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Heavy Metal Meltdown new ramp

By Freeplay40

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I'm just about to start on reproducing the ramp and cover for Heavy Metal Meltdown. Original ramp was made of very thin plastic (.060...1/16") and when formed gets even thinner. At this point I anticipate making this ramp out of .100 (1/10") PETG....this is the same thickness I used for the High Speed Ramp...basically this thickness is approximately 60% thicker than the original. I plan on making both the ramp and the cover. I already have a donor set of ramps to model from so if interested....stay tuned.

#8 6 years ago

Certainly the cheapest ramp for a game I have seen. I'll make it better!

#9 6 years ago

If any of you with the game wouldn't mind taking some photos from above the ramp and posting, I would certainly appreciate it. The original ramp is very flimsy and I would like to "add" some plastic. I would want to see the clearance around the ramp and also the area above the ramp switch...I'm thinking I would like to leave plastic in place over the switch both for strength and as a means to cover it...could be a good place for a decal of some sort. Also if any of you have any improvement ideas for this one that would be great!

1 month later
#10 5 years ago

Ramp update.... Initial molds were made over this last weekend. I will be refining them this week and should have a set of test ramps in about a week.

1 week later
#19 5 years ago

Ramp update. Molds done and first test pulls made today!


#24 5 years ago

Ramp development is complete. Photos attached of the new ramps. Couple of changes made with these new ones.

First photo is of the new ramp and cover..

Second photo shows a change I made in the design of the ramp cover. When the factory ramp was made, the form was only 1/2" to 3/4" high. The arrows point to the portion of the ramp cover that comes down at an angle over the right pop bumper. I assume its function is to prevent a ball getting stuck. Anyway, the factory ramp was formed with this piece flat with the rest of the ramp. After the ramp was formed this piece trimmed away from the upper portion of the cover, it was reheated and then bent down. I chose to design the mold to actually form that piece where it belongs. Also note the two arrows in the photo. The arrow on the left shows the factory ramp which has a gap between the angled down piece and the upper portion of the cover. This gap was caused by the trimming then that piece bent down. Since I formed this with the angle piece designed into the form, we end up with a smooth wall where the gap exists on the original factory ramp.

Third photo... This photo shows the underside of the ramp where the switch attaches. Once again we are dealing with a stock metal bracket that is riveted to the ramp. If you are set up to do your own riveting I will sell the ramp simply pre-drilled for the switch bracket. If you are not set up to do your own riveting I will offer a plastic switch plate that will already be riveted to the underside of the ramp and pre-drilled for your factory switch to mount to.

I will be making some minor refinements to the molds....mostly cosmetic stuff... tomorrow and then I will be ready to accept orders. Pricing will be posted tomorrow as well.

Typically when I release a new ramp, I make a bunch of them. This ramp and cover was done sort of as a favor to the community and I don't expect a flood of sales. That said, this ramp and cover will be made on demand, so historically where I have shipped almost immediately, these will take a few days for me to produce the pieces....and I need to get some more plastic.

If you have any questions, feel free to pm.


#25 5 years ago

I expect full production to begin on February 5th or 6th, although I do have plastic for a few initial sets. Additional plastic will be ordered Monday the 4th (local vendor). Actually already ordered but they won't see it until Monday morning.


Basic Package:

Main ramp and cover will be predrilled for all mounting including the factory switch plate which would optimally require your riveting

Main ramp and cover $145
Shipping $18
Total $163

Note... The entrance flap for the ramp is not riveted to the ramp. Your existing flap will work with the new ramp. It's sort of a unique flap and I will look into providing a new one if there is interest.

Plastic switch plate riveted to the ramp $14
New Stainless Entrance Flap $13

I can accept orders at any time but do not expect to begin full production until the middle of the coming week. I will continue to fill orders as fast as I can.

On another note, I will scale down forming of the other ramps a I make as I take a break to upgrade my heating source to facilitate larger ramps. Thinking about creating a "Freeplay40" general post that will reference all ramps I make and current available inventories while I scale back operations for the short term.

As usual, payments accepted via Paypal to [email protected]

Be sure I get your delivery address.

