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Haunted House Sound Issue - Distorted Sounds from S8 Line

By cooperscooter

12 months ago

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#1 12 months ago

So, I decided to make my Haunted House a talking model...

The SC-01 emulator works perfectly, and all voices/phonemes work as they should. I installed the 64k ROM chip kit from the Davroux brothers exactly as they lay it out (a few jumper changes, a wire from one jumper point to pin 1 of a chip, two diodes in place of jumpers on another point). Easy stuff. The game boots, gives the verbal welcome, and plays like a champ (yes, I changed out the game ROM for theirs) but...

An entire sequence of sounds are distorted. They play, and one can tell they are the right sounds for the activity, but they sound like garbage. If another sound unrelated to the distorted ones plays, the game sounds sharp. Voices, all call-outs, sharp. I couldn't shake it, so I started digging into it. Eventually, I isolated the sound board so all it had was power from the game (it will boot without the MPU - all other boards disconnected) and put it in test mode. Pin 3 of U19, the S8 trigger line, is where the trouble lives. Sounds that involve S8 all sound like crap. The issue can't be coming from the MPU, or the driver board, since they are out of the circuit. All power levels are rock solid and dialed in.

I made a video of the game in play to show how it sounds:

I have emailed the Davroux brothers, of course, but I know they are busy. Has anyone either done the voice mod OR had their HH or Black Hole have a series of sounds act up on a trigger line like this?


While I'd like to just say they sent me a bad ROM, I'm not so sure. They serialize them, so a checksum won't even work for comparison with anyone else's without seeing the code.

#2 12 months ago


Yes some sounds are BAD.
The same kind as when the gain of the pre-amplifiers is too high, or amplifier is defectuous.
The generation of sound is produced by algorithms, not samples, and some are HEAVY.

What will remove the doubt on a bad eprom is to go into TEST mode.
After Power Up, press TEST button, you will hear 'Entering test sequence".
After there is the standard test like page 18 of the manual, with ram and rom test.
If this test is OK, the software wait for test inputs, with 5 tones when OK.
At least last press on the TEST button you can hear copyright and serial number.
If this is OK, there is not an eprom failure.

As my experience with these MA-216 boards, some sounds seems to be good and other disturbed.
I really have encounters similar problem a couple of time.
Thirst, I check the output level after le LM741 with an oscilloscope, and fix it with R13.
Second, I check the amplifier ... The LM379S is 50% bad, yes, sometimes the sound is good for 2 minutes and when heated, goes bad.


#3 12 months ago

I did all of these things. I even set the board up with only power - no MPU, no driver board. The board boots normally, the problem persists and I can make that video, too. Yes, I get all of the test voices and bongs.

Here's the trick - the board didn't act like this prior to the updates/changes/ROM. I fully understand how the operation works - codes make the sounds, not samples. Got it. But the previous code with the same sounds didn't overdrive the amplification section.

I have an o-scope and I will look at this, but again, when I put the board in test mode and ground the signal lines, only S8 line sounds do this. No other sounds act like this.

Then, I'm going to move my board back to the stock ROMs and test again. If the audio problem somehow persists, I'll examine the amp section in more detail. If the audio issue goes away, I'm curious about your thoughts on the matter.

#4 12 months ago

So do the voice callouts using S8 also sound like garbage, like the sounds on S8 do? Or they all just sound 'sharp'?

#5 12 months ago

All voice call outs are clear and I can’t identify any voice calls on S8. I was chatting with Chris Hibler and the work he did on Black Hole - he used a PinWiki that had a line by line code for each sound and voice - mapped perfectly. I can’t locate this for HH (sounds, forget voices) so I don’t know what’s there. I’m putting the board back to stock to start over and verify all analog and digital function are solid.

#6 12 months ago

Oops I was thinking BH, sorry. :/

#7 12 months ago
Quoted from frenchmarky:

Oops I was thinking BH, sorry. :/

No worries! They have a lot in common - same board.

#8 12 months ago

I have seemingly fixed this, but I don't want to say how until I speak with the Flippproject brothers more directly.

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