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HEP This Week 10-7-19

By High_End_Pins

1 year ago

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#901 11 months ago

Could you please cover some of your array of metal polishing techniques? Not many have extra supplies of pristine pieces or will be able to send out to plate. Especially on this game, I think it would greatly benefit everyone how you make stuff look so good.

#902 11 months ago

You had mentioned how to regrain the ball guides but I think I missed the answer.

#903 11 months ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

You had mentioned how to regrain the ball guides but I think I missed the answer.

Most of us use some variation if a dremel or drill with a flapper wheel or preferred attachment.

#904 11 months ago

Playfield is out of the cabinet andO will be able to better work through the lamp and switch harnesses. image (resized).jpg

I believe that I am going to have to replace every single socket on this one because of rust and corrosion

image (resized).jpg
#905 11 months ago

Lamp harness is removed without sockets with the exception of just one that will serve as a centering point when mapping it back out on the new playfield. image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg

Now thoroughly cleaned and dried. You just can’t get one that was that dirty this clean with the sockets in the way.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#906 11 months ago

Switch harness removed the same way.leaving all switches and targets behind.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#907 11 months ago

Never seen this one before
Think they chiseled out a recess for the bookcase bracket.
Probably trying to level it.

image (resized).jpg
#908 11 months ago

Man I'd binge watch the HEP show on Netflix...

#909 11 months ago
Quoted from PhilGreg:

Man I'd binge watch the HEP show on Netflix...

Seriously yes!

#910 11 months ago

Do Doctor Who taped.!!!

#911 11 months ago

Wonder what kind of life that TAF lived? It could sure tell a story!

#912 11 months ago

Finished gutting the Cabinet. Very little in there worth saving. AC19A45D-1E6D-4514-A03C-69D56739454F (resized).jpeg

16062D0C-5390-4AA2-B6CC-A0B5C1E6C447 (resized).jpeg717EAA53-0498-4271-8AF3-7C39D7CCCC71 (resized).jpegB629D8F6-9F66-4365-B305-DD0BEABB62A9 (resized).jpeg
#913 11 months ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Never seen this one before
Think they chiseled out a recess for the bookcase bracket.
Probably trying to level it.
[quoted image]

Possibly chiseled by Pat himself - in which case the proper thing to do would to preserve this irreplaceable piece of pinball history

#914 11 months ago

Was up in HEPs necks of the woods this weekend and checked out the Woodcraft store. What a fantastic place. Found some really nice wood blanks for projects I have going.

#915 11 months ago

Catching up some of what did not get documented yesterday on the TAF project.

Transformer was reworked. 6942418C-605E-47F4-8932-B114F94BCEC2 (resized).jpeg

3C9B89A0-32F1-4D17-ADB9-03E493FF54B0 (resized).jpeg


24787E64-563A-4491-9BF5-54A727467AC9 (resized).jpeg
#916 11 months ago

There was very little metal kept. Only the essential post and hardware.

I turned much of it by hand and now it is in the tumblers until I need it

From there it will need more attention I am sure.

8FEEB816-A340-4C6D-8522-3FBD8B6AA3F6 (resized).jpegA22F554F-8C76-418A-8254-8C5BB6905491 (resized).jpeg
#917 11 months ago

The original topper has some potential
This is going to be a blacked out game so I prefer at the very least the tinted original topper.
The repros are too clear but look nice on other builds just not so much on the black ones. F8DE6DA6-157D-4BAE-B63A-BD010F370675 (resized).jpeg

Decals removed and adhesive is being lifted. 2CFB3C13-2D39-4958-A7EE-5051DB44A17F (resized).jpeg
44851A07-6193-4D0F-A8B1-4A2EFEB97B3C (resized).jpeg

The topper is washed 84B413C2-0599-4B49-9464-BAA6B4D1134D (resized).jpeg
0B11D896-E0BF-4BDD-9DF1-B958336A9430 (resized).jpeg

Then flame polished as well as possible. With particular attention paid to the face of it.
The back is a bit too flimsy to really heat up but it should show well and I have may do some type of refinishing on it to further darken it.

