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HEP This Week 2-17-2020

By High_End_Pins

1 year ago

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#5751 56 days ago

The head is placed on the lower
The board panel is cleaned up and all boards and parts no longer needed are removed to avoid future confusion.
The connects are inspected as I go and rebuilt or repinned as needed.

E0C86E8D-A08F-43B4-9E92-CB5B7955E49E (resized).jpegA384A41B-ADEA-483C-AB09-242AA02FC1BF (resized).jpegEC26BFD0-31D6-4C3E-AC85-8F46AF06801C (resized).jpeg6FA80955-ADB9-4A4B-BF36-C4DE412EB9F0 (resized).jpeg
#5752 56 days ago

Now we have the lamp panel.
On Spirit 1 I did not feel comfortable getting too deep into that for a variety of reasons.
The need/ability to really redo one of these panels is hard to convey even though I regularly do them on others.
E70329E0-56BD-49AC-9487-778BF7C564AB (resized).jpeg
The Gottlieb panels are MDF and the light shields are nothing more than hot glued cardboard. They cannot be removed and reused.
B5CD3C1C-B215-4670-ACE4-B9F6B5B32870 (resized).jpegEFD7AB04-1715-40C4-B55E-C4C870F76BC5 (resized).jpegD9027957-02E7-43FA-A714-7E6ADE8136E9 (resized).jpeg
These panels are fragile and even the teardown of them can do more harm than good
Just the act of staple removal destroys the mdf on these. I will use this simple tag with only two staples as an example. FA13E4B1-2231-4802-8D0F-2834A6D1D640 (resized).jpeg
E0971ACC-9CDF-4498-AD26-555A8F30A79C (resized).jpeg
Now to remove the staples and I am VERY careful. 4639053A-F7CB-419B-ABB6-B60B8468FE8F (resized).jpeg

0BAC13CC-AC10-41ED-8820-E9F6EDFA3C04 (resized).jpeg
A2F76A19-5E17-49D6-AB3C-7366A5525F05 (resized).jpeg

That was just two so Can you imagine what happens to this panel when you remove all these on the back?
4F60CE11-9F61-45F2-925F-99DD4EB6B68D (resized).jpeg

Not especially worth it solely in the name of a brighter white behind the backglass. That is really what is accomplished cosmetically unless there is a structural issue like we saw on page one with the Joker poker.
So that is why it isn’t as high of a priority on these as it is on others but I am interested in st least freshening it up more than I did the previous one.

#5753 56 days ago

Looking at the back of the Spirit 2 panel there is an enormous amount of generic wiring to map document if I want to at least remove the bulk of the harness.
I will also need to pull the motor and gearbox.

8561B94C-828F-4997-A579-AFB5D8547079 (resized).jpeg585CAC13-5FE4-435E-A1D7-A0765F8F2E2B (resized).jpegD28617CA-134D-48C5-B637-989C8BB07FF9 (resized).jpegCB9D0CA7-4EC7-4A30-B2A8-DF62BFA1926E (resized).jpeg255438CE-5D46-4DD1-88C6-143EBF83FA9F (resized).jpeg
#5754 56 days ago

First pull the gearbox. I am starting to developer a better understanding of the wire coloring of these games which is complicated and often confusing.
As a result I am now able to use my own wiring in a more thought out way.
This lead is white/red/gray

I can do that but it takes two wires.
4C451DBF-AEE6-4E8B-8A91-0D736921E3A8 (resized).jpeg
This is another reason on these and EMs that it seems better to leave well enough alone unless there is a real need.
Just the act of desoldering the wire was enough to melt the lead right out of the coil.
That is because it the plastic housing is already so heat damaged from years of use.
366E92DC-53E7-4AFB-8E7D-9C8418A389E9 (resized).jpeg

The lead is still good though and I will reattach it later. Now on a plug E11386B5-F240-4671-8A90-14D754BFE0C8 (resized).jpeg
5627CC58-590D-4C73-932D-1DCA77BA6663 (resized).jpeg
Off the panel now reattached I like hot glue for that because it is clear and non conductive

B1FD8E7D-F04E-4C10-AE15-E118EEE24D93 (resized).jpegD8CBF598-BFAE-4C5F-8CF6-A3DDBE694460 (resized).jpeg
#5755 56 days ago

With that out of the way I am able to remove the rest of the main harness.

