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Help me out. I know these kind of questions are subjective n annoying


1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

In my collection, I have three games that aren't leaving:
3. MMr

I have two games that (probably) aren't leaving:
2. TZ

I have three games that I really like.
1. BM66 Prem
2. Stern SW Prem
3. GB pro

I have two games that I like, but not as much:
1. Hobbit Smaug Gold (Pretty, with fantastic sound, lights, and theme integration. But the playfield and coding is sort of lame.)
2. TOTAN (Great theme; beautiful with a really unique layout but just doesn't click for me for some reason.)

I have three games that I want:
1. TBL (currently under 20 on the wait list at Cointaker)
2. Stern JP Premium
3. Stern TMNT Premium

So ignore my tiers (mostly) and tell me what you'd buy and sell. Oh yeah, I have an extra space so the "in" can be +1 the "out".

And just another request for someone to make a modern Superman pin.

#2 1 year ago

Sell the pins you are planning on getting rid of and buy TBL and the JP premium.

TBL is going to cost what it’s going to cost. Look for a good deal on a used JP.
Now that it’s not the newest game out there, be patient and buy a lightly used HUO machine at a discount of what a NIB game would cost.

Let those two hold you off for a while and occupy your time so you have something new and fresh to play. In six-eight months, buy a used HUO TMNT at a better price when the hype cools off.

#3 1 year ago

I think you answered most of your questions.

Sell-Hobbit and TOTAN

Buy-TBL, JP and TMNT

You have several others I would like to own.

#4 1 year ago

I would look at what would be easy to replace if you miss it -- def BM66, SW, GB, Hobbit, and TZ, but not so easy for LOTR and TOTAN (so maybe give that more of a chance to click before you'd sell (unless you've already had it a long time)).

I would give TMNT some time before buying unless you really, really can't pass up the theme.

Great collection, good luck!

#5 1 year ago

Plus 1 on Superman. That is all

#6 1 year ago

Play all of your games once.

The game you play last is the one to sell.

#7 1 year ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Play all of your games once.
The game you play last is the one to sell.

That's great advice. I also turn off all my games for a day or so, then when I go back down, the games I choose to turn on will stay. The ones that stay dark start moving up the list. That said, I don't always turn on TZ, but that will ALWAYS stay.

#8 1 year ago

In this order to sell, hobbit, GB, Totan

#9 1 year ago

Sell Hobbit immediately.

TOTAN belongs in a museum - maybe the most beautiful game ever made when done right, but other than a piece of art in the house, it becomes a tough pin to keep around when space is finite.

TMNT is probably going to be a less maddening and approachable GBish game, honestly.

Batman 66 can always find a buyer. I'm not a fan of how much that game starts and stops. I'd sell that one after Hobbit, personally. But I know I'm in the minority on that game.

#10 1 year ago

I didn't love TotAN it's nice to look at and innovative with nice ramps but not worth what it costs (if that makes sense). I have a love hate with LotR also, in that I loved owning it but never played it enough. I’d like to own one again but not missing it too much.

I have never played TBL not sure what it costs but think it's costly that I wouldn't buy one.

for me,,, I would move SW up into the keeping category and move LotR down. I would probably sell The Hobbit and ToTAN and buy JP premium and soemthing like TNA since that's a bit different than the other pins. I also would prefer AFM.

#11 1 year ago

It is too soon to say on TMNT, great to own a new pin but lately I have waited and gotten pins after they had been out for some time (such as SW) have been quite happy with this.

#12 1 year ago

Thanks for all of the advice. I think I knew what I wanted to do but this thread helped me accept it. I am going to sell The Hobbit and get Jurassic Park. I will keep the open spot for when my number comes up on the The Big Lebowski list. For TMNT, I'll wait and see and play it before deciding what to do next.

#13 1 year ago

I would have sold TOTAN and bought Stern JP Prem but you still made a great decision.

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