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Help the Children and WIN a NEW STERN

By MN-Flipper

5 years ago

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#1373 3 years ago

George R.R. Martin's best-selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" was brought to HBO as the well known Game of Thrones in early 2011. Four years later, Stern Pinball has released the very first Game of Thrones Pinball Machine, and Project Pinball is now an owner!

We plan on using this machine for mostly fundraising, however, we want your opinion!

Do you think that this machine is appropriately themed to place in one of our children's hospitals?

We know that the show is rated M, but does that influence the machine itself?
We have been playing through the different options and there is no profanity or vulgar statements. Just a battle of good and evil.

What do you think? Does the Game of Thrones Pinball Machine make the cut?

#1376 3 years ago
Quoted from miracleman:

Not for in a hospital, it carries too much 'baggage' of adult themes, whether they're in the pinball machine or not.

I do not disagree, but what do you mean by baggage?

Kids are exposed to songs on the radio that have suggestive things cut/bleeped out. Do you guys think that is something to compare this to?

1 month later
#1473 3 years ago

Can you guess how many Titan Rubbers are in our sweepstakes box? Post your guess below! The closest number without going over wins a Project Pinball T-Shirt and A Twisted Quarter Gift Card! Guesses will be welcome until 11:59 PM EST New Years Eve (12/31/15)!


1 week later
#1524 3 years ago

Happy New Year from all of us here at Project Pinball! As 2016 kicks off we want to announce the winners of our Titan Rubber Guess! With two on the spot guesses, our winners are Patrick Pietras and Skott Kellett from Facebook! There were exactly 222 rubbers in the box! Thank you all for your guesses, stay tuned for more Project Pinball news!

#1526 3 years ago

This was the line in front of the Shrek pinball machine we placed in Beaumont, Texas on Dec. 29th. The kids really loved it!


1 week later
#1530 3 years ago

Update on the Sweepstakes! In order of the Pro, Premium, and Hobbit.
**Pro Entries are now only 25$.
**Premium Sweepstakes now includes NEW Ultimate Spiderman Pinball Machine as prize choice.
**Wizard of Oz/Hobbit only has 61 entries left!

Thank you all for the support and good luck!




2 weeks later
#1543 3 years ago

Update on the sweepstakes!
Pro Model
Premium Model

1 week later
#1548 3 years ago

Current Sweepstakes Update!

WOZ/Hobbit: 41 Left
Premium: 93 Left
Pro: 359 Left

Thank you to all that have entered and good luck!

1 week later
#1565 3 years ago

We had some page modifications and this is no longer a working link.
Please visit Projectpinball.org and click on the corresponding sweepstakes on the top tab to access each individual sweepstakes.

Sorry about all the confusion ya'll. Thank you all so much for supporting our cause!

1 week later
#1571 3 years ago

Had to go re-update because of so many more entries!
As of 2/232016 10:45 EST- In order of Hobbit/WOZ, Premium, and Pro!




#1574 3 years ago

Another three entries, only five left now!
(By the time I make a new photo, there are even more entries! Gonna do text updates for now!)

#1575 3 years ago

Only 1 Entry left in the WOZ/HOBBIT Sweepstakes!

#1577 3 years ago

We are all sold out!! Thank you for all that donated and good luck to all of our entries! Keep an eye out for an announcement of the date and time of the WOZ/Hobbit drawing! Woo!


#1578 3 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

I think hopefully I got the last one?

Yes you did! Thanks Bemmett!!

#1585 3 years ago

The Wizard of Oz & Hobbit Drawing will be this Sunday (2/28) at 8PM EST. Thank you to everyone who has entered and supported us here at Project Pinball. May the mystical forces be with you, good luck!


#1589 3 years ago

We here at Project Pinball sincerely apologize but due unseen circumstances we will be unable to hold the drawing for the Wizard of Oz/Hobbit Sweepstakes. Please stay tuned for an update of the new drawing time and date. We apologize for any convenience.

#1592 3 years ago

We apologize for a delay in the Wizard of Oz/ Hobbit sweepstakes! We will be holding our drawing on Monday, March 7th, 2016 at 8 PM EST. Keep an eye out on our website, Facebook, and Pinside for the big drawing!

Good luck and thank you to all that have entered!

1 week later
#1623 3 years ago

Missed out on entering for our Premium Stern Sweepstakes?!
We are starting up again to get as many Ghost Busters to you lovely people as possible! Thank you for everyone who has entered and supported the all the patients across the nation!

Enter here today: http://www.projectpinball.org/premium-edition-pinball-machine-stickers/


#1629 3 years ago

Sweepstakes coming at ya as of March 15th, 2016 at 11:15 AM EST!
Pro Sweepstakes is up to 119 entries and Premium is up to 37 entries!
Good luck to all that have entered and thank you all for supporting Project Pinball!

#1630 3 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Great news, will you be doing another JJP raffle?

Right now we are just going to keep it to just the Pro and Premium Sweepstakes.

#1634 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballlew:

lol I am sure he meant 281 left

Yes SHE (Amber) did, sorry! I fixed it!

#1635 3 years ago

Also! To all you PayPal haters, we are now using WePay for all Sweepstakes Entries!
Check it out! http://www.projectpinball.org/premium-edition-pinball-machine-stickers/


#1649 3 years ago
Quoted from feveredpinhead:

I purchased a few tickets for the premium drawing this morning using PayPal. The switch to wepay isn't going to nullify those is it?

No not at all! All of the payments made with Paypal are still valid!

#1650 3 years ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

When is the drawing for the premium that just sold out?

We are currently confirming the entries for the previous closed Premium Sweepstakes. We will post here ASAP once all entries are accounted for.

Good luck everyone!

#1651 3 years ago

Update on the sweepstakes progress:

Pro Model- 122/400

Premium Model- 51/200

#1652 3 years ago

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and great St. Patrick's Day!

Current Sweepstakes Update:
Pro- 128/400
Premium- 54/200

Thank you to all that have entered and good luck to all!

#1657 3 years ago

Sorry about the delay in update about the Premium Sweepstakes. The drawing will be held this Saturday at 9PM EST with local weatherman Eric Stone! We've had people request guest stars to draw our winners so it took some time to organize this event! I will be sending out an email to all that have entered this sweepstakes notifying them of the drawing. Thank you guys for being so patient and supporting the kids and families in need!


#1669 3 years ago

Pro @ 33%
Premium @ 32%



1 week later
#1674 3 years ago

Sorry about the delay in update of sweepstakes everyone, we are currently on the road to dedicate two more machines in John's Hopkins and UNC Children's!
The current sweepstakes counts are as follows:
PRO - 138 / 400 (35%)
PRE - 71 / 200 (36%)

We have met so many awesome people along the way, but I wanted to include some photos of Howard Levine's game room. He hosts tournaments for Project Pinball and his place is just rad.

We would love to see your collection! Share with us your pride and joy!


