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HEP This Week 10-21-19

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#3906 3 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

They do look different than the replacements I have and I don’t think it is just a wear or age difference.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Yeah, the colors aren't close to right and they really took some liberties with the lightning shapes. What a shame to have to compromise on these since they're so central to the playfield...

#3912 3 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

What I decided to do with the disc decals is clean the originals and leave them in place.
They could easily be replaced later if the owner prefers it but I think even with the wear they have the game will still look more authentic and more survivor like if they remain.

I think you made the right choice. Someone needs to repro those whirlwind discs much more faithfully - both colors and art.

#3921 3 months ago
Quoted from Marten:

The Chinese are capable of producing quality products but not at the price we are asking them to do it for. You get what you pay for!

Yep. China will make whatever you want on-spec. You have to watch them since some of the shadier manufacturers will try to "cost reduce" on reorders without telling you, but once you find a few good ones, you stick with them and they will turn out quality work. They just won't do it for nothing. Those Whirlwind discs should have used pantone colors, but I bet they just screened them. They're WAY off from what they should be.

Having done this, reproducing and manufacturing the Shadow Supersets in the Gene days, part of the problem is you have to make a lot to get the price down, but then you sell half and sit on the other half as it trickles out for years to make a few thousand bucks. And if things go wrong (as it did on the first run of Shadow Supersets with ink adhesion) there go your profits (I replaced all the bad sets free). It's risk/risk with little reward. If you're going to make more than one category of repro at a time with any kind of quality control and faithfulness to the original you have to be stacked for cash and very patient.

#3923 3 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

I hear you. I made some Krull plastics for a one off project and lost my ass from start to finish.
The game turned out great so there was an upside but it was a horrible business decision and experience.
I learned if I can’t buy it or make it myself I will need to do without it.

Haha. The Shadow was almost all downside. I took a pin that I loved and could pick up all the time for $1000-$1500 because plastics weren't available for a reasonable price (just the Sanctum plastic was $300 IF you could find it) and they were always broken, and almost overnight doubled the asking price of the pins because people had access to a full set of new, stronger plastics for cheap that made the game look great. The concept of supersets (all plastics in the machines from all assemblies in one set) started there. As a result of my lack of foresight and innate cheapness, I haven't had a Shadow in-house since.

But I am glad The Shadow has a lot of respect as the great game it is now. It would be great if Brian Eddy brought back the dual diverter concept for whatever pin he's doing for Stern. It's so unique and really makes the game exciting.

#3926 3 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Now we need to start placing the coil assemblies.
The target bank is first and once again our choices are nice but slightly worn original target decals or lousy repros.
[quoted image]
The originals are a textured thick and very durable material [quoted image]
The reproductions are darker and inaccurate [quoted image]
What is worse is they are not at all durable. 5 or 10 plays and you will probably start seeing the ink wear away. Garbage but who cares as long as you can place them in your cart and pay vial PayPal
[quoted image]
The originals lasted 30 years so far the repros won’t make it 30 plays so the choice is obvious.
Clean up the originals.
In this bottle is acetone [quoted image]
Rub it on the repros [quoted image]
This is the result it is instant [quoted image]
Rub it on the 30 year old originals [quoted image]
This is the result. Nice and clean!Is there even a question about the low quality of the repros?[quoted image]

The reproductions look almost like dye sublimation or home photo printer. I'd make my own on paper with mylar over the top and 467MP backing before I used those.

#3942 3 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Today was the last day for our Bradford pear tree.
We planted it almost 20 years ago but it was just not in good health and it was outgrowing the house and yard.
These have a tendency to just split without warning particularly during ice storms.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
Something is working on it pretty hard. Most likely a wood pecker.
[quoted image]
With the new fence line landscaping it is holding back some of those plants and getting impossible to grow any grass around it.
[quoted image]
And there it goes.
[quoted image]
Feels a bit weird without it but I am sure we will get used to it and the other plants on the fence line will benefit in the long run.
We will be able to grow grass there and will have a nice flat yard on each side instead of dodging the tree but I already miss the shade
[quoted image]

We lost 8 bradford pear and ray ash trees when the roots became too invasive and they had to be taken out after 15 years. They were mature and gave a ton of shade. It's taken us like 6 years to get back to a fraction of the shade with new (supposedly less invasive root) trees. Total drag starting over, especially in a place with blazing hot summers.

