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Harlem Globetrotters- 1 flash on MPU no boot up

By pindude80

5 months ago

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#1 5 months ago

As some of you may have seen in another thread I have I am working on my control lights. I was getting ready to pull my lamp board to replace the header pins but I thought before I do that I wanted to see how many bad sockets I was looking at. I took a jumper wire from the ground braid and touched against the metal tang where the insulated wire attaches on a few of the lights. On two different lights that were right next to each other when I did this the speaker made a buzzing sound then I heard a noise which I think sounded like a if you dropped a coin in a coin slot then no control lights. I turned the game off, checked all of my fuses, they were all good, went to boot the game and I only get one flash.

Any ideas on what I screwed up?

#2 5 months ago

Morning Bump! I took off work today to get some stuff done around the house, work on the game, and I end up screwing it up the night before.

Anyone know what I need to check?

#4 5 months ago

so you think it may have just shorted out the socket? Before replacing would I just check it by doing a continuity test from the legs of the ram to where they run to on the backside of the board?

#6 5 months ago
Quoted from Quench:

Can you clarify one flash LED? Does the LED just flicker the moment you power it on, or is it a flicker, half second off then flash on for half a second and then it turns off and stays off?
Is it a factory Bally MPU board or aftermarket MPU board?

I get an initial flicker right at power up then one flash then it goes off. It's a factory Bally 35 board.

#8 5 months ago

No problem on asking which board it has in it.

From the little I read I also saw the 6810 RAM is suspect but I don't know anything about it or how to check it.

Yes I do have other games- Trident, Meteor, EBD

Check out the pictures. The one that I have my fingers pointing to the sockets are the ones I was testing. I was just touching the one end to the bulb tang where the insulated wire attaches and the other end was clipped to the ground braid down in the cabinet. I also have another picture without my fingers in the way, in that picture it's the middle 2 sockets on the left.

IMG_20190523_105612[1] (resized).jpgIMG_20190523_105642 (resized).jpgIMG_20190523_105753[1] (resized).jpgIMG_20190523_105901[1] (resized).jpg
#11 5 months ago
Quoted from Quench:

Grounding the metal end tabs of those lamps you're pointing to shouldn't have caused any issues.
Is there any possibility your ground wire accidentally touched one of those three bare twisted wire connectors coming off the flipper switch stack? I'd suggest wrapping those twists in electrical tape for now or deal with them properly by soldering and heatshrink insulating them.
The MPU board has very little/barely any battery corrosion so you're lucky in that respect.
It's a pity someone has soldered in the battery backed 5101 RAM chip at U8. Makes it harder for you to put a NVRAM chip down the track.
Anyway, with the machine off, carefully pull out the 6810 RAM chip at U7 and reinstall it and see what happens.
Note your CPU at U9 is an AMI brand chip and they have a higher than normal failure rate.

You know, I saw those same wires after and thought the same thing that my lead could have touched one. It's the work of some hack in the past that I planned on soldering and shrink tubing eventually but will probably do as you suggested and wrap in electrical tape for now.

I know, it sucks about the 5101 RAM and that's why we ran the remote battery instead of doing the NVRAM but as Panda mentioned I do have a desoldering machine and may end up adding the NVRAM at some point. I carefully pulled the RAM chip from U7, carefully put back in but am getting the same thing- 1 quick LED flicker, 1 longer flash, it goes out and nothing happens.

#13 5 months ago

I installed the RAM chip in Eight Ball Deluxe and that machine booted up. I then installed the CPU from u9 in Eight Ball Deluxe but it would not boot. I tried to boot it several times and it didn't act exactly as it did in Harlem Globetrotters to where I would only get the flicker and one flash. A couple times it did that but a couple other times it would flash a few more times. I think I saw it go up to 6 flashes but once again the game never booted and there were a few little flickers between the longer flashes.

#15 5 months ago

Not yet, figured that was the next step but wanted to wait to hear back from you guys. Should I go ahead and swap it in?

#16 5 months ago

I installed the U9 chip out of eight ball Deluxe. I powered up the game and the LED kept flashing without booting the game. I do have the lamp board out of the game so I am hoping that is the cause of this.

#18 5 months ago

I figured out why it wouldn't boot, you guys are going to crack up. I didn't have the U7 chip in it! I popped you u7 and it fired right up! Thanks for all of the help today and getting me up and running again!

It looks like my time and hard work on the lamp board is starting to pay off. This is the most control lights I've seen on since I've had it but still have about 14 out that I'll have to look into this weekend.

#20 5 months ago
Quoted from Quench:

Good to hear you sorted it. So in the end the 6800 CPU at U9 died.

Yep, seems the AMI U9 chip bit the dust. I will have to look around to see if I can find another one so I can get my EBD back up and going. Do you know if this chip is still made or will I have to find a used chip?

#22 5 months ago

Yeah I'm very glad it's up and going again or the wind would have really been taken out of my sails on getting this beater back to being a respectable game. It was an easy fix as far as parts and effort were concerned but I never would have known to swap the U9 chip without help from this thread.

#24 5 months ago

Ok. Thanks for posting the links! I might be able to find an original from someone in our local pinball group or I could get one from one of the links you posted. What do you think about the China remake? If you think it would be better to find an original or get the one from Marco I will do whatever you think is best.

#26 5 months ago

Ok, remarks, I get it, thought it was remake. I'll probably grab that one and the other from Marco next time I place an order with them.

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