#1680 3 years ago

Here is an update! Come find us at PAPA19 and try out a Premium Ghostbusters that you could WIN in our sweepstakes! Thank you to all that have entered!

#1684 3 years ago

Hope everyone is having a good time at PAPA19 or atleast following their favorite players on PAPAtv! We are at the booth test running the Wizard of Oz that will be going into UNC Children's on Tuesday!
Here is a sweepstakes update:

Thank you for all that have entered! Good luck everyone!



#1695 3 years ago

Here is the most recent sweepstakes update. These sweepstakes make dedications like Johns Hopkins and UNC possible. It is wonderful to bring these machines to the patients for them to always enjoy. Below is a photo of one of the patients who was sad after she lost her last ball!
Pro Model - 161/ 400
Premium - 94/200


1 week later
#1708 3 years ago

In preparation for our July Campaign, we have streamlined our Sweepstakes! We want to introduce Rally-up to all the supporters of Project Pinball!
This will provide a second by second update for both sweepstakes and a central location for everyone to find the information they need.
All previous entries have already been transferred over into the new system and are all accounted for, thank you so much for all that have entered!
Please visit https://rallyup.com/projectpinball-sweepstakes/WXEBU5 to enter today!


#1713 3 years ago

Hey all, I emailed RallyUp about the missing entries and this was their response. To include the previous entries they needed to be manually entered as "paper tickets". Hopefully they can get things back soon, we are doing all that we can on our side to ensure every entry is accounted for! Thanks to everyone for such patience and support!

2 weeks later
#1744 3 years ago

Hey all, just wanted to share with you the cards we received from UNC thanking us for the pinball machine! It could not have been done without all of you supporters, so thank you all so much!


2 weeks later
#1751 3 years ago

Premium Pinball Sweepstakes has 59 left! While the Pro Sweepstakes has 188 entries left. Let get these sweepstakes sold so we can give some pinball machines away!

Also, this will be the last Pro Sweepstakes at $25 per entry with 400 entries available. We will be switching back to the $50 per entry with the limit of entries at 200.

#1752 3 years ago

Project Pinball will be dedicating a second pinball machine to K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital on Wednesday, June 15th! We would like to open up the dedication and invite three supporters to attend! If you live in the Neptune City, NJ area and are interested in attending the dedication, please email us at projectpinballcharity@gmail.com! We are so thankful to have this opportunity to bring pinball to kids in need and would love to share it with you all!
(Pictured below is the dedication last March at K. Hovnanian)Neptune_(resized).jpeg


1 week later
#1757 3 years ago

Project Pinball does it again! These two patients were so shocked to see the inside of the Bad Cats during the dedication yesterday at K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital. We could not have done this without all of the support from the pinball community, thank you all!2016-06-15_12.02.03_(resized).jpg

1 week later
#1783 3 years ago

We're only 79 entries away from closing out the Pro Sweepstakes! Lets get this sold so we can have TWO drawings at the Pintastic Show!

#1784 3 years ago

Here is the Premium Video of everyone's entries making it into our box! Drawing will be held at the Pintastic Show next weekend! Good luck everyone!

#1786 3 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Do you have a day set for the drawing and will it be streaming live?

Great question. With the uncertainty that comes with being at an expo, as long as we have server access we having a live stream of the drawing on Friday July 8th. If not, Project Pinball will film the video on Friday and have to wait until internet access that night to upload it.

We are sorry that we can't be more concrete, but please know that we have a plan!


#1798 3 years ago

Wow guys! You rock! We have sold out another sweepstakes! Thank you all so much for your dedication to the kids and the charity! We will host BOTH the Premium and Pro Sweepstakes at the Pintastic show next Friday! Great job!

#1803 3 years ago

Hey all! We have our next sweepstakes rolling! This is for a Pro Pinball Machine, 50$ per entry with a limit of 200 entries! For every sweepstakes we sell out we raise enough money to place another pinball machine in a children's hospital!

Also, check out our other thread to follow us during our second annual Love Across America campaign!

Thank you all for such great support and we hope you had an awesome 4th of July!

#1806 3 years ago

As long as we have a good internet connection, we will be holding the drawing for the Premium and Pro Sweepstakes LIVE at Pintastic NE this Friday! You can watch the live stream at https://www.twitch.tv/project_pinball_charity and see not only the drawing but get a great view of the Expo from our booth!

Thank you all for supporting us, Love Across America is in full force and we are so thankful for everyone who believes in our mission!

#1816 3 years ago
Quoted from minishark:

Project Pinballs Facebook page says they don't have the bandwidth needed to stream the drawing. Drawing results will be posted on Sunday (7/10) at 8 pm.
Bummer. I was looking forward to waking up this morning to discover I had won a Pro and the mega million drawing.

Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop! Sorry all, we will post the video on our Facebook and on this thread Sunday night. Good luck everyone!

#1820 3 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

Good point - i misread and thought they were doing the drawing Sunday. I would assume the winner probably already knows.

Sorry about all the confusion! We have not emailed anyone about the drawing. We will contact the winner once the video is published on Sunday at 8pm EST! So everyone cross your fingers!

#1826 3 years ago

Here are all the cards for the Pro Model Sweepstakes! We will be doing the drawing at our Stern Factory tour and a video will be posted tomorrow, July 12th, at 8pm EST. Thank you for everyone who entered and good luck to everyone!

#1828 3 years ago
Quoted from Medisinyl:

Is there another way to see if we made it on the list? I can't find my name in the video, and am getting motion sickness trying to figure it out :/

PM us your name and we will search for it on our word document.

#1829 3 years ago

Technical difficulties has prevented the drawing for the Pro Model Sweepstakes. We will be doing the drawing as soon as possible and post the video as soon as we can! We apologize for the delay.

#1831 3 years ago

We plan to have the Pro drawing at the California Extreme show this weekend! We're planning to have Bowen Kerins do the drawing! I do not believe the video will be live, but we will be sure to post it on here, Facebook, and the RallyUp page for this drawing. Thank you for all of your patience and good luck!

#1833 3 years ago

Here is the video for the Pro drawing done at the California Extreme show! Thank you for all that entered and supported Project Pinball!

Please enter our new Summer Pro Sweepstakes at go.rallyup.com/projectpinball-summerpro

#1838 3 years ago

You can check out our updated list of winners and their new pinball machines at http://projectpinball.org/sweepstakes/
Enter now for your chance to be the next name featured on the page!


#1839 3 years ago

This patient was enjoying the Avengers pinball that we placed in Sunrise Children's on Wednesday. They kept getting the Hulk multi-ball started which is pretty impressive! And check out that Avengers shirt! How awesome!BN9A7109_(resized).JPG

#1841 3 years ago

Check out this special event from Maggie and Luke Heiser, owners of Heiser Restorations. They are selling this 1962 Wurlitzer model 2610 Jukebox with sales going to Project Pinball Charity. What a fantastic way to raise money with your own passion! You can check on their page http://www.heiserrestorations.com/

We also wanted to extend thank yous to everyone who has ever been involved in raising money for Project Pinball. Your dedication means everything to us and the children who benefit from these machines.