D13B36C3-DDBE-4F46-A9E4-471EEC262054 (resized).jpegDB8769AD-950C-4DF0-9DDE-89507A84DE11 (resized).jpeg
#5756 56 days ago

I will leave the rest there because I will probably do more harm than good if I were to try and break it down any farther.
Here are the concerns besides the staples noted earlier.
These screws in the back hold on the display mounts on the front. F2598E7C-EB91-4B4C-B036-40CC364DB5D4 (resized).jpeg
These mounts are fragile and if I were to hold them with pliers to unscrew them there is a good chance they will crack. 174246C8-A82E-422B-BF0D-877F6948C001 (resized).jpeg
These t nuts are imbedded in the mdf. Removing them will absolutely damage the panel.
8F79AAD1-20AD-4C3C-B782-D876A6B6A23A (resized).jpeg
What I can do for the back is just blow it off
For the front I can repaint it as it currently is including the t nuts and stand offs of which the paint will only improve the look of.
The panel is prepped and painted. The bulbs act as a filler for the sockets.
Getting inside and making the paint absorb into the cardboard is a bit of a process.

28083F8C-A377-4EFB-8604-612B792B0ECB (resized).jpeg85DAFD7B-A2FD-405A-8054-0DC3A4CBC0DE (resized).jpegBCBEFD4A-3133-475E-8179-E516F42AC2E8 (resized).jpegC9D43AAD-0D79-4C9F-92FA-1F9B2101D6AC (resized).jpeg
#5757 56 days ago

Panel is dry now ready to reassemble.
It looks nicer at face value so it is an improvement but if I were going to go any further I would have a new one made like was done with the Joker poker last year. Problem with that though is the panel is best made with a CNC because of the way the cardboard shields are set.

62FD6050-B238-4E6B-A44C-B50BB0D40A1F (resized).jpeg97CC6A2E-6C51-4805-B541-C20E8DD3ECF5 (resized).jpeg
#5758 56 days ago

Spirit 2 Panel is rebuilt and installed in the cabinet

image (resized).jpg
#5759 56 days ago

Starting to wire the Spirit 2 cabinet.
The fuse panel is built up and in place.
Because of the rust all parts on that needed to be plated. image (resized).jpg
One thing that I found on Spirit 2 that was also an issue on Spirit 1 is that with the 3 in 1 board the coin door connector runs very tight image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
What I will do is make an extension.

image (resized).jpg
#5760 56 days ago

I will need some extra energy so I will drink some espresso

75239B7B-AA41-4434-81D5-2BF9728668C4 (resized).jpeg
#5761 56 days ago

exactly how many brand specific beer glasses do you own?!? I swear you've got a glass for just about every major brewery
which begs the question, 'are you getting paid for all of these indorsements?'

#5762 56 days ago
Quoted from j_m_:

exactly how many brand specific beer glasses do you own?!? I swear you've got a glass for just about every major brewery

Lost count. It is a quirk.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#5763 56 days ago
Quoted from j_m_:

exactly how many brand specific beer glasses do you own?!? I swear you've got a glass for just about every major brewery
which begs the question, 'are you getting paid for all of these indorsements?'

No endorsements so far

#5764 56 days ago

Using position 1 we will call it as an example of the extension being created.
White with a violet and a blue stripe. image (resized).jpg
I take my single version of each to create one by twining it together.
image (resized).jpg

On one end will be the header pin the other a .062 male pin

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#5765 56 days ago

Extension is made.

