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High Speed & Taxi: 80’s brothers rebuilt

By Bellagio

59 days ago

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#201 6 days ago
Quoted from mastercello:

Why did you only install 6 of them and not the full 7?
[quoted image]

That's hilarious! I have no idea how I missed that, that's the great thing about having more eyes put on your work. I'll pull that plastic during my next cleaning/maintenance and add the 6th post. Thanks!

#202 6 days ago

Another tedious, yet very important part of my pf swap process is electronics QC. With a laptop to display pics nearby, I go through each and every connection and lamp. The things I look at include:

- correct color wires are connected to the proper terminal and that the connection is solid
- bad solder jobs or solder blobs
- switch/lamp terminals near anything that could cause a short
- diode orientation
- Molex connectors

Once I verify each connection, I cut the label from the connection and check it off the list.

At the end I was really pleased. The only thing I found was a switch molex connector with a crimp that I didn’t like. It was re-pinned. Other than that, everything looked good.

That’s a lot of checks!

IMG_7195 (resized).JPG
#203 6 days ago

The pf is ready to come off of the rotisserie. I place it against the wall to add the final parts that I couldn’t install because of the rotisserie brackets. (ball gate molex was connected after pics taken)

Playfield swap is finished!

IMG_7168 (resized).JPGIMG_7169 (resized).JPG

#204 6 days ago

Another big moment, putting the finished pf into the cab!! My HF lift cart makes this a much easier task by lowering the cab.

IMG_7187 (resized).JPG

Legs back on and done!

IMG_7189 (resized).JPG

Overall everything looks good. No clearance issues.

IMG_7194 (resized).JPG

#205 2 days ago

Now for an issue I was dreading... the infamous Taxi shooter lane. This is a critical part of the game and has to work perfectly.

After adjusting the shooter rod housing, the tip is perfectly centered hitting the ball. I shoot the first ball on this game and get a clunking mess that only yields around 4 revolutions in the spinout bowl. Ugggh, not what I wanted to see!

There are 2 important transitions- the beginning of the shooter lane to the wireform and the wireform to the entry lane of the spinout.

I found that the best tool for getting these transitions correctly lined up was the Slo-mo video feature on my phone. I filmed shooter lane shots over and over, looking for any places where the ball was losing momentum.

First transition looked good. Entry to the wireform is sitting correctly in the grooves, just slightly above playfield level. Ball is going straight into the wireform without hitting the sides.

IMG_7289 (resized).JPG

Moving to the other end of the wireform I saw that as the ball exited the wireform, it was just catching the left side of the entry lane to the spinout bowl, bouncing the ball off the walls of the entry lane and slowing it down. As you can see here, it's a little off to the left:

IMG_7275 (resized).JPG

I adjusted the wireform to get a straight shot directly to the spinout bowl.

IMG_7288 (resized).JPG

#206 2 days ago

Fixing that got me up to 7-8 revolutions, enough to get up to 100k, but still not where I wanted to be.

I then remembered from the Taxi club thread that new barrel springs on the shooter rod tend to be too large and reduce the force of the tip hitting the ball. I swapped it out with a new shorter one and it did help slightly- I got up to 9-10 revolutions, but still not enough to make it a true skill shot.

IMG_7278 (resized).JPG

I then saw this thread from years ago by Blackbeard. In it he eliminated the barrel spring completely, replacing it with a rubber ring. I was curious to see the effect it would have.

The effect actually made me laugh! The ball did an insane amount of revolutions around the bowl, probably somewhere around 30!! Now we’re getting somewhere!


#207 2 days ago

Unfortunately I couldn’t use this solution as it takes away the factory look of the machine. It was very important information though, because it showed me that the real problem was the barrel spring killing the shooter rod’s momentum.

I cut the original spring down and re-installed it. Now I’m exactly where I want to be, generally getting about 15 or so rotations on a full plunge. This forces you to adjust your plunge to target the 2 best spinout bonuses- 100k or 25k plus passenger, making this a real skill shot. Mission accomplished!!

IMG_7304 (resized).JPG
#208 2 days ago

Also installed new Mantis playfield hooks.

IMG_7260 (resized).JPG
#209 2 days ago

Time for the first power up, always a scary moment. The MPU was still out so I ran the test with only the power board and the aux board. The switch was flipped and the boards powered on without issue. I then got to see the beauty of the GI turning on for the first time!

IMG_7298 (resized).JPGIMG_7296 (resized).JPGIMG_7297 (resized).JPGIMG_7301 (resized).JPG
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