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Help the Children and WIN a NEW STERN

By MN-Flipper

5 years ago

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#2809 11 months ago

I am determined to win one of these days....

#2811 11 months ago

How do these "processing" fees work?
$7.90 for 2x $50 ($100) tickets seems acceptable.
$15.80 (double) for 2x $75 ($150) tickets seems ridiculous though.

#2813 11 months ago
Quoted from Londonpinball:

How many tickets do they sell a year.
200 per game, 10 games, just a guess, don’t jump all over me
16k a year for processing. Cough
I might wait for this issue to be solved before I purchase another ticket.

Ticket master is handling the transactions
Seriously though. If these fees were going to charity I wouldn't care so much but I seriously doubt it. At least lay out how the fees are tallied. It's pretty random.

#2818 11 months ago

Attention Project Pinball
Are you aware that current raffles are no longer displayed on your homepage? I know about them though pinside but my friends were completely unaware of the Premium raffle and wondered what happened to the Pro raffle. The links on your homepage are gone. You should get them back on the front page to draw attention. Good luck. Take care. Keep up the good work.

#2823 11 months ago

203 tickets sold? 101.5% complete lol

#2828 11 months ago
Quoted from Mole:

We have Pinball Raffles listed under Pinball Raffle Tab on our Home Page. Are you saying that those links were not working? Can you clarify for me? I just completed testing those links and they were working fine for me.
Thank you,
Daniel Spolar

When I click on raffles, it only shows previous winners. I'm not techy enough to tell you any more. It used to be there until monstwr bash 2 ended.
Glad to see tickets selling. Good stuff.

#2837 11 months ago

Another raffle. Another 2 tickets. One of these days.....

#2842 11 months ago
Quoted from Project_Pinball:

Special Raffle Updates!
Since including The Munsters pinball machine to both our Pro and Premium Raffles we have seen a tremendous amount of support in our raffles! Thank you all so much for your shares, kind words, comments, likes, and more! We are so very grateful for all of our incredible followers and supporters! #forthekids
Win a Pinball Machine Stern Pro Model 19-100:
(62% Sold! ONLY $50 an entry! Limited to 200 entries!)
Premium Pinball Machine Raffle 2019:
(55% Sold! $75 an entry! Limited to 200 entries!)
#projectpinball #childrenshospitals #ronaldmcdonaldhouses #supportprojectpinball #pinballtherapy #pinballmachineraffles #munsterspinball #therapeuticpinball Munsters (Premium) Munsters (Pro) Pinball

Cross posted to Munsters Thread

#2851 11 months ago

....just got laid off today. I've got 2 tix for each of the 3 raffles. Every finger is now crossed.

#2869 11 months ago

My fees for all the ticket I've purchased have been as follows
2x $50 = $7.90
2x $50 = $7.90
2x $75 = $15.80
4x $50 = $15.80

Shouldnt it be a set transaction fee no matter what the amount?

#2879 11 months ago

I didnt buy any raffle tickets. The charity I choose to donate to happens to hold raffles. 1 raffle ticket for every $50 donated. The charity does pinball related work with children so the raffles are often for pinball machines.
Creative phrasing = tax loopholes

#2881 11 months ago
Quoted from setzkor:

That's between you and your auditor as raffle tickets are specifically mentioned as not allowed in the instructions for schedule A. You can however deduct them as gambling losses assuming you are also claiming winnings. So when you win, you can then deduct the cost of other non-winning tickets purchased.
Ahh, check that, I see you are from Canada...have no idea what your tax rules are.

I get something like 15% back so I'm covering the transaction fees lol

#2882 11 months ago

Premium is sold out
Pro has 19 tickets left
Glad to see people are still going forward. Fees problems are being addressed. Let's focus on the positive.

#2883 11 months ago

And a drawing tomorrow evening. Fingers crossed

#2885 11 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Do they do the drawings one at a time or do they wait for both to fill before drawing?

The drawing tonight is for the 2018 pro raffle.
Not sure if they will draw the 2019 pro and premium together. (11 tickets left for the pro raffle)
If someone could post the link to where I can watch the live drawing at 8pm that would be great thanks.

#2890 11 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

What machine is the 2018 pro raffle? I didnt see that one.

Any 2018 Stern pro.
Raffle pic was of an Iron Maiden. It's already one of the 2 pins i own though. I really like a Star Trek actually. Deadpool may be my 2nd choice for available pro models.

#2891 11 months ago

All tickets have been sold for both raffles. Awesome. Great work and good luck everyone

3 months later
#2974 7 months ago

Is there a Wonka raffle in the works?
I always get 2 tickets for the Stern Pro raffles but I'd go in on a Wonka raffle as well.

#2977 7 months ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

I think there was only ever one JJP raffle, many years ago (Hobbit if memory serves).

I've played that Hobbit. The winner is in my league up here in Canada.Finger crossed for Wonka raffle.

