I can't remember because I've only been there once.

Once again, my advice is it takes time. It's okay to lose a ball because you are looking up to read the instructions. Better to lose one ball and learn the rules so that from then on, you are knowing what to do. That is why I think Hobbit shines in the HUO environment. Sure, there is a ton of lights and excitement to be had on location. But to really love it, you have to own it and invest some time. Get a wife, girlfriend, buddy, or kid to call out the shots and read the instructions. Set the game to 5 balls instead of three (many of us do, we just don't say it in public). Also, consider changing Extra game award to awarding an extra ball, since at home you are on free play anyhow. Play enough and you'll learn them by heart...until you progress to a new area and have to learn on the fly.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Next question?

#3863 3 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

and the game lights flashing red inserts like every other game

Actually, with 2.0 update, they are orange/gold colored.

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

the game also allows you to complete a mode while in a Multiball, but it's tough.

I sometimes find it easier to complete some modes while in Smaug multiball. Especially the ones that require a lot of drop targets like Riddles in the Dark. However, if you are in Smaug multiball, the Smaug lights will be up and the mode lights will not necessarily be lit. So, again, knowing the mode will help...or if you are like me, you'll just get lucky and complete a mode in Smaug multiball.

Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

How in the hell can you shoot precise shots during the multiball craziness!

On my second time I killed Smaug I saw the ball hit the target bouncing off a Beast and then was like "what the heck!" when my flippers stopped working and looked up and was then screaming "Heck Yeah! Die you Dragon!!!"

I've heard skilled players say that when you hit the last stage of Smaug multiball, to cradle a ball in the right flipper, then load the wind lance with the left. Then instead of trying to hit the target with the upper flipper, use the ball in the lower right flipper. It makes it an easier shot. My two kills were 1) upper right flipper and 2) ricochet from left flipper off Beast into target (because I'm that good...um...er...lucky!)

#3865 3 years ago

I'm going to add one more thing. If you haven't watched them (or not since you've gotten the machine), watch the movies again. Knowing the story kind of helps you understand and know your progression through the modes, multiballs, and wizard modes. You don't have to, but I think it helps and helped my enjoyment of the movies. And my daughter next to me calling out "Ball 1 locked, ball 2 locked, and MULTIBALL!" during the second movie was hysterical.

#3870 3 years ago

I really think that the value and perceived rank of The Hobbit will improve over time when more and more people spend time with it to understand it. It is the good and bad of a deep rule set.

#3887 3 years ago

Big FYI:

The 2.0 update included an option to shut off Beast Frenzy. To do this, you have to have to score a super jackpot during Beast Frenzy mode. When you hear Gandalf call out "Super Jackpot" hit the button and Beast Frenzy will immediately turn off. This is EXTREMELY helpful when trying to get through Smaug multiball or complete a mode.

#3888 3 years ago

Beat Into the Fire last week for the first time (made it through all the stages). So cool to get to take some victory laps. Spoiler alert: EAGLES!!!!

***not a spoiler alert if you've seen the films

1 week later
#3906 3 years ago

Killed Smaug again last night. This time I watched the playfield instead of the screen. I highly recommend doing this, once you've seen the screen once or twice. As Smaug dies, the lights on the playfield start slowly going out until they are all out, signifying his fire going out. Then all dark, then whoosh all back on at full power. Genius programming. The only thing missing is a callout when taking victory laps. A callout like Gimli's "SUPER JACKPOT! WHA HA HA HA!" Would be perfect.

#3909 3 years ago
Quoted from DadofTwins:

I believe it is even better then LOTR, can't believe I just said that!

Ditto. I have both and LOTR would leave first.

1 month later
#4062 3 years ago

I agree, 7 degrees is the sweet spot for Hobbit. The windlance fires into the right orbit above flipper probably 80 to 90% of the time. Also at this angle, it does not feel "floaty". Instead, it is fast! FYI, mine is on carpet and I had to put wood blocks under my back legs to get to 7 degrees because the game is so heavy it sunk into the carpet.

1 week later
#4079 3 years ago

Settings, turn on attract. Does not play constantly. Will play, then go quiet and then play again...like its trying to get your attention.

1 month later
#4186 3 years ago

Broke 3 million last night in an epic game. Started all 3 mini wizards and killed Smaug! Woohoo!

