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Has anyone beat WOZ?

By Pdxmonkey

2 years ago

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#18 2 years ago

No...I've beaten the Witch 3 times in about 3 years. SOTR isn't even on my radar....long journeys, but to complete the modes...whoa!!! High score around 1.5 million...that's it.....love the game however!!!

#29 2 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

And I have to say, that was a GREAT mini-wizard mode. Such a good job building up the tension.

Agreed!!!.....I see green and white lights, music changes, and I feel the sweat immediately.Truthfully, that's what I play for 90% of the time....

#33 2 years ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

So I have an opportunity to get a WOZ75th.....but have always hated the theme, never could sit through the movie but I hear good things about the game. So would I enjoy It or would that stupid munchkin music give me the shits.
Seriously just never sure when this title comes up for sale. I really appreciate the build quality and constant code updates from JJP. I just can't seem to pull the trigger.

The game is very deep (lots going on), and for me it fills a certain spot in my lineup. The music won't bug you (except end of ball at times) as during gameplay, it fits in well.

I would get one, and spend time on it (not just dump it 2 months later...a stupid comment), as it's a machine you most likely won't master, but will enjoy immensely, regardless (imho)....

#36 2 years ago
Quoted from shimoda:

I finally melted the witch recently, I had come one shot away before and drained. It certainly was a great mini-wizard mode that is better than some game's wizard mode payoffs. As for SOTR, I don't imagine many people will ever get there though I also never expected to get SDMEWM on TSPP either (and never came close). I don't see the extreme difficulty of a wizard mode as a put off, just more of a vicious tease that better be worth the payoff. I do see it as a reason to keep at it and Rescue does often put itself out there as the mode most difficult to get going when and how you want it (next to No-Hold mode coming up whenever you have stacked MBs!).

Exactly....there are a couple games in my lineup I can beat (mostly), but the majority have mountains that haven't been climbed. That's a big part of the fun for me. WOZ is a long, calculated effort, with a wrong shot destroying everything you've worked for, while others are so brutal you can only advance by luck, and thrashing the hell out of it (TRON comes to mind).

WOZ is a great game, period.

#47 2 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Yeah that's not even remotely correct. Hardly anything in Tron is "luck" other than not getting a rocket-ball off a new disc rubber right to the outlane. The code is very well written to make sure you have to do specific things if you want the big points, and skillful play is going to beat out trying to brute force it nearly every time. You can literally get to Portal in about 7 minutes, especially if you're careful about how you stack things and you are relatively consistent making the 3-way combo for lightcycle.

Agreed, and the code is very specific on how to get there. The disc tends to favor certain games over others (the "luck" part), however, and regardless on how well laid out the path is, it's quite difficult to execute. Gem shots are just brutal, and very little time to breathe. I enjoy mine quite a bit, but a much different feel than WOZ. I still define it as a "brute force/ viscous" type experience, where WOZ can be more calculating.

Luck is part of pinball...don't care how good you are...(I'm just barely average, btw)

#49 2 years ago
Quoted from fnosm:

That is one of the things that I love about pinball and sadly, to my way of thinking, the part of the game that newbies don't understand.
It guts me when someone new to pinball won't pull the plunger because they are afraid that they won't play well.
A game of pinball is a completely unwritten story. Every game can be your best game ever. Every ball can be your best ball ever. Go ahead, plunge the ball.

Completely agree, but would include the majority of self proclaimed "wizards" on here, as well. Pinball is a game of skill and luck....to say you can consistently"beat" a game, without factoring lucky or unlucky shots is simply not true (a kind way of saying it).

#52 2 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

I don't find there to be much "luck" in WoZ OR Tron. Half the reason Tron is so popular, IMO, is because they did a 'storyline' type game like LOTR or Spider-man or TSPP, only they didn't make the requirements to complete it totally off the wall. It's very reasonable in terms of requirements to get to SOS especially, and even Portal is a fairly low bar. The 'difficulty' comes from game setup, really. WoZ....the 'lucky' parts of WoZ are did the stupid ball roll over all of the TOTO letters? Is the tilt loose enough to keep it in the State Fair balloon targets? I do agree that WoZ needs to be much more calculated because you can absolutely stack things that will hinder progress instead of helping it. That's not really the case with Tron, in which everything you can stack is typically wanted and just bonus points. It just gives you more and more to shoot for, and really the only two "roadblocks" in Tron are Zuse (Gotta learn how to shoot the 'E' from the left and hope your game isn't set up in such a way that leads to the right outlane.....it SHOULDN'T...) and the 3-way combo. Gem varies wildly from game to game..most of the ones I've played it's either makeable directly from Quorra, or ricochet off the TRON standups or drops. It's nearly impossible from right orbit on the fly. Honestly, unless you're going for the 25/50 million bonus for direct to portal, I recommend ignoring Gem until last, and if you can't complete it before the timer runs, just make the single shot in SOS instead of the FOUR before it, if it's a hard shot. Or go for right orbit light the arcade and take it as the mystery award. Lots of ways to make life easier in Tron....not so much in WoZ.

Think we are on the same page, you're just more articulate with your points. I never meant to imply TRON is a " bash" game vs. WOZ, simply more frenzied as the entire process is a much more intense pace. They are both calculated, " adventure" games....TRON fast and brutal, WOZ longer and more calculated. I enjoy them both, but have never beaten either ( much closer on TRON than WOZ). My comments relating to luck still stand, however....some games, the ball just bounces my way more than others....

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