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By Balint

11 years ago

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    #1 11 years ago

    I was just done playing and got a decent score, I thought it might be interesting to compare our high scores. I know I'm not a pin wizard, so it would be a challene to match the better people. I don't know how it would work, just to throw in the numbers from different games, or make sections for the games, then putting there the scores...

    #2 11 years ago

    Good idea, i have had my TZ for 16 odd months and have never cracked the one billion, previous best was 786 million.
    I have never altered the settings since i have had it (unlike STTNG). Tonight i made lost in the zone for the first time, and got 1.2 billion.
    It will probably be a while until it happens again, but that is the beauty of this pin.
    My Terminator 2 top score is only 128 million, again set to factory settings.
    Monster bash is 123 million.
    Evel Knievel 156 thousand.
    STTING is over 6 billion (i have played with the settings, intend to put it back to factory, but it is so much fun)
    Corvette, will have hopefully by the weekend, so will post again after that.
    Good topic Balint, will be interesting to see other scores.

    #3 11 years ago

    Finally scored enough to get initials on Johnny Mnemonic last night, only had this game a couple of months now. I scored about 5 1/2 billion and I think I got 3rd place, it was excellent , had 3 extra balls, plenty of multiball action. But didn't manage to get PowerDown mode going. Maybe next time, it's gonna be great!!!!!

    On my Party Zone, on a really great game I can get the score into the 300+ millions.

    Although it's cool to have my high score inititials in my pins, when I have a party I like to reset all scores to let all the novice-pin-players have a better chance to reach the high score table, it's great when they do, they're chuffed to bits. I've still not beaten my mates high score on my Class Of 1812 he set about 3 months ago, he's only played it a few times and i've had it nearly 3 years!!!!!!!

    #4 11 years ago

    Ok this isn't a point question but just for fun on this topic :

    What 1990's machine is one of the lowest scoring games in the history of pinball ?

    #5 11 years ago

    The way i play Terminator 2, i would have to say T2 lol...

    #6 11 years ago

    NBA Fastbreak my man, okay i cheated, but i feel good about that, and i demand my points please.....

    #7 11 years ago

    LOL .. Sorry Leigh .. You are right but all you get are those feel good points
    I think maybe Magic Johnson scored more than you can on that machine at least according to him

    #8 11 years ago

    I jack my games up to 5 balls, but are on factory settings beyond that. I've only been banging away for about 2 weeks, so I'm pretty new too.

    286 million - Terminator 2
    53 million - TOTAN
    1.282 billion - Bram Stoker's Dracula

    #9 11 years ago

    This week I did 218M on Medieval Madness, this is my best. Was really annoying that I couldn't finish battle for the kingdom though...

    #10 11 years ago

    Nice machine, hope to get one someday. That will have to be the grand-daddy if I buy it. I've only beat the Genie in Tales of the Arabian Nights once (rescued the princess). I'm glad it's a challenge, like your battle for the kingdom. TOTAN is a really low scoring game. Scores of 100M ares supposedly world class, you'd have to beat the Genie twice to get there. Looks like for MM it's probably around 500M.

    #11 11 years ago

    VT8 you are exactly right about TOTAN when my friends come over they always say what a low scoring machine it is. I keep it at 3 balls and all factory settings, I like it difficult and my friends told me to keep it that way because they appreciate it being difficult too.

    My highest on TOTAN with 3 ball was 39.9 Mill. Fell just one shot away from defeating that damn Gennie. I think you get a 20 mill bonus if you beat him ooh I was soooo close!

    High score on spiderman was 149 mill.

    For high score rankings do they always use factory settings and keep it at 3 balls if that is the factory setting? I am not really sure how it works.

    #12 11 years ago

    I should set them back, but my friends get tired of "really" low scores, so it gives them a better chance. Yes it's 20 mil. for rescuing the princess. I've done it once alone, a friend did it, but had someone else keep putting the balls back in play. Whenever I get Make a Wish I always take the jewel, unless 3 tiger loops gets me to 6 and lights EB.

    I'm not really sure what they do for high score rankings, maybe someone on here can enlighten us.

    1 month later
    #13 11 years ago

    My record on STTNG is 8,4 billion with 4 balls (+1 continue)

    #14 11 years ago

    384 million on Spiderman.

    #15 11 years ago

    Had my DM for a month. 7,9 Billion and a couple of 5 billion games. 3 balls, factory settings.

    #16 11 years ago

    No Fear 3.35 Billion, 5 balls, 1 buy in and factory settings.

