HEP This Week 3-25-19

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HEP This Week 3-25-19

By High_End_Pins

6 months ago

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#1 6 months ago

Instead of starting individual threads I am just going to capture what I am up to week to week.

This week will be two things that are a little outside of my normal project ranges.

First is an Alien autopsy

5330758C-E8CA-4CDA-B784-481377DD2DD8 (resized).jpeg

The second is a Joker Poker semi cabinet restore and playfield swap.
C158BDF5-E0F0-41ED-B2BC-DA738F336E76 (resized).jpeg

#2 6 months ago

So watching this thread. Why not make life easy and just install a shop cam so we can watch HEP live 24/7 lol. Saves on film.

#3 6 months ago


#4 6 months ago

So first I will get you up to speed on the Alien.
It came in as a favor for both the owner and the seller.
It isn’t the type of thing I usually deal in and that is shipping damaged games.
Not because I can’t but because it distracts me from my other projects, I get caught in the middle and one side wants things done as cheap and easy as possible and the other thinks the sky should be the limit.

From what I am told this is an irreplaceable game so there are not too many alternatives so I agree to see what is can do.

The game took a hit on the right side
That separated the cabinet
22214178-EF0D-4D8D-AE49-39868EA0A5CC (resized).jpeg
4DAA3E4A-0EC8-459A-A3EC-66844E13DDC5 (resized).jpeg

It also buckled the playfield glass frame might’ve hard to spot in the picture but is is twisted right around the Flipper button landmark 9C9CD5D3-667F-4F61-8F93-1E5BFE766326 (resized).jpeg

#5 6 months ago

The hanger brackets were bent severely to the left and shooter cover mangled

8CD04AB4-284A-40B0-9FAC-8217CA86DF4E (resized).jpegDB0E581F-88BA-4185-B581-B4A39E38A1A6 (resized).jpeg
#6 6 months ago

The playfield also took some of the force.

143BBBDB-C120-4834-8412-8448AB154499 (resized).jpeg
#7 6 months ago

There is more but I want to focus on the repairs per section so first is the easiest straighten the hangers so it will sit down in the receiver.
Didn’t take too much persuading and that is accomplished after removing the apron 7A0F8894-F589-4C31-BA2F-D69D532CF501 (resized).jpeg

The shooter cover was removed and straightened
Then reattached with machine screws washers and with keeper nuts in place of the random screws previously used.

ABF7E58F-3047-442D-B255-4FE0EF32628A (resized).jpegC3EDEC7D-02D4-4903-BF56-7FAD997361A4 (resized).jpeg
#8 6 months ago

Now for the frame.
My goal is to straighten it without cracking or damaging the finish if possible because it is textured and a very vivid shade that could be tough to match without a complete repaint.
Glass is removed and the frame is worked with a series of different hammers and methods to get it back to square. 328D64E1-DB65-44D6-BBCD-AD41B625DBB2 (resized).jpeg
56558BC0-E6AD-4D78-8279-6160528BD2BF (resized).jpeg
It was then reinstalled and verified to be in good order.

1258ACC0-C11B-4EA0-977B-16AFB90A013F (resized).jpegABC2CA08-EA6B-4AA9-8F48-3170C0FC07A3 (resized).jpeg
#9 6 months ago

Now to rejoin the cabinet corners and resquare.
This game is strange with the inner and outer panels so I had to remove a good bit to get to the meat of the cabinet and heart of the problem. ADC7E29C-7CCD-442C-A729-FACD736D9500 (resized).jpeg

B425465E-A351-495E-826F-9CB8CC1B50A7 (resized).jpegE66255B2-AFCF-4AC4-AE5A-3CA66242EDEA (resized).jpeg
#10 6 months ago

The front needed to come off as well because both the side and front outer need cosmetic repairs. 336A1651-26BF-4622-8F5B-F8E7E9B2884D (resized).jpeg

Taking the coin door off is more complex than taking of the side of the cabinet it is a bundled type harness that ties into pretty much any switch between the door and board in the lower cabB8D14D9A-FDC7-4FC1-BF52-C9FD9B2D311E (resized).jpeg

The cabinet protectors also have to come off to access the screws and them must be clamped and glued as they were staples on. E6209885-0DF2-49FE-BCD7-B9403DEF89F3 (resized).jpeg
Front off

