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Has Wrestlemania been released?

By ejg10532626

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Just wondering if WM has started shipping, as I'd like to seek one out and try it before PAPA.

#2 5 years ago

Yes they shipped the first wave of all of the presold Pros...the shipping department worked half day shift that day Honestly I have heard of more sales of LE than Pro from insiders.
Bummer no legends Pro version....but ya never know.

Mezel has a Pro and there are a few vids of people playing on youtube.

#3 5 years ago

Really quiet on this one. That gameplay better wow or else there will be a lot sitting nib.

#4 5 years ago

Is the game being promoted on Raw or Smackdown?

#5 5 years ago

Played the pro in my local distributors showroom last week.
Walked away after 2 games.

Not impressed.

#6 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Is the game being promoted on Raw or Smackdown?

No. I'm really surprised at that. Big miss there.

#7 5 years ago

I was going to buy an le but am sitting on to many other games with unfinished code so passed.

#8 5 years ago
Quoted from rockrand:

I was going to buy an le but am sitting on to many other games with unfinished code so passed

I agree. And also the high dollar makes the pins very expensive over here.
For example (in euro) :

Metle : 7200
Mustang LE : 7400
TWDLE : 7950
WWE LE : 8470

I can't spend that much money on new pins anymore.
7200 euro was my limit. So i hope for Stern the dollar gets back down soon, or it's really going to hurt them soon.

#9 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Is the game being promoted on Raw or Smackdown?

I did take a look at WWE website and Fb pg, but did not see anything promoting/ informing about a new wrestling pinball machine.

I wonder if perhaps they will wait for more models (LE/Prem/Pro) to all fully come out and be available to the public before promoting these pins??

#10 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Is the game being promoted on Raw or Smackdown?

Not a peep; I haven't seen WWE even mention anywhere yet...Really surprised.

#11 5 years ago

Weird. You would think they would promote it on the WWE site at least...

#12 5 years ago

I'm looking forward to this at TPF! Early code can make any game look bad. I saw the promotional video and it implied they had good support from WWE for voices etc.

#13 5 years ago

We have had one on route for 2 weeks now. Launch party yesterday was a huge success.

The game needs more code, but plays well and most people seem to like the unique feel and fun layout, but the largest critique from players is that the ring losses its appeal quickly.

I personally think you need 20 games before you really start to understand how to flip with the slammers and then it gets more fun. I also watched lots of people play yesterday and most do not understand that at some points it is better to let the ball come back down to the main pf. Once you start to see the general strategy and learn how to 'flip' the ring then the game gets more attention.

I hope we get a new code release soon that helps add some strategy and STOPs the slammers and flippers from both flipping at all times. I am afraid to look and flipper audits and how often I will need to rebuild these mechs based on use.

#14 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I hope we get a new code release soon that helps add some strategy and STOPs the slammers and flippers from both flipping at all times.

Like TZ and the magnets. They should be able to do that.

#15 5 years ago
Quoted from Nevus:

Like TZ and the magnets. They should be able to do that.

Yeah, I am guessing some matches will end of having a limit put on slammers based on different things like: building time up to use once entering ring, number of hits available/built up, getting weaker over time, etc...

Good rules and coding could make the risk reward very nice and add a bunch to the game. Code/ruleset needs to compliment the fun layout.

Right now, players just try to send it to the upper ring and keep it there (even when it is not the best way to progress or get points due to current lack of good call outs to tell you what to do). If done well, the ring could be a great feature. Most importantly, the ring slammers DO have a real skill and technique.

This brings to question, whom writes rulesets at Stern? Do the coders also just think up the rulesets?

#16 5 years ago

Does anyone had a good strategy yet?
I can get ref multiball going and other than that I just keep puting it in the ring.

#17 5 years ago

Any LE's being shipped out yet?

#18 5 years ago

Played twice at Florida ape. Ring did get a little boring and game play didn't blow my mind. Not a theme for me, so until the code is BETTER than met or acdc I will easily pass. Still, glad stern is cranking out pins!

#19 5 years ago

Most people don't care for the pro version so far due to code. For all of the price increase, lack of code getting produced in a reasonable time frame, new SPIKE system worries, and some people (including me) hate the theme. I think this game will not sell well. Oh well, the tide had to break at some point!

#20 5 years ago

When I got into pinball only 5 years ago a New In Box IM or AV Pro was just above 4k. Now they are close to 5k with just the bare bones pro. Going up to 8k for any game is crazy to me. My first "A" list pin was LOTR and got it at 3300 used. I actually thought that was the most expensive toy I had ever bought. Now I have bought over a dozen games for 5k or more. It is just crazy money in this hobby! Times need to change so more people can get games. I certainly have met my limit of pricing for machines.

#21 5 years ago

I have a pro I'm selling for a friend. Serial number 1. This was the first one produced, and was shown at CES in Vegas. It can be delivered either in Vegas or So. Cal. Has about 200 plays. FOT1ECF.jpgFOT5A72.jpgFOTD300.jpg

#22 5 years ago
Quoted from mikeincali:

I have a pro I'm selling for a friend.

Is that the hover version? (Pic 2)

#23 5 years ago

I played it today and its not for me but I see potential for the LE with classic wrestlers and the LCD.

#24 5 years ago

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one gives a shit about it falling to it's horrible, horrible death, does anyone hear about it?

#25 5 years ago

<sarcasm>The various comments about the game needing code are shocking. Just shocking!</sarcasm>

With Stern moving buildings in March/April it does make me wonder about the production schedule. Wonder how fast they will be able to get the line up and running in Elk Grove and if all the WrestleMania games will be produced in Melrose or split between the two facilities.

#26 5 years ago

It's a fun game and hopefully when the code is done it will get better.
You don't have to play the ring everytime it's in there.
Sometimes it's worth more to let it drain and shoot real shots.

#27 5 years ago

Thanks for all the responses and info fellas.

Now I just need to find one local to Boston I can try myself before 2 weeks from Thursday/

#28 5 years ago

Played it at The APE in Florida. Had version 1.1 code (unreleased at that time), ring was fun but felt gimmicky (though it was AWESOME getting multiple balls in there during MB mode, that's a ton of fun with the kickers). It was very hard to shoot but once made, the super orbit shot up the ramp was very satisfying. My favorite shot though was the horseshoe lane, it felt very BK2000. Also I chuckled at John Trudeau cameo's as the ref in the DMD animations for REF Multiball

#29 5 years ago

I thought the game rocked!

I like weird games, and this was right in there! Even the ramps to the top will loop!

Great build quality...the B/W coils on the flippers were most noticeable.
Inner loop, side shots...very nice angles for shots.

Learning how to time the ring shots...really neat...

I know my taste is always to the bubble off center, but this game has my number!
More wrestlers coming....

This will be a sleeper hit that people will be looking for in a few years.

A change from the "normal" and a nice job at it too!

#30 5 years ago

Give it time. Code will come. I was initially unimpressed with Mustang. Code helps a lot.

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