1 week later
#2985 7 months ago

15 tickets left for the pro draw

#2987 7 months ago

Only 9 left. Possible draw this weekend?

#2997 7 months ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Can we all agree it’s my turn to win?
Good luck everyone!

Canada hasn't won one in a few years.....just saying

Edit: Pro is sold out. Draw this weekend perhaps. I'll take a Star Trek please.

#3000 7 months ago
Quoted from gac:

Oh man... don't touch the money!

I'm not getting something..

#3002 7 months ago
Quoted from gac:

Just a saying... meaning don't jinx yourself. Don't pick your prize before you've won it. Anyway, Good Luck!!

I've bought enough tickets to these draws where my luck must already be pretty crappy lol. Good luck to you as well as it's all charity money. Winning a pinball machine would be nice to though

#3006 7 months ago
Quoted from meSz:

25 years since Canada has been in the Finals.....wait you're not talking hockey???

I am never talking hockey.
On that note....how many Canadian players were on the winning teams? Its bred into us. At age 3 we send our children into the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on their backs, some snow shoes, a canteen of maple syrup and a hockey stick. If they survive the winter they are real Canadians and we send them off to the Americas where money is thrown at them from age 18 to 35. Then they retire back to Canada

1 week later
#3048 6 months ago

We need another pro raffle

2 weeks later
#3058 6 months ago

Raffles are Sundays when all tickets are sold. No raffle yesterday.

1 month later
1 week later
#3107 4 months ago

I've never won anything but I buy 2 tickets for every pro raffle (this is the first one I missed out on in a while)
When I can swing it, I also grab 1 ticket for premium draws.

2 weeks later
#3146 3 months ago
Quoted from CanadianPinball:

project_pinball Do you have a link to the draws?

Follow their YouTube channel
Draws are usually held on the Sundays after a raffle sells out

1 month later
#3246 66 days ago

I missed out on the next pro raffle
Just grabbed some tickets for the premium and Elvira draws though.
I've got to win eventually.......right? Lol.

#3248 65 days ago
Quoted from Project_Pinball:

Our three raffles going on right now are:
Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine Raffle:
(37% Sold! Limited to 200 entries! $75 an entry!)
Cyclone Pinball Machine Raffle:
(26% Sold! Limited to 500 entries! $10 an entry!)
ELVIRA’S House of Horrors Limited Edition Pinball Machine Raffle!
$85 per entry!
Limited to 200 entries!
46% Sold!
Winner will receive one of the 400 Limited Edition Elvira pinball machines manufactured by Stern Pinball!
The next Pro raffle will be announced at the end of next week!
#projectpinball #forthekids #jurassic-park-premium #cyclone #elviras-house-of-horrors-le

Idk if you are worried about seeming like it is spamming or something but you should always throw up a post in the thread of whatever machine you are currently raffling off for charity. I've posted links to project pinball in both the Elvira and Jurassic Park threads

#3251 61 days ago

Omg if I've ever needed a win, it's now lol. Currently riding a shit wave of bad luck. It can only mean I'm the next Project Pinball winner right?

1 week later
#3278 52 days ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

Horrible advice. Ask pinstadium fans how that works out. Just keep doin what you're doing guys! No need to change what isn't broken.

A charity pinball raffle that supports childrens hospitals is NOT the same a shilling overpriced led strips.

#3294 51 days ago
Quoted from Dee-Bow:

TROLL! Take it somewhere else

Really? How so? You brought up pinstadium so I used it in my rebuttal. This is a charity thread. Bring your hostility down a bit.

2 weeks later
#3311 32 days ago

21 tickets left in the premium draw. Unlikely but would be cool to have a double draw this weekend.

#3314 31 days ago

Hmm, maybe it IS a possibility. Only 10 left.

#3316 31 days ago
Quoted from Amarillopinball:

Just 9 left now. But I kinda want the premium drawing to be later so I still have something to look forward to.

There's is still the pro raffle if you are looking for prolonged excitement

I have a ticket in the premium and the Elvira. I'd like to have 2 drawings tomorrow. It'll make me feel like I have a better chance lol.
My son would loose his mind if we got a JP. He is 6 and LOVES when the trex eats the ball in the data east JP (which he surprisingly achieved in his first game). He hasn't even seen the stern JP yet.

#3317 30 days ago

7 tickets left in the premium draw. Remember that it is for ANY currently available Stern premium.

#3320 30 days ago
Quoted from Project_Pinball:

The Elvira LE Live Drawing is slightly delayed! It is still coming! Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

No worries. You've made my son happy as he was told he could stay up to see the draw.
Edit: he didnt make it lol

1 week later
#3335 23 days ago
Quoted from Project_Pinball:

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Jurassic Park Premium Pinball Machine Raffle is postponed until tomorrow night at 8 PM EST! Thank you all so much for supporting and for your patience! Tomorrow night one lucky winner will be walking away an owner of a brand-new Stern Premium pinball machine!

As long as its because you needed to double check the spelling of my name

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