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High Speed Club ~ Dispatch, this is 504. We have a Club now, over.

By lordloss

6 years ago

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#1290 5 years ago

Recently picked this up. Great game. image.jpg

5 months later
#1402 4 years ago

Does anyone else have this aftermarket beacon?

I bought a HS last summer and it came with it, but I never bothered messing with it. Now I would like to put it in. It seems like it should just wire into place, but I would have to either get a plug or cut the other one off.


6 months later
#1550 3 years ago
Quoted from V_piscopo:

Hey guys wondering if I can get a hand here? I just did a flipper rebuild on my HS! By the time I got to the last flipper I had a pretty healthy buzz. Pretty sure I hooked her up wrong. Can anyone verify if this is correct? It reads fine in test mode and plays fine but coil is burning hot after half a game. My other coils are reading at close to 4 while the suspect coil is reading 86 lol. What wire did I fuck up?

It looks like your lug on the left is missing the wire to the eos. Do you have a loose wire somewhere?

Since it's getting hot, it makes me think your eos is not engaging and only the main coil is holding the flipper open. I'm surprised it haven't blown a fuse.

#1553 3 years ago
Quoted from V_piscopo:

Does that mean the lug on the right is wired wrong and one of the two green wires (that both go to the eos) should be on the left lug? Can you take a pic of your configuration?

Never mind. The two green is correct, your center and left lug need to be switched. My left has the yellow marked wire.

#1556 3 years ago
Quoted from Langless28:

not an expert on pinballs yet but am familiar with electricity and it looks like you EOS switch is connected to the same lug, meaning its not switching anything from the low and high power sides. If both leads of the EOS go to the same tab, its not doing anything.

You are right, I did not catch that. V_piscopo, ignore my previous recommendation.

Your blue and purple goes on the right lug.

The green wire on the right side of the eos goes to the right lug.

The green wire on the left side of the eos goes to the center lug.

The blue and yellow goes on the left lug.

2 months later
#1606 3 years ago

I think you are referring to the ball blocks, I don't know the technical name for them, they just keep the ball from getting stuck on top of the plastics.

3 weeks later
#1620 3 years ago
Quoted from DanTheGlassMan:

Ok so my hs just started acting funny. If you turn on the machine and start a game the ball doesnt kick to the outlane. The game also doesnt recognise a drain. All other functions work including targets scoring, flippers etc. Why do i feel like this is some minor issue like a fuse or something?

Is the solenoid firing to the outlane and it's getting stuck? Mine does this and I keep telling myself I'm going to fix it.

6 months later
#1737 3 years ago
Quoted from porkbone:

Here is a photo of a plastic piece broken on the corner... ball knocks it free. I would like to find a replacement plastic but for now I just put it back and tighten it back down. Anyone have an extra one of these?

Could you fill in the broken area with epoxy and then re-drill the hole? Not sure how long that would hold though.

2 months later
#1768 3 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Ok guys. Need some help. Just picked up a High Speed project. Needs an MPU board. Which one do I get for HS? There are many variants of system 11 boards.

It is just System 11 with no suffix. Road Kings and Grand Lizard have the same board.

Is the board missing? Repairing them can sometimes be cheaper than buying a new board, assuming you could find one.

#1770 3 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Not missing.
But issues!

In the words of Quiznos: Mmm, toasty.

It may be salvageable, I don't know. There are some guys that do board repair on here, you may want to check with them first.

2 months later
#1841 2 years ago

Does anyone get a phantom ball showing up in the left hideout? I keep thinking I have it fixed and then it comes back.

I'm thinking there is a short because it will randomly start firing in the middle of a game. But I can't for the life of me find where it is coming from.

I can force it to do the same behavior by pressing the switch before a game starts.

#1843 2 years ago
Quoted from FMonk:

Are you sure it's not just the ramp switches needing attention? I get phantom diversions and firing from the hideouts sometimes when the ball hits something hard, especially if its in the pop bumpers and really going. Pretty sure I just need to tweak the switches on the ramp in my case, but the last line of your post makes me wonder if you're having the same issue or not.

I didn't think of that, the only thing is that I never notice the ramp diverters firing.

Another thing that can randomly happen is when I run the red light and get multi-ball. The ball will go to the right hideout, then it will go to the left, but then it won't kick out the third ball. The left hideout goes into "stuck ball mode" and will kick out the ball while still not officially going into multi-ball until that loose ball hits something to cause a score change then it will kick out the right and then go into normal multi-ball mode.

It doesn't do it every time though.

4 months later
#1928 2 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

I can’t decide if I want to wait out the Hardtop. I took everything off the topside and was going to go the overlay route when I discovered the Hardtop. Now I’m thinking I want to put everything back together and put the game on route so it can be played as the Hardtop is not coming as quick as I’d hoped.

HS isn't horrible to tear down. If you need to throw it back together to earn money, go ahead. The hardtop would be way better than the vinyl overlay.