712D2B8F-7C92-4335-89BB-6DCF00712258 (resized).jpeg
#11 6 months ago

The dowel pin was keeping the front from squaring back up.
It is removed. 5EDFA482-4403-406F-9653-4A583A566565 (resized).jpeg

The core of the cabinet is rejoined with a more robust screw and plenty of glue. F79642B2-7E45-4C5F-B065-DD5CDC1722CC (resized).jpeg

CDE05D15-AD2C-45F9-B6C9-42DDF7DEB6F6 (resized).jpeg
#12 6 months ago

Now I can focus on repairing and refinishing the outer panels.
The front is gouged and the side chipped.
These are a textured vinyl wrap and there is a fine art to doing a convincing repair. 8C40C952-88FD-4F0B-8A55-FCA90EEFAC5B (resized).jpeg
70BC50B9-9612-453A-B4B8-C2596F3316DA (resized).jpeg

#13 6 months ago

This is a really tough repair to do on a level that will make it look like it never happened.
You are talking about a high dollar game,disgruntled owner and trying to make filler and paint look like MDF and textured vinyl.

First the damage is filled it is minor but you cannot be made any larger. That is the challenge. Every cm you sand or get outside of the damage the more work you create because of the texturing. Even just sanding it will comprise it do it has to be minimal.Initial filler front and side. 7AE7D4B2-6C41-43CB-8045-D77D2974824C (resized).jpeg
DB5DC5CF-17B5-4F34-9B67-A6F787DAFA50 (resized).jpeg

Filler sanded.

376DD34B-7792-4445-923A-8A4566553AF1 (resized).jpeg5E04ADB6-D94A-46FE-904E-83370EA78D44 (resized).jpeg
#14 6 months ago

Now for some ground level texture. This is a bit more involved than pictures or typing can state. There is a dialing in of distance,speed,direction all of that and more to get the look I need.
Not a point and shoot type of thing.
This will give some texture Not necessarily the final but a base to build off of. EB626736-C658-4F48-8990-B2E84E55C7F2 (resized).jpeg

Want to keep that minimal so it doesn’t ruin the texture already in place that is good. F8471391-0E1D-4D00-8C28-BC164A8A77A6 (resized).jpegD784F5B8-1EC2-42C0-B49C-EBF23B5857A6 (resized).jpeg


304181DA-15AE-41FF-8DF6-452935EB70CB (resized).jpeg

#15 6 months ago

The area is then wicked with masking tape to enhance or better match the texture and lightly repainted 265843CA-1941-4588-B043-9B1F10EC0F1B (resized).jpegCDA77D0E-6342-4CF4-A145-D519D4D066C9 (resized).jpeg
After that it is strategically repainted entirely to get that proper final texture and consistency.

0EC80BD5-B8F7-4928-9CAB-8F69EA4A7425 (resized).jpeg8B9DAE25-9733-4940-A539-95D0DB59FDF8 (resized).jpeg
#16 6 months ago

Now the. Panels are reinstalled.
Starting with the front.
I am going to go with black bolts like on the right instead of the bare steel like on the left by comparison just to clean up the look a bit. image (resized).jpg
The damage in the front is gone and I am happy with the outcome there. image (resized).jpg

The cabinet is square again. No strange gaps or pushed out edges. image (resized).jpg

The repair to the side panel though less important since it gets covered is also nice and unnoticeable

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

#17 6 months ago

Loving this one.

#18 6 months ago

Now the playfield is addressed

It was removed earlier to get the lower cabinet straight
A few plugs and a helping hand and the playfield is out.
My step up box is a nice sturdy platform 7DACCF66-C52E-468A-8380-C36A2A585D58 (resized).jpeg

The splintered sections were sanded away and glue was spread inside the plus. 2C493AEB-7C2D-4740-882F-DF60EAB598A3 (resized).jpeg

Longer more ideal screws are placed through the rails to further reinforce 044F71CB-A85E-4CDD-9123-36A70F03C7AC (resized).jpeg

There is a very minor hairline crack in the clear right beside the rail that is maybe a cm or two long.
It would do more harm than good to address it but I will likely drop a touching of clear in it to seal it up at some point.