#1842 3 years ago

I've heard of one handed playing, but what do you all think of one foot? Would that through off balance or concentration while playing?BN9A9143_(resized).JPG

1 week later
#1845 3 years ago

Selling out this next sweepstakes means adding another star to our map! Another star represents pinball for all those in the children's hospitals! Enter now: http://rallyup.com/projectpinball-summerpro

2 weeks later
#1846 3 years ago

On 2 weeks left in this sweepstakes and we are 89% done!
Enter now! https://go.rallyup.com/projectpinball-summerpro/Updates

#1850 3 years ago

Wow everyone overnight the sweepstakes sold out! Great job everyone and good luck to all who are entered! We are finalizing entries today to have a drawing soon, so stay tuned!

#1851 3 years ago

Greetings everyone. We have had someone back out of the Summer Pro Sweepstakes, leaving 9 entries left! Now is the time to get in to win a BRAND NEW Ghostbusters or Game of Thrones! Enter now!

3 weeks later
#1877 3 years ago

Retail price of a Batman Premium is $8,599 - Or you could get it for $75 in our newest raffle.
Enter today! https://go.rallyup.com/batman-66premium

2 weeks later
#1883 3 years ago

We're at 45% sold! The faster this sells the more pinball we can bring to children in need!

Also, if you missed out on getting a ticket for the Stern 30th Anniversary party - Project Pinball is auctioning off two tickets! All proceeds will go back to the charity and right now we are only at 20$ for two tickets (90$ value)!
ebay.com link »

#1888 3 years ago

Holy pinball Batman! The Batman 66 Premium is sold out! We will be posting the drawing at 7pm on Sunday, October 9th! Thank you to everyone who donated to bring pinball to another children's hospital!

We also have launched our next PRO sweepstakes! Enter here: https://go.rallyup.com/projectpinball-fallpro

#1889 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinballlew:

The auction says Local pick up only..probably get more bids if you include shipping or wording in description if they are able to pick up at the event

Ebay unfortunately would not let us change the address. This event is actually though electronic ticket. If you win the two tickets you will be sent them electronically before the event on October 14th! Thanks for the opportunity to clarify!

1 week later
#1897 3 years ago

We were blown away by the Stern Batman 66, we decided to raffle off a second Premium machine! Enter today: https://go.rallyup.com/projectpinball-batman66

1 month later
#1915 2 years ago

Excitement is in the air for us over at Project Pinball Charity!! Soon we will be hitting the road and going on our 2016 Northeastern Tour. We will be stopping at five different children’s hospitals, in five different states and dedicating a pinball machine to each!

Our first stop is Neptune, New Jersey, where we'll be running with raptors and other dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. Dorothy and the munchkins of Oz will have a new home at the second stop of the tour in Stony Brook, New York. In New Haven, Connecticut The USS Enterprise will be headed to Beam Us Up, Scotty! Afterward we head a bit west to Columbus, Ohio to dedicate a new VPCabs virtual LCD screened pinball machine. Lastly we’ll cruise over in the Batmobile and drop off the Dark Knight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From the bottom of our hearts we’d like to say that we truly appreciate every single person who was involved in any way of making this amazing tour take place. We couldn’t have been able to make it all happen without your love, generosity and support. We hope all the machines that are being placed in their new homes during this tour make the lives of numerous children across our nation happier.

We hope you join us on this exhilarating journey by staying updated with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! If you see us on the road be sure to hashtag! And please share this post to raise awareness and support! #NETOUR2016
NE TOUR 2016 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1920 2 years ago

We are very excited to announce our #NETOUR2016 kicked off yesterday with our first dedication of the Jurassic Park pinball machine in New Jersey at the K. Hovnianan Children's Hospital in Neptune, NJ! The machine also got a custom made Jurassic Park topper!

jurassic park (resized).jpg

#1921 2 years ago

Check out this link to hear our new podcast interview with Jeff Teolis! We are extremely overjoyed with this amazing trip we are on right now delivering 5 pinball machines in 2 weeks! Check it out on iTunes too! https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinballprofile/permalink/636474833198140/

#1922 2 years ago

If you have not seen it already you have to watch this video that we are so glad to be able to share!
This is a wonderful video that shows the coming together of people, ideas, and pinball to make a lasting impact in our communities' hospitals. Thank you to Ash at the Beercade, Dylan and crew from Hearst Television, and VUZ for making this happen.
Please share this video to help promote the coming together of people to help others in need! #projectpinball #projectpinballteamsup #beercade #forthekids


#1924 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Dan, thank you for helping the kids in my area.

It is our pleasure to have this opportunity to do so much good in 2 weeks. Going to New Jersey was very special for us and we will be posting pictures of the dedication soon!

#1925 2 years ago

We here at Project Pinball would like to give a huge thank you to pinballstar for donating the Wizard of Oz machine to the Stony Brook Children's Hospital in Long Island, New York! We are beyond grateful for your support and cannot thank you enough! #forthekids #projectpinballcharity #projectpinballteamsup #grateful #NETOUR2016

#1926 2 years ago

Here are some pictures from our New Jersey Dedication! The Jurassic Park Machine was a hit!

K. Hovianan Dedication (resized).jpg

k hov (resized).jpg

#1928 2 years ago

We are beyond excited to tell everyone about this custom virtual pinball machine that @VPCabsvirtualpinball made especially for #projectpinball that will be delivered to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio on Tuesday! We cannot wait for this dedication! Thank you so much VPCabs Virtual Pinball! #NETOUR2016 #forthekids #Virtualpinballmachine #projectpinballteamsup

virtual pinball machine (resized).jpg

#1931 2 years ago

Na Na Na it's Batman! Want to win a Batman 66 Premium?

Donate today, $75 gets you entered for a chance to win! All proceeds go to helping place more pinball machines in more hospitals across the country! Receive the chance to win by entering today!

Enter here at Projectpinball.org/sweepstakes!

Batman 66 Sweepstakes Poster (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1936 2 years ago

Season’s Greetings! In warm appreciation of Project Pinball's success during the past year, we extend our very best wishes for a happy holiday season to all of our partners and followers of Project Pinball Charity. We could not be where we are today without everyone of you! Have a happy and safe holiday to all!


The Project Pinball Charity
#projectpinball #forthekids #support #donate #happyholidays

IMG_0146 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#1937 2 years ago

80% sold out of 200 entries! Let's give this amazing Batman 66 Premium away! $75 dollar donation gets you an entry! Only 200 entries total! Get yours today!

15747826_1017233268382088_110147171302228032_n (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1955 2 years ago


Check out this link we were featured on the NBC Nightly News! What a wonderful kid with such a wonderful opportunity and such a touching story! We are very grateful to have him feature us by choosing to wear our t-shirt during his movie premiere!

