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2 years ago

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    #70 2 years ago
    Quoted from grimnim:

    hey guys, what do you think the 2 songs will be and what do you want them to be?

    If we are choosing from the soundtrack I'd pick Cherry Bomb and Spirit in the Sky.

    1 month later
    #84 2 years ago
    Quoted from gouveia:

    Pinstadium, Martin?...

    I think with the GI addition it will make the red smoke mod *sparkle*

    #89 2 years ago

    My Pinstadium kit has officially left the USA. Should be here very soon! Hopefully by Xmas

    2 months later
    #117 1 year ago

    Been getting alot of chats regarding the shattered glass. Can confirm 100% it didn't hit anything before shattering in his hands.

    2 weeks later
    #119 1 year ago

    **Episode 35**

    Ryan @ TPF highlights
    Roo sacs for everyone
    Stern of the Union live
    Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle revealed
    Bowen Kerins joins Spooky
    Kingpin remake played
    Eric from JJP has equally impressive calves
    POTC played
    Houdini looks great
    Cosmic Cart Racing
    Wizard Blocks
    Deeproot plug
    Pinball Expo update
    Slam the top 100 results

    1 week later
    #120 1 year ago

    **Episode 36a**


    36b will come out shortly after the full reveal. Loads of rumors before tomorrow - let's see what we get right!!!

    Iron Maiden reveal and speculation
    LE specs maybe
    Kingpin info
    Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle more information
    Spooky opens orders
    Sharpe’s clean up
    Pinball Cult
    Slam the top 100
    Ryan in NYC/Toronto

    4 weeks later
    #138 1 year ago

    Forgot to mention Mini Viper. Didn't really get to cocktail machines as we will cover them in a future episode. What other "weird" machines did we leave off?

    weird pinball (resized).jpg

    #140 1 year ago

    That looks awesome!!

    1 week later
    #162 1 year ago

    Don't worry man. Pretty obvious that I'm not a movie buff these days but, being the age I am, I lived through those movies too back when I was only into going to the cinema (to play pins too of course). Both amazing films and yes they were successful too.

    My point was that I think Superman still has a great brand and mass appeal. Beetlejuice less so but would make a beautiful looking pin.

    #176 1 year ago

    Don't forget to vote for Transformers.

    1 week later
    #184 1 year ago

    We love the interviews too. Especially as we really don't know how they will go and usually end up being a great chat with ALOT of new information. Appreciate the feedback, the order will depend on when we think we can record them and how much news is happening at the time. But understand that they have now become the focus for alot of people.

    #194 1 year ago
    Quoted from andre060:

    Marty's audio was a bit distorted this time around. Great episode though, super interesting interview with the Australian distributor. Thanks guys, keep it up! Edit: Saw the distortion was known and mentioned already in the show notes, sorry!

    Yes unfortunately it recorded the audio from my webcam not my headset mic. Only realised after we had finished recording, I was gutted when I started editing. Mistake never to be made again.

    #196 1 year ago
    Quoted from RA77:

    Marty, I thought you were unwell and recording from the dunny

    Definitely sounds like it.

    #211 1 year ago

    I may also be biased but that was a great interview.

    1 week later
    #229 1 year ago

    Don't forget to send your Yoda impressions through. We've had some come through already and they are HILARIOUS!!!

    Forget Slam the Top 100. It's a bust.

    1 month later
    #318 1 year ago

    Jimmy and Lambo from Brisbane (in Q L D Josh) join us to talk about Australia's biggest tournament. I'm joined this week with exclusive co-host Stacey and boy do we make a lot of stuff up!! Enjoy.


    H2H Ringer Stacey
    Stacey’s background and favourite machines
    Cohost auditions
    Jimmy and Lambo talk Brisbane Masters tournament
    Growth of pinball in QLD
    Machine list
    Code Code Code!!!!
    Steve Bowden is rooting for Pinburgh
    Will Marty get his Stern book?
    Flipout Pinball event in Melbourne
    Pinball Streaming
    OMG video game streaming!!!
    Slam the Top 100 – the big guns!
    Pinball Wars
    TNA / Star Trek Streams
    T-shirt competition

    ep51 (resized).jpg
    #319 1 year ago

    Spot the difference competition!!! Send us an email head2headpinball@gmail.com with the differences you see in the 2nd picture. You can list them or circle them with a fancy pants image editing program. 3 winners will receive H2H t-shirts which will be randomly drawn on episode 52 next week if there are more than 3 people that get them right!

