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Help with my pinball machine

By Georges0029

1 year ago

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Player_up_unit (resized).png
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#1 1 year ago


Thank you for the great work you do

On my fan-tas-tic williams pinball machine I have a problem I can’t have only one player

I play a ball they pass to the second game the ball passes to the third and plays passes to the fourth and getting to this player does not pass to the first and does not count the second ball to play either

I cleaned all the contacts the beautiful tracks the spiders but it doesn’t work

I’m a beginner and French sorry for the translation


2A416E42-A67C-4566-A06F-D10FFD61B9EA (resized).jpeg2A416E42-A67C-4566-A06F-D10FFD61B9EA (resized).jpeg3D669AFE-D350-4B33-B43A-AC7F1D043C8A (resized).jpeg3D669AFE-D350-4B33-B43A-AC7F1D043C8A (resized).jpeg53E28284-5F6D-4400-8FA6-25F65C55A603 (resized).jpeg53E28284-5F6D-4400-8FA6-25F65C55A603 (resized).jpeg55A3994D-69B2-43DC-990F-FCC5B601FB35 (resized).jpeg55A3994D-69B2-43DC-990F-FCC5B601FB35 (resized).jpeg5E447062-68FA-4024-AD96-B373004D2849 (resized).jpeg5E447062-68FA-4024-AD96-B373004D2849 (resized).jpeg6556201D-3851-42B2-B296-228497567755 (resized).jpeg6556201D-3851-42B2-B296-228497567755 (resized).jpeg65AF5387-C666-4EF6-BC5D-8D486A466F02 (resized).jpeg65AF5387-C666-4EF6-BC5D-8D486A466F02 (resized).jpeg786BD2F2-FC72-44CB-B897-8E801F02E65F (resized).jpeg786BD2F2-FC72-44CB-B897-8E801F02E65F (resized).jpeg8D149F9D-BEA6-4CE3-9544-9B71505B9CA0 (resized).jpeg8D149F9D-BEA6-4CE3-9544-9B71505B9CA0 (resized).jpegC3067B4E-3217-4D8C-9546-D493CE01ACAC (resized).jpegC3067B4E-3217-4D8C-9546-D493CE01ACAC (resized).jpegD3042BC0-3B7A-4CD5-BF23-E3A6D23974E2 (resized).jpegD3042BC0-3B7A-4CD5-BF23-E3A6D23974E2 (resized).jpegD3E233BC-122E-4BB0-A626-05C749B3DF0E (resized).jpegD3E233BC-122E-4BB0-A626-05C749B3DF0E (resized).jpegEC7CC366-15FA-4D19-A205-63295CE00864 (resized).jpegEC7CC366-15FA-4D19-A205-63295CE00864 (resized).jpegFFF6FC6A-4FD2-49C8-84BC-502407CD57C0 (resized).jpegFFF6FC6A-4FD2-49C8-84BC-502407CD57C0 (resized).jpeg
#2 1 year ago

On your 3rd pic the ball count unit horizontal switch stack, the lower normally closed switch looks bent and not closed correctly. On the 1st pic shouldn’t the red spring connect to the post just left of where it is now?

#3 1 year ago


Probably a good idea to go through all the stepper units I would imagine some are gummed-up

Quoted from pinballdaveh:

On your 3rd pic the ball count unit horizontal switch stack, the lower normally closed switch looks bent and not closed correctly. On the 1st pic shouldn’t the red spring connect to the post just left of where it is now?

Yeah that 1 switch blade looks pretty bent-up a good switch adjuster tool is good to have https://www.pinballlife.com/ultimate-leaf-adjuster-tool.html along with a dental mirror in some cases

score motor switch loose stack (resized).jpgscore motor switch loose stack (resized).jpg
looks like a loose switch stack on the score motor , first straighten and tighten things up before adjusting the blades ( if needed )

fan-tas-tic stepper out of square (resized).jpgfan-tas-tic stepper out of square (resized).jpg
I also noticed on whatever stepper unit this is it appears the Bakelite plate is "out of square" causing to fingers to be misaligned.

Welcome to Pinside and keep us posted

#4 1 year ago

I put the spider back in place as in the photo, I don’t understand for the spring in photo 1, I did tests again and it’s still the same, maybe you have the solution