B81C0D3D-63B3-4E01-A3BC-1BD765B1FD65 (resized).jpegC58DA256-A6D5-480D-B118-1CB53F64A9A0 (resized).jpeg7EF63E15-9F21-4338-809B-AD4B635044D9 (resized).jpeg
#5766 56 days ago

Time to start prepping for the holiday.
I have found my preferred mixture
It is peppermint schnapps and cognac
I am not a liquor drinker so the cheap shit is fine. 7BECF38E-C20F-491D-A71B-E9B5814497FA (resized).jpeg
There are three versions
Spiked (what is pictured liquor wise)
Crusher ( the complete opposite of spiked reversing the liquor and eggnog ratio)

image (resized).jpg
#5767 55 days ago

Waiting to see if the bottles are now cleared to protect the labelling.

#5768 55 days ago

Hey Chris
Big thank you for my favorite read every day.
Merry Christmas

#5769 55 days ago

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas! Looking forward to getting my game and bringing something else for you to restore. Your work is second to none imo.


#5770 55 days ago

Thanks guys. Really great to see and hear that the thread is enjoyed.

I spent the morning continuing to work on developing a HEP like system for the System 80s.
This second spirit has been much more fun than the first one.

I managed to clean up some wiring and things as well as put a little more serviceability into others much like I do on my normal builds.

Felt good to install that big plated prop rod finally. It’s been hanging around here for months.

84C9A242-B906-4EB7-A6EA-18DC76BF216A (resized).jpeg96F881DA-DC03-4D86-ADC8-DAA96FCB3FDC (resized).jpeg4D31EB91-CA68-4AA0-95C7-C4F7C2028531 (resized).jpeg
#5771 55 days ago

While mama was out gathering last minute supplies.
I could not help but notice what a nice day it was for Christmas Eve.
Low 60s and plenty of sunshine.
34160A37-2449-4016-A965-E233DA1CE26A (resized).jpeg
With her gone I can’t stray to far from home because I must keep an eye on Marshall
That rules out a nice long run but it does clear a spot in the driveway. F93EBE4B-6CB5-4969-8502-7B6BE352B6D8 (resized).jpeg

It is amazing what can be accomplished in a small space with just a few things.
27996E15-3FD2-40C1-95BF-55B7966A7333 (resized).jpeg
Today we will go with jump ropeB8626321-5FFF-4D34-BD85-A64953E92CD0 (resized).jpeg
25 lb Rage ballCE7BDD5B-E9AC-4AC0-831F-998E3383AE54 (resized).jpeg
And a pair of 62 lb kettle bells 452C4B0D-C129-4911-B5A9-107883A8F129 (resized).jpeg
The weights are not all that important it is just a progression. I started with 10lb rage ball and a pair of 25lb kettlebells years ago. They are just numbers the activity is what matters most.

After 50 minutes I have burned enough calories to at least think about all the food I will be eating today and tomorrow.

92DC34C4-3778-4195-94EA-07AB48468F0F (resized).jpeg
#5772 55 days ago

She’s back and it is time to start cooking.
She is taking the Beetle Bailey role and peeling potatoes. image (resized).jpg
I am already having a beverage conflict of interest.
My grilling beer or this coffee thing she brought me ?
image (resized).jpg

#5773 55 days ago

Grilling beer for sure!

#5774 55 days ago

You have two hands its both one to run grill and one to swap between drinks. You keeping this thread going will only makes more of us want to send games to you and by looking at your pictures it doesn't look like you have a shortage of games to restore. I think we all enjoy this thread seeing the beautiful games you turn out.

#5775 55 days ago

Hands down, my favorite thread on Pinside and one of the reasons you currently have one of my games. Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing with us your amazing work and methods!

#5776 55 days ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family! This is my favorite thread on the forum. Thank you for sharing. Here’s to 2020!