    Good luck.

    comppic (resized).jpg
    1 week later
    #322 1 year ago

    Thanks to everyone for entering the competition. The winners were Anthony W, Dejan and Colin MacAlpine whom was on the episode. I promise it wasn't rigged.

    #333 1 year ago

    LOL!!!! Maybe that's actually what I wanted.

    1 month later
    #370 1 year ago
    Quoted from Nevus:

    Great show guys. You have been hilarious from the start and have really stepped up your game with the interviews.
    I enjoyed meeting Ryan at TPF and hope to meet “lame ass Martin” in the future.
    You guys and This Flippin Podcast are my regulars.
    Keep up the good work!

    We will meet one day I'm sure. I assure you I'm every bit as lame as people say.

    #390 1 year ago
    Quoted from kvan99:

    Hiya gents, nice show, you asked some really good questions, I was half expecting softball questions but you did very well. I also want to thank you for jumping to defend the so called haters, you're absolutely right, it's not blind hate but passion. It's also that we expect more specially at 6-9K price range.

    Thank you!! He was quite candid with his responses which made it great.

    3 weeks later
    #454 1 year ago

    Thanks for coming on!!

    2 weeks later
    #488 1 year ago

    I understand that financing certain purchases attracts a higher rate/surcharge - still can't get my head around the Xmas hamper + pinball concept.

    #493 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ballypinball:

    Free pinball machine with a $7,000 hamper with gin in it?

    Now THAT I get.

    #496 1 year ago

    I enjoyed listening back to the hour I missed.

    #505 1 year ago

    This was the Jungle Queen with the ramp added I spoke of.

    23E232D8-770D-481D-ACF9-512B6BC02274 (resized).jpeg
    #508 1 year ago
    Quoted from rotordave:

    Almost looks factory. Do you know the story behind it ?

    The ramp looks similar to the homebrew games by Kress eg: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Airplane (that was there at Pinfest) so I'd assume it was his modification. It was not that easy to get the ball up the ramp due to power - think I did it once in 5 games!!

    1 week later
    #516 1 year ago

    Thanks to Rosh for taking time out at expo. We are hearing generally positive feedback from the reveal.

    2 months later
    #609 1 year ago

    We love the Twipys, don't get us wrong, and have had a good chat with Jeff about it. We would really like it if people voted for us and if we won we would be over the moon but when it has a competitive nature to it (which it has become to an extent) we are saying that we are not going to be competitive. We are certainly not going to solicit votes so it was a response to alot of people that have reached out wanting us to promote our show to get an award. See above where I was accused of listing all the interviews we did in 2018 to get votes. This is just not the case, I did the same recap for 2017 (admittedly I was also drunk) but now there's a "competition" involved my intentions have been taken incorrectly.

    We just want to have fun talking about a hobby we love. Any accolades that we get we will be very grateful for but it's not what we are doing it for.

    #610 1 year ago
    Quoted from solarvalue:

    Marty sells Iron Maiden because he "hasn't formed a connection" with it, speaks at length about how much he loves JJPOTC after trying out the latest version and then goes and buys Munsters without playing it.

    I can see how that can come across as a mixed message, let me try to explain. Well known I only have room for 4 machines so I play them ALOT so to keep my lineup interesting (and for streaming) I have to rotate 1. Munsters comes in because Iron Maiden CAN go out, I've had my time with it - great machine in so many ways but I'm done. If I loved all my machines and couldn't part with any of them then I wouldn't be buying a new machine.

    And yes absolutely enjoyed JJPOTC but not enough to consider assessing my current lineup to remove another one.

    #613 1 year ago

    Thanks guys. As a said above, I really like the Twipys and looks forward to the results. Our comments were in response to alot of people reaching out saying we should be lobbying for votes so we win the podcast category. That just doesn't sit right with us. All the feedback we receive via email, message or like the post above saying how much people appreciate what we do is all we need to keep going. So thanks to all the feedback (good and bad) we are just glad people listen.

    1 week later
    #651 12 months ago

    Sorry everyone no podcast this week. Nothing to do with the above

    1 week later
    #666 11 months ago

    Episode 79 – Orange Is The New Black


    Jeff Teolis from Pinball Profile co-hosts the show
    Haggis Pinball Wraith update + Celts
    Joe Kaminkow EKG Hall of Fame
    Munsters is here
    Buy Sell market
    Stern of the Union
    Stern Pro Circuit Championship
    Steve Ritchie next game
    Pinslam the Top 100
    Pinball videos
    Beatles impressions / stream
    Australian Championship Series

    1 week later
    #677 11 months ago

    Episode 80 with Bruce from the Slam Tilt podcast.


