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Heighway Pinball support (Full Throttle and Alien)

By PartyKing

1 year ago

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#297 1 year ago

Having problems with the left flipper losing power. Sent the logs to Brian but no word back yet. Also broke the launch wireform and have yet to hear back about a replacement, but it has only been 2 days.

#300 1 year ago
Quoted from drypaint:

Have you checked your I/O board for the "error" light when the flipper goes week? Are the dip switches in the correct spot? I had something similar and it turned out they had the dip switches wrong from the factory. Once I adjusted them I never had the issue again.

How do I know they are correct? Is there a manual somewhere I don't know about?

Think I found the problem both flipper switch stacks were loose, no pressure plate on either. The left was so loose it was barely making contact. Think I'm going through the whole game and making sure everything is tight.

#302 1 year ago
Quoted from drypaint:

They should all be "OFF". See picture.

Yep all off - must have been the switch

#308 1 year ago
Quoted from Radius118:

So now that Heighway's status is "stick a fork in them" I wonder what the chances are of Ferret or "someone" releasing FT code that's been ported to run on a PC instead of the failure prone Utilite?

A pc can't run real time hardware like pops and slings

#311 1 year ago
Quoted from bcd:

Heighway still owns the source code. Whatever happens next, it will be up to them or the future owners to decide what to do with it. It's not up to the developers.
As both ferret and I own the game, we are both interested in seeing updates beyond the current 1.2 release. But we can't make any promises until we see how this plays out.

Hoping this happens - would love to see the game move forward - Alien "continued" code!

1 week later
#387 1 year ago

If anyone has problems with the Xeno head tongue dropping the ball, the rubber comes off, then push the magnet inside to the end of the rubber and re-install. Mine got hammered in too far until it wasn't picking the ball up anymore.

2 weeks later
#452 12 months ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

I reduced the power of everything in the game by at least 5% slings, scoop kickouts, etc--but the troublesome flipper I put at 25% reduced power. I also put 25% lower on everything labeled "Not Used" and made sure beacon, shaker, and other features I don't have on my machine are disabled or reduced as low as possible. No change. If anything, the flipper is dying out sooner than before since now it's happening early in the first game, usually ball 2. Maybe the ball is activating a feature or contacting something on the playfield that is causing that flipper to shut down?

Did you check the flipper button switches in the cab? Mine came unscrewed and my left flipper wasn't always making contact so it seemed like it would die.

#455 12 months ago

This is an essential part they left off the switches, and they used the wrong screws - should be pan head...

IMG_7094 (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#527 11 months ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

It seems that there still might a problem remaining with my Alien.
In test mode the left post does not come up at all.
But maybe I am testing this in a wrong way as I do not understand, why the test menu here gives the opportunity to launch a ball - the ball launcher would hit the ball in the rubber damper in any case?
Some pics of the left post's coil attached - they seem ok to me.
Sorry for being a nuisance in this thread, I am sure soon the issues with my Alien are sorted and I won't be asking that many questions!
Thank you again for any help!

Are you holding in the coin door button to give the coil power?

2 weeks later
#558 10 months ago

Made a webpage and repository for the software/hardware upgrades and re-image.


2 weeks later
#560 10 months ago

Full Throttle software is up on a new page. If anyone has installation instructions let me know and I'll update the page.



#566 10 months ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

Hi Scott,
Send me your e-mail in a PM and I will send you the installation instructions.

Software update instructions for Full Throttle software version 1.41 loaded on the webpage.

3 weeks later
#639 9 months ago
Quoted from pinballwil:

How can you update the io boards from 1.3 06 to 1.4 06.
I have the latest version 141 software and 1,4b io boards.
But my FT has not the option to upgrade de io to1.4 only downgrade.
I need to upgrade board1. board 2,3 and 4 have 1.4 06.

I have the instructions on my website -

#647 9 months ago

I don't have a full throttle, but did you read the instructions? It mentions updating each board individually - so it looks like you have to update your 101 board. As far as the software update, I would try installing again and see if it takes.

1 week later
#666 9 months ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

Obviously, the Heighway site is down so the above amplifier settings doc is unavailable. I though someone had re-posted this document, but I can't seem to find a link/reference to in in the Heighway/Alien threads.
Just curios if this doc is available someplace as I'd like to tune my amplifier per DDT's instructions?

If anyone has the document, I can post it on my website

#668 9 months ago

see the instructions on my website. I've done it and it works. Another thing I did was take out the drive on the computer and clean the contacts.

#690 8 months ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

[quoted image]

pdf version available on the website - thanks to Jvspin

2 months later
#784 6 months ago

I have 2 Alien replacement computers completely configured for sale - with memory and ssd and software loaded. Plug an play for spare or repair. Will have more stuff in the near future.


one left

Added 185 days ago:

sold - may have one more in the future

1 week later
#785 6 months ago

Update on Alien parts available:

4 face huggers
2 sets of sling replacement leds
1 replacement (or backup) ssd drives for the original computer preloaded with software
1 replacement (or backup) memory stick for original computer
1 replacement led screen for the playfield - sold

#787 6 months ago

Guaging interest in building more fully configured replacement/spare computers for alien. It would take a few weeks to get more, but should be in the range of 375 to 400. Will come with memory and SSD loaded with 1.02 software.mplug and play. I have one left that will be available soon, but would have to get a new contract for more. I can also configure motherboards bought a that need memory and or SSD loaded with software. I have preloaded SSD drives available now.


