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High Speed mod cotinue

By arakissun

12 years ago

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#1 12 years ago

So,untill I'm ill for about 2 months I decide to make some additional mods to my favourite pinball High Speed.The idea is:

I will make little police car light bars and will put it on the gates-1,2,3


On gate 1 the lights will work together with the blue flash lamps on left side of radar detector.So when the blue lapms blinks,the lights on gate 1 will blink too
On gate 2 the lights will work together with the blue flash lamps on rights side of the radar detector.So when the blue lapms blinks,the lights on gate 2 will blink too
On gate 3 the lights will work constantly like the movie down below

I make some pasteboard models from cigaret box(the final version will be from transparent plexiglass with colour blue and red sticker on it).Make barrier(empty space in the center) between the lights from pasteboard too to not mix the colours


Buy ready circuitry that make two leds blinks one after one.The original was with two round 5mm LEDs,as you can see I replaced them with two red and two blue little SMD LEDs.
I make base and wired them.

So the temporary results


#2 12 years ago

They look awesome. High speed is my favorite pin as well. Will you sell this mod? I would like to buy one



#3 12 years ago

Let's see it will be good the final result.Will not be a problem to sell

#4 12 years ago

Thanks. I can't wait.

#5 12 years ago

+1--High Speed is my favorite pin as well since I was 15 years old. Count me in on this mod as well. I was also thinking about adding in a helicopter (police) and somehow power its propeller, etc. When the police chase is on. How much you planning on selling these and also where is the power source these will use? Keep me (us) updated on this!

#6 12 years ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

They look awesome. High Speed is my favorite pin as well. Will you sell this mod? I would like to buy one

High Speed was my favorite pin before yours!

#7 12 years ago

For ligths that will work with the radar detector I will just wired them to the flashers,because leds and flashers works on 12v.About the lights on gate 3,I can get 12v from the PSU,or I have extendet PSU that use to power the leds that I have alreadey place on the ramps

#8 12 years ago

So after I hаd difficlulty to find company to make the models from plexiglass I begin to search plastic toy with police light bar.For my lucky after 3 days of searching I find it


The plastic is perfect.Good design and plastic colours

So I begin to modify it.

The model

I make two holes of the gate to make the model stand on it

Disassemble the model.The good is that every peace can me removed withoth demaging(In most case the parts are agglutinate).After that I begin to think how to place the SMD LEDs.It took me a little time,one model has go to the trash after several tryes.But the decision has been found

I cut some places of the colour parts and main body(silver part)
Up parts are before(original),down are after


Up is after,down is before(original)

So now I can place the LED's in the little holes

Video of the result:

I think now to make some custom gates with little modification .Of course if someone like the mod I think I can make and new gates like original but with holes(to not spoil the original) on in(on first pictures),or the custom that I think to make.

#9 12 years ago

Thats awesome!! What would make this even better is to use actual poilce cars with these lights. When are you gonna install them in the game and post a video of it? This way it would give me a better idea and if I like it enough, I will buy this mod from you when they are for sale, keep us updated.

#10 12 years ago

...I miss my High Speed. I'd be all over this mod if I still had it. Great job!

#11 12 years ago

Today I thinking of the assemble/disassemble the model.The idea was to be easy as much can be.

So I make a base for the LEDs+resistor.So if something happen with the LEDs to be changed very easy,to not disassemble whole model part by part.Just develop two nuts(pictures below),take off the body and work on the base:

At the bottom of the model:

Mountaed(used 2x2mm diameter nut,but I think to use these with silicon inside with little modification):

Now I must connect it to the machine and taste the stability of the model

#12 12 years ago

Keep it up!! Looking good there! Question: Is that nut gonna clear the spinner? Looks to be real close. When done, what would be the cost of this mod?

#13 12 years ago

Yes,at first sight is enough far from spinner.But as I said I will test everything

#14 12 years ago

Little update.I decide to add two more LEDs.Now the base have 2BLUE and 2RED LEDs,and I can tell that the final result is much better

This is for one after one blinking scheme:

This is for blinkig with radar detector scheme:


#15 12 years ago

Little update.I decide to add two more LEDs.Now the base have 2BLUE and 2RED LEDs,and I can tell that the final result is much better

This is for one after one blinking scheme:

This is for blinkig with radar detector scheme:


#16 12 years ago

About the price:

Must be total 3pc for the three gates
2pc for the radar detector is about 20$(10$ per pc)
1pc for the gate where is located the Extra Ball hole is about 11.5$(because have a schematic that control the LEDs to blink one after other)
It will have and instructions

So total for everything will be 31.5$
Also I will add some additional LEDs,nuts,resisitors and bases for free

If someone want custom gate-that have holes on it,I must have made some and think about the price

#17 12 years ago

Info about delivery

Every delivery have a tracking number

Internetional delivery(outside Europe),like letter(I will try this option because the full set will be very light)
-Priority delivery-8$
-Not priority delivery -6$

International delivery(outside Europe),like parcel.
-land delivery-25$
-air delivery-26$

#18 12 years ago

Delivery will be 8$

1 month later
#19 12 years ago

Ok.Here is the long waiting videos.At last moment I decided to change the mod a little.The main idea left of course-left and right lights.But the thirth I was thinking to place on the middle gate will not be there(of course I can make a video with it place it,for my last decision I will use my two police cars and will make them flashing when the Big Red Lught is on)

So I will reduce and the total price if someone want the mod like it is at the moment(see the videos),but if someone want to see the mod with the thirth like on the middle game(extra ball) to flashing when the Big Red Lamp is on I will make it

The videos shows the working of the lights at different moments(extra ball,multiball etc.)

#20 12 years ago

A pretty sweet professional looking mod that is affordable!? You must be crazy

Amazing job. Looks really good.

#21 12 years ago

Thank you.I'm on my next mod now and it's a little pain but I think it will be cool looking
I wil post the price tomorrow for the current version of the mod with two gates

#22 12 years ago

One more thing.Now I will make an intruction wth the pictures,to see everyone how the things are atached and where must cables go trought.After that if someone is sure that can made it(I think I made it as simply as it can),I will make sets for him/her and send them

#23 12 years ago

The price for 1 set from 2 light bars will be 35$(including shipping) and will be added three parts that must be placed under the plastic from the right side
Later will post pictures

1 week later
1 year later
#25 10 years ago

Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

#26 10 years ago

And I can still make them for sell

2 weeks later
#28 10 years ago

This looks awesome. Has anyone tried to use your product and instructions?

1 week later
#29 10 years ago

Send you a PM

#30 10 years ago

It looks amazing! I just got mine and was curious about mods...

#31 10 years ago

Was wondering if you shipped mine yet. Thank. Can't wait. Nice mod!o

#32 10 years ago


4 months later
#33 10 years ago

Sort of Judge Dredd'ish. Cool if you can have them alternating when the beacon is running.

#34 10 years ago

This looks pretty cool. I might have to think about doing this to my High Speed once it comes in.

#35 10 years ago

Install instructions link is dead.

#36 10 years ago

Installed this mod some time ago and very happy with it. Had some install questions and he responded quickly.

6 years later
#37 3 years ago

Any chance you are still selling these? If so, please let me know and I will make it worth your while.

11 months later
#38 2 years ago

Same I just purchased a high speed and would love to grab a set!

3 weeks later
#39 2 years ago

I would also be interested in a board for my High Speed...

1 year later
#40 1 year ago

What do these get linked into for power?

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