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(Topic ID: 201674)

High Speed Sys 11 wont boot, can use help

By rubble300

3 years ago

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    #1 3 years ago

    Hello all, i have a High Speed pinball giving me problems. When i turn on the game, the all bulbs lite but no displays and no sound. Probably no cpu boot. I checked all voltages and appear to be good, unplugged all connectors and reseated, no change. When the upper diagnostics switch on CPU board is pressed, i get a test sound, when i press the lower switch i get a code 8. Any ideas how to proceed.

    #2 3 years ago

    Start here:
    You said you measured voltage....what are the exact numbers you are getting including AC ripple voltage?. MPU IJ17 Pins 4,5,6 = +5.00 VDC @8.1 mV AC ripple, and measure U26/U27 ROM Pin 1 no less than 4.9 VDC

    From the repair guides:
    Game Just Won't Power On Consistently.
    System 11 games can develop a problem with the POR (Power On Reset) circuit. If this circuit isn't working correctly, ofen you won't get the CPU to boot-up consistently, or at all. This can mean a "7", "8" or blank in the LED diagnostics box (system 11) or 7 or 8 LED flashes system 11a, b, c).

    One thing that can cause the POR circuit to no operate is out of spec +5 volts. This can be caused by a bad +5 volt bridge or filter capacitor. The easiest thing to do is to isolate the power supply from the CPU board. To do this, remove the CPU board from the backbox. Then power the CPU board from an external power supply (as described below). If the problem still exists (inconsistent CPU booting), the problem is on the CPU board itself.

    To "go around" the POR section of the board, you can do a simple test. After attempting to boot the CPU board, ground the /RESET line on the CPU chip (pin 40 of U15) momentarily with a test clip. If the board boots up consistently without a problem (correct flashes or "0" in the LED), then the POR section is definately at fault.

    The POR section's job is to look at the +5 and +12 volts, and make sure they have stablized, as determined by zener diodes ZR1 (1N5996A, 6.8 volts .5 watt) and ZR2 (1N5990, 3.9 volts .5 watt) before starting the CPU. This is done by transistors Q34, Q36 and Q38, but before these three transistors can work, capacitor C30 and resistors R55 and R56 provide a delay to allow the voltage to stabilize. Only then the /RESET line can be released.

    Any of these POR components could be bad, and not causing the CPU board to boot properely. If the board boots inconsistently, first look at capacitor C30 (a 22 mfd 10 volt electrolytic). If you don't have any way to test the capacitor, just clip another 22 mfd electrolytic cap across the leads of the existing C30 cap (positive to positive, negative to negative, a parallel connection). If the board now boots up consistently, you have found your problem! If not, check resistors R55 (4.7k 1/4 watt) and R56 (10 ohm 1/4 watt), and transistors Q34, Q36, Q38 (2N4401).

    #3 3 years ago

    Since the game is not booting, one of the other things you could try is to carefully remove the rom chips and then re-seat them.

    #4 3 years ago

    First of all, tx for your inputs.

    the 5v measures 4.99 at 1j17 with no ripple and 4.92 (clean) at pin 1 of U26 /U27. The 12v measure 12.69 with .2vac. not sure if that not good.. the -12v measures -14.27 with .04vac
    i checked the clock signal, its there, checked the Reset line and it goes high and stays there.
    i momentarily pulse pin 40 of U15 to gnd, i get a tiny buzz sound and nothing else happens.
    Question is now, whats next?

    Uncivil, yes i did remove rom chips, cleaned leads gently with a small copper brush. No change.

    #5 3 years ago

    Make sure you disconnect all cables except for the MPU incoming power if you have not done so already. Your power measurements look good. Feel all the ICs, make certain none are getting hot. No prior corrosion around the battery holder, correct?

    #6 3 years ago

    Hey Wayout, success! all working. After doing the cpu troubleshooting and seeing what i could look at, i was able to get with local repair guy who had a High speed pinball. Plugged his roms in and cpu booted. Apparently my roms when bad. Weird, but they are 30 years old. Learned a little on troubleshooting along the way.
    Tx for your inputs and time, really appreciate it. Thats why i just recently joined pinside because alot of good people on here and also knowledgeable.
    Thanks again, Joe

    #7 3 years ago

    Your welcome, glad you were able to solve the problem.

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