#30 5 years ago

So... Always looking to improve the products. Now that I have a proto-type ramp formed I can take accurate measurements of the final product. For my proto-type ramp I used .100 PETG thinking it was thicker than the original ramp. In fact it appears to be the same initial thickness that the factory ramp was made of. So..UPGRADE... Going to form the lower ramp out of .125 PETG.....basically 25% thicker than the original. Cover will be made out of .100 like the original, albeit slightly redesigned.

#32 5 years ago
Quoted from ChrisS:

Will this impact how the ramp rests against the playfield? I.E. Will the bottom need to be trimmed to make sure it adheres to the same degree of incline or the original ramp.

It would be negligible. Approx 1/40 of an inch. Worst case would be a very light sanding of the bottom leading edge, which I can do .

#36 5 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

What would shipping to Canada be like?

I would think $25 would cover it....$28 tops

#38 5 years ago

Update on the lower ramp. As I mentioned I decided to upgrage the lower ramp from .100 PETG to .125 PETG. Formed a couple yesterday and I am very happy with the heavier material. The existing flap also fits it very nicely.

#40 5 years ago

I see the payment. Picking up plastic today! Will update you when it is on the way.


#42 5 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

Woohoo! HMM was picked up by a friend today. It's still 6hrs drive away so hopefully I can get it soon.
Looks like a prototype/test machine. It has the basic art on the cab and looks like a drop target... but it's covered up.
Looks like I'm getting a new ramp though!!!



#45 5 years ago
Quoted from bayoubilly70:

Is it too late to get in on this ? I can send PayPal today ...

pm set...

I am accepting orders now for these. I'm shipping a few orders tomorrow that were made with plastic I had in stock, but did pick up my big order of plastic yesterday. So most shipping will probably be on Monday.

#47 5 years ago

So...getting some requests for a new flap. I agreed to make one for one Pinsider that was missing the ramp completely, but will need more stock if I want to produce more. The flap for HMM is different than most as it does not attach to the ramp. It fits over and under the ramp and is held in place by the hold down screws. I think it would be a nice touch to offer this to those interested, so will try to source some ~24 gauge stainless today and see if I can make these. Will post a price for the flap as soon as I source the material and those who have already ordered can add it if they wish. Stay tuned!

#48 5 years ago

I've located some 24 gauge Stainless Sheet locally and can pick it up tomorrow. Need to be sure I can fabricate these nicely so will update everyone tomorrow. Going to hold off shipping any orders until I can confirm availability of these.

#49 5 years ago

24 Gauge turned out to be to heavy for the entrance flap. Located the correct thickness and can make these. Unique flap...Not your typical flat, punched spring steel ramp. Photo below has an original and a new one. Stainless steel.

If anyone wants one of these they will be $13 each. I'll contact those who have already paid to see if they want one before I ship.


#50 5 years ago

OK.. The first run of this ramp set shipped yesterday. I'm going to do one more run on these and then likely retire them for a while so that I can focus on new ramps as well as updating my machines for longer stuff. That said, I am going to accept orders for these through Sunday February 14th. I will send an email to the remaining folks that indicated interest.


#54 5 years ago

Last call for this round of these ramps.

4 years later
#61 1 year ago

Yes I still make them. Out at the moment but got another order about an hour ago. I can have them ready in a day or two.

HMM Ramp $75
HMM Ramp cover $70
New flap $13 (Optional)
Shipping to Tacoma $10 (Free if you come pick them up!)

If you want a set, set payment via Paypal to [email protected]

#63 1 year ago
Quoted from aah33:

Is it still an additional $14 for the plastic switch plate riveted to the ramp? When I have this info, I will be sending you payment for the whole package with shipping included. Thank you.

No, I include, but don't charge for the plastic bracket any more.

#65 1 year ago
Quoted from aah33:

Excellent. Payment will be on it's way shortly.

Payment received. I will update you when they ship.


4 months later
#68 1 year ago

I just formed some that need to be finished...day or two...

The two piece set is $145
The ramp flap is not connected to the ramp....your existing flap will work but if you want a new one, I make those for $13

Shipping to the UK for $32

#70 1 year ago
Quoted from cNp_:

Sounds good, let me know when they're ready and how to pay please

Sending pm

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