216D5F33-1C43-4F56-9A72-87B1B07FD25D (resized).jpeg
#19 6 months ago

Ok that pretty much gets the Alien current
Now Joker Poker.
Game is for a long time customer and friend.
It was taken in as just needing a playfield swap.
A little under my radar but certainly something I can do and willing to given our history.
7C5E7702-992E-4418-A388-C2589D392FF9 (resized).jpeg

I set the game up after it has been here a couple months
First thing I do is open the backbox 2DAA87B8-E380-48E3-8B65-BE391115AA8E (resized).jpeg

Damn this thing looked decent at a glance but it is rotten inside. A7B0E6C6-7126-4B8D-BD8C-6009BF56B4BD (resized).jpeg

#20 6 months ago

There are no boards in the head and the back of the head itself is trashed. Flimsy rotten E15015C2-538B-4B37-9A0F-4FBC8DBBD89E (resized).jpeg
I pull the lamp panelB1E51BE7-55BD-4708-8020-95FDD547D713 (resized).jpeg

FDF15802-CB24-4C58-A45C-67DAA1E1CA81 (resized).jpeg

Proceed to strip it. EA1E8068-D5A4-4777-95F1-812B88273913 (resized).jpegED2AB4A3-5ED1-46A2-98A6-9C7D941EEF59 (resized).jpeg

#21 6 months ago

A new lamp panel is made and test fit.
This was done via cnc by virtuapin
D59BFCB0-4C77-4ABB-B4EC-22E9C8C5803B (resized).jpeg
2799742F-101D-4F84-A609-EC934E19A34D (resized).jpeg
The panel is then test fit in the head

C3458FE0-9916-44A8-B759-9746C6FA356E (resized).jpeg
#22 6 months ago

The panel is refinished. D25096AF-00CD-4D57-A25E-96633B9B743A (resized).jpeg
Now dry and new sockets are placed.
DF916171-A112-45BA-886C-ACE03A7077BC (resized).jpeg

I had to make the little round insert light shields. That was easy enough when I found the perfect sized cardboard tube cut to fit and refinished them. 68E370DD-5F2B-474A-A1E5-005B90F65D6D (resized).jpeg

The harness is then reattached.

5322D699-2029-4031-9C04-52F06F21089C (resized).jpeg
#23 6 months ago

The head needed a new rear panel but I did not want to get involved in a total cabinet rebuild and repaint because it just wasn’t what I signed on for or was expecting with this particular project.
DSC01060 (resized).JPG
DSC01061 (resized).JPG
Also the cabinet looked decent for what it is already. Someone already repainted it not to a level I would take it but not worth building and painting a new cabinet over either.
The back is knocked out. It is maybe an 1/8 th inch thick rotten flimsy you can see it in the background with the many large holes.
1523FDB4-1C3F-421D-8A33-1DD83D146B13 (resized).jpeg

New oak framing is placed where the old was removed. Screwed and glued. 2E13CD56-C431-4748-9557-267BBA376BF2 (resized).jpeg
6B4D9E35-A131-465F-BF05-18D1B18E9B90 (resized).jpeg

A 3/8 cut of plywood is placed and it runs a good bit thicker than what was there.
I want something that will strengthen the head and give me a decent ability to anchor screws into.

3E81EDB9-E92E-4F82-8265-846257559B40 (resized).jpeg

#24 6 months ago

The new panel is glued and screwed in place.C12F1D08-34B9-4E83-AF6A-5DF2983FA977 (resized).jpeg
Four large holes are cut instead of the many there previously I think this will adequately vent without weakening
78185594-D564-4BFA-9BBD-12DD47C56CF3 (resized).jpeg

#25 6 months ago

The new panel is now mudded in and grain filled.
This is a bit of a challenge because I need to build up the original edges to bridge them to the level of the new thicker panel but I don’t want to get into the sides

A0DC5FD7-6219-4AF9-98F4-B45A8FC8438A (resized).jpegA30BA008-76FB-44C3-8B64-59E3660A665C (resized).jpegA964B694-39AC-40A3-A22E-7DCCE7918298 (resized).jpegAC09D916-F9FA-4F33-836D-1A53A9056769 (resized).jpegCDC712EE-B1AC-47A8-B73F-0840FE5EF9E8 (resized).jpeg
#26 6 months ago