    5 months later
    #17 11 years ago

    You have to make a difference between tournaments and no tournaments play. I know there is a website: www.pinballhighscores.org. Here you can compare scores between pinballs and players. However don't be to disappointed about the scores as some players are extremely good, not me, duhhh.

    I try to play my pinball machines 4/5 balls with factory settings and managed to get 76 billion on Star Trek (ng), however I own this machine at home for 15 years, so I had a little practice over the years.

    So what I read about the scores on this page, nice, very nice!

    #18 11 years ago

    I put my machines on 5 balls and leave the factory settings.

    No fear no buy-ins: 4.3 billion
    Bram Stokers Dracula: 4.8 billion ( very proud of this score)

    Draculas scores are not inflated as much as No fear. I just got No fear about 2 weeks ago and am loving it. The way the scoring goes i think i can reach the 10 billion mark someday.
    All my machines just say Ian on the high scores. One of my friends thinks he is destined to put his name on one of my machines...... good luck. The only way hes going to do that is if he carved his name on the cabnet, but then he wouldn't be my friend

    #19 11 years ago

    I set my machines to 3 balls and generally factory settings with a few minor changes which I feel make the game more fun such as turning on the Troll Mode in LOTR. I turn off buy-in mode and don't use it on location. I also set my outlanes to the middle position unless the game drains way too easy, like Pinbot.

    Spiderman - 207 mil on location.
    LOTR - 95 mil
    IJ - 594 mil

    #20 11 years ago

    I put a demo man in the local bar, and the bar owner is some kinda whiz on the thing after playing it every day for months, he hit 14 billion on 5 ball play. Not sure I am going to see anyone beat that score for a while.

    #21 11 years ago

    So how is the arcade coming along Maldoror? Is it located in Idaho Springs? Is that great pizza place still there?

    #22 11 years ago

    Yea, I am two doors down from the pizza place you are thinking of. I am open, but it has been a slow start as expected. Trying to get he word out as well as iron out some issues with a few pins (i am looking at YOU pinbot!) and I will do a grand opening tourney around Memorial Day weekend.

    #23 11 years ago

    System 11 sucks lol.

    #24 11 years ago

    Well, hopefully when ski season starts there will be a lot of tourists stopping to eat pizza and play pinball. We used to stop and eat pizza at least once a month at that place on the way home from Winterpark. We would go the back way on 24 when we went to Vail, Copper or Breck. Was the name of that place Bo Jo's?

    #25 11 years ago

    How about high scores ON LOCATION? All this huo stuff is meh...

    #26 11 years ago

    Addams Family about 350mm with 3 balls and had almost 800mm last night with 5 balls ran the mansion twice in 5 plus 5 extra balls - 1 for the bear kicks, 2 for mansion rooms, and 2 for running the mansion. Just for kicks I had it set to 10 balls for a while and high score was 1.54 billion.

    Black Rose 395mm with 5 balls.

    It makes a lot of difference when you get used to playing your own pin and learn the shots.

    #27 11 years ago

    Here's some approx numbers cause I'm too lazy to check them all for exact digits haha

    Addams Family - 600MIL (never toured the mansion twice yet)
    WCS94 - 4 billion+ (5 ball multiball is a cool wizard mode)
    Swords of Fury - 15 million (haven't had this game very long, it turns over at 9.9mil)
    Skateball - 2.5MIL
    Getaway HS2 - 1bil (I got just a hair under 1bil I was pissed I didn't clear 1bil)
    Fish tales - 547MIL (recent score, just got this game as well)
    DE Time Machine - 9MIL
    Black Rose - 400MIL (got the GC score on my buddy dave's machine, just under 400MIL)

    All 3 ball games with standard rules...

    #28 11 years ago

    I've had a TZ four about 4months. My High score is 1.15billion

    #29 11 years ago

    Yesterday I did 144 M on my lotr,
    destroy the ring lasted 55 seconds

    #30 11 years ago

    LOTR: 99 MIL (3 balls)

    #31 11 years ago

    LOTR, did anyone ever made it to the final (Valinor)?

    #32 11 years ago

    Beaten the ring twice in one game but still haven't made it to Valinor.

    #33 11 years ago

    I've had my Jurassic Park for a couple of months now and the best I've done is 596 mil (3 ball play/factory settings).

    I know it tops the previous owners score, who had the machine for more than 3 months before selling it to me. I'm surprised he never did better actually, considering Pinball is his LIFE! Maybe he was too busy with all his other games...

    #34 11 years ago

    Just got 9,876,500 on my taxi yesterday 3 ball factory setting.

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