    Bruce from Slam Tilt cohosts
    Buy / Sell market deep dive
    NIB Stern vs the rest
    Bruce loves Houdini
    Is The Shadow still a B title?
    CGC impact on Bally/Williams prices
    Beatles vs Seawitch
    American Pinball trademarks
    Australian Championship Series Recap
    Scores – Qualifying Stream – Finals Stream
    Surf Champ love
    Gottlieb Hate
    Pinslam the top 100
    Robin Hood?

    #679 11 months ago

    Thanks for the comments, very much appreciated and Stacey makes a great co-host and is a great mate.

    Pinslam is pretty much for guests as for some reason they still want to play it. However, it can still be a bit of fun especially when the guest host gets their fave machine picked - couldn't have scripted it better.

    #684 11 months ago

    Episode 81 - Richard Rhodes Australian Championship Series winner!!


    RGR pinball history
    RGR in the media
    Pinburgh sells out
    Betting on pinball
    Space cadet real pinball
    Zaccaria pinball app
    Stern Pro Circuit on ESPN
    Belles and Chimes Melbourne
    JJP future title rumor
    Drunk pinball
    Todd Tuckey on Counter Culture
    More Munsters impressions
    Mini playfields
    Marty loves cookie cutters

    #688 11 months ago

    RGR was a great chat. I've had ALOT of discussions with him about various pinball topics and as a top player in Australia for many years knew there would be plenty more.

    #690 11 months ago

    In the name of research of course

    #691 10 months ago

    Another great co host on the show Colin MacAlpine. Enjoy!!


    Tournament at TPF
    How to play pinball with Colin
    Triggers on Demo Man
    Texas Pinball Festival
    10 days of the Brisbane Masters
    Haggis Pinball update
    Legends of Valhalla by Riot Pinball
    Kinetically pleasing pinball
    CGC next 2 games!!
    Deadpool code – stacks!
    Black Widow ramp
    Bayside Stream
    Farfalla is naughty

    1 week later
    #692 10 months ago

    Neil McRae joins the show this week and we have a great chat!!


    Neil McRae co-hosts the show
    UK pinball scene and prices
    UK tournaments
    Heighway vs Homepin
    Team Pinball
    Stern Pro Circuit Final
    Michael Jordan / Kill Bill pins
    Pinball FX3 next 3 tables
    Munsters vs Deadpool code – again!
    “Correct” flipper angles
    Stern Insider Program
    Even more pinball betting
    Mini Pinstadiums
    Steve Ritchie secrets
    Cosmic Cart Racing by Multimorphic stream
    5 days of pinball / UK Pinfest

    1 week later
    #710 10 months ago

    Well you wanted to know. And a bit less of the "old" when you're insulting me

    Episode 84 – Tales from Jail


    Ryan joins from Jail
    Munsters code
    Pinball connections pt 2
    Pinball trust issues
    Jack Danger making a pinball
    Pinball Adventures
    Deeproot vault of secrets
    Premier vs Data East vs Bally/Williams
    WOZ pro model?
    TPF – what? Again?
    Where is Timeshock?
    Ryan plays Oktoberfest
    John Borg Social Media Man
    Reality Games March Matchplay
    Ryan says why

    1 week later
    #714 10 months ago

    Our recap with Ron Hallett from the Slam Tilt podcast is now ready. Enjoy.


    Ron Hallett cohosts
    TPF summary
    Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Limited Edition
    Munsters Premium vs Limited Edition
    Steve Ritchie “secrets”
    Black Knight music is the best!
    Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle
    Stream with Bowen Kerins
    Chicago Gaming Company
    American Pinball – Oktoberfest
    Stream 1 – Stream 2
    Haggis Pinball seminar
    Tournaments @ TPF
    The Twipys

    1 week later
    #715 10 months ago

    Jeff from The Pinball Podcast cohosts the show and was awesome!!


    Black Knight Sword of Rage
    Steve gets good art
    The design team
    Pro vs Premium/LE
    North American Pinball Championship
    Brian Allen alternate Monster Bash art
    Trash talker invitational update
    Cosmic Cart Racing
    Cosmic Carnival
    Jumanji pinball?
    Pinball in Best Buy?

    1 week later
    #716 9 months ago

    Greg Poverelli and Levi Nayman join the show this we to talk about the upcoming New York City Pinball Championships and pinball news!!


