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HEP This Week 10-14-19

By High_End_Pins

1 year ago

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#1624 10 months ago


I would be happy to get half of what you get done in a day done in a week - very impressive for sure. But I was even more impressed with how quickly you replied to my PM this morning. I'll drop that machine to you one day this coming week.

For everyone reading this post I think Chris has actually been keeping a secret. I think he was cloned and there are actually 3 or 4 Chris's doing all that work. I don't see how one well organized guy gets so much done - has time to post & still can answer an email so quickly.


#1626 10 months ago
Quoted from j_m_:

this is a lie. chris has secretly kidnapped brian kelly and jim mccune and has them held hostage working under duress. both mr. kelly and mr. mccune have been absent on pinside, so this is all the confirmation needed. also, if you notice mr. hutchins is always smiling in his photos. no one in their right mind would be doing that after seeing some of the things that he's documented

I have to agree but there also might be another answer. Maybe he has Santa's Elves working for him. One way or another it is hard to believe how much he gets done in a week and still has time for his family, dog & to post here. I have been amazed for years!

3 weeks later
#1942 9 months ago

Normally I love everything I see you do but I have to honestly say I like the original art on Whirlwind better than this art package. I don't know exactly why but this art just doesn't do it for me? Maybe I'll like it better when machines is all together but right now I just don't like this as well as the original art.

Regardless - the finish and level of detail is great as always - just not an art package I would want on my machine.

Taking a step back I have to say the black on the Addams Family ramps & stuff made me want to change ours over to black - in my eyes that looked over the top GREAT!

#1946 9 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Thanks for the positive comments on the Whirlwind cabinet.
I always know that anytime there is a change from the original some will like it others will not and that is why I rarely ask or respond to opinions.
In this case the owner specifically wanted something different and he wanted it painted “HEP style” not decaled.
The art package was created for me by my friend Jeff Miller/Pinball Pimp and I took that art stencil package and chose my own colors and shading techniques to be complimentary to the original and still work well with the color pallet of the playfield and translite.
This particular Whirlwind isn’t just about building a nice Whirlwind it is about creating a special one.
I definitely have an eye and a sense for these things and without a doubt I personally could not be happier with how it is turning out thus far.


I knew you had your reasons for what you did and as I said above it just wasn't "for me" but the workmanship is your typical over the top workmanship. After following your post for several years I have to honestly say this is the first time I have seen something you have done that I didn't love. I know it is personal taste and all that really counts is what you customer thinks so don't worry about what I said earlier. I probably should have just kept that comment to myself but if everyone liked the same thing the world would be a very different place. We are long past Henry Ford's all cars should be painted black and that is why things are not boring. But some people still like black cars!

Keep up the great work & I can't wait to see the next one.

#1951 9 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Thanks I understand and expect that or what might be better etc etc.
I have done all kinds of things like painting a brand new Mercedes ML 320 camouflage , ghost flames on a old vette,Centaur silver,Fire black and countless other things. All for hire and by request. Not one single time in any of those efforts has it been universally loved or hated. It is just how things go when you deviate from what people are used to.
There are lots of factors and limitations involved in both making the changes and what you can reasonably do also.
I enjoy it.


As an old car guy I couldn't agree more. Again - just my personal taste on this one and as I said earlier that might even change once I see the machine together but at this point this is the first "chance" I have seen you take I didn't love. Knowing what it takes to do this type stuff from person experience I am always amazed with your work. I am just surprised it took this long for you to do one I didn't love.

I also agree taking those risk come with great rewards - but 99% of people just don't want to take those risk because they are afraid to fail. Again not saying this is a "fail" just saying it wouldn't be my personal choice. And after all we are on Pinside so sometimes we need a little debate in the mix of things!

2 weeks later
#2200 8 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

A quick follow up on the items I threw up spontaneously yesterday and also the comments I made.
A few texted me to apologize for their offers.
No need to worry about that at all. I am not offended.
I have been doing this a long time I know the drill and I set myself up for that not having clear prices on the stuff.
I will let basically anything pictured go for a very fair price but when people offer $25 for a lockbar shipped to CA it just isn’t realistic
Four of them shipped to CA for $125 is
This is what I am getting at.
Hope that clears it up and again
No offense meant nor taken.

I think the big issue with most people is they don't understand the value of time. They understand the value of their time and want to get paid well when they are working but they don't place a value on time when it comes to people they are trying to do business with. Being self employed almost my entire adult life I have had to deal with this for over 40 years. When a friend or relative needs something they always say something like "I figured I would ask you since you don't have to go to work". They just don't get the fact that when you are self employed you are basically working all the time.

Realistically if you are self employed and you can't make $40 to $50 an hour (or more) these days you are living in poverty. Doing someone a favor is one thing but asking a plumber to do cheap plumbing work for you is not asking for a favor you are asking them to give valuable time away. Most people don't mind doing someone a favor from time to time but that is different than asking someone to give time away.