5 months later
#2058 2 years ago
Quoted from Radius:

Not a new club member, but my HS project has been in storage for awhile, so more a restored club member. :]
In the process of getting my machine out of storage, the spacer assembly between the backbox and main cabinet was fragmented, and as I do not have access to a table saw (in the process of building a shop), I was forced to restore the spacer from the pieces one bit at a time. Made from plywood, and stapled together, it was in about 6 pieces and many bits.
That having happened it somewhat put a damper on the enthusiasm of working on my machine, so I've been reading the back pages of the club, and looking at replacement displays while the glue dries.
My question for the group is are any of the new LED display sets better than another? PInscore, Xpin and Rottendog are the players I've come up with, but do not seen anything that particularly sets one manufacturer over another. Also, when last I pursued the restoration, one of the companies was offering a set of red and blue displays, to play on the color of the police lights, for HS, and I wondered if that was still available? I could always get white displays and put gels in front of them, making my own red & blue, but why recreate the wheel if I don't need to.
Thanks much,

I used Xpin in my Space Shuttle rebuild, I really like them.

#2061 2 years ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

Could someone please post a picture of your knocker wiring configuration? My HS came without a knocker (or bracket -- just three empty holes where the whole assembly would be). I just acquired a new knocker assembly; I found two cut wires in the backbox that I presume must be for the knocker, but I'd like to see how a proper installation is wired up before I got connecting wires willy nilly.
Thanks in advance!

Hope this helps. If you need a different angle, let me know.

B5B4DD51-3620-401B-A3B5-A26F4862DF61 (resized).jpeg

#2064 2 years ago

What Gutz said.

#2066 2 years ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

Do me a favor too -- show me where those red wires come from. I have the brown/purple coming up with bundled with two reds and a gray/yellow. The b/p and one red are cut. The g/y and other red go to a small board on the roof. There's another red coming down from the board which is also cut.

The reds are all daisy chained together. Essentially, the two cut ends you are showing are supposed to be on the banded side of the coil, the purple on the other.

Depending on how you look at it, you have a red coming up to the small board, then from there over to the coil, then from the coil back down.

#2069 2 years ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

Ah, the sweetest sound in pinball!

Until you are trying to fix a switch error and your kids are sleeping.

Congrats on getting it installed.

#2072 2 years ago
Quoted from Radius:

After many moons (near ten years) I've got my HS out and surprisingly functional Recognizes a coin, attract mode works as it should, and in spite of the condition of the rubber, I was able to play a couple balls. Main issue I find is no sound. First tried the potentiometer to no avail, so started looking more around the backbox, which is when I found two open, male, jacks with four contacts each, one on the MPU board and one on the background sound board (circled in the picture), and wondered if this was part/all of my problem?

Here is mine. Right off the bat that speaker wire with the ground is in the wrong spot.

20E24958-2F29-4883-900B-39A4326A1E7F (resized).jpeg

#2075 2 years ago

Double post.

#2076 2 years ago
Quoted from BarryMulvihill:

hey all, finally picked up my dream game about a month ago. it was in rough shape, supposedly head had fell off and ripped some wires. came with another populated playfield that is actually really nice, so currently putting all the pieces together to make a solid game.
anyway, was curious if anyone had scans of the playfield insert decals.

How bad is the playfield? A hardtop is in the near future.

#2082 2 years ago
Quoted from Radius:

I likely cursed myself and angered the gods, as though I was playing and working on my machine last night with no problems, this morning I turned it on and got some general lighting and five chimes, no motion in the lights, no sound, just the chimes and silence.
I didn't locate anything regarding the meaning of the five chimes- can someone fill me in on what that may be telling me?

Might be a rom issue.

Look through here:


#2084 2 years ago

That is getting out of my wheelhouse.

Hopefully someone else can chime in.

#2092 2 years ago
Quoted from Radius:

Thank you frisbez! Takes one thing off the list knowing what those sounds indicate. I currently don't have batteries in the machine, and have not taken the holder off the mpu or done a memory mod.
Unfortunately I just put in Xpin displays, which I'm having problems getting players 1 and 2 to display more than garbage, so do not see the adjust failure message.
I am unable to get the machine into attract via the coin door buttons.
Thanks again,

You have to step through the adjustments and it should go into attract mode after you get through the end, but without batteries, you would have to do this each time.

Throw some batteries in and see if that helps.

The garbled display could be a bad cable. You can try reseating that flat cable or cleaning the contacts. Worst case though is that you have alkaline damage that is messing with the displays.

#2096 2 years ago

The battery holder is fickle. Sometimes you have to adjust the tabs so that there is more pressure against the cells.

Display issue definitely sounds like a bad cable.

6 months later
#2398 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffr:

Here's one maybe someone else can help me solve. The left hideout likes to randomly fire during the game. I thought it might be the switches in it, but I've cleaned them thoroughly and it still happens. The hideout plays and works fine. But I'd love to figure this out since its annoying and adds extra wear to it.

I have this exact same problem with mine. I haven’t replaced the switch(s) yet.

5 months later
#2650 1 year ago
Quoted from Pin-Pilot:

I just picked up a #high Speed pin the other day. Overall it is in decent shape. Just been sitting for some years. Did the Nvram mod on the CPU. Need to rebuild the flippers and do a thorough cleaning. Also will need to buy one of those stoplights mentioned earlier.
One thing that appears to be very scarce are the 7 digit Alpha-Numberic displays. One of my displays is not working. another Pinsider pointed me to one on eBay however it has a rather large nipple on the back side and am afraid that I will have to modify the board to install it and there may be traces on the board.
Does anyone know of any sources for these Alpha-Numberic display tubes?

TNT Amusements has some seven digit displays that were passable for sale a while back, wouldn’t hurt to email them and see if they have any. Might have an burn on them or some other imperfections but it would work.

Alternatively, order a new led set from XPin. Expensive up front, but then you can play the game and in the mean time look for a replacement.

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