1 week later
#4050 3 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Finally got around to planting some bushes in front of the new mini building. Still need shutters. [quoted image]

You can thaw salmon in a ziplock in cold water. Only takes about 30 minutes. We do it all the time. Denser meats (steak, ground beef, chicken, hot dogs) take longer, but can still be thawed within an hour.

#4077 3 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Indonesian Corno!
Taste as bad as it looks. Possibly worse.

I order in stuff in from Japan all the time, but didn't know this service even existed. What would you say the success to nasty ratio is on the boxes? I might try it...

#4088 3 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

I would say it is a 70% good to 30% bad ratio which is kind of part of the fun.
The two worst I believe so far based on our taste were Cambodia and Indonesia.
Favorites here were Germany and Sweden. Both were chocolate heavy.
Korea was good too that had some unique stuff that was unexpected.

So what size box do you get? I'm thinking Medium might be the right size. Large seems like too much if it's a nasty month.

Do you have a referral link that will credit you?

#4174 88 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

$2000 Pinball Life order arrives.
As predicted Fed Ex continues to disappoint.

I cannot F$&$:!g stand Fed Ex. It is consistently late,in accurate and rough.

If you continuously complain (and I'm assuming others are also if you're having this problem), Fedex will move the driver eventually. I'd complain about every incident. Doesn't happen fast, but it will eventually happen.

#4215 85 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Head is on the TOM[quoted image][quoted image]

(That Centaur is going to be amazing, same with Harlem Globetrotters)

I did a ToM with an orangey-gold powder coating that matched the game's logo gradient that I think looks better than shiny gold trim.

rt_corner (resized).jpg
#4221 85 days ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

Could always use them for shampoo or cooking, unless it is really foul.

Beer is good for plants, too. Gets the microbiome revved up in the soil.

3 weeks later
#4455 64 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Fathom cabinet has dried down to its final gloss level.
On Fathoms and some others I try to complete the paint jobs in one single session if at all possible.
This is because the way the colors stack together can make for a nightmare to sand and reclear because those scale like patterns will likely break through and perfect realignment of the stencil for a second pass is impossible. That being the goal I was able to accomplish it this time around. Doesn’t always happen
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Love how clean these look when you've just painted them. When the art at the edges is off like the sea foam green wavy line as that corner, is that a template issue or is it attention to detail to match the imperfection of the original run? Also, how do you get the edges so cleanly matched? Do you wrap all sides in the template then paint or do one side at a time?

#4458 64 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Something like that one corner is a small compromise needed on some stencils to get the best overall alignment front to back.
You can be a 1/16 off in one spot and perfect everywhere else or you could be 1/16th off everywhere and perfect in one spot. Depends on what the detail is or how complex it would be to do it manually. For this stencil the scales and lettering are crucial the little sea waves are easy so I make sure the lettering and scales come first.
I manually mask and wrap my own corners if they wrap around to tighten things up on the second pass. Even that can be a little tricky when pulling tape.
This one doesn’t need another pass though so I just tighten the relevant issue up right on the spot.
Relevant meaning it will not be covered once assembled so just that one spot.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Crazy amount of work getting these right, but the results speak for themselves.

#4491 62 days ago
Quoted from DefDumBlindKid:

I love Centaur. It reminds me of High School and my underachieving, acid dropping, metalhead friends. And seeing this beautiful example and knowing it is coming home to me, makes me feel all fuzzy inside.
Thanks, Chris looking amazing

Haha. I did a report on art for school and talked about what made Centaur art great in it. I specifically remember a couple kids mocking it, but I didn't care - they were morons. I was completely enamored of that pin in an arcade with probably 20 pins or more (the 80's were the best!). So many cool things going on and such great art.

#4547 57 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Inside.[quoted image]

Are you doing a pic with the backglass lit up?