77D860CE-5849-4A4E-A5F6-E457026F0E98 (resized).jpeg
#918 11 months ago

The lower cabinet is now ground braided with upgraded. Leg plates and protectors E90AB757-7B01-470C-9094-4743019CB74C (resized).jpegC17DCFFA-0F9E-4012-A727-B91AFD2876B7 (resized).jpeg

Now up on four legs.

04A7AD7E-B44C-4BBA-8813-D19B7AA0839B (resized).jpeg4B99CDF1-8566-4BD1-B19B-6229666BFE29 (resized).jpeg
#919 11 months ago

Next up for TAF is the power box.

I don’t see much worth reusing here F23D066E-4081-4262-9EC0-84B7A4F24C93 (resized).jpeg
DFB4B10B-C9F1-4505-8E3A-B25D57E3A19F (resized).jpeg

With it being a reimport originally it doesn’t have a service outlet and uses some slightly different components. 103CA50B-7958-485C-87DC-546EA44C488F (resized).jpeg

#920 11 months ago

Another concern is the fit.
When using the upgraded leg plates on TAF and some other games the power box overlaps when aligned with the switch cut out in the floor. 5B5F411B-2650-47F8-890A-CE840E212592 (resized).jpeg
A76E79AD-F861-42EF-8A2E-B48D7DAD40D5 (resized).jpeg

The issue is easily corrected by relocating the switch in the power box chassis. This is the current position. 5E268558-2FFF-4CFA-91F0-97C924251375 (resized).jpeg

#921 11 months ago

I am going to build s new assembly up mostly from scratch.

First is to modify the power box chassis.

70FBC612-02E0-437F-9C04-94027B55ADC0 (resized).jpeg

New hole is made for the switch C606036C-FF2E-4B14-89F1-E2166A58FA2E (resized).jpeg

#922 11 months ago

Now I can gather the parts to assemble.
A4065146-AF07-47D8-8D00-4D610A8C6B5E (resized).jpeg

Need the following.
Line filter 78F9C06E-1823-45B2-A827-7E4CC4BF7F22 (resized).jpeg
Service outletC4DF2FDA-D2EB-48B7-9584-5246981484E7 (resized).jpeg
6105E566-9CA1-4E7C-AEE0-FF82A43D09E6 (resized).jpeg
Thermistor and varistor303499A1-C2FD-4328-90F4-FFEEB5B534A5 (resized).jpeg
Fuse holderD25320D1-9799-42FD-A41C-6B21A4ED37CF (resized).jpeg
Strain relief11AA1CFD-A91C-4466-85F2-B822079A583B (resized).jpeg

That is everything laid out plus a new cord of course. AA63E738-F3E2-4376-8B68-6B273D01E0FE (resized).jpeg

#923 11 months ago

New switch is mounted in the box and checked for proper fit. CDCE0D6F-BAE5-49B8-BF16-6318E6CC3458 (resized).jpeg

EEEF3612-E1F1-4B5E-8CD8-4EFF74B9F3B3 (resized).jpeg
575F078F-DB3B-4306-A637-DE2B7F87E88D (resized).jpeg

#924 11 months ago

All set so it is built up.
Service outlet 50B4F3DC-0937-46DD-8969-E2E69833FD97 (resized).jpeg
New switch gets direct soldered but with short protection. 5A1B1C7B-D166-4B71-AEB8-CDFEB4FC1E6C (resized).jpeg

Looks about right. 938FDCAA-375D-444E-9153-1C83057EBF7A (resized).jpeg

Ready to install. 9DF5694E-3345-4696-8518-AAE301A3343E (resized).jpeg

Now installed.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#925 11 months ago