#1958 2 years ago

We are currently at 26% of our 200 entries sold for our Pro Fall Sweepstakes! We want to give this machine away! As soon as all 200 entries are bought we will be doing the drawing, $50 gets you entered! Don't miss out!
#projectpinball #forthekids #win #brandnewpinballmachine


Pro Fall Sweepstakes 26% (resized).png

#1960 2 years ago

Here we go! Introducing another brand new sweepstakes! Our Aerosmith and Batman 66 Premium Sweepstakes. Every entry is $75 and there are only 200 entries. Our last sweepstakes was won with the very first entry bought, so get yours in early!
#projectpinball #aerosmith #batman66 #sweepstakes #forthekids #donate #brandnewpinballmachine


Stern Pinball Sweepstakes 6% (resized).png

#1961 2 years ago
Quoted from Billc479:

Getting a 500 server error from the link

That is weird and that shouldn't happen. I am pasting it below again, hopefully it works this time for you.


#1963 2 years ago

We are currently at 45% sold for our Fall Pro Sweepstakes! Get your entry for $50 before all 200 entries are gone! You don't wanna miss the chance to get your very own brand new Pro Stern pinball machine!
#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #donate


IMG_0777 (resized).PNG

#1964 2 years ago

Here's another update on our Aerosmith and Batman 66 Premium Sweepstakes! We are at 12% sold, alike our Pro Sweepstakes there are only 200 entries! $75 gets your entered for a brand new Premium pinball machine! Use the link below!
#projectpinball #support #donate #sweepstakes #forthekids


IMG_0778 (resized).PNG

#1965 2 years ago

Take a look at this awesome news article and video about the pinball tournament that happened Friday night in Kalamazoo, Michigan! One Well Brewing held the tournament to raise money to get a pinball machine placed in the Bronson Children's Hospital!
#projectpinball #projectpinballteamsup #forthekids


1 week later
#1972 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I'll go for one of each ticket.
I wonder if you can keep pin for a few months then donate to your local children's hospital in charity name?
My local would be CHOC of Orange County.

You could definitely keep the pinball machine for a few months then have us come in and help you donate it to your local children's hospital! We do love donations and if you win the pinball machine then want to donate it to CHOC of Orange County that would be amazing!

1 week later
#1973 2 years ago

2 great sweepstakes, 2 great machines will be won! Pro machine Sweepstakes is $50 per entry and the Premium machine Sweepstakes is $75 per entry; don't forget you can enter each sweepstakes as many times as you'd like.
After 200 entries are sold for either machine we will do the drawings!
Check out Sternpinball for more options on which machines are available to win!

Pro- https://projectpinball.rallyup.com/projectpinball-fallpro
Premium- https://projectpinball.rallyup.com/projectpinball-aerosmithbatman66

#projectpinball #forthekids #win #donate #support #sweepstakes #Propinballmachine #Premiumpinballmachine

Aerosmith and Batman Premium Flyer (resized).png

69% Pro (resized).jpg

#1974 2 years ago


Our Fall Pro Sweepstakes only has 14 entries left! Let's get them sold! $50 per entry and after the last 14 entries we will be doing a drawing. A mass email will be sent to everyone who bought entry letting you know when the drawing will be happening. Link is above

#1979 2 years ago

Fall Pro Sweepstakes is sold out! If you didn't get a chance to enter this sweepstakes don't worry we still have our Aerosmith and Batman 66 Sweepstakes that is only at 20% sold. Entries are $75 and there are only 200 entries. https://projectpinball.rallyup.com/projectpinball-aerosmithbatman66

The Fall Pro Sweepstakes will be drawn very soon, we will be sending an email to everyone who entered!

#1985 2 years ago

Pro Fall Sweepstakes Video Link below! Check out the lucky winner! Thanks to everyone who participated in this amazing Sweepstakes! Don't forget to check out our other great sweepstakes! Like the Aerosmith & Batman 66 Premium that is still going on now!

We love our supporters!
#projectpinball #forthekids #rxpinballprogram #Sweepstakes #drawing #support #donate #winning #ProFallPinball Pinball #promachine

1 week later
#1990 2 years ago

We have just opened another Pro sweepstakes! Did you enter the last one? Do you want another chance to win a brand new Pro pinball machine shipped right to your door? Then enter at the link below! $50 per entry, don't forget you can increase your odds by entering more than once!


#projectpinball #forthekids #newsweepstakes Pinball #charity #win #donate #support #Propinball

Pro 2017 best (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1992 2 years ago

The Project Pinball Charity is looking for anyone in the Memphis, Tennessee area that would like to volunteer for the charity and help do maintainence on a newly placed pinball machine. If your interested or know of anybody please don't hesitate to reach out to the Project Pinball Team through social media or at projectpinballcharity@gmail.com

#1995 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Nice to push another pro draw but how long until the LE draw will sell out? What happens if you can't sell the rest of the tickets?!

We draw as soon as all 200 entries are sold! We have never had an issue selling all of our tickets but we are constantly letting everyone know when our sweepstakes are going on and how many tickets we have left to sell to keep the ball rolling!

#1996 2 years ago

On behalf of the Project Pinball Charity, we have officially seen first hand the brand new Aerosmith Pro pinball machine which is now available in our Pro 2017 Pinball Machine Sweepstakes! Get your chance to win this and other awesome machines! $50 per entry, only 200 entries available!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #donate #support #aerosmith #pinballmachine Pinball #charity


You can also go to our Facebook page at Project Pinball Charity for more information and a video of the machine in play!

aerosmith pro pinball and player (resized).jpg

#1997 2 years ago

Wanna support a local charity and give to a great cause? Then mark your calendars for this Thursday, March 16th from 5 - 9 PM the entire Project Pinball team will be out at Foster's Grille in the Gulf Coast Town Center in Ft. Myers, FL. Come out and eat some amazing food and give to the kids! 20% of everything sold will go directly back to the charity so we can place more pinball machines across the nation! All you have to do is show up and mention you are there to support Project Pinball or bring the flyer attached below and show your waiter!


#2001 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I bought my ticket February 15. Ticket number 45.. I think you have sold about a dozen since then. If there is 150 more tickets available..you average 10 tickets per month...yes, you will eventually sell out (but that's a long time from now is all I'm suggesting!) The rally up customer service said the draw will be held at the end of March! Maybe she meant next year

We have always sold out of our tickets. We put the draw date to be in March but we continue the date past then until all entries are sold. On average our LE drawings take longer to sell out then our Pro Sweepstakes because of the higher ticket price. We expect at the rate we are going at to be sold out by April but it depends on how fast the entries are sold. We constantly let our followers know updates about our drawings. We are always updating on our social media the progress we make and when we expect to have the drawing.

#2002 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

I can't even find the link to the LE draw on your website. When I click the sweepstakes link it sends me to a sold out pro draw. There is no links or mention of the LE draw on projectpinball.com. just the expired pro draw! And rally-up.com is no help either. I have to find the link on this thread a few pages back just to see if any more tickets are sold! Maybe no one else can find the draw as well!

