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Have you ever bought a pin that you never played before?

By fisherdaman

4 years ago

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#51 4 years ago

Just set up an NIB ACDC premium: I had never played this game before and it is a great machine.

#52 4 years ago

2 only.
A NIB Stern Mustang.
Also an EM Gottlieb that looked really nice, even though it was standing on end, with the back box on the coin door panel.

#53 4 years ago

Yes - BSD - I played it on Pinball Arcade, but I had never played a real one until I owned it. Between Pinball Arcade, the PAPA tutorial video, price, and ranking I was reasonably sure I would like it, so I took the risk. I love the game, so it worked out well. I also bought it sight unseen from a retailer. That part mostly worked out.

Myst-Multiball had some problems and I ended up replacing the opto-24 board
The ball would fall off the rails so I made a clear ramp guide out of Transparent Warbla (http://www.worbla.com/?page_id=4013)
Found out the hard-way that a coil was shorting to a rail, replaced coil and fixed wiring
Made numerous adjustments to get the subways working reliably
Found and replaced broken diode that was causing a switch to be read incorrectly
Side-art had been touched up and looks great, but the front was not and looks slightly faded
One broken plastic that was "repaired" but looks kinda terrible
Coffin had the bottom broken off
Fixed a small bump in a ramp that would send the ball airborne if it hit it just right

I'm still happy with the game, and all in all these were some pretty minor issues, but learned the lesson that buying game from a reputable retailer doesn't mean it's going to be plug-n-play.

#54 4 years ago

I bought FT and JM having never played them before. I can't complain about either purchase. Now my Street Fighter EX is another story. That was the arcade I couldn't get rid of fast enough.

#55 4 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Now my Street Fighter EX is another story. That was the arcade I couldn't get rid of fast enough.

Uff...what a disaster. Worse than SF3.

#56 4 years ago

Funny thread.......so the gist is "do as we say and not as we do" on Pinside

#57 4 years ago

Pretty much every game I've ever owned was purchased without me having played it. Except for TAF which I played like crazy on route in the early 90's and is a big reason for my love of the hobby.

#58 4 years ago

Last Action Hero, Ripley's Believe it or Not, and Eight Ball were all games I acquired that I had never played before. They all ended up being really fun and I'm glad I jumped on them.

#59 4 years ago

Good question.

Of course I have bought pins just from studying the playfields in the manuals, and from watching youtube movies. I think I've done well. I also think these are the three pins in my collection that pinheads will most likely flock to when they come over since you just don't see them too often.

1. Grand Lizard
2. Barracora
3. Nine Ball


#60 4 years ago

Due to lack of location games, especialy EM/SS games, it's very common to buy pins one has never played before. For me it's about half of all pins I've purchased, and had good luck so far.

#61 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Funny thread.......so the gist is "do as we say and not as we do" on Pinside

This comment primarily applies to NIB games. For games that have been around for years, are completed, and have lots of reviews it's an entirely different ball game.

#62 4 years ago

Quite a few, most notably Cactus Canyon, and of course WOZ and The Hobbit.

I remember the CC came up very late at night on Ebay and it was within driving distance, price was $4650 US/$7K CDN(before you faint 2005 ), Buy it Now. I debated with myself for a couple of hours, downloaded the Pinmame version to try it, then finally pulled the trigger.

#63 4 years ago
Quoted from dgpinball:

I remember the CC came up very late at night on Ebay and it was within driving distance, price was $4650 US/$7K CDN(before you faint 2005 )

Still a great price back then. I was looking into them back in 2001/2002 and IIRC they were generally listed for $6K or more.

#64 4 years ago

After my wife (girlfriend at the time) voted against buying a LOTR, I decided to set my sights on a 90's Bally or Williams instead. Couldn't put her finger on why she didn't like LOTR, but I think it was at least partially due to the artwork (compared to the hand-drawn cartoony look of our AFM & MB), and the way it feels 'darker' than the more lighthearted humor of most B/W stuff.

A Whitewater showed up on craigslist in Houston for a reasonable price, so I jumped on it, even though I really only knew it by reputation. Seemed worth the risk. I've ended up loving it. Unfortunately she hated it!

Until recently anyway -- there is a happy ending, as she came around on it after putting in some time playing it on Pinball Arcade.

#65 4 years ago

add another to my list:


- already picked up an external sub for this one!!!! and a fleece KISS throw to cover it..... come home girl, we have a nice home for ya

#66 4 years ago

Out of the 10 games I've owned/own, Comet was the only one I had played previously.

#67 4 years ago

I bought Judge Dredd before ever playing. Couldn't be happier.

#68 4 years ago

Yes and I usually keep the games I buy.

#69 4 years ago



LOVE them all but to me, theme plays a large part. I love the themes of all these games...

#70 4 years ago

All of my games except for AFM were bought with me never having played them. I use a combo of PAPA videos, other people's videos / commentary / home reviews, rankings and especially comments here on Pinside. Most have worked out well. IM and TF LE did not. I still can't believe that IM didn't do it for me but there was something about it that just didn't cut it. I love Borg games (esp Tron) but I just didn't mesh with that one. Bought TF LE based upon the love of the theme, the good looks of the cabinet and playfield and the uniqueness of the design but after 6 months couldn't get enthusiasm for the game play anymore. Surprisingly POTC is just a total blast and everyone who comes over just loves it. I am topped out at 7 games (outta room) so the hard part will be deciding which game goes out if a new one comes in. Probably want to have a collection composition that looks like this: 3 classic B/W games and then the other 4 would be recent ones stern or jjp. So the point is the next game I get will be one I never played before. I think u can do that if you allow yourself the freedom to realize that not every game will work out and it is OK to send out a game pretty quickly if it doesn't work for you...

#71 4 years ago

When I bought my JD and TFTC on eBay back in 1999 I had not played either. Kept them both for many many years and loved 'em.

#72 4 years ago

Kings of steel first pin bought cheap
@ a after the estate sale sale
Eight ball champ as I want all three
8bd and 8ball thought 8bc would be hardest to find
Pool sharks keeping the pool theme goin
Genesis impulse purchase and keeping up with the brother in law who has one

#73 4 years ago

Two more just in the last few weeks, Metallica pro and Star Trek premium.

#74 4 years ago

Yes, but I always watch a bunch of YouTube videos of the gameplay music etc, and read a lot of reviews. As long of the game is priced well and I won't lose out if I sell, why not!

#76 4 years ago

I got into pinball through The Pinball Arcade.
It never really appeared to me that I could just straight up buy a pin because where I live there are no pinballs.
Playing virtual pinball and watching a ton of PAPA videos, including all the tutorials, the desire to buy one grew larger. If I ever wanted to play pinball in real life on a table that isn't in some bowling centre that's likely defunct anyway I had to get one myself.

I've never played a Williams Warlok before and I believe the number of people who have isn't that large either. All I knew was that I wanted drop targets and spinners on an early solid state. Three banks of three targets, three spinners, bonus collect, rare pin and an affortable price made me go for it.
I don't regret it at all.

I think that if you know what you like on a table you don't have to have played it before you buy it. Just check out a video to make sure there aren't any sounds that would drive you crazy.

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