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High Speed Freezing During Attract

By Zenomorp

10 days ago

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#1 10 days ago

So with both the original MPU (had too many issues with it so I replaced it with a Rottendog), and after the new Rottendog was installed, at random times during attract mode the game will 'freeze' where all 4 displays go blank, the inserts shut off, and only the GI and backbox are lit. The game is in kind of a 'limbo' mode like it's waiting to boot. It's just like when you first turn it on and only the GI/backbox light up and after a few seconds the game boots, but nothing ever happens. I have to reset the game and then it works perfectly again. If I let it sit in attract mode, it will eventually happen again but it's at random times. Not an MPU issue since it happens with both the original and the replacement. I imagine it's a voltage issue but it's never happened during actual game play. Only in attract mode. Anyone encounter this before? I don't believe it's a watchdog or resetting issue since it never actually reboots after the issue occurs. It's like it tries to, but hangs up. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

#2 10 days ago

What shape is the power supply in? Has it been recapped and the connectors replaced? What is the 5v reading at the mpu when it locks up?

#3 10 days ago

Power supply is all original and in good shape. I did a full refurb on the machine. Connectors not burned up and in good condition, but what I thought was odd is that it's only happening during attract mode. I won't be able to get access to the machine to do further testing until later today. I'll take some measurements and report back.

#4 10 days ago

Sounds like game eeprom issue or power supply

#5 10 days ago

Does the beacon work ok? High Speed activates it during the attract mode at seemingly random times.... motors in pinball can wreak havoc if any of the filter circuitry is in bad shape.

#6 10 days ago

Yes, the motor works fine. However, the previous owner converted it to 110vac when the original motor went out. He installed a 110vac motor and bulb. Works fine in attract mode and gameplay. Never seen the exact instant the issue occurs, so I can't say if it's related to the beacon or not, but that's really good idea/point.

#7 10 days ago

It's probably not it then. I know the freeze up is random, but does it ALWAYS happen within an hour or so? You could disconnect the beacon for the time being and see if it makes a difference. (probably not, but it's a cheap/free test and if it works.... then troubleshoot farther.)

#8 10 days ago

I had reset issues with my High Speed. It seemed to happen during warmer days. I tested the voltages, and even after re-capping it, I couldn't get a solid 5v. I know this is different, but it makes me feel as though you're having PSU issues as well.

#9 10 days ago

Suspects for the RD Board...
...Failing RAM or PIA that was transferred from your OEM board. See if you have any AMI PIAs (6821) or RAM chips. AMI chips fail at an unusually high rate.
Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31
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#10 5 days ago

Thanks everyone. I installed a new power supply and it hasn't reset since. That solved the issue. Can't explain why, but it did.

However...the left hideout randomly fires twice, like the rollover switch is getting pressed. This happens intermittently but does not affect the gameplay. It's happened when just holding the ball in the right flipper, when the ball is moving around the playfield, not hitting any switches, etc. I first thought it was tied to a certain switch getting registered but I hit/activated every switch/target on the game manually and it never fired. It only happens during an active game too. I've never seen or heard it fire in attract mode. This happened with the original MPU, it's happening with the new MPU and with the new power supply. I removed the wires from the rollover switch completely and it still happened. So SOMETHING is telling the left hideout coil that the rollover switch is being activated even when the wires for the switch are completely disconnected from the switch. It shouldn't be possible. I'm thinking it's a diode somewhere on some switch, but like I said, it's not a vibration issue or switch issue that I can tell. I also verified the switch the registers the ball resting in the hideout is good. It's adjusted properly, functions properly, and clicks/unclicks properly when the ball is in/out of the hideout. And the game plays perfectly and multiball works perfectly. Again, it doesn't seem to affect anything gameplay wise. Just randomly fires twice like the rollover switch is being pressed. Does this make sense? Anyone ever experience this? I can play 3 or 4 games without it occurring, then it will happen twice in one game. I have no answer.

On another side note, what exactly are the hideout rollover switches for? Having them disconnected doesn't seem to change anything? Multiball still works fine and I can't see any difference from when they are hooked up.

#11 3 days ago

Further troubleshooting has revealed that the hideout rollover switches are there in case there is a ball resting in the hideout during multiball waiting for a ball to go into the other hideout, and a ball makes it's way into the hideout that already has a ball, the rollover switch will register a second ball in the hideout and it will kick the first one out. It's a safety measure, so to speak. Figured that out at least, but I'm still stuck with the issue of the left hideout firing twice randomly like it thinks there are two balls in there. It does it even if I remove the rollover switch from the hide out and remove the wires from the switch. I've tested and re-flowed the connections, diode, and resistor on the terminal block for the relay that controls the coil, and I've cleaned and re-seated the spade connections for the relay itself. Only think I haven't done is replace the relay but it seems to be working as advertised because multiball works perfectly and the hideout only fires at random times but it's never malfunctioned when a ball is actually in the hideout. It's very frustrating.

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