#5777 55 days ago

Going with ribeyes for the Christmas Eve meal.
206FA4E3-A183-475C-8D73-3D8662025F81 (resized).jpeg
Homemade potatoes au gratin.
B25D274D-627F-4AFC-B0BA-13DEBE262CFC (resized).jpeg

Unload the Christmas crate 72E204D1-C0A6-4419-BB22-5A353AEF4B55 (resized).jpeg

Throw the steaks on the grill. 3367C908-6D1A-43C3-AE0C-CF80A05FD2A8 (resized).jpeg

#5778 55 days ago

They are ready.
Always have to have either broccoli or Brussels sprouts.

0214AA91-B6D2-48CE-AF23-DFF59493FEC7 (resized).jpegCFE41A1C-3764-4AA7-8460-A86823A5799B (resized).jpeg9EED0C08-75DD-49CA-8F7D-2D9BFFDDF816 (resized).jpeg
#5779 55 days ago

First out of the crate
Black Tuesday.
I held onto this one knowing Christmas Eve was on a Tuesday.

D60746CB-CCE3-4210-9584-1A3832711A9E (resized).jpeg
#5780 55 days ago

Time for dessert
Home made chocolate chip cheesecake with graham cracker crust.
Pairing that with the 2018 BCBS Bramble
93FC1235-A0DD-4565-95E8-94BEAF497CEC (resized).jpeg0BA18CFC-179C-4B8D-B64F-D103384480C8 (resized).jpeg

#5781 55 days ago

today was a good day at one of the local beer stores

scored some flying monkey chocolate manifesto’s

DE54CA30-D189-4809-91DB-A53F79A75D50 (resized).jpeg
#5782 55 days ago

Curtis does not make it to 8 pm
He had to get up early and worked half a day today. 2CAD6111-AD6F-4F7A-BF4A-2409C3F2AF78 (resized).jpeg
Maverick will go along with pretty much anything FB6A9E80-E515-4111-9AD7-EF6869F68F66 (resized).jpeg
The potatoes au gratin were...

0BDB1717-6620-4E4F-884D-387F4516C649 (resized).jpeg
#5783 55 days ago

Merry Christmas to you and your family Chris!!! Looking forward to many more entertaining restorations to come in this, the best thread on Pinside!!!

#5784 55 days ago

The beaded garland looks as pretty as your wiring lol.

Merry Christmas!

#5785 55 days ago

Maverick wakes Curtis up
7D15B1B8-9D53-4E0F-817C-3BB5065CF53D (resized).jpeg
Curtis and his girlfriend head out for a bit.
This gives a good opportunity to wrap some gifts.
One of the best things I have discovered about running this type of operation is it is very easy to hide the gifts in plain site.
So many boxes come in year round anyway.
C624512B-3FE0-4155-857A-E9BA3EE4DA73 (resized).jpeg

#5786 55 days ago
Quoted from Y3AG3R:

The beaded garland looks as pretty as your wiring lol.
Merry Christmas!

That’s the wife. She is as OCD as I am. Don’t even want to talk about her trying to park!

#5787 54 days ago

Merry Christmas Chris to you and your family. Keep up this awesome thread, it is like Christmas for us all for the entire year.

#5788 54 days ago

Merry Christmas everyone.

We did the usual routines here.

Marshall flaunts his wealth
476D1F58-604B-4FEC-8D60-41903E009811 (resized).jpeg

Maverick too.
CF52D4D9-8CFF-4F6F-86A8-A9D3FFAF32B7 (resized).jpeg
58EDF009-86A3-42F8-AD7A-12B2D0E1AD2B (resized).jpeg

I ran a mid to slow tempo Christmas Day 5k
EA51E8D1-0E06-49B8-8D12-FF9D5BA0054C (resized).png

And now it’s time to start the cooking all over again. Got a few shortcuts for the stuffing.
I hope everyone has a great day!

image (resized).jpg
#5789 54 days ago

Merry Christmas to the Hutchins family! Learned a lot from reading this thread and it has become part of my daily routine, hope it continues!
New York Pinball

#5790 54 days ago
Quoted from NYP:

Learned a lot from reading this thread and it has become part of my daily routine.