    Greg Poverelli and Levi Nayman join the show
    New York pinball scene
    The Storm
    Flip Frenzy explained
    Brisbane Masters
    Pinball distractions
    Willy Wonka news
    Iron Maiden sellout
    Munsters LE impressions
    Deeproot patent
    Stern of the Union
    To Cliffy or not
    Dead Flip BK Stream
    Ryan on TV

    1 week later
    #719 9 months ago

    The latest episode with Josh and Scott from the Loserkid Pinball Podcast is now available. No pressure boys!!


    Josh and Scott from the Loserkid Pinball Podcast cohost the show
    Willy Wonka first impressions and deep (ish) dive
    Black Knight Sword of Rage reveal impressions
    Code Code Code!!
    Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle code and shipping
    Haggis Pinball will pay you for your art
    No Beetlejuice for you!!!
    Oktoberfest changes

    episode 88sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #731 9 months ago

    Episode 89 is now ready to listen!!


    Joe Lemire cohosts the show
    Journey to the Top 50
    The Leia strategy
    24 Hours at the Sanctum
    Wizard of Oz new code
    Deeproot Pinball update
    Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!
    German Pinball Company?
    Motor Show
    IFPA Dollar Gate 1 year on
    1700 pinball machines!!!
    Deadpool Boom Challenge
    Pinball Buzz

    ep89 sm (resized).png
    #737 9 months ago
    Quoted from DS_Nadine:

    Uhm... I was permabanned in podcast limbo for quite a while, so excuse the question:
    Why has H2H become a 1-man show?
    Reading through the last pages I got:
    Marty now has AIDS because of Ryan and therefore Ryan is in jail?
    I miss the chemistry between you two.

    1: as above. Ryan is alot happier with alot less stress
    2: Sure, why not.
    3: So do I (Ryan will still come on on a semi-regular basis) but I'm also enjoying the different chemistry each week with special guest hosts and will continue this way till it's not enjoyable.

    #739 9 months ago
    Quoted from Leeb18509:

    I'm available and usually drunk when it's daytime over there so...

    You will fit in well

    #747 9 months ago

    Episode 90 is ready!!! Thanks to everyone for requesting Ryan to come back on - it worked!!


    Ryan C co-hosts the show
    Head2Head Merchandise Store now open!
    Matt Hardy’s Expedition of Gold
    Deep Root panel
    Jackbar Bonding
    RAZA voice talent
    Stern Battle Royale – who will win?
    Marty listens to Rush
    And watches Queen

    ep90 (resized).jpg
    1 week later
    #759 8 months ago

    Episode 91 with Rotordave is now ready!!


    David Peck cohosts the show
    Stern Battle Royale results
    Pincade recap
    Led Zeppelin retheme
    Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championship
    Evel Knievel restoration
    Thrilla in Sternilla 2
    Alice in Wonderland layout
    The Bushwhackers
    Aussies are thieves
    Pinball hall of Fame plans
    Music theme suggestions
    Infected Mushroom
    The B-52s
    Nine Inch Nails
    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
    Muse – yes!!!
    Pinball “unmet need”
    Coop modes
    Head2Head merch store

    ep91sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #761 8 months ago

    Sorry all. No podcast this week. Just needed the day off.

    h2hdayoff (resized).png
    1 week later
    #762 8 months ago

    We're back this week with Jimmy Nails joining to talk about the Brisbane Masters in August.


    Jimmy Nails joins the show
    Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective
    10 days of pinball!!
    Steve Ritchie and Bowen Kerins coming
    How many pinball shirts do you have?
    EKKA Royal Queensland Show
    Kong Off Oz Style
    Brisbane Masters
    Batman 66 impressions years later
    The Aussie dollar is rubbish
    Mobile streaming
    Tournament commentary

    ep92sm (resized).png
    #764 8 months ago

    Awesome. Glad you enjoyed it!

    #766 8 months ago

    Joe Lemire joins us again to cover alot of pinball news!


    Joe Lemire cohosts fresh from the NYCPC
    Haggis Pinball gets an artist
    Changes to Cosmic Carnival
    Chris Franchi and Dead Flip pinball concepts
    Munsters Color Premium
    Supreme not as dumb as you thought
    Seawitch remake coming
    Space Cadet real machine
    Harry Potter virtual pin
    Flipper Mechanic game
    Stern book update
    NYCPC roundup

    ep93med (resized).png
    1 week later
    #767 7 months ago

    Continuing our trend of deep philosophical pinball discussions, this week we deep dive into Deeproot and the state of pinball. Enjoy.