#4189 3 years ago

What is "critics cut"? And how did you get that awesome scroll message?

#4192 3 years ago

Seems to undo it, you would either choose another preset or just go to gsme settings and change the individual adjustments the way you want.

3 weeks later
#4230 3 years ago

I get what you're saying Goronic, and I hope that what you want happens, but look at LOTR. Qualify the mini wizard modes and play destroy the ring. If you miss the shot(s) then chop wood all over just to try again. And beat destroy the ring...well chop wood better to someday achieve Valinor. Do you think Keith is going to do something vastly different from his previous work? So, at this point, I'm just hoping for final Wizard or pair of Wizards, one for just starting all mini-wizards (a la destroy the ring) and one for actually beating them all(a la Valinor). All in all, as it is already, I enjoy Hobbit more than LOTR.

Editing because it seemed too negative. Believe me, I also want better integration of the modes into the game. Because I love so many of them...although I have much hate for The Bait..."Come and get me!!!!!"

1 week later
#4279 3 years ago

Superbowl party games played audits: America's Most Haunted 30, LOTR 20, and Hobbit just under 100. Hobbit was the clear winner. These are non-pinheads, mostly people from my Church and their kids. Don't believe the negativity, in the real world The Hobbit dominates.

1 month later
#4382 2 years ago

Looks like Hobbit is finally getting some well deserved love.

#4391 2 years ago

That's why I love The Hobbit. Best theme integration of any game. The pin makes you love the movies more. The movies make you love the pin more. And after watching the films after owning the pin, you'll understand the design of the modes so much more.

1 week later
#4454 2 years ago

"A defined way to kill Smaug"? There is one. There are like 6 stages to do it, each progressively more difficult. I love seeing the red lights appear knowing I'm one stage away from the kill shot.

And complete 3 modes plus Erobor plus Smaug plus Beast plus collect all elves seems a bit too much. I'd never get to Five Armies if that were the case. As it is I've only been to Five Armies 3 times and once was when I had it on 5 ball settings.

Some of you guys need to remember that pinball games need to appeal to every level of player, the novice, the mid level, and the expert.

#4470 2 years ago
Quoted from estrader:

How do I know if a machine I'm wanting to purchase has the 2.0 boards and what is the difference between 2.0 and the prior version. Thanks in advance for any info.

You don't have to worry about this on The Hobbit...they all have the same boards. Only have to worry about WOZ.

3 weeks later
#4565 2 years ago

Congrats on joining the club. Have had mine for over a year now and still love it. Watch the YouTube video on how to defeat Smaug, but don't watch the very end...save that part for yourself.

#4594 2 years ago

Played an epic game of Hobbit last night making it to the Five Armies (unfortunately Smaug survived my failed attempt to kill him along the way) with my daughter calling out the shots. It got me thinking. Do I really want this game to change with the code update? It does seem that once you make it past the Five Armies and have played all Arkenstone modes, there should be something else and then of course, a definitive Wizard mode for completing all Arkenstone modes and killing Smaug (+/- all modes...that would be a major undertaking). But I don't know if I want a change to the current ruleset that may change how Arkenstone modes are qualified, etc. I had a blast last night. I was setting things up to stack or not stack based on what I had left. I was locking two balls in Smaug and then starting an Arkenstone mode so that when it was finished, I'd only have one lock left (since they get progressively harder as you go). I think that what I'd like added is some different scoring potential. I guess when I feel I can master the game, then I can try to maximize the score. Right now, score doesn't really matter, I'm more focused on progression. I've only completed Into the Fire and have been one shot away from completing the victory laps. I've not completed Barrell Escape or Five Armies. So, right now I have plenty of goals left. Just some thoughts as I know a lot of people have said they wanted a change in the current ruleset. I thought I did, but after last night, no...I don't think I do. Just add a wizard mode and a Valinor-ish wizard mode for those who really want a lofty goal to achieve. In any case, this game is nothing but a great time. I've had it for over a year now, and it just feels so good to get into it and it is pure ecstasy to fall into the zone and have an epic game. Truly feels like a battle. Last night in Five Armies my daughter shouted, "now bash 20 beasts!" Holy smokes, I thought, that's a lot of beasts to kill...felt like I was fighting a war...or a battle for the mountain. This game truly puts you in the story.