#4580 56 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

First step after removing the flaps is pulling the decals off. These must be reused.
[quoted image]
Now to remove the glue without ruing the decal.
I like straight acetone for this [quoted image]
[quoted image]
Glue is off
[quoted image]
Now wash and dry [quoted image]
[quoted image]
These are ready to reuse. [quoted image]

With the amount of machines you cycle through, you should scan the decals so they can be vectorized and preserved. I didn't have any measurements, but it was pretty easy to vectorize that skull so it can be made as-needed.


#4581 56 days ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Wow, so there were no cracks or chips on those ramps after all those years of play?

Look how thick the plastic for the ramps is. These are not 21st century paper-thin plastic ramps...

#4608 55 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

I don’t do well with scanning,printing,photoshopping or any of that type of thing. It’s just something that doesn’t compute for me.
I have a really nice thermal label maker that collects dust because I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to print any legible size or direction

Just a picture of each label laid flat next to a mm ruler and the phone camera dead-on over the label (so there's no perspective distortion) would do in a pinch. That way the size and art would be documented and a vector version that's very close to an original could be made if needed.

#4633 54 days ago

European reimport, man. The potential for weird is always off the charts.

#4640 54 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Its grocery day once again
Ribeyes this week.

Have you ever tried to sous vide these and finish on the grill just to sear it? Delicious.

The sous vide everything guys even did it:

#4667 53 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

We are Balls Deep in on the SS
Ball guides are grained

Is regraining a customer preference? I never understood why making ball guides look like grained/satin stainless was the goal instead of mirror-polishing them. The mirror polished ones resist ball trails better in my experience and look WAY better, reflecting playfield details like chrome.

#4678 52 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Eh? The polished look means any ball trail is immediately seen. At least on grained finishes there is other markings to diffuse the sight of the ball trail.
The grained look is OEM style and isn't as gaudy. Not every surface should reflect spots and glare back at you.

Have you personally done it? I have many times and if they're polished to a mirror finish they RESIST ball trails much better and longer than grained or re-grained stainless. I assume because the surface is uniform and there are no prestresses built in by the grain, but I don't know the science of why, just that it is that way for all the ones I've done. In home play you may never see a ball trail you can't just wipe off again. It's a lot of work, but the results are worth it, IMO.

IMG_3697 (resized).JPG

#4679 52 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Playfield build is underway[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I love when the playfield hits this point and you start to see the game come up from the wood.

#4682 52 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Yes - plenty. At the end of the day, its still the same carbon ball traversing the same contact patch and the material is the same material.
I also don't like the proficiency for the mirror finish to show finger prints.

It is the same ball, but the surface is uniform, unlike regrained. If you polished it to a mirror and finished down to white rouge, there's no way you're getting the same level of ball trails as regrained stainless. I never have.

And yeah, mirrors show smudges, but how often are your fingers on the ball guides once the machine is done? The ball's not doing that.

#4689 52 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Now I can start placing the switch harness. [quoted image]
The blade switches are polished. [quoted image]
All toll overs will be replaced and rewired. [quoted image]
When it comes to WPC 95 it is not worth even assuming the switches are good. If you are doing this just replace them.
One thing I also find unreliable on this era especially if the game is beat are the pink quick connects on the center lugs. [quoted image]
These will be rewired into sub assemblies[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Have you said what crimper you're using? Your connector wiring always looks so clean.

#4694 51 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

To make sure that the GI cannot be plugged in to any other feature like the solenoids the new junctions are keyed to only fit one another.

That's a great improvement.

#4699 50 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Let’s eat.[quoted image]

Do you eat the shrimp shell on?

#4704 50 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

No peel and eat as you go. Stay more tender if left in the shell until ready to eat when eating solo.

I know some that eat the whole thing and I never understood how that's enjoyable. Tried it once and it was like having a mouthful of toothpick splinters.

#4706 50 days ago
Quoted from radium:

Lots of local seafood where I live and never heard of anyone eating the shells! Must be either really hungry or really lazy to try that.