    Deeproot latest announcement
    When is Fall?
    Assembling machines is easy
    Moon craters
    Zidware goodwill
    Next Level Pinball
    Multimorphic musings
    Madonna Pinball vs Lady Gaga pinball
    Todd Tuckey is ok
    IFPA World Championships
    Joe missed it
    Jason Lambert won’t and is everywhere!
    Black Knight code + Joe’s thoughts
    Austin Powers colordmd
    The Rolling Stones are awesome (at releasing compilations)
    Wonka gameplay impressions

    ep94sm (resized).png
    #769 7 months ago

    Thanks Soren - very well put.

    #773 7 months ago

    Yeah I didn't hear the negativity either - in fact Joe takes a few swipes at Stern in the last episode. Someone also called out that I was saying manufacturers shouldn't make a Madonna or Lady GaGa machine which is absolutely not what I was saying. I can assure you Joe and I don't have any allegiances to any manufacturer and will try to present as many sides of an argument we feel we can contribute to. If you disagree please continue the conversation as I like to hear more to have an informed opinion and I have said sometimes previously on the podcast that I don't have enough information on some topics to comment - as a podcaster this kills me!!

    #780 7 months ago

    Episode 95 is now ready and it's time for a competition!!!!


    Balanced discussions vs drama
    Art standards: Metallica vs Ghostbusters
    Ghostbusters code? – Joe’s wishlist
    Pro vs Premium/LE machines
    Risky Business and Pricing models
    The Addams Family Effect
    Elvira 3 coming this October
    Pinmasters RI / IFPA 16 World Championship
    Metroid Pinball homebrew
    Pinstadium new mounting system
    Joe Tips the Top 100
    Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championship
    Competition to win a set of Pinstadiums

    ep95sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #781 7 months ago

    Gary Stern joins the show for an interview this week on episode 96 - enjoy!!


    Gary Stern interview
    Conquering Asia
    Lifestyle brand or manufacturer?
    Pinball connectivity
    Supreme success / private label machines
    The Pin
    Is making pinball hard?
    Stern makes money!!
    Vault machines
    LOTR or Matrix?
    Pinball hits and misses
    The tale of Orbitor 1
    Willy Wonka Karl DeAngelo stream
    Joe’s Thoughts
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Game of Thrones
    Avatar love
    Leia strat works
    Pinstadium competition round 2

    ep96sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #784 7 months ago

    Episode 97 is now available!!! Poll for best Ritchie of the modern era coming to FB soon.


    Black Knight SOR code update and physical changes
    Steve Ritchie
    Best of the modern era
    Spider-man vault vs original
    Spider-man vs Superman
    Cosmic Carnival production update
    Deeproot not shipping internationally
    Wonka production?
    Monster bash remake arrival imminent
    Next remake speculation
    Alice Cooper Nightmare Castle code update
    Awesome hologram topper
    Lady Gaga and pinball again!!
    New England Pinball League
    Pinstadium competition round 3 – this one is easy!!
    Star Trek stream with Fusions!!!

    ep97sm (resized).png
    #786 7 months ago

    We had a good laugh about this after. I had no idea who Jenna or Jonah were.

    #790 7 months ago

    Wow. Pachinko has come along way since I last saw one.

    #792 7 months ago

    Did you say you wanted more podcasters all at the same time? Pretty sure I heard someone say it somewhere.


    The pinball podcast panelists at Pinstastic join the show
    Before and after podcasting
    Hobby vs media
    Franchi returns
    Machines of 2019
    Munsters code
    Superman missed opportunity?
    Themes for females
    Pinball innovation
    Pinball connectivity
    Pinball on TV
    Next lifestyle brand speculation
    More giveaways

    ep98 sm (resized).png
    #796 6 months ago


    #797 6 months ago

    Episode 99 - Hot Garbage is now ready for you.

    The next Battle Royale is live, this time Bally / Williams of the 90s. Vote here: https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/-NhZoXdzC


    Pintastic final roundup
    Joe ain’t trash
    Deeproot update / tour
    Brisbane Masters sellout
    National Pinball day
    Thunderbirds is better than Magic Girl
    Jurassic Park?
    Black Knight mini review
    Alice Cooper in Oz / TWIP deep dive
    Dutch Pinball update
    Bally/Williams Battle Royale – vote now!
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Cactus Canyon
    Final Pinstadium competition week
    Marty fixes something
    Dialed In / Game of Thrones stream

    ep99 sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #803 6 months ago

    Our 100th Episode is now ready!!!


