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Haunted House Sound

By jmountjoy111

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I picked up this Haunted House project last weekend nonworking. I repinned some connectors and got it to boot up. However I have not go the sound to work.

I replaced the fuses and the pot and then repinned the connector for the sound board. I have completed the ground mods as well. I started the game. It made a static sound. I turned the pot several times and got the static to go away. Still no background sounds. When I would push both flippers it would make a sound like I had hit some targets. that only lasted for that one game. Turned it off and now no sounds at all.

Anyone have any idea where to start now?

#2 6 years ago

I thought I would add that it has a new sound board power supply as well.

#4 6 years ago

Thanks Steve for responding. I am new to system 80 and had really gone through all that I knew to do I will start running through this checklist this evening and post back. It looks like someone had been piecing together the board set for it. None on the serials match. The power supply is from Great Plains electronics and the sounds power board is Swemmer.

#6 6 years ago
Quoted from blownfuse:

I'll give you a general list of common things to look at that could cause a sound board malfunction (no sound), they should be checked and working perfect before going into troubleshooting the sound board (if needed). If any of these connections are bad or the voltages are off, diagnosis of the sound board will be a waste of time.
1. Check *all voltages* at the sound board, make sure they're present and correct.
A. Check the F8 fuse (1A slo-blo) for the sound board with a meter, you may have blown it when you messed with the pot.
B. Check the A2J1-5/6 (5VDC) connection for cracks around the header pins. This is where the sound board gets it's 5VDC from, it's not uncommon for this issue to be there.
2. Check the Z13 IC (7404) on the driver board for a bad gate, if one of these output signals isn't high at start up, the sound board won't run.
The sound board should run independently of the CPU during attract mode, if you get the sounds working, you still could have issues with the A1J4 to A3J1 connector for controlled sound lines (1, 2, 4 & 8 sometimes take a "hit" from alkaline damage). Maybe you'll get lucky and the sound board works. Keep in mind that there may be other issues to fix since this game probably hasn't been working in a while.
System 80, not just a job, it's an adventure

Sorry I have not posted back. I have been super busy with the holidays and I have been building a galaga multicade for my 8 year old.

I checked the connectors and the double edged one had some corrosion. I do not have the correct connector pins to rebuild it and I am going to order them from GPE as soon as he reopens.

I am not super familiar with checking the IC (7404). It appears to have some corrosion on it but not battery leakage. More of an orange color like flux. They cost like a dollar at GPE so I will just pick up a couple when I order.

I do not have a manual for the game but have been looking at pinwiki's overview of system 80 games. That being said I am not sure where all to check the voltages on the sound board. I can check the input voltage a pin 1 on the connector but do not know where to check form there.

#7 6 years ago

The problem has been solved. The pots on the sound board were not working properly. I began turning them back and forth and got some sounds. cleaned them up and got all sounds. Thanks for the help.

System 80 sure is turning into an adventure. Now on to pop bumper boards and auxiliary lamps lol

#8 6 years ago

Well it appears that I am not out of the woods yet on the sound. It is very scratchy at times which I am attributing to the pots. I cleaned them with alcohol but probably just going to have to replace them.

Also it appears that the background music cuts in and out. What could be the cause of this?

#9 6 years ago

I have recapped the sound board and it is a little less scratchy. Also no longer cuts out. Maybe that's just as good as it gets.

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