#4600 2 years ago

I like the idea of completing a set of modes (Gandalf, man. Radagast, etc) and having a mini wizard mode. That would be awesome. As far as the same qualifiers for Arkenstone models, I don't mind it so much because it takes me more than one Smaug multiball to kill him. My big game only lasted about 30 min. I got to five armies but only had a 1.5 million score. Hate to tell you how quickly my Barrell escape drained. My Grand champ score is 3+ million. Not sure how long that game lasted, but my hands hurt so much I had to stop for the night!

#4607 2 years ago

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the music. Some of the modes have the most epic music to them. Sometimes I'll just play a mode for the music. As far as the multiple multiballs...I'm a fan. It does feel like a battle and chaos at times...and I love it. Sometimes I'm not in the mood, so I'll play another pin.

#4611 2 years ago

Interrogation for the WIN!!! "I freed his wretched head from his miserable shoulders." My kids beg me to play that mode.

1 week later
#4660 2 years ago

Am I the only one who doesn't really care about the score I get when I play The Hobbit? For me it is all about progression and the adventure game experience. I want to see how far I can get. Scoring incentives really don't get me hyped for new code. On other games, I play for high score, but LOTR and Hobbit are games that I want to COMPLETE. When I play Into the Fire, I'm trying to get through the mode, see those eagles show up, and nail those victory laps, etc. So, kinda not really excited about the direction Keith is taking The Hobbit. I don't think it needs score balancing/incentives. It needs rule changes that help integrate the modes into the experience/progression of the game. Just my two cents...for what it's worth.

#4670 2 years ago

I don't really advocate for calling out the shots with vocal cues. I think the book works well. Yeah, I may drain a ball looking at the book, but next time I know better. Games like Dialed In and especially Houdini annoy me with the "shoot the right ramp", "shoot the theater", etc. At first it is nice because you are new to the game...but after one or two games it becomes like nails on a chalkboard. Especially Houdini with that awful voice (my opinion not meant to start a Houdini debate on this awesome Hobbit thread). Unfortunately, I don't think we will see any change in game progression based on Keith's tone/attitude on the Podcast, but I will remain optimistic and can't wait to see what it will turn out to be. I like how Gandalf in the Hobbit only yells out a cue when time is running out.

#4707 2 years ago

I would respectfully disagree on the LOTR comparison above. I can easily get all 3 movie multiballs started and at least play Destroy the Ring just about every game on LOTR. I've beaten/completed both Fellowship multiball and Two Towers multiball. I just checked my audits and I've been to Battle of the Five Armies 4 times (1400 total plays, I'd say 80% are mine). You may say I just suck, but I'm the same player on LOTR and Hobbit...and I find the fact that Hobbit is a linear progression makes getting all the way through more challenging. I've still not completed all victory laps for Into the fire and have yet to complete Barrell Escape and BOFA. Those modes are seriously challenging. And for me, Smaug = Destroy the Ring in difficulty and excitement. I can get to both, but completing them is difficult. Can't tell you how many times I've drained one shot away from both Smaug and DTR. But killing Smaug and Destroying the ring never get old. LOTR is an adventure experience like none other, but Hobbit takes that experience and adds better music and film clips that takes it to 11. Both games are great, but Hobbit is no slouch for this non-tourney player.

#4710 2 years ago
Quoted from Vyzer2:

I dont know about that^^^^^^^^equating DTR and killing Smaug. DTR is what 6 or 7 shots compared to killing Smaug. I dont know how many shots that is but its more than DTR and you have to do it through the chaos of multiballs. I have completed DTR numerous times but only killed Smaug once in hundreds and hundreds of games (and still not 100% sure how it happened).

Oh, don't get me wrong, they are two totally different experiences and rules to complete. But, they are somewhat comparable within their respective games. My heart rate always jumps up a bit when I see those lights flash red in front of the targets, knowing that I'm in the last stage before I get to take my shot at Smaug! Plus, the fact that my record of DTR is 29 seconds shows that Smaug is definitely the longer and deeper of the two, for sure!