Our Aerosmith and Batman 66 Premium sweepstakes is the only Premium sweepstakes we have going on right now. If you go to our projectpinball.org website and go to the sweepstakes tab and click the Enter Now button it takes you there. Other than that we just opened another Pro sweepstakes and that was opened a few weeks ago.

If your still having trouble here are some links to help.

Sweepstakes page on website: http://projectpinball.org/sweepstakes/

Premium sweepstakes: https://projectpinball.rallyup.com/projectpinball-aerosmithbatman66

Pro sweepstakes: https://projectpinball.rallyup.com/pro2017-sweepstakes

1 week later
#2006 2 years ago

Update on Project Pinball's Rx Pinball program with an amazing letter we just received from the child-life specialist of UNC Children's!

"Outside of the levels system, staff and patients alike have reported using it as a medium for bonding with parents and family members. This is an especially good tool as parents and teens often have trouble communicating or finding positive common ground."

"Patients also use it as a distraction from being in the hospital and from negative thoughts."

These are just a few excerpts from the letter, we would love for you to read the full letter in the picture below!

Don't forget to keep up with all of our amazing stories here on Facebook and on our website!

We love our supporters!

#projectpinball #forthekids Pinball #donate #support #teamupwithprojectpinball #hospitaldedication #UNC #childrenshospital #Rxpinballprogram #update

UNC letter (2) (resized).png

#2010 2 years ago

Updates on Sweepstakes we have going on right now!

Pro 2017 Sweepstakes is at 37% sold! $50 per entry! The link to enter is below!


Premium Aerosmith & Batman 66 is at 47% sold! $75 per entry! The link to enter is also below!


Don't forget you may enter more than once to increase your odds of winning! Also we only sell 200 entries to each sweepstakes so your odds are already 1 out of 200 chance! The odds are in your favor and to get an even higher odd you can enter up to as many times as you'd like! We want you to win!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #donate #support #contribute #goal #globalimpact #dedications #heartwarmingstories #newsarticles #radiostations #television #drawings #wewantyoutowin Pinball #love #thankyou #projectpinballnation

Aerosmith (resized).jpg
pasted_image (resized).png

#2015 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

When did they start the LE draw? 47% sold out only! C'mon peeeps..!

It began on January 16th! We agree lets get this sweepstakes finished! We want to be able to give away a brand new Premium pinball machine of the winners choice! 200 entries, almost 100 left! $75 per ticket entry!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes Pinball #support #donate

#2016 2 years ago

Check out Project Pinball's Bonus Play News Letter for the month of April! This is a great way to keep up with the charity and to read about special things have been happening! It also gives you great insight to what is coming up for the charity and where we will be heading!

Stay tuned in and up to date on all of our social media as we continue our amazing journey!

Thank you for all the love and support, we couldn't do what we do without all of our incredible followers and supporters!

#projectpinball #forthekids #newsletter #bonusplay #support #follow #volunteer #donate #thankyou #grateful #excitingevents Pinball #LoveAcrossAmericaTour #Expos #fundraisers #tournaments #jointhefun

April 2017 Bonus Play News Letter (JPEG) (resized).jpg

#2017 2 years ago

We want to see everyone out at PAPA - Professional & Amateur Pinball Association this weekend wearing your Project Pinball Charity colors!

#wearyourcolors means whoever we see at PAPA 20 World Championship with any Project Pinball T-Shirt on will win a prize!
So wear your colors and come stop by our booth with the Dialed Up pinball machine!

We cannot wait to see everyone there and thank you so much for all the support!

#projectpinball #forthekids Pinball #welovePAPA #PAPA20 #support #tshirts #weloveoursupporters #fortheloveofpinball #dialedup

Dialed Up (resized).jpg

PAPA (resized).png

#2019 2 years ago

Project Pinball and Mezel Mods present this once in a lifetime raffle! Enter for a chance to win a limited edition Batman 66 print by designer Chris Franchi!

Time is limited, so get your tickets by 5 p.m. on April 15th. Tickets are only $10 and unlimited entries!

The drawing will be live on Facebook at the 505 Pinball Grand Opening Charity Pinball Tournament on April 15th, all proceeds benefit Project Pinball Charity! Good luck and thank you for supporting Project Pinball!


#projectpinball #forthekids #projectpinballteamsup #raffle #limitededition #batman66 #signedartwork #support #donate #volunteer #weloveteamingup #global Impact Pinball #getenteredtoday #beforetimerunsout

Batman 66 artwork (resized).png

#2026 2 years ago

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Sweepstakes thus far! We are coming close to the end! Keep it up everyone and thank you all for passing it along so more people can get a chance!!

We love our supporters and thank you so much!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #thankyou

#2028 2 years ago

This once in a lifetime raffle comes to an end tomorrow, April 15th at 5 p.m. Don't miss out on a chance to win a limited edition Batman 66 print by designer Chris Franchi!
Tickets are only $10 and unlimited entries!

The drawing will be live on Facebook at the 505 Pinball Grand Opening Charity Pinball Tournament on April 15th, all proceeds benefit Project Pinball Charity!

Good luck and thank you for supporting Project Pinball! Also, special thanks go out to Mezel Mods for making this raffle possible!


#projectpinball #forthekids #projectpinballteamsup #raffle #limitededition #batman66 #signedartwork #support #donate #volunteer #weloveteamingup #global Impact Pinball #getenteredtoday #beforetimerunsout #mezelmods

Batman 66 artwork (resized).png

1 week later
#2033 2 years ago

The Batman 66 artwork winner was Ken Westhaver!! Thank you to everyone who participated and for all the support! Special thanks also goes out to Mezel Mods for everything they did and all the proceeds they made! You guys are awesome!

Batman 66 art (resized).jpg

#2034 2 years ago

The Project Pinball Charity needs your help! If there is anyone in the New Jersey area that would be able to be a future volunteer for us please contact us! We need a volunteer in the New Jersey area to be able to help us with our future pinball machine that will be placed there very soon!

Please contact the Project Pinball Charity at info@projectpinball.org if you can help or know someone who can!

#2035 2 years ago

Have you ever heard of Amazon Smile? Do you shop on Amazon.com?

Well if you do check out this link below!

When shopping on Amazon Smile you get to do your online shopping that you would normally do on Amazon.com with your Amazon account! But with Amazon Smile you get to choose a charity in which a portion of your purchase goes straight to the charity of your choice!

It is another great win-win scenario! You get to purchase the items of your choice and at no extra cost to you the charity of your choice gets a portion of the sales!

So click the link below and choose The Project Pinball Charity as your charity and let the giving begin!
amazon.com link »

1 week later
#2043 2 years ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Any updates on your social media as to when you expect to have the drawing? You missed April sell out by almost 40 tickets! Only 2 tickets sold this week

We are hoping to sell out soon! We are nearing the end! Keep up the awesome sharing guys! We appreciate you all!

#2044 2 years ago

Awesome new update on our website for our sweepstakes! Check it out! We now have 2 new buttons to make entering our sweepstakes much easier and more efficient!

