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Haunted House Issues

By hapsreplays

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

My display voltages at my Rottendog power supply are 80 & 60 rather than 60 & 42. All other voltages are correct. The displays burn bright. Is this within range or am I setting up fro further failure? Can you help me? New to System 80 and Gottlieb.

Also, lower playfield flippers do not work. What am I missing? All other solenoids work fine?

Appreciate any help you can offer.

#2 8 years ago

This is a Haunted House machine.

#3 8 years ago

Bad HV regulator on power supply.

#4 8 years ago
Quoted from hapsreplays:

My display voltages at my Rottendog power supply are 80 & 60 rather than 60 & 42. All other voltages are correct. The displays burn bright. Is this within range or am I setting up fro further failure? Can you help me? New to System 80 and Gottlieb.
Also, lower playfield flippers do not work. What am I missing? All other solenoids work fine?
Appreciate any help you can offer.

Lower flippers only work when triggered by a ball entering the lower playfield. Believe there is a relay that triggers them.

Do you have schematics? It's difficult to trouble shoot without them.

#5 8 years ago

I do have schematics. I am going to test the lower flippers in a game simulation and see if they work when the ball enters that playfield. Will also check the high voltage regulator on the power supply. Will let you know. Thanks for the help guys.

#6 8 years ago

Hello, The lower flippers do work. Thanks for the information on that relay. I have ordered a LM 317 - TO 220 high voltage regulator for the power supply. What caused this was a rookie mistake of unplugging the display connectors J2 & J3 while game was still on. Also cost me a set of 6118A drivers but I am lucky it was just that at display #1.

If I may tax your knowledge further..please....the game now works but there is a serious loud hum over the sound. So much so that I cannot check the sound further but I can faintly hear all of the sounds in the background. I have tested the components on the sound power supply (A7) and found only the CR2 Zener Diode 12V to be suspect. Also, the -12v dc is reading at -2.5vdc. Could this diode be the issue?

Don't want to press my system 80 newbie luch but it appears with a NiWumpf driver board and the Rottendog power supply, none of the ground mods have been completed. Should I go ahead and do these mods?

I really appreciate any help you can give me. I've always been a Williams/Bally guy but I love these system 80 pins from Gottlieb. Thanks Much!!!

#7 8 years ago

I have been lazy and have not done the ground mods to my machine. I did check all of the existing ground points and made sure they were clean. I have the NiWumph CPU board. (Just an fyi). My cpu had unrepairable acid damage.

I would have guessed that your sound was either a bad pot or the op amp on the sound board. If you believe all of the components are good, i would then suspect a ground issue, which can create noise issues. Try doing the sound board ground mod.

I ended up having my sound board repaired. I had a similar issue as you did, which makes me think there might be still something wrong with the actual sound board.

The two boards that are beyond my repair skills are CPU and sound boards. Power supplies and driver boards I repair.

Someone else on pinside will most likely be experienced with these boards and might have insights.

This is one of the hardest machines to work on. I brought my back from the dead. Didn't power on at all.

While i do a 1994 Gottlieb which is probably the easiest machine i have to work on, Bally and Williams are what the rest of my machines are too.

#8 8 years ago

Thanks for the information. I have heard that the pots can be an issue so I will look into that. Also, I will re-read the many ground repair guides. Can you tell me who did the repair to your sound board? Just in case I do need to send this one out? I am limited in my board repair knowledge but am a great and careful solderer. (sp?) I can do bridge rectifiers, some transistors and resistors but I am honestly not nearly as educated in electronics as so many on this forum. I can only do what I do from the many repair guides available. So thankful for them all!

#9 8 years ago

Clive at coin-op is very good with GTB boards.

#10 8 years ago

It's been a while. Believe it was coin-op. I can repair as well, just wasn't 100% sure I had the issue isolated.

#11 8 years ago

Thanks All - Update...Thanks G-P-E! New LM317T TO-220 installed and the display voltages are back to normal! Now, I am waiting for the CR2 zener diode to install in my sound power supply to see if I can further my sound issue repair. Also, I have used Coin Op Cauldron in the past and they do excellent work. Thanks guys for the reminder on that one. This game is reminding me of the patience I once had, and need, for pin repair. Appreciate the help.

#12 8 years ago

Do be aware that the LM317T has an absolute maximum 'Vin to Vout' voltage of 40 Volts. This is used to create the 60V HV output. A simple short on the output of that regulator will put a differential of about 90V across the regulator -- about 2.25x the absolute maximum. So be real careful to not short the HV supply or you'll be replacing this regulator again.

#13 8 years ago

Thanks for the very good advice. I just found out last night that I believe I blew the SN7404N chips at z17, z24 & z26 (I believe) on my CPU because my #1 & #3 displays are missing digits. A hard lesson.