#4714 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Agree. Some type of award for beating 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 31 (super wizard mode as award) book modes would accomplish that in my opinion. Dialed In does that incredibly well by offering mid wizard modes for starting 6 and 11 modes. The Hobbit needs something similar for its book modes in my opinion.

That would be very cool, the idea of a mini wizard mode/reward for completing X number of modes. Much more enticing than a star. But unfortunately would require much more coding and not sure if there are enough assets left for it (who knows how much they have left to work with after all that is in there).

2 weeks later
#4729 2 years ago

I would rather they not touch Smaug multiball and work on other parts of the game. I know exactly where I am in Smaug because of the shots. If I hit one and it stays lit, I'm in phase 1. If I hit it and it takes the mirror image shot (right or left ramp, etc) to re-light it, I'm in stage 2. If I hit it and it goes out and nothing brings it back, I'm in stage 3. And when the targets go red...it's time to get serious!

1 week later
#4764 2 years ago

Congrats! I have a Hobbit sitting right next to a LOTR as well. They look nice together. They do play very similar, so be warned. However, I still get more of a rush from trying to defeat Smaug than I do trying to destroy the ring. Need to have victory laps or more of a pause after defeating Smaug. Seems like it just goes right back into gameplay. Need a moment to savor it.

3 weeks later
#4830 2 years ago

Very excited for next Friday!!! Can't wait to see what's new/different in the code update.

#4857 2 years ago

So, do I watch the Friday stream, or wait and experience it for myself? I think I'll pass on the stream...I want to hear the new call outs and see the animations without spoilers...then I'll watch the stream. Hopefully code will be released Friday as well? Either way...YIPPEE!!

#4917 2 years ago

I am an average player. Been to the five armies a few times. Defeated Smaug about 10 times. Completed Into the fire, but none of the other mini wizard modes. I've owned it for over a year and have never had a single hour long game. Maybe 40 minutes has been the longest...but it didn't feel long...it was epic. And there is a difference between the two. I've never played a game that gave me the same feel as watching the films. There are slow spots, modes that make you stop and think. Then there are chaotic multiballs that feel like a battle is raging on the playfield. The music, clips, callouts, and lights are phenomenal. Yes, I'm an owner, but this is an owners thread. I'm not ashamed to say that I love this game and it will be the last in my collection to go. Bring on the new code!

#4954 2 years ago

Did they say when the code will be available?

#4968 2 years ago

I also miss the louder Gandalf "MULTIBALL!" call out to start smaug multiball and miss Smaug talking to me after the game ends. Other than that, I am loving the new code. But my games are so much shorter as I'm trying to complete harder modes!

#5007 2 years ago
Quoted from JamesMxP:

I have a HUGE complaint about Into the Fire in the new update. The epic music on my game appears to be completely gone from the first stage and intermittent on the second stage. I didn’t realize how much I liked the music until it was gone, absolutely ruined Into the Fire for me.
Other than the voice callouts, all I hear is the new switch sound that kind of sounds like a lightsaber. PLEASE tell me there’s a setting adjustment I’m missing.
As suggested I returned the volume settings to stock, still gone.

Hmm...got into the fire a few times since new code and don't recall anything different except I think the "Super Jackpot is ready" callout is missing for Stage 1. I'll have to pay attention next time and see. If so, that would stink. Thanks for bringing it up.

#5017 2 years ago

Holy cow! I've started playing with the mindset of starting a mode whenever possible and keeping Beast frenzy going. Wow. Just had an epic game and only started 10 modes, but killed 86 beasts. Got to Barrel escape but Smaug escaped me. Someday I will finish Barell Escape, but I get so many SDTM's off the horseshoe ramp...but gosh I love that shot. I'm rambling, but man, I feel like I just opened this game NIB all over again!

#5049 2 years ago

Just a quick shout out to JJP. First, new Hobbit code is so great. I have been playing more and completing more modes than ever before. I love the new callouts, lights, sounds, etc. But, the greatest thing that I don't know that many people comment on is the ease of updating the code. The download from the site is fast. I insert it into the game and BAM! it's done. When I updated Stern SW code it took forever to download a multi Gig file and then wait forever for it to update when inserted. Essentially download overnight and then play other games while I wait for it to upload. On Hobbit, within 5 minutes I go from download to upload. So easy. Thanks JJP. I had forgotten how much better in every way you are than every other company. Get that POTC out and move quickly onto #5 because we need those sales to keep you in business for a long time. Pinball needs you! Thanks to the whole JJP crew!