The rear panel is then masked and painted with a similar oil based paint the previous painter used on the cabinet.
Not trying to be too perfect here I want it to look close to what is there without turning it into a total project 51664EC6-748B-4D5C-BCEB-19E96E8584B4 (resized).jpeg
Then unmasked. FCBA2DF4-7622-4E50-907B-62ABCFF7B3A9 (resized).jpegAFE9502C-F00F-427E-861C-E0088E37B4A4 (resized).jpegFC2E267F-3148-4851-A43F-A9C11BAB5E5C (resized).jpeg2AA9BCF9-2752-4D4B-A4EB-5EEDE6CC59FE (resized).jpeg

#27 6 months ago

Unreal. You can’t half-ass anything ,-)

#28 6 months ago

Thanks for showing the Alien work, interesting change of pace from other restorations. What's your impression of the build quality of the game?

#29 6 months ago

Head is then mounted on lower and looks ok for the project and the location of the repair which is the back and will be up against the wall. F2A40FBF-0445-474D-A926-DF820446770C (resized).jpeg

The sides show much better and it is not noticeable that the thicker panel has been installed. 3C2AABC4-5CCC-4C9E-BFDA-6B1ABAAE3187 (resized).jpeg196C261D-9746-4291-BA62-B1F4B8E9A8EB (resized).jpeg

Inside there is a decent panel to mount the supports and panel for the board s.

1AF811DD-A4E0-4629-ACAA-023F983155D0 (resized).jpeg
#30 6 months ago

The head is rebuilt playfield put back in place and powered up to verify we have a complete working game. FDEB2A0F-A0E8-4B7B-A216-F96BBECF3290 (resized).jpeg

78CB14D6-AD8C-4E5A-99EC-67D11AA8DED7 (resized).jpeg
#31 6 months ago

Now I can start doing what I actually planned on swapping the playfield.
New CPR gold playfield. It looks nice overall.
The clear is more than adequate for a game of this era. DC9157FC-EB87-4647-A100-687044DC77A1 (resized).jpeg

There is some clear settlement and insert expansion and contraction that I will remove. It is perfectly normal as the products cure for even a perfect playfield to show this after several months 4A41CC06-87D0-4B2B-83E9-6282BADB95C5 (resized).jpegDFF4DD2A-EF48-4690-B5AD-340A13C65EBC (resized).jpeg

E44A7402-CB5A-4045-884A-5FC31A452871 (resized).jpeg
#32 6 months ago

The playfield is being sanded.
What I am looking to do is flatten and degrain the final layer of clear now that it has all jelled together F45C1B8B-D51C-442B-B076-1CA83EF3F2D8 (resized).jpegEF52452A-2D88-4E6F-9426-1EFD0604535E (resized).jpeg01F2780F-D823-4C00-8C0F-371F9E78A8A8 (resized).jpeg

Playfield sanded flat.

C566FF9E-8E92-4DC8-8A8D-775EE4080829 (resized).jpeg

#33 6 months ago

Playfield is ready to polish.
C80A8961-AC58-4369-8C27-6BAB7074759E (resized).jpeg

Then polished. 19BA34C8-79D2-4090-B889-51F4CD7B0CB7 (resized).jpeg
Random pics to highlight updated surface condition.

720F8811-0782-4EBB-8763-0E2CC49B19A0 (resized).jpeg81E96322-6E5F-4CF6-8BAA-64C5A57D12C3 (resized).jpeg8C9C7444-2C19-4863-9237-33AB2CDADE39 (resized).jpeg93973F14-C5B3-4B31-B0A4-91B0A959D641 (resized).jpegC1F0B4E2-3422-4B4D-B5D9-1E93D0E622C2 (resized).jpegC7FA9F9D-7D55-4398-A867-5BF27B522199 (resized).jpegEF7623CB-B368-49F9-8F9C-D8BAFBE45D82 (resized).jpeg
#34 6 months ago

The swap then begins. 81A0611E-A7E6-4658-B4F5-1CD90DA980A2 (resized).jpeg
New plastic post are used this is primarily a swap so I won’t get too crazy polishing parts that won’t be directly seen once built. It is about giving the project the appropriate level of care for the purpose it was sent here

