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(Topic ID: 158116)

Help Needed Scared Stiff Sling kicker is attacking playfield

By Flato

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

Hello i have a scared stiff and my right sling kicker is hitting the playfield and slowly chipping into it. I have no idea how long this has been going on just noticed it yesterday. I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to fix this thanks. I have a picture u can see where it is gouging into the playfield.



#2 4 years ago

Everything tight and in place underneath? Rubber on correct and correct size? Seems a mechanical part must be improper or out of place......those are areas I'd be looking. Moving it manually and compare to other sling kicker.

#3 4 years ago

Im still a noob to the technical stuff i will lift the playfield and take a look, i know that both of the kicker arms i can pull towards the playfield all the way on both and neither will go backwards at all.

#4 4 years ago

Here are some more photos







#5 4 years ago

Loosen the 2 screws holding the kicker arm at the hole and try adjusting it away from the edge.

Looks like it's been like that installed from the factory

#6 4 years ago

You most likely have a loose pivot pin in your Sling Shot assembly.
Having the "Dancing" Boogy Men adds quite a bit of mass to the Sling Assembly, if your Pins loose it's exacerbating the overall movement distance allowing it to gouge your PF.

#7 4 years ago

I'd remove the part holding the kicker and fill the holes with wood glue and bamboo skewers. Then make new holes an 1/8th of an inch back away from the old holes and remount it.

LTG : )

#8 4 years ago


Quoted from Pin_-_K:You most likely have a loose pivot pin in your Sling Shot assembly.
Having the "Dancing" Boogy Men adds quite a bit of mass to the Sling Assembly, if your Pins loose it's exacerbating the overall movement distance allowing it to gouge your PF.

How would I tighten the pivot pin?

#9 4 years ago
Quoted from Flato:

How would I tighten the pivot pin?

If it's loose, get a new one.

LTG : )

#10 4 years ago

Could the coil stop be so shot it is letting the arm travel too far?

#11 4 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

Could the coil stop be so shot it is letting the arm travel too far?

That's my guess. Coil stop and plunger worn or wrong parts. Take out all of the slingshot parts and inspect for wear.

#12 4 years ago

OK so I should buy a new coil stop and pin? I guess Marco sells these parts? Also the stop is that the plastic pisce attached at the hinge?

Thanks everyone

#13 4 years ago

The stop is the main bracket that the coil mounts to. The plunger hits against it when the coil fires. Before you buy anything, take it all apart and inspect.

#14 4 years ago

Taking it all apart and comparing it to the other side will answer a lot of questions; to get it apart, all you have to remove are the four screws that hold tall bracket to the playfield and the plunger will slide right out of the coil. When you take it apart, pay attention to the orientation of the spring as it's not the same diameter on both sides. It's possible that at some point the plunger was changed with one that's a little shorter than it should be and this would cause the kicker arm to drive too far forward.

#15 4 years ago

So i took it apart not really sure what i am looking for, there is deffintley some wiggle room at the pivot on both. I have had this game for about 1500 plays friday was the first time i noticed pretty sure it wasnt like this when i got it.... Any suggestions are welcome at this point it seems like i should either move the brackets, or order a new longer plunger?

Thanks again everyone.





#16 4 years ago

Looks like the bracket on the right side has an extra set of 4 screw holes. I wonder if a hole got stripped so the new holes were drilled. I bet that fixing the holes with bamboo skewers and wood glue, then screwing the bracket back into those holes would fix the problem.

#17 4 years ago

You need to take the coils off to see the coil stops that the plungers hit. Then compare the parts between sides to see if somethings worn or beaten down.

#18 4 years ago

Measure both the plungers, to make sure they are the same length; since these both have different linkage, I assume one was replaced. Also, check the coil stops to make sure they are the same length, you will have to remove the coil by taking off the two nuts holding the coil.


#19 4 years ago

What's the condition of the coil stop on that kicker coil? Has it been pounded away allowing the piston to travel further into the coil, extending the travel of the kicker arm?

#20 4 years ago

Looks to me the stripped screw theory is most likely the culprit. Moving the coil bracket closer to the center of the PF (which the one photo shows) Placing the bracket back at its original spot with glued/bamboo holes would fix it I bet

#21 4 years ago

Ok so i got around to taking the coil apart and taking some pictures and measurements. The piston is 2in long and 2.5in to the hinge if this helps. If no one things this is mechanical i will put back in the original holes and see how it works.

Thanks for all the help.








#22 4 years ago

Coil stop looks good. I think the stripped hole theory sounds good.

Put some wood glue on toothpicks and snap them off on the old holes. I also like to use Kabob sticks. It will give those screw plenty to grip in the original holes.

#23 4 years ago

Maybe you can order a "PPS repair kit". (sorry, I couldn't resist)

#24 4 years ago

Are the coil bracket bends exactly 90 degrees? Is it possible that the idiot that moved the bracket, bent the bracket to make it line up, effectively moving it farther away from the playfield?

#25 4 years ago

Ok so i finally got around to attempting to repair this thing, i put in wood glue and bamboo shoots yesterday and attempted to reinstall today in the original holes. The glue and bamboo certainly worked to keep the screws in but unfortunately nothing has changed the kicker is still allowed to move to far, on the other kickers theirs a distinctive metal noise with the kicker moves as far as it can, not so on the right kicker the good news is im fairly certain its moved about as far as it can therefore the damage should not get any worse. What i dont know is if its been like this the whole time im honestly not sure as this was my first pin its possible it took me 1500 plays to notice something that was already damaged..... Or it wasn't damaged when i received it but happened over the last 1500 plays it was shopped right before i bought it. I am still going to try and remedy this right now i am thinking one or two washers on top of the stop in the coil should do the trick.

Thanks everyone for helping.

#26 4 years ago

How about swapping parts left to right till you find the culprit?

#27 4 years ago

Maybe like MMr it was never in the right location to begin with. If all else fails you could always move the whole assembly.

1 week later
#28 4 years ago

Ok so i "fixed" this a few days ago, it didnt matter which holes i used neither seemed to work basically the coil wasnt hitting the coil stop which i assumed means something is out of alignment and that this issue has been slowly developing over the last 1500 plays or so. What i did for now was put 7 number 8 washers in the bottom so that the coil is stopping and no longer endangering the playfield. I know this is a temp fix i assume the true fix is to re position the coil bracket in a different spot? How do i go about doing this without randomly drilling holes all underneath the playfield.

Thanks everyone i am at least glad to have this under control for now,

#29 4 years ago

maybe you could measure the left and right plunger lengths from the pivot to the bottom of the plunger, if it's too short, then it would do the damage you're seeing.
order new one here:

but check the parts list for exact replacement

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