#5086 2 years ago

Thanks Zach (and Chuckwurt), but I'm not peeking. I'm trying to get there myself. I can't seem to force myself to time out modes though...I just gotta play them. 31 modes...harder than it looks if you try to keep the ball going.

#5089 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I think they should change it to pause timers on trap up to make you hit something to continue the timers.
Two benefits here:
Makes getting to TABA harder
Allows the player to take time to look up and asses their current mode situation and better learn what to do in the mode.

Ted said they weren't going to do this.

And congrats on getting TABA.

#5107 2 years ago

2.96 has some bug fixes and removed the big dwarf horn sounds. Much more polished. Do it!

#5118 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Does the black arrow have any special video or animation on the screen, like the LE does?

LE doesn't have any special animation. Black Arrow does, similar to Smaug and RR WOZ. Just a little extra animation. Personally, I prefer the LE hammered bronze armor and art better than the black armor and BA art package. And don't really care for the black captive ball (hard to see). That is why I went with the LE. But it's nice to have options because we all like what we like.

#5138 2 years ago

Nah, I like the LE Art with all the characters better. Plus all kinds of little stuff in the background, like the trolls roasting the dwarves near the flippers. Plus have Bilbo and Gandalf on the head. If I want to see Smaug, he's in the center of the playfield. Plus, I prefer Red Smaug toy to Gold Smaug. But I will say the Smaug LE custom animation in attract mode is pretty sweet.

#5140 2 years ago

Best part #goronic is that they have the SAME playfield, SAME toys, SAME code, and SAME gameplay. So, get whatever aesthetic cabinet art you like but don't miss out on any features. Even the standard guys (are there any out there) get everything except shaker, glass, armor, and barrels. Plus, built like a tank. JJP for the win!

3 weeks later
#5190 2 years ago

arcade4all, I would reinstall your code fresh and go from there. Then, once that is working, you can run the delta update to 2.96.

#5208 2 years ago

FYI, Jack did cartwheels this morning!

2 months later
#5541 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Astonishingly, there don’t seem to be a lot of mods for this game. This is a shocker to me, because a) it could use a couple of little add ons, and b) there are tons of LOTR mods!

Larry's (flip n out) lockdown bar button plate with gold ring is a must for this game. And mirror blades look fantastic!

1 week later
#5584 2 years ago

Epic game! Played all three wizard modes, killed Smaug and set new personal best for Beasts killed, Modes played, and modes won. And then Smaug said, "Nice titles." Perfect touch to a great game. People who don't enjoy this for the epic adventure that it is are just missing out.

#5586 2 years ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Doesn’t he say “wonderful titles...” ? Or something like that? Either way, epic game!

Yeah, I think you are right. Either way, it surprised the hell out of me and my kids. This game has the greatest callouts. I always love hearing, "out of the frying pan...and INTO THE FIRE!"

#5589 2 years ago

In my opinion, I chose LE ove Black Arrow for the armor and cabinet art. I think the LE is the best overall aesthetic package. I prefer the red dragon, bronze armor, and cabinet art over the Smaug. But, that said, art is subjective. The game is the same for all...and is amazing! Get which one you like. Fyi, my LE had all the factory fixes and I bought NIB. I think it was mainly the Smaug's that needed them because they were first.

1 week later
#5656 2 years ago
Quoted from manadams:

Joined the club today, looks like I didn't get black flippers in mine so I'll have to contact my distributor about that. They put the ring button decal on very crooked, would like to try and re-stick it but afraid it will get screwed up removing it. The plunger spring is very weak, I'm guessing it's supposed to be that way. My first JJ so very excited.
[quoted image][quoted image]

On Hobbit plunger is very weak because the skill shots take a lot of finesse. Its supposed to be that way. Get rid of the ring sticker and get a ring and plate from Larry at Flip n out. Only "must have" mod for this game. Enjoy!

1 week later
#5751 2 years ago

Hobbit 3.0...wow! The lights! So much more light integration after the update. I lost 2 balls just looking around. THANK YOU JJP! I AM A FAN FOR LIFE. I loved the game since I bought it 18 months as go, but had no idea how much more amazing it would become.