    Guess who’s back?
    Guns ‘N Roses Pinball confirmed by Slash
    Dutch pinball settles – but will you?
    Game of Thrones surprise code update
    90s Bally / Williams Battle Royale result + bonus round
    Steve Ritchie’s best Stern game
    Keith Elwin 2 weeks!!
    Zombie Yeti Bill & Ted tease
    Spooky Fang Club
    Joe / Ryan Tips the Top 100 – Star Wars
    Pinstadium competition winners
    2017 clips

    ep100sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #809 6 months ago

    Episode 101 - CSI: Special Pinball Unit is now available. Enjoy!!!!


    Star Wars Home Edition
    Game of Thrones new code
    TMNT rumored machine from Stern
    CSI – is it any good?
    Bally / Williams 90s Battle Royale Tournament Edition
    Zombie Yeti Bill & Ted update
    Code for Willy Wonka and Dialed In!
    Epic trolling
    Next Homepin machine
    WOZ stream

    ep101sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #810 6 months ago

    Episode 102 – Stern, Uh, Finds a Way is now available. Enjoy!!


    Jurassic Park first impressions
    Layout, Art, Theme integration
    Is Marty in?
    The design team
    Differences between models
    What’s missing?
    Feature matrix
    Joe’s obsession with Lord of the Rings + differences to art
    Pinsound interactive shaker motor
    Interview: Mark Hauser from Pinball Mix
    Ghostbusters code tidbit
    Pinburgh hype!!! OMG Mick!!
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Flash Gordon

    ep102sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #812 5 months ago

    Episode 103 is ready!!


    Jurassic Park hands on impressions from Replay FX
    Shot by shot
    Art / animations
    Pro vs Premium
    Pinburgh 2019 roundup
    Main tournament stream part1 part 2
    WIPT stream
    Intergalactic stream
    Other things at ReplayFX 2019

    Ep103sm (resized).png
    #815 5 months ago

    Episode 104 is now ready!!! Fun stuff!


    American Pinball update
    Dutch Pinball update
    Stern book update
    Pinball in Dave and Busters
    Pinquest is live in the US!!
    Social media watch
    Ron Hallett from Slam Tilt Podcast
    St. Petersburg’s new Pinball Museum Arcade
    Danni Peck – the world’s #1 female player
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Seawitch
    Marty on the Loserkid Pinball Podcast
    Flipout 2019 tournament details
    Star Wars post
    Jurassic Park sound
    Replay vs Extra balls

    Ep104sm (resized).png
    #816 5 months ago
    Quoted from rotordave:

    Still coming to Brisbane, Marty?
    I bought you some New Zealand gin to try!
    Alas ... I’ve already consumed most of it ... doooh! I’ll be sure to leave some.

    See you there - save some for me!!

    1 week later
    #818 5 months ago

    Episode 105 – Planes, Cows and Pinball Machines is now ready!!


    Pinball travels
    Coast2Coast / Stern Insider podcasts
    Haggis Pinball new launch
    Brisbane Masters recap – US Domination
    Meeting Steve Ritchie
    Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle gameplay
    What makes a good tournament game?
    Quick Batman ’66 strategy
    The future of The Munsters
    Joe plays Jurassic Park
    JJP code
    Jack Danger machine?
    Danger Games
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – The Addams Family

    ep105sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #819 5 months ago

    Episode 106 – The GOAT featuring Keith Elwin is ready!!


    Keith Elwin interview
    Iron Maiden retrospective
    Lessons learned
    Code update coming
    Adjusting the loop
    Bugs of success
    Jurassic Park
    The difficult 2nd album
    We digress about Sega machines
    Design process
    Homage to JPDE – Tri-Ball!!
    Designing the T-Rex
    Animations / Art
    New code and heading to 1.0
    Pinburgh highlights
    Joe / Keith Tip the Top 100
    The Hobbit

    ep106sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #820 4 months ago

    Episode 107 – Pindemonium with Mrs & Dr Pin is now ready!!


    Mrs Pin and Dr Pin join the show
    Fun in Hershey
    What’s causing it?
    What’s the fix?
    Who fixes it?
    Joe moves machines
    Dutch pinball update
    Coast 2 Coast – Roger Sharpe with Sam Stern
    TNA soundtrack expanded
    Houdini production over
    Paul Jones on TV
    Stolen machines
    Joe / Pins Tip the Top 100 – Family Guy
    6 days of Deep Pinball
    Cheetah / Quicksilver stream
    Marty’s dilemma
    Pinball Profile World Tour
    Bounce house / ball pit
    ep107sm (resized).png

    1 week later
    #821 4 months ago

    Episode 108 - LIONMAN!! is now ready.


