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Here they come... Primus pinball

By emkay

1 year ago

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#334 1 year ago

Against my better judgement...

I read a long time ago that pinball people wanted better art and new ideas... I’ve personally done my damndest to push wherever and however I can within the reality that exists ...and it hasn’t been easy or remotely enjoyable all of the time... but I continued with the naive idea that it would be appreciated and might even make a dent in expanding the scope of what pinball can be in this time. I’ve taken risks and pushed back when it wasn’t in my best interest - thinking that might have an impact, it might make things better. I haven’t asked for anything in return...

...now I am though... I ask that if you don’t understand that the people who work on pinball machines - the designers, engineers, mechanical, artists, etc all pour their heart and soul into every project that will never have the time or schedule it should have or could have - all done for an audience with little thought of the effort - and if you can’t appreciate genuine effort, risk taking, and thousands of hours by countless people with passion to make pinball, that you can either get out of this hobby - or -at the very least be courteous with your voice for the effort.

I’m not asking you to keep quiet on your opinion, but to chose your words carefully and be respectful of the effort that people have made FOR you.

This project wouldn’t and couldn’t exist in any other form. If it’s not for you, say so - but don’t speculate and piss all over the effort and turmoil it took to get made... Stern didn’t make the choices on this project - the band did... so all the stern haters, get help or go on another thread for therapy...

...anyone remember when all I did was post jokes here? Nothing but blue skies and winky smiles... I miss that guy too

I’ll leave you with this... this project was very personal for me and I care greatly for it... Primus Pinball exists despite the haters and in spite of them....

...now tear into me, kids...

#345 1 year ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I'd say these 2 fellows have driven the art forward on pinball by a giant leap. Sorry Franchi, dont have any of your games but you are no slouch either.
[quoted image]

I wouldn’t exist in pinball without Donny - so credit goes to him for making the argument and sealing it with Metallica.

Donny and I don’t work on projects with style guides - we create every element from scratch and I reckon that personality is what appeals to you - but just speculation.

Side story - I got Donny in on the last Primus tour after trying for years, and he killed! Can’t wait to see what he’s cooking up next!

- Appreciate the support greatly!

#354 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I’m begging you to drop your victim complex. No one even remotely criticizes you. Everyone loves your art. People here worship you & are thankful for everything you do.
You’ve done your job, now it’s a product. We are customers. Game customers have opinions on $60 games. Customers will have opinions on an $8000 game. There’s literally nothing wrong with that.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

Yes! I have a complex... like a little boy that wants to see the demise of every stern pin - wonderful compliment! Thank you!

... I did try to explain WHY I will be defensive.

As I said Opinions are fine - it’s the lack of understanding and respect for the teams efforts when the facts aren’t reality that I take issue with.

Stern was contracted to build this.

Not one person at stern phones it in btw - they work weekends for a year so you can level their thousands of hours of effort in a single dismissive impulsive comment...

Complaining about cost & value are fine when it’s based on facts and in those in the actual reality... 90% of complaints here miss the entire point and paint this as a cash grab...

#358 1 year ago

Please reread my post - I don’t take the attacks as personal on my work - I’m appreciative of all that support my work... I’m defending the project (which includes my work but it much more than me) because I believe it was done as it should be. I say this as the only guy in this room with intimate knowledge of the process and project...

I ask that you THINK about the effort of people involved before you make assumptions and dismiss away peoples efforts.. not mine - the teams

#360 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Game looks gorgeous. To me at least the 'better art' part of the equation has definitely been fulfilled not only on this title, but just having you in the hobby in general. I hope you feel appreciated and not just frustrated, because you've earned lots of props, and the weird and rough journey that got you to Stern really did improve the hobby. No hyperbole there.
But let's be real, the 'new ideas' part isn't even remotely there on this. Woah Nellie is a recycled layout to begin with. My friend owns the original conversion Greg and Dennis made, Woah Nellie #1, I've played it. I'm aware of what changed from Continental Cafe to the EM prototype to the digital Stern commercial version, and it's not some amazing transformation into new thinking. It's a basic ass game with old ideas that's cute and fun for what it is, and that's it. Sorry. Even the digital score reel has already been done before Stern by hobbyists.
Then it got reskinned into a freaking beer commercial, and that was hilarious in its own way, but kind of a sad indictment of how bad Woah Nellie did. If anyone has any illusions about it Stern utterly fucked Dennis on Woah Nellie. All these sad "wah wah that's business!" posts can eat shit really, I don't want to hear anything about poor Stern in this thread. The legacy of that game is tarnished and shitty, and the way they keep Weekend At Bernie's-ing the corpse is mostly just sad. I hope he's seeing more than pennies for these, but I haven't spoken to him about it since before Pabst, so I have no idea if he's getting a dime for any of this. If you think he was happy about how the original game and deal worked out think again though.
I love Primus, been a fan since 1991, they were a local band, and Sailing the Seas was a big deal for us when it came out. Super cool that they got a game, and with some killer art that really represents their style and history. Knocked it out of the park, great work. Seriously, looks awesome!
It's also, from a *game* standpoint, a lame reskin of a beer game that was a tacky boob game that was a frankensteined woodrail that Stern fucked the designer over on. So yeah, "new ideas" ain't it, and don't be mad that people aren't dumb and can see that. If you treat this like one bad ass concert poster collectible then it's all good, killer work, props to you. If you look at this as pinball, which is about playing games, and not jerking off over limited editions and not caring about the actual gameplay then it's a wet fart. Don't ask us to sniff it and call it roses.

New ideas? So there was another way to get a Primus machine made? You’re missing the point - if this succeeds as it can only exist currently THEN the message to stern is ‘hey maybe we could make a studio project here’... again, missing the point and dismissing the effort based on your disdain for stern and woah Nellie...

...and I never said hold back - I said remember people did lost sleep and time with family here - so choose your words maybe?

You can paraphrase my statements all day to make the point you wish to make - I’m exhausted by the negativity and have worked nonstop for over a year so I could revel in it...

#362 1 year ago

And on that note - I realize why no one from stern posts here or engages

I’ll stay away - but please read what I asked - it’s not about me... pinside is sort of like reading some tweets - impulse over patient reflection... I get it

Have a happy holiday everyone! Even if you think I have a complex

#365 1 year ago

Aurich, rarehero, et al... my case is made...

Quoted from o-din:

Let's just face it. They are making these games with minimum effort for maximum profit now. After all that's the American way!

Thousands of hours by dozens of people made insignificant by flippant words on a forum... now reread my post... ?

And o-din I hope your job is made as insignificant by the people you respect some day.

#374 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Congrats, you reinvented retheming Woah Nellie with hand drawn art for a boutique hipster theme. What an amazing new idea you have there.

You don’t comprehend what you read, do you? Sorry to upset you man - I was making an analogy to responses on a forum

#376 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Has it?
[quoted image]

It has - read my original point. Also a guy who calls himself ‘rarehero’ shouldn’t throw stones in glass complexes...

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