Next for TAF is a coin door.
I happen to have an era correct used door I can rework. B9691944-2457-42E2-9883-ECB1666F6323 (resized).jpeg7C2B498B-BBED-4FE0-B32A-456D1A20865D (resized).jpeg

C67B475D-44D0-4025-8E51-F5038250E056 (resized).jpegFE2BE2DE-7F93-4A62-A1E3-78733CB5C868 (resized).jpeg
#926 11 months ago

Door torndown
Cleaned and water sanded 4F8EBF44-86F6-4F32-9143-7A99D34DEC26 (resized).jpeg

Then metal etched and textured to get a more factory like base on there to do the proper paint on. F2BF063C-EB60-4D70-B3F1-8B50F8582850 (resized).jpeg

Next I will reassemble the black parts and then do the final paint and spattering.

7E97A681-A41A-4CDF-BFBF-8F29C916CA71 (resized).jpeg8BADEB9F-E343-48AF-8328-B70B16EC8E8F (resized).jpeg
#927 11 months ago

TAF coin door painted and specked.
Went just a little glossier than usually for this type of repaint because I want it to tie in with the gloss black trim when placed but I don’t want the door itself to be gloss black just a bit glossier than the more traditional flat black used.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

#928 11 months ago

Now before I get back to more laid back clean work I am going to start prepping the EBD cabinet for paint.
I have lamp panels.
The lower and the head.

Glass is in the head to triple check the fit and perhaps brainstorm a different color scheme than the normal one
I was given some direction by the owner but that was more mural style painting not what I do
What I do is work off the factory art and add touches or make different color schemes from that.
We will see where or if that goes anywhere but it needs to be sanded first.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#929 11 months ago

The EBD cabinet was sanded and primed once more just to tighten the surface up a little more while I figure out the direction the paint work will go. 130A1270-97BF-4295-9956-BF4725D71084 (resized).jpeg
67709444-CE11-41F8-868F-85854368BA35 (resized).jpeg

The TAF backboard was also primed. 56D0821F-D489-4158-9630-8AFBFE5BE902 (resized).jpeg

The EBD lamp boards were painted since they are white this will let me get them out of the paint shop and out of harms way.

4120E119-958C-429C-8B8D-4141F891D8B6 (resized).jpeg
#930 11 months ago

Coin door is built and placed on the TAF
Then the rails.
BE653293-3A6D-4BDE-8877-4B5A3DA9D2D9 (resized).jpeg1C575E81-D637-413C-B0FB-520E5474E214 (resized).jpeg

#931 11 months ago

Head is built 4C2352FA-790C-41F8-B215-A56CB393B017 (resized).jpeg

Someone asked about metal polishing. It varies a lot based on the material and importance of the parts appearance.

Using these head hinge brackets as an example of a low importance part I will always them look nice enough for there location. Red scotchbrite and glitz metal polish.
FC95A50C-5BED-47E0-868F-6D15FB18E199 (resized).jpeg

Polished up quickly. AC2D12B8-5B2B-415D-A8E0-21AA1A0D0FD5 (resized).jpeg

Now put to use. image (resized).jpg

#932 11 months ago

Head is mounted on lower of TAF project.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#933 11 months ago

Chris, a couple quick questions:

1) Do you add any wax or clear coat to metal parts after polishing to keep corrosion away? Or does the polish stay on there and act as a shield against corrosion?

2) At one time you were using round head screws with the metal leg protector brackets as they added more protection (spacing), and now I see you used flat head screws here. Any reason for this?



#934 11 months ago
Quoted from TG:

Chris, a couple quick questions:
1) Do you add any wax or clear coat to metal parts after polishing to keep corrosion away? Or does the polish stay on there and act as a shield against corrosion?
2) At one time you were using round head screws with the metal leg protector brackets as they added more protection (spacing), and now I see you used flat head screws here. Any reason for this?