    Playfieldgate update
    Car problems
    Fixing humans is also hard
    Data East Battle Royale
    Vote here: https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/_KuGVfeeI
    Englishman in OZ
    Joe Tip the Top 100 – Swords of Fury
    Pinball History
    Lord of the Rings vault
    Batman 66 Tutorial video
    New slap save update

    ep108sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #823 4 months ago

    Episode 109 – Dr Who In The House Of Horrors is ready!!


    Pooling is for everyone!!
    Ghostbusters code next week?
    Elvira’s House of Horrors
    Early comments
    Post leak comments
    Doctor Who / Radagast coming to TPF
    Jurassic Park code
    Stern book update
    Data east Battle Royale results
    Current games lastability
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Doctor Who
    Walking Dead / Attack From Mars Stream
    Joe’s Critical Hit
    The Celts is coming!

    ep109sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #824 4 months ago

    Episode 110 – Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good is ready!!


    More Elvira details
    Feature video
    Feature matrix
    Initial impressions
    Is it for you?
    Ghostbusters code update
    Major changes to the code
    Seeya Scoleri Bros!!
    Dead Flip Stream
    No Munsters code update planned
    Stern Ali remake?
    Suncoast Pinball update
    Wizard of Oz Ruby Red
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Judge Dredd
    Critical Hit matchplay
    Haggis factory tour
    Dollargate Oz Style
    Pinstadium X Stream
    Streaming is fun

    EP110sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #825 3 months ago

    Episode 111 - Are You A God? is now ready.


    Is Joe a God?
    Spoiler vid
    Elvira’s: House of Horrors Dead Flip stream
    Attack of the B-Movies
    Custom Elvira clips
    Lyman’s dream theme
    The plot
    Further thoughts
    Ghostbusters 1.16 code released
    Joe’s playtime thoughts
    God mode
    Pro vs the rest
    Munsters code “update”
    Deeproot update
    Jurassic Park LE shipping
    T-Rex cam
    Pinburgh/Intergalactic points
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Indianapolis 500
    Stomp 3: The Search for Sulu
    Star Trek 6 Year Mission: Enterprise Amok on stream

    ep111sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #826 3 months ago

    Ryan C joins us this week for Episode 112 - The Beastie Boy.


    Ryan C is back this week!
    Star Wars Comic Sans edition
    Patents and production cycles
    Stranger Things pinball rumor
    The Shadow love
    American Girl Doll pinball
    New WOZ OZ lanes mod
    Moon Dog World now open
    Pinball Paradise for sale
    PAX Melbourne
    Flipout 2019 in 3 weeks!
    Black Knight Sword of Rage LE Stream
    Home automation

    ep112sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #830 3 months ago

    Episode 113 - The Pool of Dead is ready!!

    Elvira LE shipping
    The Big Lebowski production update
    Pinball Expo
    Our predictions for the show
    Hydraulic pinball
    Dead Flip cool drain save
    Brian Allen Attack From Mars alternate backglass
    Pinquest app now available
    IFPA updates
    Stern in China
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Deadpool
    Picking tournament machines
    Things That Go Bump In The Night movie

    ep113sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #831 3 months ago

    Episode 114 - Wolf Man with Jeff Parsons from Pinball Players Podcast is ready!!

    Jeff Parsons from The Pinball Players Podcast joins the show
    Pinball Expo roundup
    Medieval Madness remake addons
    Celts reveal from Haggis Pinball
    Black Knight Sword of Rage topper
    Krull steals the show
    Spanish machines – Wolf Man omg!!!
    Elvira is everywhere!
    Quetzal Pinball
    Jersey Jack Pinball connectivity
    Flip Out Tournament
    Pinball Olympics
    Legends of Valhalla art update
    Dead Flip on TV
    Flipout 2019 tournament machines
    Oktoberfest stream
    Centigrade 37 / Xenon stream

    ep114sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #832 3 months ago

    As predicted in our last episode there won't be a show this week as Marty has lost his voice after a very long weekend running the Melbourne Silverball Championship. We will be back next week for sure!!
    In the meantime, check out the finals of the 2019 MSC here:

    E3D71462-0153-4890-A19E-432B82747B0E (resized).png
    1 week later
    #836 84 days ago

    Episode 115 - A Special Dragon is now ready with Mrs and Dr Pin.