Asking for a cheap deal from you and expecting you to ship that item is basically asking you to work for free. That isn't you doing someone a favor that is being taken advantage of but some people just don't get that. You are in the pinball restoration business not in the provide cheap parts to people as part of a hobby.

Anyway - as you said earlier - you knew what to expect! Keep up the great work Chris!

1 week later
#2434 8 months ago

How about the door frame to match the cabinet with the orange strip where you had it and a black door with black parts on the door. I kind of liked the blue to match the cabinet but it just seemed like too much blue. Going with the frame blue & the coin door black might make a nice mix?

#2515 8 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Maverick is on squirrel patrol.
He wants so badly to get to the squirrels he sees running around in the backyard
It starts with begging us to open the blinds [quoted image]
Then he goes nuts
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Bet he sleeps good after doing that for a little while! Talk about a high energy workout!

5 months later
#4118 83 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Probably two or three years I would guess although I might be more productive if all I had to do was just focus on the work, not the inventory and organizing etc.
The stress of it being full is much better than the thought of it being empty though.

Meeting Chris when I dropped a machine to him for a customer I quickly realized he has everything down to a system. Once you get to that point in life it all makes sense. I am 65 years old and still trying to get to that point in my life.

The reason Chris gets so much done is because he is so well organized - both in his personal life and the way he approaches his business. The key to being productive is attitude & organization and Chris seems to have both. I agree with Chris about better full then empty. He knows he has enough work sitting there to make a living for the next two to three years. Even with a job most people can't say that.

Great job all the way around Chris. Keep up the good work. Others are learning a lot from you but one thing they might want to pay more attention to is why you get so much done in a day and then follow your example. I know I am trying to do just that.

#4123 83 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

After that even though I absolutely didn’t feel like it I managed to get my workout in for the day. It was the scheduled 5x5 day. Couldn’t have been on a worse day after wrestling all those games around but it requires consistency.


This is exactly what I was talking about above. Most guys, including myself, would have figured moving all that stuff around in the warehouse was their workout for the day. That is what makes you so special - you don't cut corners just because you could. Also - you stepped up and organized your warehouse space right away instead of waiting to you needed to do it because of space. Being pro active is so very hard to do when you are in business for yourself.

Keep setting the great examples for the rest of us! I know I have learned a lot from you already and I am typically the one teaching people - not learning from them.

#4204 79 days ago

Your paint work looks like a guy with a little bit of experience! Being a guy that did a good many show cars "back in the day" it is always nice to look at stuff painted by a true professional. Most people don't have a clue how hard it is to lay down a perfect paint job. From what I have seen the only thing that surpasses your painting ability is your attention to detail. Keep up the great work Chris!

1 month later
#4746 36 days ago

Anyone who has never painted using automotive paint & has not tried to lay down a nice clear coat over something does not have a clue just how good Chris is at this. I am always in awe at just how good of a painter Chris is. But when you then realize his level of attention to detail, mechanical ability, and artistic ability I have yet to ever see anyone in this hobby even come close to what he does with these machines.

I know having a machine done by Chris isn't cheap but I am sure he could be making a hell of a lot more money doing custom paint work so you guys having Chris do machines for you just don't realize how lucky you are.

Chris - just keep up the great work. You know just how impressed I have been ever since we talked in person and your work never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully I'll have a chance to stop by and visit in person again sometime in the future but until then just keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to amaze most of us.

#4751 35 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Thank you Skip. I really appreciate it. Often I feel like I should have went a different way with this stuff and stayed in the automotive side but the freedom and flat out coolness of pinball has been pretty rewarding over the years.

The nice thing about what you are doing is you can work from home. That is hard to do when painting cars or even motorcycles. Just that has plenty of perks but beyond that it is kind of a hobby turned business so as long as you love it why not keep doing it. I just hope your customers realize what a great job you do with these machines. The price point of doing things the way you do them eliminates a lot of people that don't really care anyway.

Keep amazing all of us! You give the guys trying to do it themselves plenty of inspiration and at the same time share just enough of the tricks of the trade for people to continue to learn from you. I know I'll never own one of your machines but I still enjoy seeing your post everyday. I am more of the "rat rod" type guy when it comes to pinball machines & like to see some bumps & bruises on them instead of a fully restored machine but I can still respect what it takes to bring a machine to the level HEP does.

But as I told you when we talked in person the thing that amazes me the most is how you have everything down to a nice easy system. Organization is one of the things you do better than most of us and the organized attack helps you accomplish more in a day than most of us can accomplish in a week. Totally amazing!

3 weeks later
#5048 13 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Broke out the GI and grabbed my board.
Probably a bad combo.

Especially right next to that nice looking cabinet job!

#5050 13 days ago

Love It! I am a big Maverick fan. See ya in a couple weeks! -Skip-

#5102 9 days ago

I bet your other son loves days like this! See you in a few days. Enjoy your day off.

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