#14 8 years ago

Does anyone have a manual for the ni-wumpf system 80 driver board? I have leds lit at E2, E3, E7, E4 & E10 but I do not know which components these leds are referring to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#15 8 years ago

Here is what you need. Go to page 35 on the attached link.


You will need to trace the fault led to the connector and then reference pages 35 & 36 to determine what it drives.

Make sense?

#16 8 years ago

Thank You alexanr1, yes...makes sense. BTW....just to update any who are reading, I replaced the CR2 Zener Diode on the sound power supply board and reseated the chips just to be safe. The sound works!!! Now, my only issues left are the LEDs on the driver board that I will track down and the SN7404N ics that I blew with my display connector incident. I will get those installed later this week. I will then tackle the ground mods and shop this game. I am now a Gottlieb system 80 fan. This game is very cool!

#17 8 years ago

Great game for sure. It's even more fun when you bring one back from the grave. It's my favorite DOA purchase/restore.

Note, there are several transistor boards attached to the playfield. There were too many needed and the main driver board was unable to drive all of the high power transistors, so Gottlieb placed several under the playfield. Just an FYI that it might be signaling one of these boards might be malfunctioning.

- Rich

#18 8 years ago

Update: I replaced the SN7404N ics at Z17, Z24 & Z26 and all digits on displays 1 & 3 work great. Displays 2 & 4 flicker a bit at digits 2 & 5 so I am thinking maybe a connector issue? Or perhaps the Z19, Z21 & Z23 ics. We'll see. I do need to do the ground mods but need to read up more on these. I have a ni-wumpf driver, a Rottendog power supply and original control and sound boards. Any suggestions on how the ground mods may differ for this setup would be appreciated. I can't wait to get this machine shopped and cleaned up. The HH machine is really a keeper for my collection.

#19 8 years ago

Oh yeh...I spoke via e-mail with Dave at ni-wumpf and he told me that the leds were all tied to the coin mechs and there is no need to worry about them. The game now functions perfectly.....well.....for now...

#20 8 years ago

Glad to hear you have it all working now. You need to post a few picks for us to see.

#21 8 years ago

I will try to take better pics in the next few days but here is the HH I am restoring, along with a pic of the new pop bumper assemblies, PBDBs I will be installing, rubber kit and other accessories. This is a keeper and I enjoy the "tear down" shop and re-assembly. Also attached is some pics of my other games. I re-read all the ground mod manuals and I am ready to tackle those before taking the machine apart. Sorry, it's night time here and photos are without natural daylight.

Feb 24 2014 033-14.jpg
Feb 24 2014 036.jpg
Feb 24 2014 039.jpg
Feb 24 2014 036-326.jpg
Feb 24 2014 040.jpg
Feb 24 2014 043-949.jpg
Feb 24 2014 042.jpg
Feb 24 2014 041.jpg

Post edited by hapsreplays : Duplicate pictures

#22 8 years ago

Some repeats. I'm new at this. Appreciate the help and encouragement!

#23 8 years ago

One of the backbox.

Feb 24 2014 038.jpg
#24 8 years ago

HH looks to be in good shape! I am jealous you have a complete secret passage plastic. It's the only damaged plastic on my HH and I just cannot convince myself to pay $200 for a whole set of plastics. I keep looking for one in above average shape with no luck. I have a pick of my machine on my gameroom page here. Glad to see another one saved from the city dump. It's a great classic that doesn't get the respect it truly deserves.

#25 8 years ago

Yes, I am glad to have this game. I'll post pics when I am done shopping it out.

4 weeks later
#26 8 years ago

Hello Again,

I am knee deep in my HH restoration. I've totally shopped, repaired and rebuilt the attic and basement playfields including total rebuild and replacement of pop bumpers, flippers and new coil sleeves on all coils. I always take pictures of the playfields and draw diagrams before taking the playfields down, tumbling all the posts and doing the rebuild. Somewhere along the line, my drawing of the attic is lost. My pics were not good enough. I can't figure out where the wire guide that is about six inched long, I believe was on the left side of the attic, goes. Can anyone provide a close up pic of the HH attic playfield showing me where this wire guide goes and what posts it attaches to? I appreciate the help.

#27 8 years ago

There are a lot of pics in this thread,


perhaps there's something you can use there?


#28 8 years ago

Thanks Much Steve! I will use these pics for further reference. I ought to post more often. After I wrote this plea for help, my wife found my drawing on the back of a Mouser receipt. She so eloquently suggested I keep all of my drawings in a notebook form now on. She's right. Anyway, the wire form actually goes on the right side of the attic playfield. I will post pics of the restore soon. Thanks Again!

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