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Hey Pinside, we've got a new server and a new look!

By robin

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

Hi there Pinside!

After months of hard work we have finally migrated the old site to a new server! This was needed for several reasons: we were running out of disk space on our old server and we didn't have enough RAM to keep all of you happy.

The new server is not just a new physical machine. We've also moved northeast 1700 miles from Dallas, Texas to Canada. For the techies amongst you: The server RAM went from 4GB to 32GB and we're now running on SSD disks in mirrored RAID. We have ditched Apache in favor of Nginx webserver with PHP Fast CGI and we're now running Sphinx server instead of searching MySQL. This allowed us to switch from MyISAM to INNODB.

It all sounds good in theory.

Today we'll find out if it works well with 400 of you browsing at the same time. So we are now officially in BETA ;-D

#2 9 years ago

What else is new? A lot!

Lots of design tweaks, the most important being that we made the page a little wider. Stuff still works fine on iPad. Mobile is in the plans but no date on this yet.

With over a 100 new topics created daily, we needed a way to better categorise posts without changing the general use of the site. This was done by adding a bunch of sub-categories, each of which has a color and abbreviation to help you recognise your favorite topic categories. The homepage still shows all topics from all subs, but you can disable and sub categories you don't find interesting (e.g. the Off Topic sub-category). The "add topic" page also tries to help you place a new topic in the right sub-category.

Karma points
Lots of discussion and this is the outcome! I have multiplied everyone's Karma points for free! This not only looks cooler and more "pinball", but the score distribution was also evened up. I have changed the way posts score you points. Thumbs up and down are still there, but you need more of 'em before they start awarding your post extra points. A post now scores 1000 points and thumbs up start counting after 4 thumbs (at 150 per thumb).

Image/Upload system
Completely rewritten from scratch. You can now drag drop files, upload multiple files simultaneously, write your posts while uploading, and much more. All images should have been migrated to this new system. Missing something? Let me know!

We cannot always agree on all things. For some things there are now settings. Check the new forum settings tab above which will allow you to tune the forum to your liking. One of the most requested features now in settings include showing the "new posts" block on the left and making a click go to the last read post automatically.

Scores now have their own section!

There's a lot more, but you'll find that yourself!

Bugs? Undoubtedly! Obviously with so many changes there are always bugs. You can post a new topic in Pinside > Bugs sub-forum and I will try to squat them as soon as possible.

#3 9 years ago

Looks nice!

#4 9 years ago

Woe! LOVE the new look. Excellent work Robin. I feel compelled to make another donation this week.
Great Job!

#5 9 years ago

Lookin good Robin! Thanks for the update, and all you do!

#6 9 years ago

Wow! I thought my iPad was trippin!
Looks good!
Thanks for all you do to make this site the best pinball forum on the net! You guys rock!

#7 9 years ago


#8 9 years ago

Great work!

#9 9 years ago

Thanks for the update

#10 9 years ago

Lol! Just noticed my new user rating! Very pinball like scoring! Love it! Great idea!

#11 9 years ago

Getting a could not authenticate error when trying to send a PM

#12 9 years ago


#13 9 years ago

Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep the forum up and running Robin!
Looks nice!!

#15 9 years ago

Great job Robin! Thanks!

#16 9 years ago

Great job Robin~! As Always, I'm more than impressed with the top notch administration of this site.

#17 9 years ago

I love the new look, too! However I just tried to reply to a PM and got some sort of error - is this the right thread to report potential bugs?

Thanks for keeping the greatest pinball site great!


#18 9 years ago

Looks great. Really happy to see the Restoration forum.

The switch to InnoDB and Sphinx should be a massive improvement.

#19 9 years ago

Rock on Robin!

#20 9 years ago

Thanks for all the nice words everyone! I really appreciate it!

I will take a look at the PM problems reported, stay tuned...

#21 9 years ago

Thanks Robin. Loving the new features, especially the ability to go right to the last post read in a thread.

#22 9 years ago

My karma score looks so giganto!

Thanks for the revamp!

#23 9 years ago

Canada eh ! thanks for the contribution to our economy . looks great and nice and clear

#24 9 years ago

Great job! First thing that popped out, in the Forum, was all the color. Like you put in a new playfield.

#25 9 years ago

Looks very nice, Robin. I especially like the category colors displayed front and center. Allows for a quick mental filter when I don't want to read everything.

Appreciate the hard work that goes into both tactical management of this site and longer-term vision to keep it fresh.

#26 9 years ago

Robin, the site looks really good and seems to be performing well, however I just got an error message trying to send mail:


Smtp error, could not authenticate.

Just a heads-up.

(And I just noticed that this was already reported. D'oh!)

#27 9 years ago

Hmmm when i first sore it all the colours made my eyes go funny lol, it looks good now time to play around with it.

#28 9 years ago

Thank you! I'm very impressed with the new look & features. Time to donate!

#29 9 years ago

Will take me a while to get used to it! Totally different navigation for mobile users.

#30 9 years ago

Just tried changing the setting for the meta stuff to the "Right" 'old style' and it's still on the left. Just wanted to compare, but seems broken.

Edit: Also posted on the bugs sub forum, now that I know it exists

#31 9 years ago

Looks great!!!

#32 9 years ago

I like the changes. The wider format is immediately noticeable.

#33 9 years ago

Looks great. Can't wait to give it a spin!

#34 9 years ago
Quoted from yonkiman:

is this the right thread to report potential bugs?

There is a subforum for Pinside bugs that we used while testing the beta site. Robin said this made it easier to track individual issues.

#35 9 years ago

Congrats on the launch,Robin.

#36 9 years ago

Looks great.... Thanks for all the hard work.

#37 9 years ago

Yeah, congrats on the hard work and the beautiful site!

#38 9 years ago

Looking spiffy!!! It's like LEDs for my pins....only not as eye blindingly bright

I still can't post pics from my 1st gen iPad.....but still have my iPhone 4 to do so.

Robin you rule the roost (pun intended)!

#39 9 years ago

Hey Robin, some of the pictures people are posting come out distorted and with pixilated colours running through them.

#40 9 years ago

I loved your down for maintenance image/message.

#41 9 years ago

Very impressive Robin! What does all this cost?

#42 9 years ago

I dropped a lot karma wise. Is there a greater emphasis on different aspects to gain karma besides the thumbs up/down

#43 9 years ago

PM is broken. Don't know if it is part of the upgrade

#44 9 years ago

Got the error but they went through...

#45 9 years ago

There are more colors than a Stern display! Wow if it can happen on a website why not all pins going forward have color DMD or LCD or whatever you want to call it screen/display in new games being made. Also nice to see my karma points are like the great scores of the 90's and not like the low score system games of today. Anyway to add location or just state of post next to last post response name. This helps also when people posts games for sale but not the state in there title. On a side note site seems to be real slow and or not reacting well through iPhone 4S like it did in the past.

#46 9 years ago

Good job robin!

#47 9 years ago

She blinded me...WITH COLOR!

I think we need a floating legend

#48 9 years ago
Quoted from wxforecaster:

She blinded me...WITH COLOR!
I think we need a floating legend

Try mousing over them.

#49 9 years ago

agreed that it is a welcome update to the site. I really love the fact that you've given the mods a banded color to make their posts stick out.

nicely done and congrats!

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