It's as easy as a click of a button for the sweepstakes you choose to enter!


#projectpinball #sweepstakes #website Pinball #forthekids #fasterandeasier

Sweepstakes page (resized).jpg

#2045 2 years ago

Project Pinball needs your help! Our original Spider-Man pinball machine which is dedicated to the Golisano's Children's Hospital here in Ft. Myers, FL needs some new upgrades.

We are asking anyone who can donate some mods for the Spider-Man that can be put on before we put it back in the New Golisano's Children's Hospital that was just opened a month ago!

Whoever is able to donate any mods for this machine we will gladly put your name on a new plaque that we will be placing on the machine as we place it in its new forever home at the new Children's Hospital!

You can contact us at office@projectpinball.org if you have any mods or have any information on getting donated mods for this machine which started our journey!

Thank you to all of our supporters!
#projectpinball #forthekids Pinball #mods #donations #supporters #donate #thankyou #fortheloveofpinball

#2051 2 years ago
Quoted from Jinroh:

I don't have a lot, but I'm glad I was able to donate.
After losing my youngest son, I try and give to these kids charities when I can. Glad I can help those making a difference.

We want to thank you so much for your kind donation and we want you to know that from all of us here at The Project Pinball Charity our hearts go out to you and we do what we do because children deserve so much and so do their families. So thank you for your donation and we want you to know that you are making a difference!

Please let us know if there is ever anything you need or have any ideas to help us keep reaching our higher goals! It's because of people like you that we are able to do what we do and be able to get our name out there so more and more children and their families can get the help and joy they deserve.


Project Pinball

#2052 2 years ago

Our weekly update for our Sweepstakes is here!

59% sold (each entry is $50 and you get your choice of any available pro pinball machines delivered straight to your door)

78% sold (each entry is $75 and same applies as above except you get your choice of a premium machine instead)

Enter HERE:

With the new buttons on our webpage making it quicker and easier to enter we have raised our selling out percentages and we see the end in sight!

We wanna send out a huge thank you to everyone who has entered either of our sweepstakes and to everyone who shares and tells their friends about our amazing sweepstakes that does some amazing things for some very sick kids! So Thank You!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #dogood #fortheloveofpinball Pinball #welovewhatwedo #entertoday #donate #support #share #spreadtheword #thankyou

#2054 2 years ago
Quoted from Jinroh:

Thank you so much for your kind words, they really made my day. (I had to forward your post along to my family and friends as it really made me tear up a bit) It really warms my heart. Even just the act of having the sweepstakes brings joy to everyone, my surviving son was very excited that we have a chance to win our first pin.
I've been spreading the word to my friends and family about your great charity so I hope that can help at least a little bit.
It's been nice seeing the numbers climbing their way up. So great to see everyone come together and rally around a great cause.

Thank you so much for supporting us! Without people like you we could not be successful! Keep up the great work and thank you for spreading the word! Good luck in the sweepstakes!

#2057 2 years ago

Awesome news for our Aerosmith & Batman 66 Premium Sweepstakes!

86% sold as of this morning! We are nearing the finish! Lets get this sweepstakes sold out by the weekend! We would love to be able to do the drawing as soon as possible!

For everyone who has entered we wanna thank you for your support and for your donations! We do this for all for the kids in the Children's Hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses!

Lets get these last entries sold! Share with your friends!



#2059 2 years ago

We apologize for the miss conception. The website sent us an email with an incorrect update but we also have added extra raffle entries from physical tickets that we are still selling. The website should now be correct. We are at 88% sold as of 2:40 today we are coming along nicely! We wanna see this sold out by the weekend! Once we reach the last 10% we should be able to get everyone in a lot faster and get this sold out as soon as possible!

#2063 2 years ago

Our weekly update for our Sweepstakes is here!

70% sold (each entry is $50)

93% sold (each entry is $75)

Enter HERE:

We are very close to selling out on our Aerosmith & Batman 66 Premium Sweepstakes! Don't miss out on getting your last entries! If you have already entered don't forget you can increase your odds with each entry!

We are hoping to sell out in time to do the drawing this Sunday! Let's see if we can sell out before then!

Thank you to everyone who has supported!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #dogood #fortheloveofpinball Pinball #welovewhatwedo #entertoday #donate #support #share #spreadtheword #thankyou

#2074 2 years ago

We have not sold out yet! We do believe that last night and early this morning Rally Up had a huge bump and had a glitch. We apologize for that confusion but we are currently at 98% sold! Thank you to everyone for this last huge bump! You guys are awesome! We have capped this sweepstakes so once every ticket is sold it will not allow you to donate to this sweepstakes anymore!

#2079 2 years ago

Awesome Eric thank you so much for your donation! Also, yes you will be receiving email confirmation. Ontop of that once the sweepstakes is sold out the Project Pinball Team will be sending out a email to everyone who entered giving detailed information about the drawing and when it will be held!

#2080 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

It confirmed I bought four tickets earlier even gave me my numbers, what happened? It still says 98% and will only let you buy one ticket

If it confirmed you bought your tickets then you are in! We believe as soon as the last 4 tickets are to be sold the website will update its self to show 100% sold. We are going in manually to check on every entry to make sure they all go through smoothly.

#2085 2 years ago
Quoted from grantopia:

I assume i would have gotten an email if the charge/tickets went through?

Thank you very much for getting back with us and providing the information needed!

#2087 2 years ago
Quoted from wdpvideo:

I went to the website and it kept declining my CC but I got it fit. It would only let me buy 1 ticket, which is all that is needed to win. Anyway said only 1 was left. So I bought it and to told me to hold on. I held and held and held and then the window went away with no confirmation. I guess I'll know when the charge comes threw. If it were the last ticket and it did go threw we should be seeing a drawing on the AS or Bat turd premium. Sorry BM is already takin...lol

No it was officially closed, you can put in all the info but the confirmation will not go through and your credit card will not be charged.

#2090 2 years ago

Thank you pale_purple for getting back with us and helping us by giving the information that was needed!

#2092 2 years ago
Quoted from Pale_Purple:

If helping gets more pins in hospitals, I'm always down to help!
Will buy a few pro tickets tonight, it's the only raffle going right now I think we can get it sold out too.

The Project Pinball Charity thanks you for all your contributions. The Pro Sweepstakes is the only one going on right now as we are working on doing a special sweepstakes soon so stay tuned! The kids will be thrilled when they get to see their new pinball machines!

Thank you to everyone who has supported!

#2099 2 years ago

Thank you jinroh and pfcjimmy for your awesome donations of these much needed parts for our Spider-Man! We are very grateful for your donations to make fixing our original Spider-Man a success!

#projectpinball #forthekids #spiderman Pinball

#2112 2 years ago

Attention Project Pinball followers and supporters! We have been confirming and verifying all of our entries for the Aerosmith & Batman 66 Premium Sweepstakes!

We will be doing the official drawing Sunday, June 4th at 8 PM!