1 week later
#5873 2 years ago

Resurgence of Sauron may be a lower tier mode, but I never pass on it because it has one of the best call outs to start: "Gandalf, what if it's a trap?"

"It is undoubtedly a trap."

1 week later
#5931 2 years ago

I have had no issues with 3.0. Never installed 2.97. Never did a beta, only official releases.

#5984 2 years ago

Wow. Was just having a great game and started Smaug multiball on progress towards arkenstone number two and during multiball start sequence, the screen went black, flippers went dead, and it rebooted. First time that has ever happened. Running 3.0.

#5989 2 years ago

Ted PM'd me and is working to look for any bugs.

2 weeks later
#6100 2 years ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

I really want to like this game and am thinking about trading my AFM SE for one this summer. However, after finally getting some time on the game I am completely lost. Does anybody have a particular walkthrough or video they would recommend above the others that does a good job of explaining the pin? It seems like a really deep pin that would hold up well in a small lineup... but I gotta understand the rules.

Look at some of my past posts. At post #3861 I gave a basic how-to on the Hobbit. Hope it helps.

2 weeks later
#6189 2 years ago

The family said the Hobbit looked lonely without a topper, so they surprised me with this!

20190109_211022 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#6316 2 years ago

WOW! Holy crap! I added a subwoofer to The Hobbit and I can't ever go back now. This is a MUST HAVE mod for this game! It is like when I went from stereo to surround sound in our home theater. It's that good. Okay...I'm done. Still waiting on the download to finish, then more Hobbit! Still my favorite pin.

3 weeks later
#6495 2 years ago

As I sit here watching the Desolation of Smaug with my daughter and both of us quoting all the callouts, I am now convinced that The Hobbit is my favorite pinball machine of all time. Just perfect.

1 week later
#6547 2 years ago
Quoted from screaminr:

I got a nib le and it had all the factory upgrades . I love the armour ( the best I've seen from a factory PIN ) and I love the artwork . Couldn't be happier , as long as it has the upgrades I think it's just a matter of choice which one you like the best .

I chose LE over BA for the armor and art as well. BA is just black armor vs the hammered bronze (or gold for Smaug). But as a fan of the movies I prefer LE art because has all the characters. But, whereas some (mainly non-JJP owners) complain about multiple versions, I like that I had a choice. I mean, bring on Yellow brick road WOZ, because I am not selling my beautiful ruby red! BA and LE all have the same upgrades from early Smaugs, just choose the one that you click with and don't look back.

#6554 2 years ago

BA owners keep saying guarenteed best production model when there is no difference between it and the LE except for cosmetics. C'mon guys.

1 week later
#6635 1 year ago

"Also, as far as moving these things, how hard is it really to take these apart for moving purposes."

It's very heavy...like 350+ pounds. All the weight is in the cabinet, so removing the head won't help. Get lifting help with friends or rent/borrow an Escalera or other type of self walking hand truck if stairs are involved.

1 month later
#6829 1 year ago
Quoted from CLEllison:

Shout out to Lermods. This back glass LED mod simply looks awesome, like this should have come out the factory this way. While it offers the option to get fancy with settings for flashing and speed of flashing, I find that distracting so I chose solid constant on.
[quoted image]

Looks nice. At one point was going to order these for all my JJP's, but on pictures it looks like it is almost too bright compared to the upper part of the backglass. Seems to create a bit of an abrupt transition. In person, does this look seemless, or does it look like two levels of brightness?

#6836 1 year ago

I've played them all, but Hobbit is still my favorite JJP.

1 month later
#7006 1 year ago
Quoted from gordonshumway:

Can one of the multi-million scorers comment on how to get the spinner shots down? I hit it periodically, I try to make the shot, but never even come close. I have the road map to success, but find what to do, in what order also very tough. Wish there was a "Hobbit for Dummies" book...

Practice. Once you get it down, it's one of the smoothest orbits you will ever hit. Also, add machine oil (just a drop) on each side of the spinners. Gets you to Erebor faster and just feels, sounds, and looks great when you RIP them.

