Help with my Cyclone

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Help with my Cyclone

By Tomass

10 months ago

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#51 10 months ago

Two of these issues maybe burnt bulbs. If you take a jumper wire with one end connected to the ground braid and use the other end to briefly touch the metal tab of the TIP circuit that you want to test. The coil or lamps on the circuit will activate every time you touch the tab. Only do this on tip122 and tip102. So since solenoid #9 did nothing you can split the circuit in half by touching the metal tab of Q-17, there is one flasher bulb on the p/f that should light. If it doesn't light then replace the bulb and retest. If a new bulb doesn't light then there is a wiring issue and not a board issue. Try this same test for solenoid 15. Bear in mind that this circuit has 3 bulbs and are 24 volt bulbs #1251. if they are burnt out you can get these from the auto parts store.

#52 10 months ago

I think I understand but i just want to be certain. I am to jump the tab of transitor q17 on the board to the ground braid and the flasher should flash, correct? I don't want to do this unless I know that its what you are talking about.

#53 10 months ago

This is exactly what you do.

#54 10 months ago

Ok so the bulbs were blown and they light when I touch q17 and q14
These were working not that long ago. I have a complete set of leds on the way.
Others that do nothing:

#55 10 months ago

Q-30 is the knocker and it was locked on before, now it doesn't work. So did a fuse burn when it was locked on?

#56 10 months ago

I would check F-2 and F-4 on the aux power supply.

#57 10 months ago

Fuses are good

#58 10 months ago

Check for voltage from ground to the metal tab of Q-30.

#59 10 months ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

Check for voltage from ground to the metal tab of Q-30 and Q-25.

#60 10 months ago

It's showing 24v dc

#61 10 months ago

Both read 24v

#62 10 months ago

Put the game in solenoid test and lock it on solenoid 12, then use the jumper and ground Q-25. Does the flasher work now.

#63 10 months ago

Then repeat this test for Q-23 and Q-22. Never mind these 2 are the one that are stuck on.

#64 10 months ago

So 12 is the a/c select. Nothing happens when i ground any of the 3 while locked on 12.

#65 10 months ago

Check the 2 bulbs for solenoid 2c one is in the back box and one is on the p/f to see if they are burnt.

#66 10 months ago

Did you mean 2c because that one works. It works while the 4 stuck ones stay on.

#67 10 months ago
Quoted from Tomass:

Did you mean 2c because that one works

In post #54 you said Q-25 did nothing, but I see in post #50 that it works so that good.
Well then there isn't anything left to check until you get your probe. Let me know when you get it.

#68 10 months ago

Ok sounds good. Thanks. If i post here will you see it or do I message you somehow? I'm not sure how these forum things work yet.

#69 10 months ago
Quoted from Tomass:

If i post here will you see it or do I message you somehow? I'm not sure how these forum things work yet.

This will show up on my topics page any time anybody posts. You will be a pro at this very shortly.

#70 10 months ago

Here is what I mean by the ac select flashing BTW.

#71 10 months ago

Playfield is stripped cause I'm changing rubber and going to led's

#72 10 months ago

Yea that's the four flashers that are stuck on which will turn on every time the a/c relay clicks.

#73 10 months ago

Here's some good reading while you are waiting for your probe.

#74 10 months ago

I am starting to understand the basics of the probe, but some of that is over my head. I see some links in there that I want to read up on too. Thanks

#75 10 months ago

It is easier then it sounds.

#76 10 months ago

There is some testing you can do on the 7408 chips with a multimeter. Especially if you have a Fluke. They have a good feature that can really help with diagnosing locked-on diodes, or transistors (or bridge rectifiers)

If you look at the layout of the 7408 I posted earlier, you can see it is essentially a package of 4 transistors. You can test those transistors by the pins in groups of three:


If you get solid continuity, or very low resistance between any of those, its a fair indicator that one of the internal transistors are locked on.

Not to say a logic probe isn't easier - just if you had nothing else to do while you waited for yours

#77 10 months ago

Not sure if it matters but the shipping to AK for an Elenco was as much as the probe itself so I got this one:


I guess I should've checked first but it looked to do the same thing but no audio beep. Also I will test that chip as 3 transistors tonight and report what I find.

#78 9 months ago

Ok, back in business. Got the logic probe today. I did not test that chip with a DMM because the pins were too close and I didn't want to jump 2 of them together.

#79 9 months ago

Are you ready for some fun? Lets start with the two flashers that are stuck on 6c and 8c.

#80 9 months ago

Strange but i put leds in and the left firework on the back box exploded after about 30 sec.

#81 9 months ago

Look at page 29 of the manual and it shows the 2 basic types of circuits found on the cpu board. 6c and 8c are Controled solenoid circuits so look at the circuit on the right hand side. Basically there is a AND gate a predriver some biasing resistors and a driver transistor to turn on and off a solenoid (flasher, coil, relay....). We will start with 6c, page 28 shows the solenoid table. When we go down to 6c and then to the right its labeled Ferris wheel flashers and Q-23 is the driver. On page 50 Q-23 is near the bottom and at the crack of the page.

#82 9 months ago
Quoted from Tomass:

left firework on the back box exploded after about 30 sec.

Could this be the boomerang flasher? They are 28 volts.

#83 9 months ago

Boomerang flashers are still intact. They are under the playfield. Could it have been a bad bulb?

#84 9 months ago

Ok. I see q23 but its a little cut off on the page

#85 9 months ago

With the game in attract mode the flasher 6c should be off. So connect your logic probe to the 5 volt and ground test points on the cpu. Select TTL instead of CMOS. now test your probe by touching the 5 volt test point and the red arrow should light. Now touch the ground and the green should light.

#86 9 months ago

So for solenoid 6 we need to check part of U-19 for the correct signals. Pins 12 and 13 are inputs and pin 11 is the output. Do you know how to find pins 11,12 and 13 on U-19?

#87 9 months ago

So I am a little lost. When you say 5v test point do you mean on one of the header pins?

#88 9 months ago

But yes i can find those pins

#89 9 months ago
Quoted from Tomass:

do you mean on one of the header pins?

No the is a metal stud to the left the batteries and between u21 and U-22.

#90 9 months ago

The ground test point is next to the upper left corner of the battery holder.

#91 9 months ago

Ok. I see the stud. Ground to mesh wire?

#93 9 months ago

Its always a good idea to use power from the board that you are testing so that its the same power that is going to the chips that you are testing.

#94 9 months ago

Ok, gotcha. I am hooked up. Also you say 28v lamps on boomerang? Regular 89s came out of it

#95 9 months ago

Now for U-19 pin 13 is connected to the blanking signal. Any time the cpu is booted correctly the blanking signal should be a high. So test pin 13 to check.

#96 9 months ago

I get no reading on 13 but if i bump 12 its high and 14 is low

#97 9 months ago
Quoted from Tomass:

Also you say 28v lamps on boomerang?

I'm just reading the manual and I have seen my share of mistakes.

Quoted from Tomass:Regular 89s came out of it

Were they burnt out, most people don't know that some bulbs are 28 volts and install the incorrect type.

#98 9 months ago

Not burned out.

#99 9 months ago

Just above U-19 is a white label saying blanking and an arrow. Test this spot.

#100 9 months ago

The label is above u19 but the point is above u20 and reads high

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