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"Hit it harder honey." -A pinball story

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By AbacusMan

4 years ago


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#1 4 years ago

Heres a story for you guys.

About a week or so ago, I was promoting an arcade challenge here in my home town. I stopped by the place to get in a few games of No Fear as I was in the area. As I walk in, I see a family in the game area and I see that 2 young girls(maybe 6 years old) are playing No Fear. Each girl is sharing a button. "How do we play Mommy?" asks a girl. "Just make sure the ball doesn't go down the middle" sez her mom. Ball comes down the return lane and all you hear is (taptaptaptaptaptap) ball goes down the middle. "Mommy, why did we loose, we were hitting the button." "I don't know, hit it harder honey." (BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!). They looked like Mario when he gets the hammer in Donkey Kong.

After seeing that I had to get up and say "Whoa, easy, just put your finger on the button" (BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM) *grabbing one of the girls hands and setting it on the button* "See, just press the button" I said. "But why?" the girl asked. "Well, if you need to hit the ball right away and your arm is swinging way out here, you wont be able to hit the ball in time." "Oh..." Don't even ask what I wanted to say.

Seconds later the girls walked away to eat lunch. I hug the machine and was like "Are you ok? Its ok now. Its ok..."

So thats my story. I thought I would share it.

#2 4 years ago

Hey, at least you have arcades with pinball machines in them and the youngest generation is getting into them. My two girls (8 and 4) are finally getting into pinball after years of having one in the house. I don't care if they beat on them as long as they are having fun and don't switch them on and off a million times.


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