2 weeks later
#7076 1 year ago
Quoted from Boatshoe:

Anyone ever have their beast mechs squeak or squeal?
My spider "screams" as it goes up. I can't quite figure out what the issue is. I think the metal Spider pop up housing might be rubbing against the metal case attached to the bottom of the PF. Not sure how I can adjust that housing 1 millimeter to the left.

Yes. Spent a lot of time but could never get it corrected.

1 month later
#7295 1 year ago

That Hobbiton mod is great. Solves the problem of opto not catching the ball because of glare, too. I printed a Hobbiton decal and placed it in the empty space on mine.

15649284857342684829548709886100 (resized).jpg
#7298 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

I just pulled the glass to check - I had no idea there was an opto switch there . Nice decal! That would be great if this mod solves a potential problem. I don’t recall which modes require a Bag End shot, but now I’ll pay attention.
I’m going to work on getting more of an inset look to it as pictured without shrinking the entrance too much.[quoted image]

I think it is the mode where the dwarves arrive at BagEnd. I couldn't complete it because of the opto issue. I searched this page and found a person who fixed it by putting an opaque paper on the plastic. The opto beam reflects off the ball and refracts off the clear plastic or something like that. Anyhow, amazing job. I'm sure many will want it if you can make more.

#7300 1 year ago

After a long drought and many missed opportunities, I finally got to hear those sweet, sweet words again this evening, "Smaug is dead."

And this is why The Hobbit is bolted to the floor. No other game has repeatedly given me the exhilaration of killing Smaug.

#7351 1 year ago

I noticed this for the first time...I guess I don't look up enough. What does the ball on the screen next to Radagast symbolize?

20190804_190050 (resized).jpg
#7353 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Haha I just noticed this yesterday as well! I think these are the add-a-balls when you start a mode

You are probably right. At first I thought it meant extra ball was lit, but it wasn't. Unfortunately, I am the only one playing my games 90% of the time. I really enjoy watching others play my Hobbit because there is so much going on in the screen that I miss when I am playing. It's just a perfect blend of music, clips, callouts, and light show. Hobbit is integration perfection.

3 months later
#7834 1 year ago
Quoted from tendo:

Fiancé and I have been eyeing up buying a machine for the house for awhile. Might Pull the trigger on an le soon. Any thoughts on this for a first time buyer? We are both huge Tolkien fans so this and lotr have been on our short list.

I used to have a LOTR next to a Hobbit LE...I sold the LOTR. Both are great games. Both have similar rules. Both have great theme immersion. But the video, callouts, music, lights, and larger breadth of rules is what made Hobbit the keeper. Plus the Hobbit wizard modes are just amazing. I played a LOTR on location about a month ago to see if I regretted anything. I don't. Destroying the ring is great, but killing Smaug is 10x more exciting. That is my opinion. But I will say both games are great and you will not go wrong with either choice.

4 months later
#8350 11 months ago

Just had a killer game last night. Got to 4th stage of Battle of the 5 Armies. So cool. Unfortunately drained last ball while trying to hit the kill shot on Smaug. He got away...again!

3 weeks later
#8486 10 months ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Hey wesman, I see you have both Hobbit and Pirates. I would really like to get a pirates also. How do you compare the two - is pirates way better or are they too different to really compare. Which do you prefer to play?

I have both and I put Hobbit over POTC. But both are great. I just love Hobbit. It is my favorite game. It pulls me in like no other. Pirates is a fantastic shooter and faster/quicker game. The thing I like about POTC is that I can just play it. It is so deep and wide that I can decide to try to focus on one movie to get through or try to get the 6 multis at one time, or try out a new character. But despite all it's great shots and mechs, there are no "moments" in POTC that compare to Killing Smaug, or starting any of the Arkenstone Modes. Heck, just Smaug's smirky comebacks at the game over sequence beats any JJPOTC moment as far as just pure fun. There is nothing like battling Hobbit for 30 minutes or more, just missing setting a new GC and then have Smaug insult you. Makes you want to start back again. All that being said, JJPOTC has so much going on, it is truly never the same game twice.

1 month later
#8656 9 months ago

Finally killed Smaug again this weekend. It's been a while since I've been playing my other games more, lately. But got on a mission to kill him again. It still is the greatest pinball "moment" of all time for me.

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