006E9913-CD1E-4A94-95AD-A64FC13A720D (resized).jpeg006E9913-CD1E-4A94-95AD-A64FC13A720D (resized).jpeg3F93B25A-9990-4B8D-8989-E1A0D4354662 (resized).jpeg3F93B25A-9990-4B8D-8989-E1A0D4354662 (resized).jpeg47B839C3-A954-4924-8AD9-79FF9B808FC0 (resized).jpeg47B839C3-A954-4924-8AD9-79FF9B808FC0 (resized).jpeg637E3D12-AD51-4B99-AE37-1110F7F7A01A (resized).jpeg637E3D12-AD51-4B99-AE37-1110F7F7A01A (resized).jpeg8F73E52A-FA9D-465A-8BD5-F63D67F03193 (resized).jpeg8F73E52A-FA9D-465A-8BD5-F63D67F03193 (resized).jpeg91EECF03-BC35-40E9-95B7-5A60E1A75666 (resized).jpeg91EECF03-BC35-40E9-95B7-5A60E1A75666 (resized).jpeg9AD31F44-AAC9-433E-9B0B-B0D44A0FFF8A (resized).jpeg9AD31F44-AAC9-433E-9B0B-B0D44A0FFF8A (resized).jpegA95FF256-6D78-46EF-AB29-F350A8DEB2F7 (resized).jpegA95FF256-6D78-46EF-AB29-F350A8DEB2F7 (resized).jpegC85FA304-50D6-4634-94B3-226D585EB1A2 (resized).jpegC85FA304-50D6-4634-94B3-226D585EB1A2 (resized).jpegCDAA6626-02F4-4B27-9E67-469226FC92F1 (resized).jpegCDAA6626-02F4-4B27-9E67-469226FC92F1 (resized).jpegD787D620-B491-43F4-AB5D-8B82D96724D9 (resized).jpegD787D620-B491-43F4-AB5D-8B82D96724D9 (resized).jpegDA421003-128E-47A1-9B4E-12F5448AF9AA (resized).jpegDA421003-128E-47A1-9B4E-12F5448AF9AA (resized).jpeg
#5 1 year ago


The lower switch blade here is what member pinballdaveh was talking about
fan-tas-tic Lower blade (resized).jpgfan-tas-tic Lower blade (resized).jpg

Does this reset pawl move freely ? the spring should probably be on the other side of the frame but may be ok where it is.
fan-tas-tic reset pawl (resized).jpgfan-tas-tic reset pawl (resized).jpg

I have a United puck bowler with a similar stepper unit.
IMG_2447 (resized).JPGIMG_2447 (resized).JPGIMG_2448 (resized).JPGIMG_2448 (resized).JPGIMG_2449 (resized).JPGIMG_2449 (resized).JPGIMG_2450 (resized).JPGIMG_2450 (resized).JPG

The playback on the video you posted I had troubles with ( perhaps someone with a better computer will have better luck )

#6 1 year ago

The fact that the machine changes player indicates that the player up unit are at least partially working. Are the player reset relay and player unit reset working properly? If the player reset relay isn't working it may cause the player up unit to change to next player when it shouldn't. Also check the reset relay, as that one also controls the player unit reset. (I have a similar problem on a Segasa Casino Royale, which is based on Williams parts)
Player_up_unit (resized).pngPlayer_up_unit (resized).png

#7 1 year ago


Thank you for your help the player unit works up to 4 player 1 ball after it does not reset for the first player 2 balls the ball count unit does not move the count unit either (unless I operate it by hand and the change of selection is ok like the game over)

I looked at the spring it’s in the place it should be (maybe different in France because no pin either)

I can’t read a plan well but I watched the reset player he looks good to me


0A09242D-3168-40B4-9457-C3A450E9CDA5 (resized).jpeg0A09242D-3168-40B4-9457-C3A450E9CDA5 (resized).jpeg16384D77-2D21-4952-9B41-94F200BB1EBA (resized).jpeg16384D77-2D21-4952-9B41-94F200BB1EBA (resized).jpeg3417B91A-B74C-4B29-82B7-785F4CEE26BC (resized).jpeg3417B91A-B74C-4B29-82B7-785F4CEE26BC (resized).jpeg65417700-C059-4182-9E39-8C6F3602489B (resized).jpeg65417700-C059-4182-9E39-8C6F3602489B (resized).jpeg6952138B-EECD-4CD5-BD3C-770818829266 (resized).jpeg6952138B-EECD-4CD5-BD3C-770818829266 (resized).jpeg741837E5-DFD6-449C-9445-C61AB5C7ADC3 (resized).jpeg741837E5-DFD6-449C-9445-C61AB5C7ADC3 (resized).jpegBDA7932E-51E8-4ED8-95FD-5F08DA4E7775 (resized).jpegBDA7932E-51E8-4ED8-95FD-5F08DA4E7775 (resized).jpegC2AF807A-2185-4880-A739-6EFBE7B76F38 (resized).jpegC2AF807A-2185-4880-A739-6EFBE7B76F38 (resized).jpegF09C10E6-D2A8-470A-99E5-7BBCEEF014D5 (resized).jpegF09C10E6-D2A8-470A-99E5-7BBCEEF014D5 (resized).jpeg
#8 1 year ago

I’m posting you another video
Thank you very much


0B2A6F49-CA45-4CD7-B898-5AC858D95DBB (resized).jpeg0B2A6F49-CA45-4CD7-B898-5AC858D95DBB (resized).jpeg195A7F9D-C0EE-4EDD-BD0C-2924BF0AF1BA (resized).jpeg195A7F9D-C0EE-4EDD-BD0C-2924BF0AF1BA (resized).jpeg3C84CA28-C849-4A0C-B27C-B8E533235FD9 (resized).jpeg3C84CA28-C849-4A0C-B27C-B8E533235FD9 (resized).jpeg954BC8A3-9B46-4957-A7DB-7FD1D8B4E4EF (resized).jpeg954BC8A3-9B46-4957-A7DB-7FD1D8B4E4EF (resized).jpegBF30B687-B80E-45A1-A2EF-70F2005EA74C (resized).jpegBF30B687-B80E-45A1-A2EF-70F2005EA74C (resized).jpeg
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