This particular polish I use adds corrosion protection.
It is rated at 6 months for fresh water applications and 3 for salt water so in a home environment it should be adequate indefinitely. image (resized).jpg
image (resized).jpg

The newer style protectors on the right are a bit thicker than the earlier versions on the left so the other screws are not needed to keep the leg completely off the cabinet.
A9A15913-AE3C-4D8D-BB4D-6B7F69DD8A3F (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpg
#935 11 months ago

Thank you for the explanation!

#936 11 months ago

Hep threads are the best threads in pinside.....I love seeing the pictures and transformation....I can't imagine how much supplies of wire, screws, fasteners, plastics, cabinets etc. that Hep has to keep in inventory in order to keep the process moving...



#937 11 months ago

I’m interested in installing Molex connectors when I do my TZ rebuild and was wondering if you could give a little info on what you use or any tips or habits you’ve developed?

I notice a mix of 2 and 3 position molex connectors for solenoids. It’s tough to tell from the photos, but it looks like some 2 conductor solenoids use 3-position molex and some use just 2-position. If that’s right, is there any specific rhyme or reason to which is which?

And are you using 0.93 molex for solenoids and 0.62 for switches?

I really like the idea of this, and of being able to remove an assembly for maintenance, etc and thought I might as well try to benefit from experience or anything you’d come across. Thanks!

#938 11 months ago

Sanded and painted the TAF backboard 1BD7D1AD-AF6C-4A6F-832B-A1D59CF88271 (resized).jpeg

While it dried I walked up to the church with my lovely wife and we voted.

E6D96E9D-D5F5-4249-835A-0C933163511C (resized).jpeg
44D41D7A-5A0A-490A-B258-0837FA114997 (resized).jpeg

3ED11EE4-9F6C-40FC-8775-D94D93D165D1 (resized).jpeg

When I got back it was nice and dry.

990186BD-835F-4776-B904-706B5A6DAAE0 (resized).jpeg
#939 11 months ago

Now I am going to sand and paint the EBD cabinet base color.
This will get a little different coloring in a few areas

4EAFBEE6-1E18-4ED9-B3E0-5D756159C02A (resized).jpeg
#940 11 months ago

EBD cabinet is ready to paint.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#941 11 months ago

Sides of the head are sprayed cream but not the entire head as normally done.

This is a must because of how the stencils are to be sprayed/order of them.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#942 11 months ago

EBD cabinet is then fully blacked out less the two sides of the head for now.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#943 11 months ago

Head unmasked then the first stencil is applied. D147E170-DEDC-4F57-A925-A9D999DA3DBD (resized).jpeg

C99AF9FA-D9F3-4AF9-AD69-22C69B879BF9 (resized).jpeg
#944 11 months ago

Blacked out again then unmasked. CC01B670-65FE-49C7-95A3-7B6AE5D9FD79 (resized).jpeg

7B4809B5-647B-4A60-9091-2387E90CD51D (resized).jpeg
#945 11 months ago

I wish we could straight ticket up vote every post Chris makes!

#946 11 months ago

You probably were not expecting this. 43FEB34F-E9F4-4C96-A3C3-D5F7851F51E5 (resized).jpeg
B21B8C9B-AB3D-4F70-B11D-5DA8A767949D (resized).jpeg
E416B13D-0557-4375-9C10-D931A8D857C2 (resized).jpeg

#947 11 months ago

the suspense is killing me

#948 11 months ago

But I am converting an LE and I want to bridge the gap between the classic and the LE color scheme so I am working off the backglass color scheme and the LE apron which is black red and gold.
This is actually 4 colors on the front.
Black,red ,med brown and gold.
The brown will be needed for the cowboy on the backbox.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#949 11 months ago

This is where I am so far on the sides but I know where I am going.
Wanted to test the front first because the face value of it is most important.

image (resized).jpg
#950 11 months ago


Whoever is getting that machine is really lucky

In HEP we trust...

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