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High Speed 2 the getaway flipper moving after adjustments??

By bendaug

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Hello fellow pinsiders, need to ask you guys for help. On my high speed 2 I adjust the flippers perfectly using the alignment tool and it looks great til i power up and play and somehow the flippers move up about a 1/2 inch from where i set them. the game is playing fine except for this issue. flippers work..just not in position i set them. I do my own repairs and learning more every day so any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks. I dont see any optic controller boards and am trying not to just buy and throw new parts at it. wanting to narrow down a bit.

#2 6 years ago

That usually happens when you dont torque them enough. Loosen em up, realign, and tighten them back up - tighter.

#3 6 years ago

its definitely not that but thanks for response. they are perfectly even but they arent where i put them. this has happened 3 times now. mechanically theyre lined up perfectly...i play and they readjust i guess? they arent lose at all

#4 6 years ago

bendaug, try using a different tool with more leverage. The first time I rebuilt a set of flippers I had the same problem even though I thought they couldn't be any tighter. I then added a short universal joint extension bar to the socket I was using to get more leverage. The flippers have never moved on their own since.

#5 6 years ago

thanks for post. trust me its not a lose armature..its like iot has a mind of their own. i cant move them..theyre tight. its wierd. im gonna upload a picture..be right back

#6 6 years ago

Here is where they sit now..after adjusting perfectly. Mechanically they're tight and we're sitting aligned..I turn on and play it and they end up here??? I'm lost as to how. I have adjusted them 3 times now. Flipper control board possibly? Next post is picture

#7 6 years ago

weird right?


#8 6 years ago

If you can't easily push the flippers back down then I think the only two options are that either the flippers are partially energized or alternatively the flipper mechanism is binding against something under the playfield. In both cases, you should be able to push the flipper bat back down but it will require more force than if the flippers were loose. If either is the cause, when you push the flipper back down it should rest in the position that you originally set them when you tightened them up.

A couple of questions which might help the troubleshooting process:

Do the flippers get stuck like this after only one press of the button?
Is it always both flippers that are affected, or sometimes only one?

#9 6 years ago

I've replaced and adjusted the flippers on my Getaway. I think I got them on tight but they still moved each time. They needed to be super tight where I was afraid something would snap. I know you said you got them tight so just saying.

#10 6 years ago

im gonna recheck everything again, may be the clamp is hitting before being tight on the shaft..i cant move them by hand but will double check for sure. thanks guys. also it does seem as if theyre slipping as they dont start out that way and got worse as game went on which tells me loose flippers too. i will post my findings. thank you for the help!!

#11 6 years ago

flippers are tight. and if they were lose they would be turning the other way. not rising away from the rest position. now if at a loss again. all mechanical underneath seems good, no binding. i will update more later today as im looking into it more right after this.

#13 6 years ago

thanks for posting, if flipper bats are slipping they would point down..correct? they are moving up and act as if thats where is set them. sorry for the vague post on exactly what was happening. does the flipper control board on a fliptronics system , pre opto control this? the flippers work fine,,which is why im at a loss here.

#14 6 years ago


they were in line..moved up?? the picture is with the game off..turn on they dont move like theyre being charged. they work properly it seems as well. so my question is this. is ther something that controls flipper throw on fliptronics machines? or it has to be something mechanical...

#15 6 years ago

When the flipper bats "slip", they usually go upwards, but they can do downwards too.

If they have the same degree of throw between rested and EOS, then it has to be the flipper slipping

Quoted from bendaug:

turn on they dont move like theyre being charged

Did you happen to just rebuild and possibly install backwards (right/left reversed)?
If so, your EOS wouldn't activate, and possibly jam (push flipper bat) while hitting something.

Another question, is the plunger able to move freely through the sleeve?

Can you post a pic of the underside EOS, pawl, etc?

#16 6 years ago
Quoted from bendaug:

thanks for posting, if flipper bats are slipping they would point down..correct?

Many times they move up because of the coil stop.

#17 6 years ago

copy. thanks guys. i will post a few pics and give updates. you guys are great and thanks for all the help.

#18 6 years ago

Take a look at the picture Vid posted, there needs to be a gap where the picture shows a gap. This ussually happens when the clamp that holds the flipper shaft gets stretched, ussually from cranking the piss out of the clamp. A good suggestion is to lightly sand the flipper bat shaft where the clamp comes in contact with the flipper shaft. Sand parrallel with the flipper shaft. Most likely too late for your situation, but if they are streched and you do need to rebuild, try sanding the shaft during your rebuild instead of the suggested "crank the piss out of it" method.

1 week later
#19 6 years ago

Well I learned something.. it was the flipper bats ...specifically the shafts were too smooth I guess. I replaced them with a brand new set from Marco and have not had one issue!! So in short you guys were right. Thank you very much for the help guys.

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