Stay tuned and thank you all for your support and contributions!
#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #drawing Pinball #fortheloveofpinball #winabrandnewpinballmachine #premiumpinballmachine #thankyou

#2113 2 years ago
Quoted from Mole:

We still need your help.
We are underway on the Spider-man tear-down. We just shipped the Green Goblin, Venom, Sandman and Doc Ock to Biglaw. :^) Thank you very much.
You can see by the pictures that it is good shape but needs a good shop job. A good clean especially under the ramps. Flippers rebuilt. Rubbers need to be changed out. Bulbs and etc.
If you would like to purchase any these items
We still need to purchase regular parts like:
*You can choose any supplier that you wish to use. We are using these links to make it easy to have reference to the parts needed.
(2) Transistors http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/STP22NE10L
(1) 26-1200 bumper coil http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/090-5044-00
(4) Pinball Balls http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/PB116-5
(2) Flipper Rebuild Kits http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/SFLKIT
(1) LED kit http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/05-2052
(1) LED OCD kit https://www.cometpinball.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ocd as Chershirefilms mentioned
Optional parts:
(1) Spider-man Shooter http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/515-6557-SM
(1) Shaker Motor http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/502-5027-00 as Meegis mentioned
If you would like order and ship the part(s) to us, we will show our gratitude by placing your name to our plaque that will be mounted to inside of the machine. After you order the parts please let the community know that your purchased item(s), so we can remove them from the wishlist.
Shipping Address:
Project Pinball Charity
1400 Colonial Blvd Suite 254
Ft Myers, FL 33907
If you would like to donate some much-needed funds to complete this, please feel free to donate here: projectpinballfundraiser@gmail.com As a added bonus, I will match dollar for dollar for any spider-man donation. You donated $10. I will match your donation with my $10 to double your kindness. All donations will be used to help restore the spider-man. Then if any amount is left and not used for that purpose, those donations can be used to help with the maintenance on the 24 other machines that we have placed.
Plus we could still use input as well as these others ways help to make this Spider-man the best it can be for the big return to the kids.
If you have any questions, please contact us at projectpinballcharity@gmail.com
Best wishes,
Daniel Spolar
Senior Director/ Founder
Project Pinball Charity

Huge thanks goes out to pfcjimmy, lermods, and jinroh for these awesome parts and mods for our Spider-Man! We couldn't have done it without your gracious donations! We can't wait to show everyone when it is finished! The kids are going to love it!

We just need these last few items to make our refurbish of the Spider-Man 100%!

We would love to be able to get these 2 items to put on our Spider-Man before we return it to its rightful place at Golisano Children's Hospital of SWFL!

(1) LED kit http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/05-2052
(1) LED OCD kit https://www.cometpinball.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=ocd as Chershirefilms mentioned

Spider-Man mods (resized).png

#2126 2 years ago

We are going to be unable to do our live drawing tonight as planned. We are having an unfortunate delay and apologize for the inconvenience. We will be doing the video tomorrow, Monday the 5th at 8pm. Thank you to all of our amazing followers for your awesome support!

Also, our Pro Sweepstakes is 100% sold out! Thank you all so much for your help in getting our second sweepstakes sold out just in time for the Southern Fried Game Room Expo! Our drawing for the Pro will be this Saturday, the 10th at 8pm during the expo!

Again, our apologizes for the delay! We are very excited for the Southern Fried Game Room Expo this weekend! We can't wait for the Pro drawing to be done live while we are there and to be able to see all of our awesome supporters!

#2133 2 years ago

Here's the Aerosmith & Batman 66 Premium Pinball Machine Sweepstakes! Again we apologize for the
postponement of this Sweepstakes drawing. Thank you all for the support you have given us during this process!

We love our supporters!

Here is the link below for the Aerosmith & Batman 66 drawing:

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #drawing Winner Pinball #sternpinball

#2186 2 years ago

Project Pinball has just started 2 Brand New Sweepstakes!! We are excited to announce for the first time...

Star Wars Pro Pinball Machine Sweepstakes:

Star Wars Premium Pinball Machine Sweepstakes:

Stay tuned for more exciting things we have in store!

#2204 2 years ago

We have officially began our Help Spread Love Across American campaign! This campaign is to help raise money for our Love Across America Tour that we will begin in July! It will be taking us throughout the Nation as we will be placing FIVE more pinball machines into Children's Hospitals! We cannot wait for another incredible year of spreading our mission with the Nation and placing more and more pinball machines for the children, families, hospital staff, and more to enjoy!

In this special campaign we have levels where you will get to choose how much you want to donate. Then we give you special items in return! We cannot thank you all enough for making this all possible!


#projectpinball #forthekids #share #forthoveofpinball Pinball #helpspreadloveacrossamerica #loveacrossamericacampaign #support #donate #benefitthechildren #thankyou

#2217 2 years ago

Some very exciting news about our 2 new sweepstakes! It has only been 5 days since we have started the Star Wars Pro & Star Wars Premium Sweepstakes and since then they have sky rocketed! Thank you all so much for this awesome support!

Pro at 14% sold: https://projectpinball.rallyup.com/starwars-pro-sweepstakes

Premium at 38% sold: https://projectpinball.rallyup.com/starwars-premium-sweepstakes

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #donations #support #starwars #pro #premium #love #thankyou #sellout #share

PPC-StarWars copy (resized).jpg

PPC-StarWarsPremium copy (resized).jpg

#2219 2 years ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

That's great these are selling so quickly. Dumb question: may the winners choose any pro or premium being made or must it be Star Wars?

The theme for both of our sweepstakes are Star Wars since they are the brand-new machines. But to answer your question, no you may choose any Pro or Premium machine you would like.

#2222 2 years ago

Weekly update for our Star Wars Pro & Premium Sweepstakes!

Pro: 20% Sold! Very consistent and we are so happy! Thank you all for the amazing support!

Premium: 44% Sold! WOW awesome job guys! Keep up the awesome push! This could be the fastest sweepstakes we've ever had!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #pro #premium Star Wars (Pro) #entertowin #donate #support #luckywinner #200entries

#2225 2 years ago
Quoted from Tlamb:

With the larger additional cost and wait on SW Premium (was told October since the distributors machines were accounted for already until then), I have decided to go with the Spiderman VE. Hope to have in home this week.
Thank you once again to Project Pinball and the work they do to support a worthy cause.

Thank you so much for supporting Project Pinball and we know you will love the Spider-Man VE it is one of the most popular machines, the charity even owns one that is in the Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida and they love it! Again thank you for entering our sweepstakes and Congratulations!!

#2226 2 years ago


Here is the link to our Help Spread Love Across America Campaign! Check it out and with every donation we are giving special limited edition Project Pinball items in return!

All contributions go right back to the kids during our Love Across America Campaign this July, where we will be placing 5 more machines into children's hospitals!

#projectpinball #forthekids #julycampaign Pinball #charity #donate #contribute #prizes #helpspreadloveacrossamerica

Help Spread Love Across America Campaign (resized).png

#2228 2 years ago

Our sweepstakes are soaring thanks to all of our awesome supporters!