It was in Asia. Maybe it's a local thing there...

#4708 50 days ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Yep, Asia.
Not a local thing. An Asian thing.
Asians eat shrimp heads.
They love them
Just bite them off whole and chew them down.
Really hard to do, I couldn't swallow it.
So body shells are no problem for them.

I've never seen anyone there eat the head, but the shells and tails are eaten whole with the shrimp. I gave it the college try and quickly decided it was not for me.

/End thread derailment.

#4716 49 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Scared Stiff cabinet is neatly wired.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Do you laminate the sheet in the cab bottom? It always drives me crazy how the coil dust makes them filthy almost immediately...

1 week later
#4783 39 days ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

I would pay, no joke. I can watch a master work all day…especially a master of a craft I am interested in.

Sure. Make it a big brother type setup where you have 4 camera views (two overhead pointing straight down, and two at angles and you pick the view you want. Sounds like the genesis of a TLC streaming show once he gets the kinks worked out of the production with us as guinea pigs.

#4821 36 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

I think I have made it a full year with this thread.
Not sure how much longer I will continue because it has gotten so long and potentially boring but here we go with another week.

If we're still here and engaged to the point we're discussing how much we'd pay for live cam access to your work shop to watch in real time, you are anything but boring to the pinheads in this thread.

#4904 31 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Busy Saturday.
I started working through the BSD plastics.
They are a mix of originals and repros.
[quoted image]
The originals are beat and old. The person that went through the game just swapped the easy ones.
The problem with the repros is that they scratch way too easily. Just like a lottery ticket.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
I have an NOS set I have been sitting on for a while and will use them on this game.
[quoted image]
The NOS is on the right the repro the left.

Like with most lazy plastics and decals, the color matching is SO BAD. I hate that. Why do a repro if you don't make it faithful to the original colors?

#4915 31 days ago
Quoted from A_Bord:

Man, the art on those repros is bad. Looks like someone did that freehand. I would have been a very unhappy customer.

Pretty sure they used autotrace or something like that. Even freehand wouldn't be that bad. The telltale is the very thin lined bits got missed completely (below the trace threshold) while the slightly thicker lines became WAY TOO THICK on the repro due to the tracing. Really poor worksmanship, what's for sure.

#4930 30 days ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Your fitness tracker, what kind is that and how does it work? Do you have to tell it what you are doing or does it detect it automatically?

Looks like just the built-in Apple watch fitness tracker.


#4940 30 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Mama prepped the rib eyes. [quoted image]
And the pineapple [quoted image]

I thought she was pineapple tenderizing the steak for a minute there.

2 weeks later
#5115 15 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

I should. My wife does all the clothes shopping for us though so it is what she knows fit us ,the styles we wear etc without us having to be there.
Quality is going down hill though so I will likely start phasing them out.

What? Giving up on that sweet endorsement opportunity by calling out their quality?

just-do-it-HEP (resized).jpg
#5167 11 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

What’s the point in buying these if they come pre damaged?!!
Both of them.
Pure shit honestly!!![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I'm sure Marco will make it right. Maybe if you bring it to their attention they will change the handling/storage procedures to stop the protective plastic from getting dragged.

#5171 11 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Yeah I know they will but the last time the exact same thing happened then they sent me two replacements one of which had the tab welded in the wrong spot.
All the back and forth trying to get something as simple as what you ordered and a new part that actually looks new and fits is way more trouble than it should be.
These skins are about $100 each so it is ridiculous really.

Yeah I guess that goes back to poor reproductions again. Very few are interested in doing repro parts right. A thicker protective skin or individually wrapped doors would solve the marring issue for what? 30 cents in quantity? But those kinds of decisions go all through repros and usually err on the side of cheap/wrong.

#5210 6 days ago

I don't recall you saying - where do you get your color-accurate wire? I know BAA has some 18 and 22AWG, but it's not a lot. There are a lot of color/stripe combos often found in pinball he doesn't have. I was looking for some 24AWG and came up empty.

#5219 6 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

3M 467MP Adhesive
LTG : )

Works great for making your own replacement target decals, too.


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