1 week later
#802 5 months ago

Still have 7 back-up (replacement) SSD disk drives pre-loaded with 1.02 software. $45 shipped to US. If your computer won't boot, just take the plexi cover off (4 screws) take 1 screw out of the drive and swap them out. I probably won't make any more at this point since I sold all the extra computers I had.

4 left

#803 5 months ago

Anyone know the pinout of the individual leds for Alien? I would like to try and build a test rig. Soldering them is definitely a PITA

#805 5 months ago
Quoted from mavantix:

I found them relatively easy to solder after making a solder rig out of a foam pad, specifically a harbor freight carpet slider. Used that to hold the pins and then set the led on them and soldered away.
To test, I just swapped them into the single lamp base green bord on the left of the playfield (unscrewed it from the bottom of the PF). You can swap them out to test while the game is on.
[quoted image]

I thought about using foam, but didn't want to get any residue on the pins from the heat. Currently using a wood block. Sold the game, so I don't have an easy test rig...

#806 5 months ago

Still have 2 facehuggers left at 55 each and 2 set of 4 sling lamp boards 35 each set. Down to 4 preloaded 1.02 alien SSD replacement drives at $40 each.

Added 166 days ago:

facehuggers sold
1 set of sling lamps left
2 preloaded ssd drives for alien left

Added 164 days ago:

only 1 ssd left

Added 164 days ago:

everything is sold

1 week later
#811 5 months ago

Digging through my stuff and found a set of beacons I had ordered with the quiet belt drive. 12V rotating beacons. $30 gets my money back and I'll pay the shipping.

Added 155 days ago:


2 weeks later
#817 4 months ago

If anyone wants to get on the list for a new/replacement computer for alien (drop right in includes memory and ssd loaded with software), let me know. I'd like to get another 4 people to make the order so I can turn them for $375 each again.


#819 4 months ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

I'd be in if it worked on Full Throttle

maybe we can figure that one out as well...

#826 4 months ago
Quoted from gabegabegabe:

Put me on the list.

Got enough people to get parts ordered

#830 4 months ago
Quoted from sulakd:

So this is a backup in case the original goes bad at some point? Has that been a problem with FT?

I have no idea on ft, just had people ask if someone could make some to have as spares

#832 4 months ago
Quoted from bcd:

AFAIK, no one at the company ever tested FT with the new computer. But it worked for me without any issues. In fact since I didn't have an ALIEN for the longest time, many of the generic code changes were actually tested on my FT before being ported to ALIEN.
I believe when we finally released 1.0, the FT code was stripped out of the ALIEN image. A new ALIEN-style package for FT was created and never released. I'll bring this up to the current ownership and see what they think about releasing this. The Utilite-style update packages won't work for sure on the new CPU.

Any info about the new/old hardware will help me see if I can source a replacement spare for FT.


1 week later
#844 4 months ago

building computers today for alien...

IMG_0063 (resized).JPG
#845 4 months ago

Have 2 more pre-loaded ssd replacement drives for alien - if your ssd goes out, just take out one screw and drop the replacement in. $40 + shipping


#849 4 months ago

OK done with this build - I have 4 replacement computers for alien complete with memory and pre-loaded ssd - drop in replacement. 3 were spoken for, but if they don't follow up, they will be available. So, short story - 1 computer available now.

Also have a total of 5 pre-loaded ssds - drop in replacements if yours goes toast. Pre-loaded with 1.02 software ready to go.


#857 4 months ago
Quoted from PinChatt:

Do you know if anyone plans to test one of these computers out on FT? I'm willing to buy your last one if there's a good chance it will work on FT.

I don't think it will be compatible with FT. I just need someone to get some good info on the hardware so I can see if we can get some ordered and built. I don't have an FT, so I have no clue what is in them.

#858 4 months ago
Quoted from swenny:

Can someone confirm for me which board is I/O 1. I believe it's the one that goes to the xeno mech, but not positive. My game keeps saying it can't find board 1. Trying to figure out why. Thanks

There are a few I/O boards in the game. If it says it can't find one, I'd try the usb cables first - try re-seating them then if that doesn't work, try replacing them. Cheapest and easiest option to do first.

#860 4 months ago

Sold out of alien computers again, but still have 5 spare ssds pre-loaded with software.

#861 3 months ago

Got another request for spare computers - If I can get 3 more commitments, then I have enough to purchase another batch to build.


#864 3 months ago
Quoted from swenny:

Could someone point me to where I can find the Alien v1.2 software download? I'd like to try and update my game and have searched without success for the location of the download.

It's on my website with instructions



2 weeks later
#899 3 months ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Where did you get a spare CPU? I'd like to have a drop in spare ready to go if anyone is selling.

I'm putting some more together as soon as I get another batch from China. Should have 6 in a few weeks.

#901 3 months ago
Quoted from Jgaltr56:

Ok i have a spare I/O board. I thought the issue with a spare CPU was the compatible software is not available for release?

If you are talking alien - got that covered, FT not so much

1 week later
#907 3 months ago

Just completed loading up the software on 6 more computers. Get 'em while they are hot!

Added 85 days ago:


1 week later
#913 84 days ago

Check my post on the flipper cabinet buttons. Mine would stop working in a game and it was because of the flipper button switch in the cabinet

1 week later
#919 72 days ago

Down to one pre-loaded ssd for alien left. All configured computers are sold out.

Added 69 days ago:

SSDs sold out

1 month later
#921 41 days ago

Been getting some more inquiries about another run of Alien replacement/spare computers - if there are about 5 buyers - I'll get cranking one one more run.


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