And Ron only follows this thread for the tips on specialty beers and recommended stuffing ingredients.

#5791 54 days ago

Merry Christmas Chris, to you and your loved ones !

LTG : )
Disclaimer : I'm spending next Christmas at Chris' house.

#5792 54 days ago

Crying Reindeer Tears here.
Santa has a branding iron too!

6F704AB3-268A-4324-8A15-3D8BCD5E5AD4 (resized).jpeg5FEEFF78-A8E6-4F0A-A6DC-7CF4AA8ADC6D (resized).jpeg
#5793 54 days ago

Curtis and I were looking through some old pictures on my phone and found this one from Curtis’ first boat ride and deep sea fishing trip.
It was a couple years ago.
The trip was booked months in advance.
That day we wake up to horrible conditions.
Blowing 20 knots choppy waters and cold rain.
The captain says “We’ll see how it goes”
We are on tiny boat with a big chair small knee walls around The type where they strap you in and you fight a big fish for hours.
The first thing that strikes me is the overwhelming smell of diesel fumes.
Once we start getting out there a few miles the deck hand noticed the boat is taking on water in the engine compartment.
He tries to act like it is no big deal to us but he starts speaking in code to the captain.
My dad then starts getting sea sick and at 70 something standing right next to the knee walls which is making me nervous as hell.
Then this Fing Curtis starts Texting me raising hell even though we are just sitting across from one another. As if I can do anything about it.
Anyway that sets the stage.
Here is the Curtis gif.

#5794 54 days ago
Quoted from High_End_Pins:

Once we start getting out there a few miles the deck hand noticed the boat is taking on water in the engine compartment.

You weren't on the Orca by chance, were you ?

LTG : )

#5795 53 days ago

Gonna need a bigger boat

#5796 53 days ago

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.
It is back to work for me.

The boards for the POTO are back.
All were serviced. It was a bit of a hold up compared to other projects because I don’t have spare sets of these. 07B84126-472D-4583-AA9E-BAFDFC6ADFFF (resized).jpeg

The power supply came back as non repairable which is no surprise given the rest of the game.
318717F6-3C7B-4014-B52B-B207F0DB468F (resized).jpeg

I went with an X pin replacement which is normally pretty reliable compared to others. 5FF5AE7C-45E2-4E73-AF22-259813AB47E4 (resized).jpeg

We have a full set of boards now and can finish the game.
6CE81B6F-7750-4826-AA76-EB81420E990C (resized).jpeg

#5797 53 days ago

I finally managed to neatly build up and wire the Spirit 2 cabinet.
image (resized).jpg

The switches and all those things are on plugs with short protection. Everything nickel plated etc image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

I made a rest for the big prop rod. image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

Also put this crazy bulk buy of loom tubing to good use. I need to grab two stock speakers from the warehouse for it.

image (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpgI’ll do that when I take the old carcass there.

image (resized).jpg
#5798 53 days ago

Back to the Spirit 3 cabinet.
It is ready to sand and prep for stenciling.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#5799 53 days ago

Spirit 3 cabinet is being sanded.
5CDFCD2E-9384-4B6B-AEFF-EF25EA921EE7 (resized).jpeg

I am looking to level the speckling so it won’t break through the stenciling later in the process.

974CD07A-24EE-484B-A6DC-DEB0E664834F (resized).jpeg91DFCB85-24F8-427F-ABAD-DC8A72F0372E (resized).jpeg
#5800 53 days ago

Cleaned and stenciled with the first color.
I am using a different blue and yellow on this one than I did on the last
The last looked great but once I ran out of color and needed to make more I used it as an opportunity to brighten the scheme up a bit.

0C32D4B5-EA05-4631-81DD-8E74CCBE9855 (resized).jpeg57F3E4F0-1877-4585-85A5-160EF7264464 (resized).jpeg4E2A3CC9-5881-4AA3-8E6A-C5632A100F7B (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpg
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