Pro at 21%

Premium at 49%

The premium is almost halfway there! You guys are awesome! Keep up all the great sharing! These are the fastest sweepstakes we have had to date! We are so excited to sell these out!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #pro #premium Pinball #thankyou #supporters #donate #share Star Wars (Pro)

#2230 2 years ago

Here is our weekly update for our Star-Wars Sweepstakes!

Pro at 23%

Premium at 60%

They are going fast so get your entry while you still can and help a local charity put more and more smiles on every child's face!

#projectpinball #forthekids #sweepstakes #soaring Pinball #fortheloveofpinball #win #donate #support #share #thankyou

#2233 2 years ago

The Project Pinball Team is preparing for our 3rd Annual Love Across America Tour!

We are thrilled to announce that we are heading out on to the road again! This tour will provide us the opportunity to do a lot of good all throughout the month of July! The love and support we receive along the way is remarkable, and we are always happy to give the gift of pinball!

On this tour, we will be traveling across the United States to plenty of destinations. These include Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Florida!

We will be in attendance of 2 great shows Pintastic New England and Replay FX/Pinburgh. We can't wait to spread the Project Pinball experience across the country! To stay updated with our progress, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


New Cover Photo (resized).jpg

#2235 2 years ago

73% on the Premium Sweepstakes! You are all awesome! Lets sell it out by July 5th so we can do the drawing at Pintastic New England!

#projectpinball #forthekids Star Wars (Pro) Pinball #sweepstakes #support #charity #donate #win

#2239 2 years ago

There are only 27 tickets left for our Star Wars Premium Sweepstakes!! We are so close to selling out! If we sell out by this weekend we will do a live Facebook drawing at Pintastic!

Get your entry before it's too late!


#2244 2 years ago

90% sold for our Star Wars Premium Sweepstakes!!

Get your last entries!

#2249 2 years ago

We are officially sold out of the Star Wars Premium Sweepstakes! Thank you to everyone who entered for your incredible support! This was by far the fastest Sweepstakes to date!

If you missed your chance to get in on this Sweepstakes don't forget we still have our Star Wars Pro still going strong!

#2251 2 years ago

The drawing for the Premium Sweepstakes is going to be tomorrow at the Pintastic Show! It will be live and posted by 8pm!

Also, since we had such great traffic and it was such a fast sweepstakes we have decided to give another shot to enter, we have just launched another Star Wars Premium sweepstakes! It is part 2 of our Star Wars Premium Sweepstakes! We are very excited to be launching a part 2 after such an incredible impact from part 1!

Thank you all for the continuous support and kind words!

Enter HERE for part 2:

#2253 2 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Do you have to be present to win?

You do not have to be present to win. We will be contacting the winner once he/she is picked!

#2254 2 years ago

We are experiencing technical difficulties with our internet. As soon as we get it back up and running we will be posting the video! Thank you to everyone for your patience and good luck to everyone who entered the Star Wars Premium Sweepstakes!

#2260 2 years ago

Thank you all for your patience, the winner was chosen and the video is being uploaded. We should have it posted soon!

#2261 2 years ago

Thank you all for your patience during this uploading process! A winner was drawn for the Star Wars Premium Sweepstakes! To see who the lucky winner is click the link below! Thank you to all of our supporters and good luck to everyone who entered! Also, don't forget about our Star Wars Pro and Star Wars Premium part 2 Sweepstakes!

#2272 2 years ago

Here is our weekly update for our Sweepstakes:

Star Wars Pro is at 44% sold!

Star Wars Premium Part 2 is at 5% sold!

Thank you to everyone for the continuous and amazing support! Stay tuned this week on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for 2 very special hospital dedications. One will be Tuesday, July 11th in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the Bronson Children's Hospital. The other is going to be on Thursday, July 13th in Wichita, Kansas at the Wesley Children's Hospital!

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#2275 2 years ago

Here is our weekly update for our Star Wars Sweepstakes! We cannot believe the amount of support we have been receiving! Thank you all so much for all the kind words and help along the way! None of this would be possible without you all!

Pro is at 53% sold!

Premium Part 2 is at 11% sold!

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#2276 2 years ago

Weekly update for our Sweepstakes!

Star Wars Pro: 61% sold!

Star Wars Premium Part 2: 15% sold!

Spider-Man Home Edition: 7% sold!

Huge thanks to everyone who has entered and made these sweepstakes possible! Thank you!

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#2278 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I tried to get to the SW Premium 2 sweepstakes off of the main page on your website, however it would only take me to the just completed one. Maybe that's why the sales on Part 2 haven't taken off.......

We have gotten that fixed. It is now going to the correct sweepstakes! Thank you!

#2279 2 years ago

Weekly Update for our sweepstakes! We had a great impact this weekend as we attended Replay FX! Many of our wonderful supporters came out! Thank you to everyone who attended and came by our booth! This great turn out of supporters really pushed our sweepstakes this weekend!

Star Wars Pro: $50 an entry, only 200 entries. 67% Sold!

Star Wars Premium: $75 an entry, only 200 entries. 18% Sold!

Spider-Man Home Edition: $20 an entry, only 200 entries. 9% Sold!

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Take a second and look at this link from our Camp Sunshine Dedication!! #projectpinball #forthekids #dedication #newsarticle Pinball #campsunshine

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Our Star Wars Pro Sweepstakes has just hit 90%!

Don't miss out on your last chance to enter before it sells out! $50 can win you a brand new Pro pinball machine of your choice!


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#2325 2 years ago

Attention everyone who entered our Star Wars Pro Sweepstakes! We apologize for the delay we needed to verify some information.
We have set the drawing date for Sunday August 27th at 8pm!

Thank you for all your understand and patience!
Good luck to all!

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Take a look at these awesome pictures we received from Julie Gray who won our Aerosmith & Batman 66 Premium Sweepstakes!

She loves her new Attack From Mars Remake! As she says, "Dan, and gang, Thank you for continuing to have these raffles as a way of fund raising for the charity. It really is perfect if you think about it. The games in the hospitals make a lot of kids happy, and the raffle games make a lot of adults (and their families) happy, as well." Thank you Julie!

Show your support of Project Pinball's Sweepstakes and send us pictures with your very own pinball machine! Don't forget to enter our sweepstakes and you could be just like Julie and win a brand new pinball machine shipped right to your door!

Right now we have our Star Wars Premium Part 2 Sweepstakes at 32% sold! We also have our Spider-Man Home Edition Sweepstakes at 16% sold!

julie gray pictures (resized).JPG

julie gray pics (resized).JPG

julie gray with pinball machine (resized).JPG

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Quoted from Micky:

A quick question for you guys. What happens if the winner is from outside the USA? Or are we ineligible to win?
Sorry if this has already been asked.

If you are from Canada you may participate. However if you are from over seas at this current time we are not able to ship a pinball machine from the U.S. We are working on making this a possibility!

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