    Mrs Pin and Dr Pin join the show
    Expo corrections
    Gender equality backglasses
    Willy Wonka CE gets its moment
    Alice Cooper topper
    Rumored titles
    Led Zeppelin
    Stranger Things
    Haunted House Party?
    Homepin 2nd machine tease
    Dragon’s Lair homebrew
    Medieval Madness from parts
    American Pinball enters The Matrix
    Social Media Watch
    Jurassic Park in development
    Cyrene gets The Munsters
    Dr Pin tests JJP online
    Melbourne Silverball Championship
    Qualifying stream
    Finals stream
    Celts at Flipout 2019
    Dragon’s Legend

    Ep 115sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #837 77 days ago

    Episode 116 - A Whole New World is ready!!

    “New” ColorDMD
    Value of mods
    Jurassic Park LE this week!!
    Super Awesome Pinball Show
    Women in pinball survey
    Stern Pro Circuit boosted
    Flipper Mechanic
    Pinball world record
    Stern around the world
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Tales of the Arabian Nights
    Joe at the Sanctum 24 hour
    Stars / Seawitch stream
    Guardians stream
    Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem
    Joe’s Flipper Frenzy

    ep116sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #840 70 days ago

    Joe gets confused a bit

    Episode 117 - Dude Looks Like a Zombie is now ready!!


    Deeproot has “Arrived”
    Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland reveal
    RAZA Prototype
    Initial feedback
    What next?
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Aerosmith
    League Finals result!!

    ep117sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #841 63 days ago

    Episode 118 - Celtic Roots with Josh Roop from the Loserkid Pinball Podcast is ready!!

    Catching up with Josh Roop
    Loserkid Pinball Podcast
    Life with twins
    Pinball in Utah
    Best hats in the business
    The Deep Root interview
    Machines in development
    Art for art sake
    A big game
    Haggis Pinball interview at Ausretrogamer
    Virtual Pin for sale at Walmart
    Gottlieb games
    American (Pinball) Arcade redemption game
    Machines of 2019
    Social Media Watch
    Joel de Guzman interview
    Todd Tuckey at Expo
    Pinball News – Inside Chicago Gaming
    Lit Frames
    Jurassic Park LE stream
    More music in pinball discussion
    Pet Shop Boys
    Beastie Boys

    ep118sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #842 56 days ago

    Episode 119 – Where No Pinhead Has Gone Before is ready!!

    Gene Cunningham passes away
    Big Bang Bar
    Bally / Williams to Capcom and beyond
    Star Wars topper
    Super Awesome Pinball Show
    Pinball Party Bus
    Rick and Morty Pinball license
    The next American Pinball machine is…..
    Black Friday y’all
    Factory move?
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Star Trek!!
    OBX recap + stream
    Jurassic Park GOTY
    Upcoming competition
    The break!!

    ep119sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #844 49 days ago

    Episode 120 - Ryan and Marty is now ready with Ryan C!!

    Ryan C joins the show
    Rick and Morty from Spooky Pinballannounced
    What is the show about anyway?
    Design Team
    Justin Roiland callouts
    Rick and Morty Court Case
    Has Ryan backflipped?
    Will it sell out?
    Spooky Fang Club
    Ryan’s RAZA Review
    Led Zeppelin homebrew by Rotordave
    PAPA on Netflix – with chimes!!
    Score balancing
    Dwight Sullivan in Australia
    Australian State Championships
    Head2Head Xmas Competition now open!

    ep120sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #845 42 days ago

    Episode 121 - Pinball Fondlers is now ready!!

    Rick and Morty revealed
    How to order
    Will it sell out?
    Is Ryan a Flip Flopper?
    Jurassic Park franchise
    Elvira accessories
    American Pinball art by Joel de Guzman
    Stern code persistence
    Stranger Things for Xmas?
    Hot Wheels next game from American Pinball?
    Joe Tips the Top 100 – Congo
    Dwight Sullivan in Melbourne
    The Dwight Sullivan Cup
    Dwight interview / stream
    Joe’s Frenzy
    Last week to enter the competition – new prizes added!!
    Elvira Stream – Marty breaks the machine

    Episode 121sm (resized).png
    1 week later
    #847 35 days ago

    Episode 122 - Stranger Guests is now ready

    Stranger Things revealed
    Theme integration
    Elvira House of Horrors gameplay impressions
    2019 in review interviews
    Jeff Teolis
    Dr John
    Mrs Pin and Dr Pin
    Chris Franchi
    Joe Fox
    Competition winners
    Elvira stream
    Final special guest

    Ep122sm (resized).png
    4 weeks later
    #862 7 days ago

    Thanks everyone for your kinds words. Sadly it had to come to an end but was an amazing time and got to meet so many amazing people as a result. It won’t be the last you hear from me, Joe or Ryan!!!!

    Thanks again.

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