A579D370-C7B0-4C18-BA91-42DB98AD3E6A (resized).jpeg

#35 6 months ago

Can now flip and start the underside.
Even on an abbreviated service I still find a good value in the time and expense of replacing all the lamp socket and eliminating bare wire runs. 9B7A0668-8265-4B0C-819A-02144F744BBF (resized).jpeg

In place of these lamp strips I will be going with individual sockets. I don’t like the strips because they are pretty much unserviceable. B680977A-8950-4A6D-9508-01A3C36A26D9 (resized).jpeg

541AC36F-D1C4-48BD-91C2-7B12511D16DB (resized).jpeg
#36 6 months ago

I’m in

#37 6 months ago

I have a 1960s willams jungle that has the animated Backglass and the cool cabinet with the ledge with the cigarette holder . I plan to send it to you some day hopefully sooner than later . I think you are one of the few people who could do it justice . I already have a rare plastic set for it and the playfield is nice , just needs your touch . Hopefully I see it in the line up some day . Thanks for the awesome restores and taking the time to document. Keep on keeping on

021CCE76-AD27-416D-8B52-D541F0C8E97D (resized).jpeg1C40E278-7985-404E-9C40-9E22FE0795EC (resized).jpeg2646D3A9-97EF-4CA6-8A2C-BE46F9020066 (resized).jpeg5040CB99-9AC8-4663-A381-1342A774C2FF (resized).jpeg550A9B3F-5EB7-476D-8D46-3BEDA42B2FE4 (resized).jpeg771AFD71-B6FA-44DF-97F6-7F96A6A29CEB (resized).jpegB38E8498-10A7-4829-A92C-8BA3B3ACB19D (resized).jpegC9A9D6D5-797C-4D60-B30C-C79D949A78F6 (resized).jpegE7D8A536-2648-4586-BBD6-74855617ADB4 (resized).jpegF312A0F9-672C-43DA-B584-DB33A73221E3 (resized).jpegF31E0DBD-0DDD-46A1-ABA5-1933B81DCB98 (resized).jpeg
#38 6 months ago

Ready to start getting the parts off the underside of the Joker Poker. 083B5264-94E4-41CF-8BE3-F2C5DA1DB6F5 (resized).jpeg

This is a game with vague documentation and my lack of familiarity with the title specifically means I have to be a bit more thorough during the teardown.

I make notes that make sense to me and tracings on the old playfield.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#39 6 months ago

The large assemblies are rewired and placed on plugs so I can get them out of the way and tebuild those on the workbench.

I don’t have all wire combinations for Gottlieb and I probably never will since they often use three color combinations and my needs are sporadic.
I pick similar colors and exact where I can. A44C8933-8503-4B6F-86BC-BDB9EE820641 (resized).jpeg

403AAB50-3D36-4DF0-A1E2-57FB4F6CDBAC (resized).jpeg79046FBD-8B40-4785-AE39-8AC631A6B8C2 (resized).jpeg97BAF99C-A833-4193-899E-8B9224B1F67A (resized).jpeg
#40 6 months ago

The bank is now independent of the main harness.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#41 6 months ago

I will need to do that on the other two banks as well.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#42 6 months ago

Putting those drop banks on plugs for servicing is a major improvement.

#43 6 months ago

Love the idea of a weekly thread. In constant awe of your work!

#44 6 months ago

If I had the kind of money to send you an Alien, I woulda just asked you to get the game into a WPC style cabinet, or make a cabinet similar for a proper fit. Now who wouldn't love that?

#45 6 months ago

The target banks are off. image (resized).jpg

All are on plugs.

image (resized).jpg
#46 6 months ago

The harness is off the old Joker Poker playfield. image (resized).jpg

There is a mix of cloth wire within the harness so I will not wash it. image (resized).jpg

The new playfield is ready to start wiring.

image (resized).jpg
#47 6 months ago

GI is wired color correct and tested.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#48 6 months ago

Feature lamp commons are wired.

No more light socket strips.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#49 6 months ago

Playfield wiring harness is roughed in place.

image (resized).jpg
#50 6 months ago

Harness is soldered in.
Just need to change out the drop targets and rebuild the flippers.
Nothing too fancy on this one like clear tubing on each socket because it is being done on a budget and certain timeframe.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

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